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    • I heard that B trail through Bigwind Park will be closed this year. It was bad enough losing D102B (the Baysville Expressway) due to the bridge fiasco, but this really drives a bunch of nails in the coffin.  
    • And is your kid working for a small business that runs on thin margins or a large corporation with deep pockets. Or is it that you got your dick head kid a job because he couldn't get one on his own. Maybe he's a stupid as you are and have a union protecting his job. 
    • wow now its 45% dam I need some of that raise
    • Stupid as usual. How the hell do you expect a small business to just absorb a 45% increase in their direct and indirect labour costs.
    • Your stupidity continues to shine through brighter than ever. There is a waiting list for daycare spaces in Collingwood so it's not a lack of customers. Dumb as a stump Fail. She is being driven out of business thanks to the stupidity of Wynnebag and the rest of her idiot liars. This is just the beginning of the small businesses that we will see forced out due to the labour costs. If you were part of the real world you might have a chance of understanding they can't just eat a 45% increase in labour costs when you factor in the employer portion of EI CPP and WSIB