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  1. 1st round of peas are planted, started planting onions and carrots. 1st round of sweet corn will probably go in soon. Put potatoes in the garden on Sunday. Waiting for everything else. 1st year we'll be able to pick asparagus too.
  2. One could argue a person who lives in a neighboring zip code does all of these things too. Should they be able to vote too?
  3. Our 22 Silveraydo and 23 Exploder are less, but have gone up a bunch too. You can't tell me parts for a rental car sedan are substantially more then 2 almost new vehicles. It makes no sense at all.
  4. Just got the 6 month tab on my daily driver, late 2010's 6 cylinder 175k mile sedan, windshield claim and clean record and bundled insurance. We'll call it a $10-12.5k car. $942 for 6 months. Up $110 or so from 6 months ago. Doubled in 2 years.
  5. I'll roost empties back at him on whatever corner he is flagging. I dug a set of old Sno Pro bars out this morning to make sure I can do that.
  6. Good racing there. It blows me away that Legends cars aren't more popular, at least in the Midwest. You can get into a good competitive used car with parts for like $12,500-15,000 (or could), race the same car for years, on cheap spec tires, and they are low maintenance. Like an hour if you aren't tearing shit up. Plus the racing is fun.
  7. I saw a few videos from the hill climb stuff, of whatever it is, at Giant's Ridge this weekend. I'm not sure if it was the riders I saw the videos of or what, but I swear I could win that bitch on a Trailcat 4000.
  8. Chinese imports killed US made solar panels. Want to be serious about creating jobs in the US via "renewable" or "sustainable" enegry? Ax out or heavily tariff Chinese made imports and/or do not subsidize projects that do use them.
  9. Well, first they have to actually care about having access to a vehicle and a DL. Baby steps.
  10. We shopped and saved on cars, but lost out on home and sleds. F-ing MN.
  11. Guilty of lesser charges, but still a possible 40 years.
  12. Not sure if it was 18 or 19 I asked a friend of mine that was in upper management there if there was something coming down the pipeline for a Procross replacement. He said they were working on something, but I never pressed him for more info.
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