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  1. What i liked about 7s display is the ability to adjust hand warmer temps.
  2. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    Finally a local ride!!
  3. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    I figured lake would be good to pepin also. river really low this year! Lake froze up early even with warmer temps this year seemed like. you could see thin spots earlier but still froze over fast! yeah that ride up hill in stockholm always bad! at least times I’ve done it!!
  4. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    Talked with group. they’ve been crossing lake all week into Stockholm! good riding in that area!
  5. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    Great news!! We’re headed that way this weekend!!
  6. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    like to know how wi side trails are? i think lake will be good by weekend? they started ice checking today i believe?
  7. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    Any word on pepin ice conditions? anyone cross yet?I see counties open across lake!!
  8. Crank bearing out.hopefully get it back next week!!pretty much getting complete new motor. Great year to sell and sit out! hopefully we will see 650 xcr switchback!!850 is so fun to ride though!!!!!!
  9. The pros is a sled you can pound all day comfortably! The matryx is a handful. I’d like to try a set of hi/low shocks on matryx to see if that would help? The conventional tunnel sure backs up nice and goes on trailer easier!! Guy pumping gas at trestle asked how I liked matryx and wondered if he made right decision on buying new xcr switchback. told him he made right decision and he walked away with smile!!
  10. 850 down so dealer let me take 650 vr1 129 demo for the weekend. 7 miles on sled when i picked up. First day ride found sled to be stiff so I slowly softened things up till I was at almost full soft. Engine runs strong even in brake in mode! Found knees to hit on outside edge of panels though so knee pads will be needed. Lots of room to move around.seems effortless to move to outside of panel. This sled loves tight windy trails. 650 is easier to manage than my 850 in the tight stuff. Sled is just planted in corners! sled feels lighter than my pros even though it is not. My pros i fee
  11. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    Can we cross lake into wi yet?
  12. X2700

    Se Mn conditions

    Figures my main path into town!!will have to run trail across to 63 where co rd 2 meets!! Favorite riding area!! Hows things looking between frontenac and hay creek? Still thin down this way.
  13. Tofte area. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/BBlA8aq6QQic0kqTO9KA7Q.uXccWd0Gq6ZIwIpHWDM7Wb
  14. Not sure about engines but I do go through a lot of these on my Polaris!!
  15. Doesn’t take long for fries to get hard with outside dining!!! let’s hope things change the 11th!!
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