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  1. The Facebook says he is a rapper.
  2. Before we sold our last house, we thought about renting it out. Glad we aren't dealing with that headache.
  3. I had to sit and think about it this morning. Always hop in my SxS and buckle up, but no helmet. Guess I should think about that some more. He was supposed to get married at the end of August too.
  4. We usually stick pretty close to home too. Don't go on the lakes, don't go up north for anything, etc. For the same reason. We did take a couple laps around the lake we live by. I shouldn't be surprised at the number of SxS and golf carts, but I always am. It is almost like a prerequisite to having a lake place here.
  5. Take it easy this weekend and think before you do! A friend of mine died last night in a SxS accident. Not entirely sure of the details, but nothing good happens after dark when "speed was a factor." Don't want to hear of anyone hear with a similar experience.
  6. One car is buttoned up, one car sold. Might load it up and find somewhere to shake it down at.
  7. Pulled my Cat/Textron/Tracker Prowler Pro apart today and gave it a good blowing. It has it's short-comings... Decent machine, but the air filtration for the engine and clutches could use some improvement. I'm sure it'll need new clutches before 5000 miles, if not before 3000. Sees mainly gravel miles.
  8. Sounds like a really good project that would be sold to the tax payers at a cost of like $100b and end up really costing $350b with 0 accountability.
  9. In the last month or so, I've noticed the local news websites are back to pushing out daily vid numbers and the radio is back to playing commercials to get your vaccine or booster.
  10. Oh no! The buzz cut whales are going to quit putting out?!?!?! What are the pathetic, weak, desperate guys going to do?!?!?!
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