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    • Yes educate yourself.  What does your 10 year performance look like? One of the best pure Canadian equity funds 10 year performance 10.42% and is 3.5% better than the TSX after fees, that is a huge difference.  This fund is in the top 2% of all canadian equity funds so it will beat all Canadian ETF's of any other pure Canadian equity regardless of fees.  https://www.morningstar.ca/ca/report/fund/performance.aspx?t=0P00007173&FundServCode=MAW106@7&lang=en-CA Compared to one of the best global funds 10 year at 16.13 or about 2% better than the index measured against it.  This fund is in the top 6% of all funds in its category. https://www.morningstar.ca/ca/report/fund/performance.aspx?t=0P00009XRG Or a 10 year return on a private REIT of over 13% without a negative return ever in its almost 15 year track record.  This is making more and more sense. https://skylinewealth.ca/alternative-investments/skyline-apartment-reit/  
    • ?? Educate myself?  sorry but the TSX is hitting record volumes - your hatred for anything positive can't change this fact   I remember when Harper was here, you loved any gains n TSX now with records being broke monthly you don't care about TSX   
    • As an FYI, CPPIB has almost half of their pension (our) funds in alternative private investments with zero market exposure and these investments are blowing away the TSX returns.   Try to educate yourself, most people (retail investors) are placed in market positions cause that is all they are offered.  Oh and the TSX is the laggard to put your money in.     https://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/high-net-worth/this-alternative-to-stocks-and-bonds-is-gaining-a-following-among-wealthy-investors
    • Remember when Trudeau called his election win in 2015 a BOFA?  Friggin useless is an understatement.   The household savings rate – the percentage of disposable income left after spending – most recently clocked in at 1.7 per cent, near its lowest point in six decades, according to Statistics Canada. In dollar terms, the plunge is substantial. Last year, $852 was saved per household, compared with greater than $3,500 in 2013.   https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/economy/economic-insight/article-why-canadians-arent-saving-like-they-once-did/
    • TSX to hit another record high, might make several records this week    
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