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  1. Went to Moab and it was crowded, boo hoo, so it should be closed to motor vehicles 😂
  2. The Dems made Impeachment a joke last term. It mean’s essentially nothing now
  3. If it wasn’t for government mandates nobody would care about fuel economy??? Trolling idiots say the dumbest things
  4. Your trolling by saying this is a US site Now shu-duh-fuck-up 🤣
  5. Biden has always been a racist! Trump became labeled one when he ran for president in 2016
  6. You vote D no matter what so drop the cult talk ya brainwashed boomer
  7. Oh look another spending Bill to kick the can down the road for a bit. How much if it was for foreign aid /Ukraine?
  8. Oakland county is the most ripe spot in southern Michigan. Plenty of money
  9. It’s also called being in a budget! Something our government has no idea how to do anymore. Just waste money and no limits
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