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  1. CPC party is fucked up Can't release info on Brown as the investigation is on going. If it is on going why did you have a vote to get rid of Brown before the investigation is finished? That is how we do things in the party of Alberta does anyone have an issue with this? ONEWAYs may speak freely
  2. The only person I am sure I don't like is PP - he is running for the Far Right Wacko vote. And Barber is whacked too.. CPC will toss him under the bus if he loses the next election, this is a for sure Just more inner hitman from the Conservatives, Patrick was ousted by "Doug Ford" on false accusations too Funny when Conservatives have a front runner on video buying memberships for others it is ignored and that person becomes leader.
  3. Well Patrick Brown is out for election violations, CPC is in trouble
  4. PP is a bit strange and this is weird
  5. $1.67 at the First Nations station hwy 69
  6. Harper was a loner never groomed anyone to take over adn CPC shows this is how their leaders are always alone. It is an observation Stop your ridiculous whining
  7. the numbers won't lie ANd this is a Federal thread
  8. I am thinking he will past the torch unless the economy and everything is still really good... I doubt he will leave the party in a mess for someone else to take care of like Harper did to CPC ( Just look at the mess he created in the Party of NO)
  9. Was their lead story https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/freedom-convoy-canada-day-ottawa-1.6508587
  10. I saw PP march a bit with one angry vet then didn't see him the entire day after that no one cares about ''the convoy" that message isn't needed from any media
  11. you do know that these were not in the same spot 2022 real photo's of actual event. Not the convoyer's protesters as posted by the lame AC keep getting you info from your influencer's
  12. you driving record counts too if you are a risk then you pay even more since you are the cause of the high rates in your area. Where there is an issue is if the government changes your postal code for whatever reason and your insurance goes up. The Insurance company isn't going to stop do it this way, Or the rural rates will equal the high risk areas, they are not losing their profits.
  13. What are the chances PP visits the people celebrating Canada Day or will he just support the convoyers I say he doesn't show his face for one second at the Canada Day celebration - complete douche bag
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