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  1. That is definitely a major factor. The the prices of old muscle cars are silly. The old generation spent >$2000 buying old cars before the market got hot, put $10,000-$30,000 (if they were lucky) into them and then sell for $100,000+ and stand and wonder why there are no young people doing it. I have seen rotted out bare chassis gen 1 Camaro's ask $15,000
  2. Kids these days can't afford to get into them even if they wanted. The boomer's made everything so expensive that those old muscle cars are basically unobtainium for the majority of the people who would would carry the torch. Basically drove the market through the roof and wonder why there is no new blood lol.
  3. Also I agree with the op. The laws are pants on head retarded and only getting worse. The reason the wife and I are members of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights.
  4. Still time to have fun in Canada. Bought these in June and just bought another CZ P10F to replace the Glock 48 that I will be selling as it sucks lol. It makes way more sense as a concealed carry gun which we can't have up here.
  5. Do you think that he does it to himself and loves it so much that he just wants to share his joy and passion with the rest of the world?
  6. Here are my two sneaky neighbor dogs. Both from shelters. The husky was 2ish when we got her as a discounted dog from the Edmonton humane society as she was a typical female (lots of problems lol). That was a long couple of years. She almost went back a few times when we first got her. Glad we hung on. She still has some flaws so she doesn't get much off leash time lol but at 7ish years old, she is starting to slow down. The sheperd we got from a shelter 6 hours north by Peace River at 8ish weeks old now he will be 4 here in a couple of months. He was a part of an abandoned litter.
  7. Also l, wtf is military style? Made by the lowest bidder? Lol. Never understood that argument. The average person in the us cannot legally buy full auto with out having some sort of license, as far as I know. In Canada, Full autos have been banned for civilian ownership since 1977. On top of that, .223/5.56 is illegal to hunt deer with in Canada as it seemed not a powerful enough round to ethically kill them. North America has education, economic, low information voter, lying authorities, and all around inability to to see something from an objective point of view problem.
  8. By law you are not allowed to own a firearm for self-defense in Canada. That does not mean you cannot use one for self-defense under strenuating circumstances. 99.9% of the time if you kill anyone using a gun or not, doesn't matter if it's a clear cut and dry self defense case or not, you will most likely be charged and have to defend yourself in court. You are also allowed to carry a non-restricted firearm (most rifles and shotguns) in wilderness areas for self protection. But you cannot carry them in National or provincial parks. Every single handgun in Canada is it considered a restric
  9. I am going to be motorcycle camping in grizzly country at the end of the month. I really wish I was able to carry more than a long rifle. I don't have room for my rifle on my bike and people will loose their shit if they saw me hiking carrying it. A hand gun could be carried in away to not alarm people but still be more protection than aggressive pepper spray. There needs to be 1000% more unbiased education and for the people who do own, training. Unfortunately not everyone can afford training. So does training become government regulated pricing? Who puts on the the training? Compe
  10. Depends, kind of. If it is a non restricted firearm most rifles and shotguns with at least an 18 1/2" or longer barrel you can go buy and bring home or buy online and do it all right away as long as you are licensed. When it comes to restricted firearms like all handguns and shorter barrel rifles and some shotguns, there's usually a waiting period to get a registration paper for it due to government bureaucracy. So because a person is licensed to own and buy a restricted firearm they can sometimes bring that firearm home but they can't take it out of their house without the registrat
  11. We bought a bird feeder less than two months ago. For the last two weeks the seed out of it has been disappearing every day. Basically a liter of bird seed a day. We were like what the fuck lol. I was blaming a squirrel that I have seen at the feeder. The wife was blaming the decent sized group of red wing black birds we have at the feeder every day. Well last night while watching a movie I caught a visitor to the feeder and he seemed a little hungry lmao
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