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  1. When they going to start charging road tax on ev’s? things weigh on average 1000lbs more than comparable gas rig.
  2. So Are they mandating boosters? Hospitals etc fired people because they didn’t get vaccinated. this vaccine is good for what maybe 6 months?if at all?so all these workers that got vaccinated over year ago are over protection range of vac and should be getting boosters to keep there jobs? At this point why mandate vaccinations since no one is protected anymore at these companies or hospitals. most I know will not get boosters!!
  3. X2700


    Kjo 104.1? Moved to south mpls in fall of 87 for school. spent 2 years up there!! what a couple of years!!school at brown on lake st then worked at sears lake street then spent all my time on and around lake nakomis! hair metal days!!!!!
  4. X2700


    Damn I watched a lot of headbangers ball!! First time I heard rooster!!!
  5. Headed to Milwaukee with one of my daughters for summer fest concert Friday! we’ve been hitting concerts for couple years now.
  6. Now we have to name every snow storm that comes through!!
  7. They say this one worth $60k? probably cost him more than $100k for hunt. only allow a few permits that are bid on?
  8. So far this summer has been cooler than normal. we've had a few spikes but then cool. need to get those water temps up for the jetskis!!!
  9. 42 degrees in Hayward wi this morning!! seems a bit cool for this time of the year!!
  10. This collection getting split up between family.I’m sure guys buy this stuff up?
  11. Had donated mounts to local boy scouts but too much for them. this is only part of this guys collection. good friend of my boss.boss passed few years ago and also donated to Boy Scouts.they hunted all over the world together.also another guy who’s still alive in Texas with a huge collection!some good stories of hunts in Russia when they had war going on years ago!!crazy African safari’s!lost his collection to fire years ago and started over!!I could easily retire on money spent!!!
  12. Every time I drive by seems like something new has been built there!! id say that refinery is thriving!! known a few that have worked there and pay is damn good!!!
  13. Supposedly last picture of ram is world record holder?
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