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  1. Too bad I'm just past my prime. I would only give her a 5.5 mark......
  2. Your opinion...... that says it right there. You are a Canadian talking about racial problems south of our border. There are always two sides of every story. And typically the winning side gets to write history. The KKK statement was to give you a chance to give your " opinion " on the topic? Never said you were a racist.
  3. Thanks Irv I definitely believe in the KKK if that helps you
  4. Is the black on black crime high in Durham region? Please explain your situation.
  5. Did the Black architects draw up the inner city Ghettos. Go live down there for a few months see if you can survive. We're lucky we just read or see that shit on the news. Definitely not a place I would want to raise a family.
  6. You wouldn't understand. Believe what you want.
  7. I'm guessing the KKK is just an every day boys club.
  8. Take the white cape off
  9. Sounds like the underground railway was as easy as just buying a ticket to head north 800 to 1000 miles..... Oh right they had to hide or walk it. I'm sure they were treated fairly along the way. Run that statement past any of your African/ Canadian friends or African/ American friends. Anybody know what became of the 60 million Indigenous natives of North America?
  10. That's a small one.... hope you put him back. 550 would be lucky to lift a large Crappie.... just saying
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