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  1. Ya, I realized that a while after I posted..... I don't post nearly enough to catch all the nuances lol
  2. The points you see attached to a persons account is more like a forum rating system. You accumulate or lose those points based on people liking or disliking what you post. The points that will get you a time out are different.
  3. So I probably shouldn't have been out testing as we definitely don't have the conditions for it. But I did it anyways lol. So with the black/pink 120/340 spring which is factory rates added an extra 5 mph, bringing the max up to 73 mph. My rpms are maxing out at 7850 with the 64g weights. So I think my next step is to put the 62g weights back in to see if that brings my rpms back up to the 8200 mark. I also think that the sheaves moved closer together as well. I don't know if that is because if the spring or not. Also the 120/340 spring is shorter than the 150/340 spr
  4. Some hopes and dreams for this weekend's testing.
  5. Just took an air compressor to the holes in the cylinder and the was no obstruction. I used my mouth and double checked the exhaust valves where the hose goes on and they are free of obstruction as well.
  6. So I pulled my valves out and I see the two holes (one on each cylinder). I used a nail and I was able to put it in the hole at least an inch before it hit a stop like the casting. They were empty. Primary sheave move free with the cover off. The sheaves touch together no hang ups
  7. The track just says cross country on it. Those little holes in the valves are clean. And the video I posted was when I had a ultimax XS belt on. Right after that video was taken, I switched to the brand new polaris belt (115) and I hit 8200 rpm. It doesn't drop rpms. Seems to hold constant. Also, it is the 700 not the 800. But you are correct, it should be at 8200
  8. Yes. Those marker marks are showing belt height. I just put a stock rate slp spring on order. Should have it by Monday. The sled was already converted to a 144 when I bought it. All the guy used for the conversation is slp rail extensions and dropped one tooth on the top Gear.
  9. For belt to sheave clearance, if I am measuring correctly I think it is around 0.02-0.03
  10. The belt is a brand new polaris 115 with just testing in a field by my house. The belt sits just above the secondary. Does not slam into engagement.
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