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  1. how the hell is that guy not dead? he slammed the back of his head on the driveway...fucking idiot
  2. LOL! C'mon Mainecat...I try to be objective and not paint you as a liberal hack, but holy fuck...just stop...I didn't read the rest of your posts in this thread...I don't need to....BTW, he is not the current Senator, just a candidate...this is not his "job". if he was the current senator, that might earn him a little slack (to recover) if he wasn't a flip flopping piece of shit, but he is...
  3. No doubt on the guy's talent. That goes without saying. He is an amazing driver. he has just become unlikeable the last few years
  4. Very Cool! Always nice to see the Sold sign on a toy in a showroom.... and it is sold to you!
  5. yup, it was funny listening to Hamilton crying like a little bitch that Max went outside track limits...the guy is just unlikeable...he was doing the same shit...
  6. She is gonna fuck him up...lol!
  7. love that meme...lol!
  8. I could shoot so many holes in that feel good story but I'm busy....lol
  9. yes, Wow! Sofia Vergara is really hot! Those guys were pretty good too...
  10. wow...this is some deeply delusional, funny shit! This thread alone is worth double a CM....can't be serious?! right?
  11. The really sad part is that no one bothered to tell him it happened....wtf
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