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  1. Grabsgaydicks vortex engage!
  2. We used to call the pacifiers a Mute Button but now its the tablet or phone.
  3. People here started talking about a looming recession a while ago and the resident Left wing tards laughed at it. Now they start threads about it "Look see what did I tell you!!!111"
  4. Somehow this tragedy is all better for him if it's connected to the Republican party. How fucked up is that?
  5. iTs NoT ChIcAgO!!!!11111 Your the only one to give a shit about this Boomer. Move on to something Trumpish to get you over this
  6. Remember when they used to count BB Gun incidents in the mass shooting numbers
  7. Glad to have both! You just have to weed thru the idiots that use it to spew their opinions like its "gospel"
  8. Team Right - He's a Socialist!! Team Left - He's a Trumperer!! Anyone else - What the fuck is wrong with those ^^^^ people?
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