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  1. Covid was a plandemic. Go look up event 201. Fucking retard.
  2. At some point you and the deepfaggot will realize covid is a scam. Get the lube ready.
  3. These are the good nazis though. Ukraine or bust.
  4. Oh look a Chihuahua has bitten my ankle, what will I do.
  5. Now might be a good time to take a look at what Pfizer was trying to hide for 75 years before making a bigger fool of yourself, if that's even possible.
  6. Not really dude. You were sold a load of crap. Time to admit it or it just worse for you.
  7. How does the vsafe data that just came out go with your vax causes no harm claims. 8% of 10 million. Fucking idiot.
  8. The 40% excess deaths are far worse than the pandemic. Yes or no. The excess deaths are not in countries with low vax rates. Hello McFly.
  9. I deal with facts. What do you think it's from and why isn't anyone interested in finding out?
  10. It's only in countries with high vax rates for starters. It's a combo of vax and mandates.
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