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  1. Why does it always look like he’s shitting himself
  2. Costs the same as a nice eMTB...crazy
  3. Didn't he borrow from SpaceX to keep Tesla afloat?
  4. He was trying to rile you up and look how well it worked. 5 posts in a row
  5. Truth Social is for the Q and Cult members
  6. An opinion piece ragging on other peoples opinions
  7. Are all 320 people from Truth Social now signed up for Twitter?
  8. Add this to the group of overly used terms that really don't have the meaning they once did
  9. I at least made an effort to see if it was posted in the thread already
  10. She's facing 20 years https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/police-woman-said-she-would-blow-up-hazel-park-high-school-after-son-made-social-media-threat
  11. More and more threats around here lately. Mostly by kids but one of the last ones was from a crazy ass parent upset that her kid got in trouble for being a little shithead. She threatened to blow up the school
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