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  1. Wouldn’t mind having my old 03 xlt to kick around!!
  2. 04 prox2 700! that thing could take a beating and keep on ticking !! Motor wanted to fly out!! broke couple sets of motor mounts!!
  3. Yet somehow these sob’s keep getting into office? Money I’m sure will go to those who pay no taxes!!! so if it goes to education fund can we get rid of school tax I’m paying?
  4. We set up couple hundred tables every year for our end of year tournament. largest tournament outside of Vegas!!
  5. Wow!! looks good for 95!! that means I may be able to ride another 40 years!!!😁 looking forward too it!!!!!
  6. We spend few weekends in stone lake if conditions good and be up for catching up for a ride!!
  7. I believe we will see more of this!! Nuclear combined with solar and wind is the future!!
  8. https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/us-approves-conditional-funding-diablo-canyon-nuclear-power-plant-2022-11-21/
  9. Have 160 acres near price Utah to bug out too! just need to get that rv!! figure some deals coming !!
  10. so we were ready to launch ww3 when it was russia but now ukraine it was an accident? Was it an accident? ukraine part of nato yet? I'm sure couple more billion will fix their aim!!
  11. Unfortunately they missed probably the highest sales years in 20 years and now are going to try in compete in a downhill market!!
  12. powerful leader? Wasn't for outside help he'd be buried by now!! Like that kid that lipped off to bigger guys knowing his big buddies would back him up!!
  13. Daughters high school friend and friends boyfriend found dead this week more than likely fentanyl!!22 years young!! Our country is fucked up!!Shit our government worried about like Ukraine and we cant even stop the flow of drugs coming into our country!!
  14. Hopefully this saturday we will have our section whipped out.We have couple woods sections that have to wait till second season is done but thats mostly drive through and make sure no trees down. Will definitely give the arms a workout in some sections!!
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