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  1. Doug has come along way in just a few years From canceling any and all Electric projects as stated as not worth the trouble nobody wants them here. Funny DOUG had NOTHING to do with the deal but certainly is taking some credit for Trudeau's work
  2. PP and his anti Canadian talk wants you to believe Trudeau is allowing guns for criminals - PP won't mention this bust of weapons from USA
  3. PP says 1 in 5 are skipping meals no just one meal but meal(s) I don't know a single person that has to skip meals, I know a few that should skip some meals
  4. PP says Ontario Alberta Sask. Manitoba all doing poorly everything is broken Toslow this same question are Provinces doing well or not
  5. when consumers over spend it causes inflation which is what happens in a confident economy like today. So interest rates are raised to cool spending It has nothing to do with Government spending like you posted it CONSuMERS over spend is cause of demand by the way some goods are more money because China isn't doing as well as it was a few years ago so things are costing more
  6. you said the PM raises interest rates, you must prove this as it would be easy if it actually happened
  7. it isn't hard to look up the mortgage rates all banks have them public 5% 5 year you need to get better at trying to make your point, you fail at every level
  8. they don't print money and Bank of Canada actually replied to one of PP's lies with that statement. Are you suggesting that HARPER ordered 155 billion printed?
  9. most people are locked into rates while the ones using variable those rates have not been raised yet but will be soon. variables for future purchases will be higher than fixed rate you can get a 5 year for 5% right now
  10. never has any Politician raise interest rates EVER NEVER EVER don't be dumb for the sake of being dumb and Trudeau is clearly the best PM in a very long time, the things getting done are huge there is no denying this.
  11. interest rates are moved or not moved 8 specific dates a years and has been doing this for decades. It has nothing to do with Trudeau or any sitting PM really dude stop the stupid at no point EVER have you heard any politician say "we are raising interest rates" it has never been said EVER You need more than MEME's to be educated on this topic
  12. More winning this time with GM who DOUG said was dead in Canada, thanks to Unifor and other partners we Ontario are going to lead in electric cars All of a sudden Doug is taking credit anyway as Doug says "Ontario is booming"
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