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  1. I look forward to seeing how they hold up next year. I was tempted, but I'll ride my PC one more year. I'll look at the big bore next year but I told myself I'd never buy a first year motor again. Might be going back on that statement. Either way, I'll plan on finding something else whether it's a cat or not.
  2. Just got back from Sawyer county. Best trails I've ridden on this season. Don't think I've ever been able to ride on St. Patty's Day either! Hell of a way to end the season.
  3. It was still awful, but I certainly don't have to tell you that. There have been too many cats, dogs, and horses over the years. They are worth it though. Our regular vet was out of town so we had to scramble and find another one who was able to do it. They took good care of us though and we didn't have to walk through the waiting room. Pretty quiet ride home.
  4. I was on that trail Birkie weekend also, fantastic!
  5. Both kids and the wife and I spent the day with Finn until the appointment time came. Then we all piled into the van and took him, together. Everyone put their busy lives aside to be with him in the end, as. it should be.
  6. We'll be a month out after having to put our golden down. Still have "the wife's dog" roaming around but she'll be 15 soon. Really empty without Finnegan though. That being said, definitely not ready to try and replace him. It's crazy how many pics I've found of him!
  7. Plus the P47 and Corsair
  8. Gorgeous aircraft! I've loved them for as long as I can remember.
  9. We had to put Finnegan, our golden, down on 2/20... We got another year and a half longer than we thought we would, but still really sucks. He was the best dog I ever could have hoped for. We have another dog but she's pretty much the wife's. House is really empty now that he's gone.
  10. Both my kids will graduate in April with Fire Protection Associate degrees and zero debt. They will both also have their EMT certificates. My son is working on getting into a wild land fire gig in Montana. My daughter wants to find a department closer to home and maybe go on for her paramedic. They're both on the local volunteer department also. They won't make the $$ a plumber or electrician can make, but they'll have time for a second career if they want one. I've taken out student loans twice, first for my associates and then my bachelors. Both are paid back in full. The wife and I wa
  11. Heading there tonight myself... Be safe!
  12. DFL controls all now. They are going to ram through whatever they please and we cows and rocks can't do anything about it. No rationality left in the state government, just a liberal wet dream.
  13. Black Rifle Coffee in our house with a Nespresso for an added kick if needed.
  14. Forgot about that, yes. I'd love to go to Gettysburg. It's on my bucket list but who knows. Jocko Podcast just did a short series on the civil war and they ended at Gettysburg. Really interesting and a different way of telling the story than I've heard in the past. There are more to come but not sure when. Plus, Ken Burns' Civil War is fantastic.
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