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  1. Not only that, we elect them in droves!
  2. Your shtick is stale as hell. Time you remove that 2.5 gallon jug of XPS oil from your rectum and try something else.
  3. Every now at then, someone will loose a wheel off a race car. Sometimes they roll to a uneventful end, One I remember end up under someone's super stock going down the straightaway. Stood the car pretty much straight up at probably 80-90mph. Another one I remember making it over the fence and smoking the shitters.
  4. Common sense knife control and background checks would all lead to this obvious answer.
  5. The nut is definitely from the exhaust. I suspect the same with the one that appears to be a clutch alignment washer too. The one that gets me is the two balls from a bearing. This sled has had the engine replaced, but has not had any bearings replaced. I do not have a clue where they would have come from. I guess I'll see what else comes out of it during a summer/fall refresh.
  6. In case you want some more entertainment, Tesla Boy has had one or both cars at the service center at least once a week since they have arrived, either for issues that are creeping up or shit he is finding after digging around the car and ripping 1/2 the interior apart. One of the other young engineers he stays in touch with says he keeps hears a noise and has taken the interior out at least twice trying to find it. They told him not to come back. Now he wants to lemon law it.
  7. Looks like the dynamic duo both plead guilty in hopes of avoiding the slammer. Had to cough up a $100k boat and their fishing licenses for 3 years, plus 6 months probation, which could be upped by the judge. However, they each picked up some charges along the way. One ended up domestic violence charge from being a little road rage-y with his soon to be ex. The other a stalking and a forgery charge. https://www.cleveland.com/court-justice/2023/03/fishermen-plead-guilty-to-cheating-at-cleveland-walleye-tournament.html
  8. I'd like goggle lense recommendations and fast riding tips for flat light conditions from the peanut gallery, please. Next I'd like the same for severe snow dust.
  9. The parts list is growing. Have been digging around in one of the XF's and have been finding mystery parts. A flanged nut, 2 bearing balls, and 2 mystery pieces. This sled has never had a ball bearing go bad on it except the tri-hub.
  10. Well, today or tomorrow may be the end of riding season for me. Started out warm and gray with flat lighting, then turned in to a bluebird sky day. Sidenote, I have been wondering why I have had a odd pair of Klim pants floating around. Cleaning out the race trailer the other day, found this in one of the cabinets.
  11. I think the cost of, or perceived cost, of sno-x keeps a lot of people from either moved up classes and/or going any further then the grassroots level. In theory, the same could be said about any kind of racing, but sno-x seems to be the worst. There have been a lot of wicked rough XC races. With that seems to be either no one gets hurt or there are some really bad crashes.
  12. Democrats are the party of "do what you are told". When they trot out some turd sandwich for you to vote for (or endorse, Bernie...), you all fall the fuck in line real quick.
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