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  1. Wy 97k square miles vt 9k square miles. it’s all about separation😁
  2. I think with vaccines people feel they are safe and are going out more. Numbers are bound to be up with amount of people going to large venues. vaccines are not slowing spread but hopefully help lessen the pressure on hospitalization? who knows but numbers are going to go up!! picture from armory concert I was at last week!! packed with 8500 plus!!!
  3. Vaccinations definitely not keeping you from getting it!! neither moderna or phizer. I will say they probably help with not having severe complications. Hospitals are a mess right now. Short staffed long hours!! numbers of cases in two local hospitals higher than year ago!! I think this is due to everybody just out and about. not much we can do but ride the wave and hope for the best!! think sooner or later everyone will get it!!
  4. Tressel area is good to go. should be able to ride up to ely no problem.try new trail towards tower. you can make loop around to Babbitt and back down to tressel area! be a full day! loop south of Babbitt was closed due to fire. good info here https://m.facebook.com/ProspectorLoopATVTrail/posts/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  5. Standing in front of speeding train will reduce chances of you getting it also!
  6. I’d say most I see wearing masks are wearing incorrectly! wearing same cloth mask all day!! Show me differently!!!
  7. I35 and I90 I run 80 unless posted slower in cities. most side roads on way to work I run 65-70 sometimes 80 on way home! i do love roads out west though!!
  8. The dells was in need of help!! lots of it real close now!!😁
  9. Yep right next to that big old tree!!
  10. I’ll have my portable one at hay days so let me know when we all want breakfast!!😁 Little cooking on lake pepin!!! still use grill for cooking chicken and brats but love my griddle!!
  11. I figure in a couple years I’ll be able to get on I35 put suburban on auto drive and get couple hours of rest on my way up the shore!!😁 Better yet those late nights headed home from weekend of riding!!
  12. 21 miles per tank should be good for you’re daily ride shouldn’t it?😁
  13. No pics from car show. not sure why I didn’t take any? too busy bullshitting and judging!!😁
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