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  1. It's not the RINO's who are responsible for taking this shit down, ie the disinformation board. Every American should have be appalled by what Biden was trying to do here, but instead partisan politics clouded sheeps minds. Their side can do not wrong.
  2. The GOP is at least purging the RINO's for America First candidates. Pretty sad seeing Pence and Bush back on the scene trying to prop up dead wood. The RINO's hate Trump more than the Dems.
  3. Just imagine if the media was truthful in regards to Trump, instead of propping up this moron. Deflecting incompetence.
  4. That ship sailed for Fail a long time ago.
  5. From hero to zero in 18 months? OK Ben.
  6. He put himself there. Resign. Fauci got a grift share of 300 million in kickbacks before Trump ever was elected, go look it up.
  7. Yah 30 million more votes 10 for Trump and 20 for Biden who is now below 30%. I'm not the one who struggles with math.
  8. The fraud was already there, Trump wanted to punt him to the curb but was warned against it. His initial instinct was correct.
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