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  1. I think it used to be you couldn't have a pair of rookies race together. I thought there was something too about having to run the expedition class before you could send it in the big class too.
  2. We began our expansion today. We are going from milking 750-800/day to over 3,000/day. What we are building off this end will be the new rotary parlor with the capability, we think, to milk up to 5,500/day. The home farm will see a massive re-model to accommodate this expansion. This just may be my ticket out of corporate America.
  3. Throwing on the ribs that have been riding around the race hauler since last week. Hopefully they turn out better than the last go around on the smoker. Using the GMG this time too, so that should help.
  4. Democrats are good little followers. They'll vote for whatever piece of shit their party trots out in front of them. They will not vote for RFK.
  5. I'll hop on a sled when Pine Lake freezes up and see how I feel.
  6. I found the best was was Cat Cleaner or VLR and Magic Eraser pads to get the staining off the green. Plan in destroying a few of them pads. The gray 18's seemed to be harder to clean then the green though.
  7. I spend hours on a sled at the end of the year. The 19's and 20 get extra dirtii with all the green.
  8. That was a 1 time payment for the whole works. You aren't good at this negotiating stuff.
  9. I'm all practiced after this morning. I charge 1 box of chocolate milk. "What would you do with unlimited free time and no income?"
  10. Supply chain issues at the old folks home.
  11. So you won't be lowering your flag to half staff like Tyrant Timmy wants us to do?
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