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  1. Ha! Had a guy like that north of Mass City about 5 years ago. Passed our group of 9 like we were sitting still and got right next to the lead guy and blew a belt. Stopped to help him and he was huffing and puffing.... looked like a tomato!
  2. Grilled brats and dogs.
  3. My brother had an 87 SS also. Army shipped it to Germany for him and he drove it all over Europe. We visited him there and I drove it on the autobahn and got passed like I was standing still. We went to Berlin with it through the East Germany corridor, and eventually into East Berlin. The looks we got with that car were something else!
  4. Inherited a 1977 Chevy Impala identical to this. Had 42k on it and wasn't anything special, but was reliable. Had A LOT of fun in that car. First car I ever bought was a 1986 Monte Carlo LS...
  5. Ordered an 858 RXC this morning with the G8..... Haven't told the wife yet! I'm not getting any younger and I likely won't be getting any older when she does find out... lol. Nice knowing you guys!
  6. That's the one I was thinking of. I've had 2 trucks with 3 of those POS transmissions. One was replaced with 2100 miles on it on my 2015.
  7. Isn't that on the 8-speed and not the 10?
  8. I like Dan-O's seasonings, at least the ones I've tried. I find reverse sear works great pretty much every time for beef and pork.
  9. https://www.countrycat.com/motion-pro-57-8127-heavy-duty-6-inch-exhaust-spring-hook-tool This one works well. Used it yesterday. Can't push with it but does everything I need it to do.
  10. An n-size of 16 patients isn't much of a clinical trial at all. Sounds promising but not much to go on. You'd think it would be a higher priority. in the meantime though, yes, it'll get bogged down with the FDA for the next ? years... Bureaucracy at its finest.
  11. https://shawnryanshow.com/blogs/the-shawn-ryan-show/srs-87-michael-shellenberger-californias-homelessness-crisis-part-1 ...and part 2. Good listen about California, Newsom, homelessness, drug addicts, etc...
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