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  1. "I don't feel safe I'm calling the police, wait lock the door, you can't leave"
  2. No according to Spin and Snowputz, it's settled. It's a gay hookup like was originally claimed. Also why would Nancy have an exorcism performed?
  3. So door opens Pelosi has a drink and hammer in hand. Totally normal.
  4. Sure loser. UK now has over 7000 excess deaths in just a couple of weeks. I'm sure it's nothing. Moron.
  5. We've been through this already. This is what happens when you align yourself with fucking morons, you being one of them. https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  6. No let's go back to your bullshit chart and backfill the math.
  7. Stick to fake news? Why aren't you vaxxed again if you believe that bullshit you just posted.
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