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  1. Exactly, and I realize that, it's just shocking (to me) how acceptable it is to put it out there so blatantly. No class anymore. People don't think twice about what they say whether it's someone famous or the grandma down the block. People used to be respectful.
  2. Very sad... And then you see shit like this... WTF is wrong with people anymore?!
  3. Happened to me last year. It was -20 and I thought I broke something. Sled was making a racket like something REALLY bad happened. Came to find one chunk of ice the size of a softball, and another the size and basic shape of a football. Both were bouncing around making a hell of a noise.
  4. I did the precision tune on my '20. Run quality is far and away better than the stock mapping. It got rid of the 5500-6000 rpm gurgling/clanging problem, but no change in the temp issue. I put scratchers on during my second ride with it. Stopped at Hayward Power Sports and they put 3 sets on for the group I was in. It was COLD and icy, hard packed trails that day. Usually isn't an issue with good snow, but I really hate fixating on the temp.
  5. My 129 had issues too. We even tossed around the idea of extending the snow flap. Seems like there's a lot of snow that goes out the back that could instead get circulated up to the cooler. However, I've noticed a lot of icing up in the tunnel too, especially with my 137. It can be frustrating for sure.
  6. I've seen similar temps. I have the cable type on my '20. They are ok, but they have a memory and lose their down pressure. My '14 had the spring type that worked great, but they aren't as durable and you need the kind you can back up with. I broke a couple of those when forgetting about them while backing up. Honestly, I hate scratchers and having to think about whether they're up or down or smacking against my rails or not. But they work. I currently run a '20 ZR8 with the 1.25 track, and I need them often. If the snow is powdery though, you should be good to go without them.
  7. I've had two Procross 800s and they both were prone to overheating. My '14 Suzuki and '20 Ctec are both finicky with temps so I put scratchers on them. Scratchers really do help and have given me peace of mind. Although I still find myself fixated on the damn temp gauge. A friend of mine who owns a sled dealer/shop has said for years that manufacturers have built bigger engines but haven't enlarged the heat exchangers to keep up. I don't know if he's right or not, but that's been my experience. I know it sucks, but get some scratchers and then you don't have to worry about it.
  8. 1995 ZR 580... First new sled I ever bought. Three of us went and ordered new sleds. 2 ZRs and an XCR600. Those 580s would rail in the twistys. The XCR would just get further and further behind. I was coming off a 1984 El Tigre' so it was a HUGE upgrade. Then I ordered a 1996 ZRT 600 because I was hooked. Thing was fast as hell, but didn't handle nearly as well as the ZR. ZRT had some carb switch problems and a pipe update but was fairly reliable overall. Always missed that ZR handling.
  9. How do you like the Togwotee gloves? I'm trying to decide between those and FXR Adrenaline gloves.
  10. Our town of 5xxx or so people got upwards of $360k. NONE of it went to small businesses. NONE! They tried to put stupid curb shit in until the citizens all bitched and said upgrade streets and gutters instead of trying to figure out stupid ways to spend what's left. Just shy of $50k went to administrative costs. However, they did create 6 new volunteer fire positions and my son got one of them.
  11. Next town over has put "bump outs" on some of their main streets. Now, the city's fire trucks struggle to make the corners. In the winter, the cars parked along the streets have to drive up on basically a curb of ice and park on top of it, because the snow plows can't get into the indented areas where the cars park.
  12. Imagine joining the MN Guard and finding out your duty will be to act as a CNA at a nursing home. The shitbag will get re-elected too. The metro will make damn sure of that. I happen to live in MN and work in WI so I get to deal with the BS handed down by both Walz and Evers.
  13. Hospital where I work has a 20 bed unit full of patients waiting to be placed in a nursing home. Little to no nursing home availability due to no NH staff. As soon as a patient leaves, another one is rolling through the door waiting for placement. Our busy units have had to provide staff to take care of these 20 patients for months. The trickle down is that their home units are short staffed and both the main Covid unit and the overflow Covid unit have been full or mostly full (90-95% unvaccinated). ICU has been 80-95% full on a daily basis as well. Plus, kitchen, laundry, and housekeepi
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