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  1. Don't be afraid to move the studs out closer to the edge. Will increase the width of your scratch pattern.
  2. That will be the big question. How will covid effect early season sales? Will the OFSC pull thru? How many dealers will have to close shop along with motels and restaurants?
  3. Great app use it all the time.
  4. bladefever

    Sled ride

    What..... You mean his all season tires didn't cut it.
  5. bladefever

    Sled ride

    Been at the cottage for the last 2 week's. Self isolating at its best. Today going to do an early Easter egg hunt. Actually a modified hunt.... Going to all the outhouses on the lake looking for TP..... Extra points for 3 ply.....
  6. bladefever

    Sled ride

    Good to carry a " 6 " pak. For those finicky old girls.
  7. bladefever

    Sled ride

    I've got my eye on that Chaparral.
  8. bladefever

    Sled ride

    Did a few laps at my friends ice track on a private lake. A little mushy but still a blast. Waiting for the " Big " storm. XC 70 I think turbo 5 speed with ralley tires.
  9. bladefever

    Sled ride

    Yeah not sure what happened.
  10. bladefever

    Sled ride

    Bala , Gravenhurst. Orillia, Coldwater and home.
  11. bladefever

    Sled ride

    Group ride from our lake Saturday
  12. bladefever


    A real sledder would have rode that out....... Pussy
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