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  1. So a botched experiment. Ok. So they shut down all domestic travel while keeping and encouragaging international travel. Wuhan security is a joke.
  2. The virus is a bio-weapon fail and the cure is worse. Are you really this dumb? For real, not acting or trolling.
  3. Bull. It's totally underreported. Good to see this get coverage on fake news. Yah right.
  4. Wanna bet this was not included as an adverse side effect.
  5. No, it's from the globalists. You know that debt nobody has to pay back.
  6. I had to take my mom to the hospital emergency yesterday. Never seen it almost empty before. Triage, registration and burst nurse visit in about 5 mins, all waiting for people. What a sham.
  7. Nobody said Covid is a hoax, but it was planned.
  8. Facts and you go together like oil and water.
  9. So Trudeau refuses to condemn Cuba against the people. Surprised?
  10. Looks like you're gonna need a booster shot. Oh and the Lancet has been proven to be full of shit.
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