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  1. Smart than Hot is a nice combo Canada is a great place
  2. Hopefully we get a real PM that will post hearsay daily on his twitter as fact from the leader of the country. Very dictator-ish
  3. so it is clear no election this year are we going to keep hearing the same ole same ole slogans over and over again? soon it will have to be AFTER 9 YEARS of Trudeau
  4. She shouldn't be able to lie like this. Funny how in Parliament you can't sue for liable There is no evidence of this and a pic from some angle doesn't cut it. Nazi visit defense noted though "in any other country Trudeau would not be able to lead" wtf does this idiot rambling about? Her NAZI countries she loves?
  5. 1trailmaker


    Clinched birth so that means parade plans for the week after the 4th loss of the first round. let the parade plan start
  6. This is how you cure a problem More Police Problem gone This is leadership at its best getting results
  7. I love LIES and how some people take it as wow how can this restaurant stay open... Stupid people don't need much to keep stupid. Booze tax referred here at Trudeau's tax has been on Alcohol since prohibition FFS the tax is actually another PC introduced tax like most taxes It actually cost them nothing
  8. the CON WAY blame others for your own problems. The only people causing the rise in violence in TTC is people Trudeau let out on bail. fucking disgusting not one word on what to do other than NO BAIL for anyone. fucking idiots are going to get more people killed. Look at the right down south, dead children almost everyday and that is a fair trade for our gun. Seems these children are pawns and worthless So to sum, WE as the government of Ontario will do nothing
  9. oh no PP says he will vote against Today's budget Fact 1 CPC has never vote yes for any thing other than there own, they are for themselves and not Canadians Did you know that the carbon tax caused the high housing costs people are willingly bidding over price on? PP said so
  10. they can't vote Do you understand what happened this week? The change in law has a massive affect on illegal crossings country wide. Huge for Trudeau and again more than any PP has done to solve this issue.
  11. what a joke "Trudeau opened Roxen Road" what a fucking joke this guy is how can you fall for this shit Toslow? speaks to media good one no results PP claims yet this week Trudeau got the third world agreement changed so we can do more about the crossings yup nothing to see here good post toslow Trudeau has accomplished a lot
  12. release the transcripts Trudeau is hiding them WHAT FUCKING TRANSCRIPTS This is the new love for misinformation being posted
  13. PP posts his comeback not realizing the beating he took. As all CPC ONEWAYs see things
  14. PP is for giving welfare to Muslims CPC base really seems to be pro Muslim
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