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  1. 87 $2.92 diesel $2.99 Dallas today
  2. Hey pool floods happen!!! I know!!😂
  3. These schools will keep charging huge tuition’s as long as government is involved. they know they will get there money!! need to control money these colleges are charging!!
  4. Money would be better spent getting rid of cigarettes!!! 480,000 die in United States a year from smoking!!
  5. Hell way some people are today I’m thinking they are walking among us!!!!
  6. Dunwoody still there? right off Hennepin if I remember right?
  7. Yeah those 403’s didn’t have much! swapped a few olds 350’s from early 70’s into them.268 comp cam Holley carb then you had something!! I could pick up those supreme diesels cheap and throw 455 in!! I did keep one supreme diesel and drove it as daily driver!diesel was cheap back then!!!!
  8. I transplanted 455 into 75 cutlass t-top. then installed posi!!man did that thing run.I’d look for pre 70 455’s in yards and usually be deltas!let my sister drive one weekend and it got away from her and hit neighbors house!! also transplanted a few into late 70 early 80’s cutlass supremes. lots of engine swaps when I was a teen!!!
  9. Also without tax incentives wouldn’t prices of these Evs drop quicker because manufacturers would want to sell them?id think Tesla would be keeping prices inflated knowing government is supplementing sales?
  10. These same people taking tax incentives are first ones to bitch about their taxes going up! no matter how you look at it tax incentives take away income state and feds taking in so in turn they raise taxes to make up from loss tax revenue!!
  11. At msp airport the other day and young couple we’re headed to ft meyers for the week to look at housing. must not suck too bad down there!! Under 30 moving down there in droves!!
  12. By now you’d think Polaris engineers would realize not to put fuel lines near hot exhaust!also make fuel lines so they do not vibrate and rub through!!
  13. Remember back in the day if you had alpine setup you had serious setup!! Today you can buy some pretty nice stuff for cheap!!
  14. Good source for speaker repair https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-components/replacement-diaphragms-baskets?page=6
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