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  1. I know what our deficit is and You asked the question and I answered, compared to the USA we haven't added no where near what they have. Donny's is almost 4 times higher per capita. And we paid people to stay at home, they didn't The covid deficit is temporary Covid CERB was 100% agreed to by all MP's - this isn't a Trudeau deficit like you would love to belive, it's a Canadian COVID relief deficit.... CPC for the last year has been saying "more money for ......." "Trudeau deficit out of control" "more money for ......" " we CPC have made Trudeau get more money out
  2. compared to USA next to nothing and we paid all businesses and people to stay at home. Donny added 600 billion to the deficit in 2 years Donny the deal maker is leaving a 3.1 Trillion deficit he started at 600 billion just 4 years ago. 27.8 Trillion in debt Donny bankrupts everything he touches, history is proof - and the ONEWAYs will still call him great So I don't think we are doing that bad, dollar is creeping up again as we will see the USA start to drop due to high debt
  3. Sure, they are our biggest trade partner.. We can still have a poor economy while they have a good one and the other way around, Harper had a recession on his own in his last year while USA was booming Donny gave billions to billionaires, increased their deficit like no other President, increased their debt like no other President to support his so called best economy ever.. a conservative would call that liberal spending buying votes and a fake eoncomy lol And he spent almost nothing on COVID go figure We all know FEDERAL numbers are just PROVINCIAL nu
  4. When the Markets crash millions lose their job - this is true 100% of the time What happened in 2008 why was there a so called recession When Markets go up usually means high confidence - As soon as these shutdowns stop, the economy is going to boom again. Maybe 3 months to start rolling if enough vaccines are giving. If all seniors in homes have been vaccinate it won't be long to get open again in Ontario.
  5. 1trailmaker


    Leafs win the CUP but no parade stay at home shit game tonight but we are ahead, slow game
  6. Post Millennial doing their best to keep their sheep fed Don't raise taxes We can't use the credit card - need to pay cash Don't raise taxes Justin Trudeau also introduced new taxes on workers, businesses, and everyday Canadians. The Liberals are moving forward with an increase in payroll taxes, and their alcohol tax. This means that Canadians will see less take-home pay and more costs. We can no longer continue with this completely unsustainable "credit card" economy. Currently, the Liberal government has reached a record level of deficit spen
  7. recent? how recent Where is the transparency https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/covid-spending-government-transparency-1.5826917
  8. after 10 years of Harper do you not know why CBC is still here still funded The very idea we should closed down the entire CBC network because you don't agree with their news reporting seems a bit of an over reach Its a dumb campaign platform If you are looking for support of everything Trump try Post Millennial for your source, they have the best news staff and report exactly what you'll want to hear I enjoy the Canadian content, I have no interest in USA content only
  9. True media reports the story, this isn't USA FOX where they give you your opinion - Notice we don't have reporters yelling at us through the TV Half the hate for Trudeau posted here is from CBC you can't make this up Can you show me the hate for Doug Ford CBC Its like AC and the Toronto Star fake news like when they said Rod Ford was doing crack with gangsters - lies all lies They're so unfair to Conservatives
  10. Not even close CBC actually does a great job of reporting on Trudeau and his antics. This isn't USA
  11. Which services are you not receiving? let me know and I'll make some calls
  12. So to wrap this up No conservative employee took any CERB No conservative owned business took any relief Damn liberals took it all
  13. And they should, REBEL should fuck off IMO worthless garbage that promotes ONEWAY hate and lawlessness What funding is available for this round of lockdown?
  14. 17,934.74 0.00 (0.00%) Jan. 13, 4:20 p.m. Record after Record
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