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  1. These are trail sleds not mountain sleds. wait till that exhaust spring gets in there!!
  2. Hell as far as Polaris having drain plug it’s not needed and one more thing to have issues with. i just use my mini vac and suck it out.i drain mine frequently.just pulled cover from my pros for the first time after 11k miles.threw new bearing,seal and tensioner in even though looked good. far as belt drive goes it needs a cover!!
  3. Been running extreme in my 19 since new I was surprised how clean valves were!!what I did find was springs were worn pretty good!! Then again valves are mostly all the way out when riding!!😂 11k miles!
  4. That’s good news. that section just off hwy going up hill is always mud and rocks!! you bypass this now correct? yeah those sections on other side of solar farm are good traps! I did always like that section when you cross back south and there’s that quick down hill!! lots of air!!
  5. Officers love to sit in that small woods just after those nice open fields!! Unfortunately I know all to well and i am a slow learner!! Looks like alot of work. Thanks again for all the hard work!! Hopefully we will get to use them!!
  6. Looks like area i will need to slow down for!! Just outside Frontenac?
  7. one big problem with people on assembly line that have no idea what they are building dont see issues they are causing by not assembling correctly.Just throw part on and down line it goes!!when you have this type of worker you better have the assembly process fool proof or major problems arise quickly!!
  8. think they would watch a guy a bit closer coming from colombia?But what the hell do i know?
  9. I do get the rolling of eyes every time i bring up gps in groomers!!Some just will not accept change even though its to better our system.i feel sometimes our club doesnt groom enough and maybe with this system it will show them what were actually doing!!
  10. http://gts.groomertrackingsystems.com/map i just look at this the night before or early in morning and make a plan.couple of us road alot on new trails last winter in the wheeler chetek weyerhauser area and by using this tool we found mostly just groomed trails!!we do usually get on trails by 8am!!i also use local clubs websites facebook etc to see whats closed or open.what i found last year is that wi will close a trail on monday then open it up late in week to save trails late in year!!I always thought how wi would close trails during winter was stupid but i now know how it works. I now
  11. I've been asking our president about mn going to gps in groomers and bringing it up at state meetings.I heard that their was some discusion this year about it?I really like wi system and use it alot when deciding where the day ride is going to be! Question is who pays for gps system for groomer?club or state?Whats the cost?
  12. My last stop sign this afternoon!! spent couple hours yesterday and today and finished up!! bring on the white stuff!! spent rest of the weekend in garage working on pros!! another list of parts to order Monday but it’s about ready to roll!
  13. nothing ever shows up on non production sleds then as soon as they finish cutting corners and go to full production shit always shows up and makes you wonder who test rides this stuff!! im sure just small issue but that’s where it starts!!
  14. I went out and marked a bit this afternoon also. had couple spots that there was a good 6-7” of frost other spots couple inches. hope to finish up the end of week!! thanks for getting those trails marked up!! I’ll be headed that way as soon as conditions allow!! some of my favorite trails in your neck of the woods!! mighty zumbro had a little ice on it this afternoon!!
  15. I'm thinking of the trees when i have the hammer down!!!
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