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  1. Ahhh…another new standard and rule here. One can only comment on an election if it involves the state they live in.🤔😉
  2. Ahhh…so if Walker wins and Republicans have control of the House and Senate it’s not legit…good to know.
  3. Has nothing to do with color…you do know what’s at stake right?🤔
  4. Usually all I hear is that athletes should just shut up and play ball.🤔
  5. I’m not licking anyones anything…just calling you on your selective outrage.
  6. Oh is that the standard here…I’ll keep that in mind. BTW if you want to bow down and worship these people that’s your problem.
  7. Oh…now you’re outraged…is it because what was said or who said it?
  8. Pretty sure most here agree that it’s manmade…the question is accidental or intentional release.
  9. OK As I’ve said 10 times…take it up with Taibbi…it’s his story and if there is proof that all the requests from the Trump Administration were denied than so be it.
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