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  1. F1 races are almost always a parade and as Steve mentioned “team orders” which really make it even worse.
  2. Yep…human garbage describes them perfectly.
  3. Yep and he was gutted after the race…did you by chance see the save he made early in the race…they call him “Ninja Hands” because they are so quick.😂👊🏻
  4. They may have but not sure on all the “tools” they used to have and have now.
  5. Aero and tire wear….dirty air makes them squirrely but they draft well which is why you see the leader snaking like that trying to break the draft.
  6. Nope…do I think the vax was oversold absolutely. Do I think it’s responsible for everything you claim…absolutely not.
  7. Speaking of trying hard…your schtick has been weak and lame for years…bravo!
  8. I see perfectly…you’re a one track jagaloon.
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