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  1. Fuck off. You travel to the GTA every day.
  2. They need to send the public sector home without pay. This nonsense will end in less than a week.
  3. Remember when 55 billion was a big deal.
  4. Figures you don't understand the difference between debt and deficit. Trudeau's deficit was 600 billion added to a debt that was slightly larger. There is no comparison. Total fuckery.
  5. Trump overspent on the economy at a time when it wasn't necessary. Biden is gonna overspend on special interest groups that have zero payback. Trudeau is just a fucking idiot. The markets are not justified at this level and I'm out moving to better opportunities in private equity.
  6. I would also be careful adding significantly at these index levels.
  7. All BS aside if one wants to invest in Canada its better to be in a Canadian focused fund like this one. Fidelity Canadian Growth, but but the high mers, I know.
  8. I said I would school you on performance comparison. Who cares about record high for a 4% YTD gain?
  9. Performance numbers are all that matter.
  10. I can school you on the performance differences if you wish?
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