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  1. Why the hell is everybody trying to leave Mexico? seems all the jobs moving there. warm all year round. what’s not to love?
  2. One section has a lot of large rocks to navigate through. not much of a challenge really but compared too most trails in the area it’s rough!!
  3. out for a ride in the Hayward area over the weekend!!
  4. Actually polaris has made these exact suspension recommendations! obviously if your bottoming you need to tighten things up!! you were talking trail riding?
  5. Actually yes for certain conditions you do soften suspension for rough conditions. When I hit smooth groomed trails I stiffen suspension up to eliminate chassis roll I call it so I can really rip through twistys then as trail bumps up I start loosening suspension so that shocks take impacts instead of me!! of course you need to control bottoming! now jumping off drifts that’s a different setup!!
  6. All this talk about grid updates and solar/wind generation taking over what do you think will happen to electric rates? people do realize that power company’s exist to make money!! unless you are completely off the grid you are going to pay down the road!!! company’s have already began to limit what you can sell back to grid. and rates will increase to make up for any losses!!
  7. All things considered it still looks like shit!!I mean you spend that much should look good!! Have seen several on road now.
  8. Wrong again!! 1500 miles in mn this year!! could of easily had more but work always gets in the way!!
  9. Like how they secretly pushed that one through!! will cost mn cities millions!!! I will be keeping our old flag out for our city!!!
  10. Finally broke down and replaced old stihl trimmer! I half dozen commercial properties and it works great. 5amp battery good for good half hour. have 5 batteries and can plug in charger too truck so can go all day!!
  11. How’d the front shock snap off? I know Polaris has fire issues but when something flips over there’s always a fire hazard!!
  12. issue with fentanyl now is that it is making its way into all drugs legal and illegal!!this shit needs to be gone!!!!
  13. X2700


    damn those clintons are good!!
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