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  1. Pepin looking good for crossing. tracks on lake and guys out fishing!! been ice on it for awhile now. we just need more snow on both sides of river!!!
  2. What does Polaris have to say? mine was planned forever then I called again last week and said it’s shipped see it in couple days. crazy what’s going on with snowchecks!!
  3. I figured you had it already? mine was made on the 6th and dealer had 12th.picked it up last Saturday. it’s worth the wait!!!!
  4. So far loving it! almost 600 miles on her over weekend so I think shes broke in! shore trails were great!!
  5. Been a great sled for him!! tough to let go of a good one!
  6. Surprised at amounts of cats out and about!! lots of old iron out also. a lot barns must of been cleaned out!!
  7. Freshly groomed state trail Friday morning! rode from beaver bay to skyport and back. just over 200 miles for the day!
  8. Now filling your car with plastic gas can with lit cigarette in your mouth can be hazardous!! Me and buddies found that out when we were younger!!😁
  9. X2700

    ECU cal question

    Per service manual. reprogram to sled.
  10. id say hose not twisted on water pump correctly.it comes off pump then across engine next to starter motor bracket. usually they have mark on hose for correct orientation. must be rubbing hard to go that fast!!!
  11. I’m waiting on same sled!!!! no word yet on mine? May stop in at dealer today see if there’s update!!!
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