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  1. Just got in from shop aligning skis, hit a frozen clump hard. Not as shitty as the cable for sure, be careful out there on just opened trails.
  2. How many famines have there been in the USA ever?
  3. Burning in hell I’m sure. “It worked didn’t it”…… Fuck him.
  4. Deflection, the investigation is still going on. But the real investigation is going on behind the scenes to show how these dumbfucks “won”.
  5. They are pretty damn good vehicles, I’ve miled up a few. It’s why the resale value is pretty damn good. That said, mall crawlers nauseate me.
  6. The only thing we have to fear…… is fear itself
  7. I can’t believe anyone can be so obstinate. All I can say is to hell with you!
  8. The federal government exist by permission from the states, if the feds stayed in their lane abiding by the Constitution we’d be governed by the States hence the people. DeSantis is doing this because of federal over reach fuckery and medaling.
  9. That freak in the dress is what happens when a boot in the ass was not administered properly sometime in it’s growing up….
  10. MYOB eh? The reason this is an issue is some feel it’s killing babies. Something they can’t ignore, understandably. If I thought something dastardly was being done I’d have trouble minding my own business also.
  11. That Test light grounded by hand, COOL!
  12. Usually the switch (or them connections) that switches between plow lights and truck lights
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