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  1. Did you put all the holes in the straps?
  2. When the Democratic machine starts fishing, what are they going to catch? A wall hanger or a drunken fish tale?
  3. You missed ice racing by a week.
  4. "Garbage alfredo". Pasta, Costco pulled chicken, mushrooms/peppers/onions, some extra seasonings and infused olive oils, and homemade alfredo sauce. Kind of uses up whatever is in the fridge and cabinets.
  5. They should run a 1 day show at Bowman Gray instead. Run it like a true short track. Whoever shows up can run, your charter doesn't mean fuck-all. Tell them to leave the semis at home and you have to haul your car there on an open trailer. Hell, make it a 4 or 5 race mini series.
  6. Went a couple towns over and was a total degenerate on a freshly groomed ribbon between a few towns. Of course my phone decided to be a POS...
  7. Who all do we think will be running in 2024? I'm not really sure who the Republicans can run. Rerun Trump for a certain loss. After that??? Will Joe rerun in 2024 or will the whore get called up to the big show? Or will it be someone else all together?
  8. Thankfully, no. I've intentionally hit them though. I'm not sure how that works here in MN, but the ice blocks the spear guys drag up are supposed to be place back where they came or chopped up, yet my friend has totaled out two sleds hitting them. The trick is proving who did it. Some placed you'd think it would be very obvious, but probably not in the courtroom.
  9. .090 clearance? Is the inner race or driveshaft made out of recycled hot wheels or something?
  10. They have ruined lake riding around here. Everyone has a state highway plowed out to their area, and they do not like to share the lake (that is a real sore subject with me).
  11. The sad part is, that kind of group comes in to the sport for 3-4-5-6 years, fucks a bunch of shit up, and moves on to the next hobby and does the same thing there. Sleds to quads to SxS to ??? We seem to be in the SxS and Ice Castle stage here.
  12. 2-4 entry/budget classes, sport, semi-pro (depending on numbers), pro, and open.
  13. More classes will solve the problem. You get a class! And you get a class! And you get a class! And everyone gets their own classes!!!!!!!
  14. The local media is really pouring on the coal now, yet none of them are mentioning the THC products found in his car. 126ish mph before the crash, damn.
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