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  1. oh man....i really liked that guy...wtf
  2. Just another guy posting shit to get clicks here....lol! any attention is good attention! Just go on facebook or x or instagram...hahaha!
  3. I love the fat one in the pink pants...holy fuck...that is awesome!! LOL
  4. they are getting harder and harder to find...this type of behavior is part of the reason they are closing. the only idiots at the mall are these animals...
  5. This thread has definitely proved one thing. This place is very important to 1 person and they are not very well like here either.....wow!
  6. LOL! nice try...you only reeled in a couple...
  7. you beat me to that....LOL!! "The body was found buried with a birth certificate and complete set of dental records" HAHAHA!
  8. Holy fuck!! Hahaha! LOL! I know you are just trying to get a reaction from the Trump cheerleading squad...no one is that dumb...good one Mainecat...you made me laugh!
  9. seems pretty simple.....don't be blatantly racist and don't post people's full name. Oh yeah, don't talk shit about people's family either. There are not a lot of rules here. The only reason someone does those things, is because they are losing an argument or discussion. Just call someone an asshole etc. It's easier.
  10. does every thread have to be ruined with insults and political garbage...this site was better when someone left for a while...sad life that you have nothing better to do...
  11. If they both died of natural causes the country and the world would be a better place...
  12. who are we referring to? asking for a friend...lol
  13. having neither one of those 2 clowns in the race for 2024 would be good for our country
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