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  1. Nailed it. We have a holding unit for those waiting to be sent to skilled nursing facilities and there aren't any available. They've backed up into the rest of the hospital and occupy beds that the more acute patients need causing us to divert sick patients to other facilities that are likely experiencing the same issues.
  2. My kids are both 20 now, but we struggled with some of this when they were younger. My daughter has some scars on her shoulder where she did some cutting. My son has some significant scars on parts of his body. He is remorseful about it now, but the evidence remains. He's got a couple of tattoos to cover 2 of the more severe areas. Both will say they got in with the wrong crowd, and that is true, but I think it was kind of a trendy thing for awhile. It's a lot more widespread than many people realize. I once took care of a girl in the ER that had done some deep cutting and sewed some of them b
  3. Won't be able to have those if the fucktards get their way....
  4. We thought it was good, better than expected. And I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan.
  5. Watched it. It's quite a sobering perspective. It's too bad it's slowly being forgotten.
  6. We like the Freedom Fuel. As a matter of fact, Coffee maker just beeped with a fresh pot! Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. We're hosting due to wife's mobility requirements, just easier. Having friends on Thursday and my family on Friday. Smoker will be working overtime. I'm sure the warning light on my liver will be flashing by Friday night.
  8. Used to listen to, and watch Pulse by Pink Floyd hooked up to surround sound with my brother's old Omega cabinet speakers. He also had a nice OLD Sony system where we'd listen to The Wall, Back in Black, anything Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath with some solo Ozzy mixed in. The Sound of Bread, Boston, Foreigner, Queen, Journey, Triumph... He had a hell of a vinyl collection but not sure what happened to it. So much good music!
  9. Go to Berchtesgaden if you get the chance, gorgeous. Also, if you make it there, go to the Kehlsteinhaus, otherwise known as the Eagle's Nest. It was Hitler's Alpine retreat. Pretty amazing experience. www.berchtesgaden.de/en/historical-tours/eagle-s-nest-historical-tour Rhein Valley is cool, vineyards and castles and small towns with great food and lots of great beer! Dachau concentration camp is definitely worth seeing also. Not very close to Berlin though. It's a beautiful country.
  10. Ribs off the smoker, garlic baby reds, and salad...
  11. Because wouldn't you be embarrassed if it actually turned out that they are?! Asking for a friend.... Can I vote again? And again? And again? Caveat... I think this is actually the first C2C poll I've voted in. FWIW Where did I put my beer...?
  12. This site is worth a look... www.shipwreckmuseum.com
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