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  1. Theirs a lot of uncertainty right now in program development. Programs that were being pushed a couple months at a time but now some are talking years. Possible redesigning some as hybrids or flat out cancelation. ICE vehicles development still moving forward lol
  2. Then be entertaining already instead old, dull and stale. Should be easier then answering questions right? lol
  3. 12+ million that they admit to during Biden's term and it's not over yet
  4. MC: We know who they are Me: OK how does that work, identifying them? MC: crickets chirping
  5. I'm not even a Trump guy you dumb old fart. Jesus dude all you do is talking points over and over. The minute someone asks you question about it you go silent.
  6. Someone hands you a gun you don't point it at someone and start pulling the trigger
  7. But yet you are always in his threads
  8. Your MC level.....dense as fuck! You have no answer so it's retarded lol. I asked someone else the question and here you are blurting shit out, everything but an answer to the question that was never asked to you in the first place. Your either really bored or really dumb
  9. He's a parrot that wont back up his statements
  10. Should be easy for you since you keep saying "we know who they are". How exactly do we know?
  11. So you have no answer then. What I figured. I knew MC probably wouldn't answer either. So you guys who parrot this shit wont explain the process
  12. Hitler running as a Dem and he'd be cheering and waving swastikas
  13. I'm asking how they are identified and therefore documented. EG How do we know who they are. It's a simple question I asked to MC. Are you MC?
  14. Um ok....SMH Regardless, I never said anything like that
  15. Irony is you starting a thread titled Irony then you saying this ^^^^^^ as you defend mush brain every step of the way Nicely done Brandon
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