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  1. Ahahahahahaha. They/you blame call of duty eh. That entire franchise is based around rising to the "call of duty". It has literally zero to do with going into a school and shooting people. The most negative part of call of duty would be the online play and that negative part only comes from other people on their mics talking like meat sticks. Games like call of duty turn kids into killers as much as old John Wayne westerns. If a person can't differentiate between a video game and real life, that's not the game's fault.
  2. Violence on tv has been around a very long time. Video Games are no different. These issues are way more complex than some kid seeing violence on tv. Sounds like a lot of the issues stem from parents that made a lot of poor choices, like buy a 15 year old a gun and letting him walk out the door with it.
  3. This has absolutely nothing to do with video games. That the same argument as it the guns fault.
  4. I have a SB that has been stretched to a 144x2. It mainly sees 2000'ish elevation but will see one or two mountain rides a year. (Hopefully going to McBride just after Christmas). I have been struggling to get it past 73mph. I have changed weights, springs, added fancy washers to the clutches to help but nothing seems to get it above 73mph. I have had the primary clutch at a shop to check it out and they didn't see anything out of the ordinary other than the old weights had worn into the clutch a little so they added some comet clutch weight washers to smooth out that area. The sled
  5. Your are a little out of touch. That kid was less the 365 days for signing on the dotted line to carry full auto rifles in neighborhoods overseas. Sounds like your problem is that he is carrying a semi auto in a neighborhood you can relate to and not in neighbourhoods you don't like. He didn't start blasting until his life was in danger. Other people have said they would have shot sooner then Kyle did. To me that kid was there with good intentions but brought a little help in case things got western. Not saying he made the right decision to be there but it appears his intentions we
  6. I am saying quit being a spaghetti noodle armed bitch and go by yourself an AR with 30 rounds mags
  7. Ah, little differences in the school system between Canada and USA.
  8. Uh generally your are done high school at 18. 17 isn't a junior. He is literally less than a year away from signing up to shoot people overseas. Sounds like your a paranoid old cock gobbler who is scared of everything.
  9. It most definitely is not. The only thing that makes is worrisome is if the person holding it is looking to do damage. If a regular person has an AK or AR of any fire rate with any amount of magazine capacity, they are not a problem, regardless of your weak mental state. If the person is looking to harm others, then it doesn't matter if they have a knife, AR, .22LR revolver, chain saw, 5 D cell mag light or a pickup truck. The person is to blame, not the tool, you tool.
  10. I am going to keep those numbers and try them out on my phone next time lol. You have probably heard this a million times but your photos are incredible
  11. Saw them on my way home from work as well. Took some pictures with my phone camera when I got home. They were nowhere near as bright for me but they were dancing pretty good. My photos are absolute garbage compared to low-1's. I was messing around with shutter speed and iso trying to make the pictures turn out right. They are a little over exposed and blurry lol.
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