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  1. Thumbs up. Have one on my gmg. I use it all winter.
  2. The snow we got last night is almost equal to what we got all of last winter!
  3. Morning Got around 6-7 inches of snow last night.
  4. @ckf must have made the turkey this year....
  5. Ridiculous. There have been recalls on everything they make the last few years.
  6. Heading to my brother's house. First time in about 10 years I don't have to cook the turkey.... Win
  7. Interesting. Trumps account started over from 0, and he already has 3x the followers Biden does.... https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump
  8. Radio said 1-3" possible. Didn't expect to see snow so soon. Last year it barely snowed at all here.
  9. Good afternoon 22 degrees, and been seeing some snow flurries off and on all day
  10. We're surprised too, you still have it after a year and a half.....
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