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  1. It's interesting with all these polls, no one ever asks me, so how comprehensive can they really be? Asking for a friend....
  2. Didn't he get a couple of nice mansions out of the deal? Also, didn't his wife get cleared of some college finance wrongdoing?
  3. Sorry to hear about your friend. Shit happens way too quickly. Hang in there man.
  4. Except for this... https://apnews.com/article/biden-us-supreme-court-mexico-donald-trump-missouri-93496633afb7b042587890778337db67
  5. Exactly. It would make the dumbasses who are in office actually have to do their jobs instead of creating agencies to do it for them, thus holding them accountable. What a concept!
  6. Good stuff! We re-powered a couple of Blue Waters back in the day that had Crusaders. They were midship underneath the kitchen. What a pain in the ass! Tell me more! I miss that shit!
  7. Agreed. Carver? What's it got for power?
  8. I remember the avatar for sure! Awful disease. RIP
  9. My wife once asked me to pick up tampons at the store for her. I protested and asked her what if I sent her out to get ammo, she relented. As it turns out, I'd almost bet there are more different kinds of tampons than ammo! LOL
  10. I'll pass. Hope that works out for you though.
  11. 2019. Pretty impressive round. Quite the impressive price too.
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