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  1. Realtime results as they happen have to be scribbled onto something.
  2. Yeah that's the one I put up originally
  3. So you’ve already seen the results
  4. 2021 Shootout results in Current Events forum for the Cat guys
  5. SnowmobileWorld.com is still around....and owned by VS. Looks dead!
  6. Pretty much the reason why there's no advertising here
  7. Trail machine, couple fun race sleds and a few sleds for shits and giggles or projects
  8. Not if you keep calling him CFK
  9. It sure would be nice to have more sled related topics instead of the usual politically motivated stuff
  10. Thanks to some Vintage guys on FakeBook it appears to be a 71 Nordic 399 or 640. Now I just need to see if I can find one.
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