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  1. I'll try and buy one if I can get one, depending on the price. I will however, keep my '20 ZR as a spare even though I'm sure I won't want to ride it after a catalyst. I normally wouldn't buy a first year anything because I've been burned in the past, but I'm due for an upgrade and I'm not QUITE ready to switch brands yet.
  2. I slept in because I had to register a truck I bought. My wife woke me up saying a plane had hit the WTC. We watched the 2nd plane hit. Went to DMV and everyone was glued to a small tube TV in the hallway. Drove to my job at a HD shop and we watched TV pretty much all day every day for what seems like months. Didn't have much for customers for a long time. Those images and feelings are still very close to the surface. Life went in a different direction that day.
  3. Can't forget 9/11, I think of it often. I remember when Massoud was killed. My daughter will be doing the 9/11 challenge in the AM with her 35 lb vest, on a stair stepper unfortunately, but she'll be doing it nontheless.
  4. I visited Dachau in 1988 when I was a teenager. I walked through the front gate, the gas chamber, and I walked passed the ovens. I saw the pictures and the film and learned what happened there. I saw the belongings that were still there from the "prisoners". This seems like another instance of applying a modern day lens to something that happened in a war where ALL experienced brutality never seen before, or since. Making judgements without the context of those who were actually there and what they experienced before and after Dachau, is just another misplaced effort to show someone's "superi
  5. I worked at Haydays with a dealer for 4 years back in the late 90's. We always brought a shit ton of non-current, mostly Polaris clothing and sold the shit out of it. Did a lot with studs and helmets too. Met a lot of great people and a lot of assholes too. The work a dealer has to put in (especially a larger one) to get all their stuff there, set up, and going is quite astounding. We had it down to an art, but after awhile, the online sales crept in and it really didn't make sense anymore. We made money for sure, but hauling everything there, paying everyone to work, hotel, food, alcohol... i
  6. Currently only 1 sled. 2020 ZR 8000 Limited 21xx miles Plan on ordering something in the spring and keeping the ZR.
  7. Just listened to the audio version last week. Un-fucking-real.
  8. My grandpa fought in Europe in the Battle of the Bulge. He was also involved in liberating a concentration camp although I don't know which one. Never said much about any of it but I remember watching TV with him when I was a kid. I'd look over at him and he would have tears streaming down his face. Died in 1989. Wish I had more time with him.
  9. Used to be able to consistently ride from my house in SE MN, not so much anymore. Majority of riding now is out of my buddy's place near Stone Lake WI. Done the western UP many times and now we just prefer northern WI. Did have a trip to the Black Hills in 1995 that was a blast, but haven't been out riding since. Wife and I hope to find a place in northern WI in the next few years to have a base of operations for riding and fishing.
  10. I know I know! I didn't have room for a 30 in the fridge! There was too much Old Style and High Life left!
  11. Gin & Tonic It's been a day...
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