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  1. POST MILLENNIAL site of HATE and ANTI POLICE promoting more hate today https://thepostmillennial.com/protesters-reassemble-in-toronto-against-lockdown-orders-press-asked-to-leave-as-arrests-were-made?fbclid=IwAR1726X19TRPvIkBCGe9qgbr3RY1DPMZP9rp-RIl4kz_XfhF3lsZnvaOjfg The Post Millennial's Beth Baisch has been issued two warnings by police to leave the area. She remains on the scene. As the crowd chants this is nothing more than a FLU The same reporters say CARDING IS THE ONLY WAY its weak liberals that don't want to randomly ask black people for ID....
  2. he was drilled on this question Press is not ignoring it, they brought it up. I would like to hear some sort of an answer too.
  3. I am wondering something, are asking for more lockdowns? if a plane can't come here and we are all okay with that why is it we are against current lockdowns? Are we asking for no flights whatsoever coming to Canada - do we care about the industry? sounds like a NO Are we asking for Trudeau to take over all Provinces with lockdowns? or are we just looking to blame Trudeau for something even knowing it has nothing to do with current covid numbers The problem is CANADIAN CITIZENS saying "fuck it I'm going to travel anyway", this is a hoax and loc
  4. Mr. Trudeau it didn't take me very long to find out GG had left a few workplaces all for the same reason of poor people skills, how is it that your entire vetting team missed all this? ah ha ah we need to rethink our vetting system keep Canadians safe Mr. Trudeau do you owe the employees an apology? ah ah a ha they all did such a great job over the years and deserve answers He should have right away said " We are truly sorry this situation happened no person deserves this at a workplace" If they ask a Conservative these Questions you all would be ye
  5. 1trailmaker


    Mathews to miss next game
  6. Today is the questions, the video was when the story broke 6 months ago... AC said they hid the story when nothing could be further from the truth All you have to do is watch Trudy taking questions live - Will he answer the questions maybe
  7. 1trailmaker


    Old Man Joe out for 4 weeks with rib injury
  8. no they broke the story dummy and are now reporting daily on it, Trudy is taking a beating https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/rideau-hall-harassment-memo-1.5658636 YOU ONEWAYS ARE REALLY SOMETHING
  9. CBC broke this story in the summer Brainwashing
  10. GTA stay the fuck home
  11. I'm on the border French River, no snow and running water makes for no trails either way.. I haven't been up yet this year... Stick to the lake this year
  12. at least we don't have much snow or trails actually open. For the most part nothing has changed as most trails are no open anyway.
  13. First time 18k has been reaching TSX 18,001.33 +56.45 (0.31%) Jan. 19, 9:34 a.m. EST
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