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  1. And many times, they are either top of their class or damn close to it in whatever country they came from. Think of being in a medical school in India, probably 1500 in your class or more, and you have to be top of the class for the chance to come to the US to practice medicine here.
  2. He could have Kenseth'ed him. That is still one of my favorite times in NASCAR, but if I was Matt, I'd have held out for Homestead that year. I'm surprised more people haven't done the same. Has any current driver intentionally wrecked more equipment then him, between the 3 series?
  3. I should fire up one of the sleepers and haul ass out to port to deal with the union assholes there.
  4. To be fair, those are really good sleds for what they are.
  5. And they'll show up slathered in orange paint, again. With a tank that won't make it 65 miles.
  6. I have a few more years before I really need one, so if I happen across one, I'll snap it up. If not, oh well.
  7. I've missed out on a $1500 Rush with a blown motor, a $800 Dragon 600 with a blown motor, and a $400 F7 Sno-Pro with a blown motor so far. I'd chance the two Polaris sleds for the price. Work my connections with the Big P on discounted parts. You can get a decent one if you watch, but I'm more of a $2000-2500 kind of guy. Only one I've seen in that range had a bent frame and was all corroded inside. Guess I'll restart the search for a Z370. The one I really should have bought was the F570 with a blown engine and either repaired that one or swapped a Z370 or Z440 mo
  8. Trying a different method this time. Smoked until they reached around 165°F internal temp on the thinnest one, they put in cast iron with beef broth, wrapped the whole works tightly in foil, and am currently cooking for 2 hours. Unwrap and smoke for ??? time after that, probably 20-30 minutes.
  9. Swung into the Horrible Fraud "Up To 25% Off Everything!*" sale and picked up an air chisel to hopefully make track clip removal go a lot easier. I'm not sure where else I'm going to get a $14 air chisel, but their ads really suck.
  10. One of the clubs here grooms with a pair of rented Quadtracs. They still talk about the time they got the smaller one stuck after it slipped off the trail.
  11. Been looking for a reasonably priced nice Sno Pro 500. Those do not exist right now. Every one is either overpriced or beat to crap, or both. I found a ZR4000 RR that had some issues that I thought about, but someone else wanted it way worse then I did, I guess.
  12. Giving some beef short ribs another go today.
  13. You should reconsider how you are spending your retirement.
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