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  1. It looks like we get a bit of the cold air next Friday and Saturday with a low around -25⁰f and a high of -5⁰f in the forecast ahead of a moderating trend.
  2. Yes, the clubs have been out working their magic. I'm sure that there are a few open waterbars due to the lack of real cold weather.
  3. We've been picking up a few inches of flurries each day. Temps are much warmer though with a current temperature of 29⁰F.
  4. Looks like we missed our on most of the mixed precipitation here. Currently 29⁰ with light snow falling. We often get almost as much snow from the wrap around snow on the backside than from the storm itself.
  5. That sucks! I'd be lost without Comcast. Not only is it our internet, it's also our phone service through wifi calling because of the lack of cell service.
  6. We picked up another 5" overnight with a little sleet on top. Most clubs in the area should be open and groomed by next week.
  7. Trails may not have been open, but they had at least packed some trails around Morrisonville.
  8. If the forecast verifies you should be all set. Brighton, Derby and Cannan have been out working with what they can. I'm not sure about Orleans or the other clubs in Cow Country. I did see where clubs had been out around Stowe when I was down that way on Saturday.
  9. Only another 3-4 here. 8-10on the ground now with more forecast for Wednesday in to Thursday.
  10. That's not cool at all. Even 30 feet is intrusive IMO.
  11. ckf


    I used to listen to this as a kid in my aunt and uncle's mid 70s Chevy Blazer. It had a kick-ass 8 track player.
  12. Here's a pic from Stowe, Vermont from this AM. I still have to edit the video and will post when it's finished.
  13. I had a security guard follow my drone back to me this morning at Stowe Ski Resort. They were saying that they controlled the air space above their property. Wrong, the FAA is the only one that can restrict airspace. The only thing that the resort can control is not allowing anyone to launch a drone from their property. I flew from state property just down the road from the resort. The kid was nice enough about it. He was just doing what he was told.
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