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  1. Do you realize it is a Provincial issue for use of any passport/masks, ours is very conservative. Trudeau can control the borders and air flight not much more And no I am not to happy having to show proof of vaccine, disappointing it has come to this for a small few.... It's like detention for the entire class all due to the class clown
  2. Its been called minority and small chance of majority
  3. 19 seats from a Majority can they make it "The country has never been this divided" should be the comments tomorrow. Looks like O'toole is done - I liked him
  4. newoneway are you going to be okay The next years are going to be long looking at sock boy
  5. PPC MAX is happy as he might make the 4% of the vote and become official party invited to debates - but poor Max isn't going to get his own seat (again)
  6. You do know this is world wide and not some Trudeau thing Billion of vaccinated people have not died - how fucking dumb
  7. If you read the report instead of you meme you would know it was because there isn't enough evidence the booster is needed... Nothing to do with your imaginary death toll
  8. AC the entire meeting was shown LIVE on their website and YOUTUBE there is no hidden agenda, you read a MEME and posted it as your only knowledge of the meeting. You didn't listen to the meeting
  9. my GOD AC They are giving the booster shots to 65 and older, the ones under that age don't need it FDA says There are no deaths, only in your stupid fucking meme An influential FDA advisory committee on Friday rejected a proposal to distribute booster shots of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine to the general public. The panel pared back those plans to unanimously recommend the third shots to people age 65 and older and other vulnerable Americans. NEVER MIND THE DECISION ON THE OTHER VACCINES IS COMING but you already called a wi
  10. You and IRV are right, the kid deserved to die why should anyone give a fuck as the kid had another illness. I doubt anyone has died from covid you guys claim to be a good Canadian I guess this is as good as it gets for you two Both of you have Vaccine Passports that you used to enter school, stop the fucking bullshit and try fucking helping out in this crisis Continuing to do nothing is just fucking dumb - Why won't you help?
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