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  1. Do you mean ......gulp ........ .. .........real homemade pizza????
  2. We almost got buffalo chicken, but ended up with a meat lovers
  3. All I know is that it happened before you joined FS.
  4. At least you were smart enough to wear sneakers back then
  5. I can remember people going to Quebec for dentures years ago. Probably like 25 to 30 years ago. Fuck .... Why do you have to keep reminding us how fucking old we are.
  6. It was a great race , especially toward the end. Larson will learn from his mistakes and come back strong next year with this year's race experience in the bank.
  7. Nice bikes I had a '79 IT 175. That would have been around 1983.
  8. I think that he is going to end up like Schrader and Tony Stewart. The guy seems to love to race.
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