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  1. I won $500 for my club. A friend notified me of the program. I had been sending the GPS tracking of my last winter rides in central Vermont to him. He was then putting the correct trail coordinates into the Ride Command system and submitting them to Polaris for correction. The Ride Command Vermont trail maps hadn’t been updated in years and over the course of the year much of the state was updated. Over the summer Polaris came to an agreement with VAST to use their trail map, that combined with ongoing updates should have the Ride Command trail map as accurate as can be for Vermont. The $500 w
  2. That’s only partially true, someone flags the trail from the Irving to Bellevue Ave over the pond every year. I’ve also found this to be the case in other areas . Frivolous lawsuits by so called snowmobilers had become a huge issue for VAST and the trail liability insurance that is guaranteed to landowners The liability insurance company provides no legal representation, just pays off lawsuits and raises premiums. I believe VAST's trail liability insurance is in the area of $250,000 this year leading to their looking into self-insuring. The Lake Dunmore accident was tragic but in no way was
  3. That is literally right around the corner from me. As the crow flies it’s north end is maybe 1/3 of a mile away. I’ll PM you later today. Speaking of Robs fall foliage photos I have one of Rob's original small format Greenwood Lake photos that I bought for my parents way back when, they owned a camp there and it made a great Christmas present. They are long gone now as is ownership of the camp but I still have the photo.
  4. I’m in Barre Town if you need a guide.
  5. It’s quite colorful, still some reds and fluorescent oranges, went down 110 to Chelsea yesterday to check some cemetery flowers and it was peak. I had to go to Underhill Friday so continued on 15 out through Cambridge, Johnson, Hardwick and back 14 to Barre and peaking is the overall best description. Bring the drone you can’t go wrong. A flyover of Barre Towns abandoned quarry’s would be great right now.
  6. Peak bright color everywhere, thanks for the photos.
  7. Bald Hill Pond tonight on 5, beautiful!
  8. Heading that way shortly, stopping in to visit Vtsnogirl then continue on to the White Mountains.
  9. Stunning Norton Pond photograph. I missed the first one but I’m sure that it was equally colorful.
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