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    • Double time to work a holiday is ssssuch a bitch.         😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
    • Not tooo bright don.  As embarrassing as it is it could save your life.   With technology today early screening is Pretty damn good.  
      Especially if you know family history has issues.  My dad had prostate cancer in 99 and all it was was a slight shadow in the image but the doctors went in and removed it,  everything seemed good,, flash forward to today after several surgeries, heart, hip ect it has returned and metastasized into his new hip joint.  Now with some new drugs they’re treating it So far without any more procedures but the drugs are kicking his ass, they kill testosterone completely.   GO GET ONE. CANCER  SUCKS
    • I just don't see Bernie getting it. He's old, he looks old, his wife is not attractive, he's just not a viable candidate. I just don't see it happening.   
    • No different than you getting a big black schlong up your ass, which you do regularly. 
    • I like to plow girls that cashier at grocery stores. Most of them are broke and stupid. They are kind of slutty, so it's fun to abuse them, and force my big, hard, smelly cock into their mouths. 
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