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  1. 1trailmaker


    NO contest now and no pandemic in Vegas makes it tough to play there
  2. What do you think of if you are Premier or what ever you have to use a government owned twitter account instead of FORD NATION having provincial releases and if they wish false narratives I don't like Doug posting as our Premier on his private cock pull account. This goes for any elected official. I can't see how anyone would not agree with this
  3. ONEWAY LILLEY AND SUN TURN ON THEIR HERO LILLEY: Ford hiding big problems at OLG Requests submitted through the provincial Freedom of Information system — which is supposed to grant the public access to the workings of government — have been met with outright refusals to release the material or demands of thousands of dollars in search fees. https://ottawasun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-ford-hiding-big-problems-at-olg/wcm/2854b0ae-dae0-4a69-99f6-cd9d1d9f6853?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1sYPgW2HUfWKtRUrkOErDsBSNmBmE6DQ3nY0MA0X-vv
  4. not at all, the silence for Commie Doug is great
  5. Notwithstanding Clause has never been used in Ontario until SloganMan Ford and has used it twice in 3 years. Amazing the backing he gets, from cutting councilors during an election to killing any kind of ad against conservatives (against Liberal is still fine) but for some reason wearing a mask is against our rights and freedoms Commie Doug is in his glory right now
  6. RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS don't matter all of sudden, the wackos are claiming Doug has the right to over rule any court decision and stomp on your Rights and Freedoms (as long as its not wearing a mask that is against our rights and freedoms) I will past this law because I am king, I rule too funny reading oneways defending Doug the Premier of Toronto
  7. Well I voted for Harper and he never had a job after 18 years old career politician that jump from side to side to side. Andrew Scheer claims he worked as a insurance sales agent at 23 years old but was actually never licensed then he was elected at age 24 running out of his moms basement career politician that has never had to struggle to make a payment or meet any payroll, he just raked in over 120k tax money a year since age 24 I assume his experience is great to lead a country Jody she only wanted to speak the truth And Trump is a
  8. all of a sudden Comie Doug is going to stop 3rd party ads PROUD Ontario/Alberta/Canada sure helped him win but now its all bad Doug will use rate :withstanding: langauge to dodge all legal battles include our rights and feedom act
  9. Well your number must be right but being from an anti masker/vaxer Lets go with your number it must be correct so it getting better 621 instead of 2350 (fact checked) that were in the hospital. Sure glad we got that sorted out, pretty serious stuff even death wishes being tossed out there.
  10. Good stuff, I bet you will be able to go
  11. since you know the number what was it? I'll wait got to like someone post insults and wishes death on someone for no reason
  12. alot of people gathering in London, I assume you feel ripped off not being able to go out east I think Doug has gained more votes than he lost
  13. People in Hospital 621 - down from 2800 People in ICU with covid 391 - down from over 900 People on ventilators with covid 261 - down from over 700 63% of all ICU patients are covid-19 These are great numbers considering where we were just weeks ago Borders are going to be fully open to vaccinated people very soon, so not IRV by researched choice
  14. 1trailmaker


    true I think Montreal is going to be swept and beaten with sticks
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