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  1. wow...this is some deeply delusional, funny shit! This thread alone is worth double a CM....can't be serious?! right?
  2. The really sad part is that no one bothered to tell him it happened....wtf
  3. Damn...that sucks...RIP brother...
  4. This is true....but just admit that something is clearly wrong with Biden and move on from there...it is a lot more than just "flubbing" a few words...
  5. Calling it a walk in closet is offensive to people in wheelchairs....heard that is a trend...
  6. yes, definitely. Any science major for a woman is a great idea nowadays! She shows me the work she does at RIT and it is so beyond me...
  7. Awesome! It is a great school...the only place she applied to out of high school...what was your major? Hers is Physics...
  8. Thanks! She graduates from RIT in May and has been accepted to VA Tech...not sure when she got so smart...lol!
  9. Very cool stuff. My daughter is working on her doctorate in Astrophysics starting in the fall at Virginia Tech.
  10. Spotify up 11% at 12:32 Monday morning 1/31/22...you should know better than to post that...then it will go back down because Prince Harry and his whore don't like Joe Rogan...
  11. Not sure they are the best ever, but they fucking rock!
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