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  1. I got this, which might work better lmao.
  2. Both bucks are hanging around on the street in the back of the picture
  3. Chasing this tail that just showed back up.
  4. Edit, I am a moron and can't count lol.
  5. Fucking deer. I wasn't able to get one hunting this year but these two mother fuckers where within 30' of my couch a few mins ago.
  6. Don't take this as I want the conservatives out. Dane Lloyd is my mp. I like a lot of what they are doing. But they are still politicians. They are still lying scumbags lol. They all are. It just comes down to how much lying and corruption the majority of the people can live with.
  7. Not getting stat pay if you haven't worked for a place for 30 days prior to the stat for a start. Alberta voted conservative 40 something years in a row and then because of the conservative Premier at the time was caught basically stealing money, NDP was voted in as a protest vote around 7 years ago. Now we are back to a conservative government who made some bad changes like the one I mentioned. The NDP have quite a bit of support because they are much more friendly to workers and unions. (Alberta has a lot of unions because it is the nature of oil feild work).
  8. Issues completely unrelated to COVID mandates.
  9. Our current UCP government has been quite good for firearms owners but have been trash in a lot of other ways like workers rights. Not everyone is a single issue firearms voter.
  10. It will but you greatly underestimate the urban voters of Edmonton and Calgary
  11. We do for now. Election is coming fast and Danielle is very controversial. Nobody knows if she will still in charge come May.
  12. If it passes. Even the NDP have come out against it and the Liberals needed their vote to push it. Nothing will happen till summer next year at the earliest. They are non restricted so the government won't know you have it unless you tell them with social media or the like
  13. AR180's are still legal and non restricted lol. This is what my place looks like for deer mid day.
  14. Tomas.


    Those early gen prelude's had real decent engines in them. Edit: I was taking a closer look and man that thing is clean!! Here is a couple of pictures back when my car was actually nice lol
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