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  1. I seem to recall swimming drones.
  2. John, I subscribe to your YouTube channel and the YouTube algorithm has started bringing up some of Robs videos. A little shocking at first to see Rob's name but nevertheless welcome. You guys are still connected by the video spirit
  3. wintery but a warm 32° in Barre Town this morning.
  4. We didn’t add much but it all helps. I got a call from my trailmaster asking me to remove the barricade blocking one of trails. The SnoBees are going to try to open their trails Monday. If the riders stay off the trails tomorrow and it gets real cold tomorrow night we will have the base we need and be in business.
  5. 32° in Barre Town. A mix this morning and a couple inches of wet snow this afternoon. We didn’t loose the little base we had and this will add to it. Cold coming Sunday night will really set things up.
  6. damn those Russians!
  7. The snow at my stake in Barre Town is down to 4”. The weather forecast for the next week has evening temps just below freezing and daytime temps just above freezing. No snow in the forecast. Absolute bummer.
  8. Nice tracks, I put them on two sleds but they are a bitch to install all those little spikes are sharp as hell.
  9. 2000 Cat ZL 580esr. Absolute pos everything that could break broke. The only sled I have ever owned that had to be towed home. Opened the cowling so many times that even the fucking hinge broke.
  10. Sael

    Where's the Frost

    Thanks to great neighbors I’m able to ride from my house on old farm roads 5/10ths of a mile to a VAST groomed secondary trail. I rode out that trail just to pack the new snow and see if any clearing was needed. In the 4 years that I’ve been using this trail I have never seen so much water on the ground, there was nothing just weeks ago. When I got back home I tackled an area where a deer had breached the black nylon fencing that I had wrapped my cedar hedges with. I was unpleasantly surprised to find absolutely no frost in the ground, I was able to push white resin posts right into the ground
  11. When I can safely give hand signals I always signal 5 to people who signal me. Let them wonder where the rest of the sleds are.
  12. Vermont's current governor Phil Scott once raced at the top level of oval ice racing, competing against the likes of the Villeneuve's I once had a MotoSki, but it didn’t run long enough to race
  13. Sael

    15" + SEASON OPEN

    I’m here, yup. Checking on Vermont.
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