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  1. Conservative government removes RENT CONTROL blame Trudeau and the Stupid follow PP has done a great job at turning all bad towards Trudeau - so many believe these lies
  2. Don't care what they say... What do you say?
  3. Gas down 21 cents from last week Where are these lower prices
  4. UCP CPC all the SAME LIES daily - Why is Alberta always complaining about Feds? no other province does this CEO's will go to jail under Trudeau for running Hydro plants CBC is bias when the produce FACTS
  5. Ever notice that CONs use this NOTWITHSTANDING clause regualarly when it has never been used before These fucks call Liberals commies This is DICTATORSHIP by definitions
  6. PP is awesome giving speeches to hate groups is what leaders should do PP says he does not agree with all their agendas or plain out lies it means I want votes from the worst people In response to the question PP spokesman pointed out CBC has had troubles before and cant be trusted Let the hate role https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/poilievre-frontier-centre-residential-schools-1.6713419
  7. You missed the sarcasm Doug claimed Liberals were putting businesses out business with every increase in min wage - Similar to listening to these idiots whine about CARBONTAX when really it has very little affect on anything Glad wages are up - it increases inflation but in a good way
  8. So close USA averts govenment shutdown from debt limit PP wants us to do this bullshit Every year the same shit the same games being playing Real stupid idea for Countries that increase debt 99% of the time Balance the budget ya okay
  9. Headline - Doug Ford forces Businesses to pay millions of dollars to minimum wage earners, these are entry job and should be paid the least as possible. Businesses are struggling and FORD adds to payroll Funny you will never hear that from a Conservative, only if it was done by a Liberal.
  10. Remember when the CPC took OAS away from Million seniors to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy Trudeau reinstated OAS for Millions Gave 10% raise to Seniors not cuts GST credits given to Millions of seniors CPC is so full of shit CUT SENIORS by 16000 dollars 16K is alot of money to take from seniors
  11. GAS fell 16 cents the other day Did food prices go down? nope they went up PP lies about Carbon tax
  12. Many CONSERVATIVE using NOTWITHSTANDING clause The Party of of the People Never seen this type of COMMIE GOVERNMENT in our history - "I am LAW and will make it so"
  13. TRUE NORTH a registered Charity is holding a UCP event live where you can hear lies and misinformation while UCP pays TRUE NORTH VILE ALBERTA
  14. Alberta is going way above what happened in Quebec in the 80's under Mulroney Taking out anti canadian tv ads is disgraceful high unemployment only 14% of our Economy unlike Quebec offer to Canada You will defend Alberta like all angry CPC followers - taunt how they are the BEST with the BEST ways Sorry CONVOY Alberta needs to change for their own good, the the HATE
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