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  1. Musk said last year the dems are corrupt and he's voting republican for the first time. Now look at how he's attacked Pretty obvious unless you're an idiot.
  2. 1% is still a chance. Expecting Ron to drop out fairly soon.
  3. It's all to push agenda 2030. To scare the shit out of weak sheep like you. Remember this as well. Another conspiracy moron.
  4. You thought they were justified for a vax that had only one benefit, the $$$$ for big pharma. At best your a useful idiot but that time is running out. What is the fully vaxxed count now like 8 shots, not far from 12 is it?
  5. No he thinks they actually care about you and the medical community who gets paid more if you die in their care gives a fuck. UK government was giving people with covid midazolam, that's a drug that accelerates one's death. They just changed that 2 days ago. People are really gullible sheep.
  6. You think Canada was different. Nevermind the nurses, what they did to the elderly.
  7. It's pretty sad really. Here is their cdc reacting to the Chinese biolab found in California. And you wonder how these viruses could escape. Incompetence is off the charts.
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