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  1. It’s official.
  2. Robins in my yard in Barre Town today!
  3. Not looking good this week
  4. Rode today from N Concord 102-114 to IP, had lunch at Kingdom Cafe then 114-58-5 back to truck. Snow conditions were excellent except for a bit around the Burke Villages and in/out of IP, snirt and ice that will be in trouble next week. Cold and very windy with snow squalls that made for some poor visibility. Unloaded sled and discovered a broken sway bar, that made for some interesting handling. https://bnc.lt/RFZm/rfIpGulgoeb
  5. This sign was in the Calais/Plainfield area, not exactly a Republican hotbed.
  6. That’s the best way to get it.
  7. 4” or so last night and another inch of fluff today. Very happy to finally see it. When the groomers are done tonight our trails around here will be excellent.
  8. I seem to recall swimming drones.
  9. John, I subscribe to your YouTube channel and the YouTube algorithm has started bringing up some of Robs videos. A little shocking at first to see Rob's name but nevertheless welcome. You guys are still connected by the video spirit
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