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  1. In my more youthful days, We'd hit up Princeton, Haydays, Elk River, Byron, Gilman, sometimes Brainerd, and usually find one or two more in there too. There were some tough mornings at Princeton and Haydays...
  2. SK or NTN. Ice sleds would get all ceramic bearings.
  3. Just the way it goes. We had so many bearing problems on my 08 that when I got the 2010 to 2014, we replaced every bearing on that sled that wasn't in the engine. Chaincase, jackshaft, entire skid.
  4. After our 2008 goat rodeo, replacing pretty much every bearing on the sled was part of the pre-season teardown and build up before a sled even it the track or ditch.
  5. From what I remember when I rode there, we crossed the river at Downsville and again at Cary (something like that), but that has been probably 8 or 9 years since we rode there. Love that area for riding.
  6. This guy is down by St. Cloud. I'm not his biggest fan, but he has parts. http://sledpart.com/
  7. For a vintage sled track, my friend uses a old bed spring mattress with all fabric and foam ripped off it and a board on the back edge to smooth stuff out.
  8. Shit! I haven't gone trolling over on the diesel truck forums for a while now. Probably should do that again soon.
  9. Jerry's NOS Cat Parts here in MN. The Gargler tells me it is Cat #3000-540 and Jerry has 0. Put in a request with him. https://www.jerrysnoscatparts.info/
  10. Maybe it is me, but it seems like the trespassing and noise get worse ever year that passes.
  11. The best I can figure is during one of my tear downs I found a pinched wire, but who knows how long that was like that. Couldn't get rid of that sled fast enough.
  12. My 2016 ZR6000 RXC was mostly reliable but SLOW! Ate a primary for lunch one weekend. Never could get that one to break 90. It also started up in reverse for a weekend too. That was super awesome.
  13. Come to think of it, I saw a few of those at Dan's Salvage in Clarissa. He wants old sled stuff gone, so bring cash. Tons of stuff upstairs, but the tracks were on the main floor.
  14. There is a vintage white hood Yamaha Facebook group, or something like that. Someone there would have one. Does the sled have the red or green drivers?
  15. Nice. They are such good sleds. Miss having one around.
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