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  1. Fake marina going in for Miami GP
  2. I’m going on 7 years with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia a form of lymphoma and another beauty of a blood disease called amyloidosis which often occurs among WM patients. My prognosis was not very good initially and I was passed up the medical chain from my local doctor to a specialist at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon NH and on to a super specialist at U Mass to talk about a stem cell transplant. At each step and each hospital I was met by great, knowledgeable people who egos weren’t so big that felt they knew everything. In the end it was agreed that I should try a Johnson&Johnson drug ca
  3. Finally, great F1 racing
  4. Snowing hard in Barre Town. Visibility 1/4 mile. Light wind. 3” of snow in the last 3 hours. Temp 29° 4pm, 6” of snow, wind picking up, 10 minute average 9mph and temp down to 21° Visibility up a little bit
  5. Local dealer showing all 850 boosts sold out and all 650’s for 2023.
  6. 11° and heavy snow in Barre Town, currently 3” of new fluff 9:30 am. Approaching 6” of white
  7. Seems like there were a lot of accidents in NH involving rentals and first time operators, I can’t imagine what these rental companies pay for insurance. 36° with a pretty steady 10 mph wind in Barre Town right now, all my snow is gone.
  8. 53° light wind, the ice and snow in my backyard are gone. Fridays snow will help but probably not for long, the base around here is gone.
  9. That has a Caspian Lake look to it, I left a lot of good fishing equipment on the bottom of that lake. I have one of Robs original Greenwood Lake photos that I gave to my folks as a Christmas present however many years ago. Could it have been the late 70’s?
  10. The wind has really picked up here, averaging 12 with gusts to 25. It’s snowing lightly and blowing heavily. The temp is now down to 17°, it’s not a nice day.
  11. Yesterday wasn’t so bad in Barre it was 51° but no sun or rain or wind but last night killed it, rain and high warm winds. My yard at 1100’ is part green, part hard as a rock snow and part glare ice where run off froze on the banks. Nothing here for the groomers to work with. Light snow now good for hiding the ice, me and my new hip might just work in the house today and kill time until tonight’s truck race.
  12. Terrible reports out there, all my snow from last week is gone, working on my old 6” base now.
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