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  1. No I’ll be the first…how about you STFU for once ya’ fucking meathead.
  2. A lot of them…between 5-6000 miles and 10 grand…or more!
  3. I know…it also makes we wonder about all these 5000 mile sleds I’ve been looking at on Marketplace.🤔
  4. The milkshake looking Chaincase was nice as well!🤣🥴 Also the destroyed driveshaft bearing.
  5. Yesterday afternoon we traveled to Northern Minnesota to do a special delivery to the Skime Family. Roger was ecstatic to see the new Catalyst units being unloaded at the ranch. The entire Skime crew holds a special place in our hearts. 💚 #CountryCat #ArcticCat #Catalyat #Legend
  6. Like I just said in the other thread…my morning is fine but keep digging.
  7. 3 for 3 on bizarro world this morning…my morning is just fine.
  8. Again…bizarro world…I’m not the desperate one here.
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