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  1. Two dates in this country…COTA and and a new track in Miami.👍🏼🇺🇸
  2. 🏁 Dale Earnhardt started introducing Rick Hendrick around the garage area in and around 1982 as, a fellow who wants to go Nascar racing!🏁 By the end of 1983 Hendrick had formulated plans to go Winston Cup racing in 1984. He tried and tried to get Earnhardt to be his driver, but he did convince Dale to help shake down his new equipment with the fabrication of the cars done by Robert Gee!🏁 Earnhardt test drove Hendrick’s Winston Cup cars and gave them their initial shakedown at Charlotte Motor Speedway in late 1983 which Geoffrey Bodine would then drive the next season in 1984 to 3 wins & 14
  3. Bizarro crackhead world around here…Spew conspiracy horseshit and then tell others to prove it’s not true…no wonder some of you like Mike Lindell.🤣🤣
  4. Yeah I’m sure…I bet you don’t walk around and say the shit you say here to random black people.
  5. It’s just a topic like many others but it has some riled up…wonder why….
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