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  1. My brother and I were both infantry and we’re laughing our asses off at all the free meals they’re giving away to veterans in our area.
  2. Doing a frame up on this ‘78 with my son. Frame is going to the powder coater next week
  3. If your job can be done 100% from home it can be done from India or the next 3rd world shithole it becomes popular to outsource to.
  4. If you don’t put winter tires on your car it will make me crash
  5. They are getting ready to redefine the flood plains in our area based on global warming predictions
  6. So we get no credit for what we did 2 generations ago but are completely responsible for slavery?
  7. introduced by a Democrat & passed by a Democrat controlled congress
  8. team ohio


    Trying to head to Chatauqua in a week, any tips on cabin rentals or best hotels to stay at.
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