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  1. Any other walk out was immediately dismissed and that won't change
  2. He's one of this biggest whiny babies here
  3. The Democrats definitely beat out Republicans in the Double standard hypocrite category with most things
  4. Huge RBG fan selectively omitting damaging comments from her interview. Comments that are in line with many Americans SMH
  5. Put that fucking cop in the unemployment line while he waits to be prosecuted
  6. Yep not even worth reading his bullshit
  7. So while California continues to shit the bed it seems Florida is ready to step up with their ports
  8. Jimmy Dore! Another one MC will immediately brush off just like Joe Rogan
  9. Amazing isn't it? That band of idiots got so used to bitching about him they still do it even though he has zero platform these days. Why even ban him from FakeBook, Twitter etc if you're still going to follow everything that man says or does?
  10. The forum wouldn't know what Trump was up if MC didn't cry about it daily
  11. MSM get's throat punched by a podcast so they double down on the idiocy knowing full well their idiots will eat it up like it's gospel SMH
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