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  1. Wow...I don't even know what to say about that. Jay, I don't know you but I am really sorry this has happened. Stay strong. My sympathies to you and your family. I can't imagine going through that. I know it doesn't mean much at this time but donation sent.
  2. You are talking about the Old Boathouse in Constantia...it closed a long time ago...I knew Nolan a little bit...I used to hang out in 3 mile Bay...I had a couple different Baja boats over the years... he used to be involved with organizing the annual Pig Roast there...lol! He worked for a short time at North Syracuse Lawn and Snow....I haven't seen him in a few years
  3. ..had to pull the dock at my camp on Oneida Lake and my Seadoos floated off their lifts...highest I have ever seen the water in our bay... but nothing like what you have going on...glad you don't have too much damage...
  4. the guy had diabetes and bunch of other problems....
  5. some of those should go away...nothing new in that article...covid didn't help much, but it is the ebb and tide of the restaurant business...A lot of those places are near me and they are busy as fuck, every single night...doubtful that these locations will close but the shitty locations that aren't busy, will. again, nothing earth shattering in that article.
  6. I hope that she is ok as well. But, if she had doubts, she should have stayed home and taken care of herself. Fortunately she lives in a country that for the most part will support her. Imagine a Russian or Chinese athlete doing this? I can't either. End of story.
  7. wow....I love all the internet research scientists on this forum...kind of scary
  8. I will get back to you and let you know how many employees will be easier to reach for work as soon as that $300 goes bye bye....For the short sighted, that $300 means everything. I would have read the story but the link only let me read part of it.
  9. Mainecat....here is real world example for you to ponder... Our employees make $30 per hour in wages and they have a $25 per hour benefits package. We are having a difficult time getting many of them to come back to work. They figure that after taxes etc. that their take home pay is about $800 per week. In the lovely state of NY the maximum unemployment rate is $504 per week. Add in the $300 and they are in the neighborhood of their take home pay. They can sit home, hang out etc. and get close to the same money in their pocket weekly. A lot of them can't see/don't care they are losi
  10. This....is why we need term limits for the Senate and Congress...these assholes laugh behind the scenes at the average American....
  11. Aside from the article, the Pandemic has exposed the fact that there are a lot of lazy motherfuckers looking for free money....if you own a business, try getting people to come back to work or hire anyone to replace them right now. Not sure what your awesome comment means? if it means, that you are retiring, that is great! Congrats!
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