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  1. burgers, tater tots and some cottage cheese.
  2. Thanks for sharing your weekend thoughts @Doug Good stuff
  3. It's our turn for the thunderstorms as the cold front pushes through tonight. We can hear thunder in the distance, but nothing close yet.
  4. Trump has certainly taken it much further, don't ya think? Either way, two wrongs doesn't make a right. At least that's what I was taught as a young lad
  5. Going forward? I sure hope that both parties can back some better candidates. With the current situation whomever is in the WH is going to be taking a lot of heat.
  6. You do realize that Trump's AG also couldn't find anything either. The Guy lost and couldn't own it. Hi ego is one of his biggest flaws. Ole sleepy Joe did. Joe got elected because of Trump just like Trump got elected because of Hillary. I'm guessing his drastic drop in the polling is a result of rising gas prices and inflation.
  7. The only thing worse would be if ole Joe kicked the bucket. I have a feeling Harris would poll even lower
  8. LOL, I voted for Trump twice. Try again.
  9. Come on Mark.... It wasn't just the media, how many court cases proving voter fraud did Trump's team win? Trump couldn't stand to loose so he started laying the groundwork of voter fraud in July when he knew he might loose.
  10. We had leftover chicken on a salad last night.
  11. Agreed. 10 years ago he was a dink like his brother is now. He's come a long way.
  12. The election wasn't stolen. Trump's ego couldn't take a lose so he cried foul. If it was fixed why would he even consider running again?
  13. We got some.uxh needed rain today. Temps were in the upper 60s and very muggy.
  14. You're probably right. Byron will likely wait until an opportunity on a short track.
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