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  1. Just telling it like I see it. I refuse to wear party blinders like most do on here.
  2. LOL, you guys are just as bad as the clowns on the left. Yes, I know what you all are going to say.... The left started it. At the end of the day Biden is OUR president, just like Trump was OUR president. Wishing either of them to do bad or get hurt is baffling to me.
  3. I can see the headlines now... NY man sinks Mr Gold's dredge on first outing.
  4. After a warm week with highs in the 80s, today is cloudy with temps in the 50s.
  5. The No. 6 Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing Ford of Brad Keselowski and No. 12 Team Penske Ford of Ryan Blaney failed inspection twice at World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway near St. Louis on Friday. As a result, car chiefs from both teams were ejected from the track’s pit and garage areas for the remainder of the weekend that will culminate in Sunday’s running of the Enjoy Illinois 300 by the NASCAR Cup Series. Both teams also lost their pit selections for Sunday’s race.
  6. There must be another company up there that would welcome your services?
  7. Second Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg, NH
  8. Have fun and stay safe this weekend. From looking at the forecast you better put the fluids to you
  9. You could always go back to doing booze cruises out of Boston, lol
  10. Brat's, cottage cheese and a few chips.
  11. I've seen a few clips on YouTube.... It's pretty good 👍
  12. I watched him last weekend during the rain delay. It started as an interview of him, he ended up with the nuc in his hand interviewing a bunch of Xfinity drivers. Funny guy.
  13. Chase did the same thing to Harvick last year . I agree that it is a slippery slope. With the SMT data that is available now it's hard to get away with anything.
  14. Bubba Wallace on the other hand needs a swift kick in the head. He doesn't deserve to be in the equipment that he is in. If it wasn't for the $$$ I doubt Denny would put up with it.
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