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  1. PP is pissed he needs despair gloom and doom outlook I wonder if Trudeau will even have one recession?
  2. POST can we believe any of their lies PP will be back from Holidays soon to tell you how bad your life is
  3. Rogan is really fucked up Trudeau has gotten under his skin and in his sleep he dreams of Trudeau Go Justin Go I'm done with Canada but will spend hours talking about it
  4. ? they don't have a side, it really sounds stupid to say so. Harper paid them for 10 years how stupid
  5. THE POST what a fucking joke of a media If you want to read about the deal without bias and ranting about 9 years of Trudeau THE POST has no morals Feel free to read up on how we SAVE MONEY instead of LIES from CPC media https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-drops-9m-on-nyc-luxury-condo-for-consul-general-s-official-residence-1.6965835
  6. He is just a crazy Nigger Dylan has 2 or the greatest songs ever written this is one of them
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