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  1. Back and forth lake in Pittsburg.
  2. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    It's supposed to snow off and on all week. Hopefully you will be good by the weekend.
  3. That was just me, lol. Lost one in Bald Hill Pond.
  4. We had a ball flying that fall before he passed. Video were a new challenge for Rob and he enjoyed making videos.
  5. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    We got about 3" so far in IP with flurries and light snow still falling on and off.
  6. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    At least you added. Pretty much a dud here today. Hopefully we pick up some tonight /tomorrow when the upslopes kick in
  7. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    Temperature is down to 33 with snow nixing in with the rain.
  8. It's the damn southerly wind that blew the warm air in. My wind gauge is not even in an open area and I had a 21 mph gusts.
  9. All elevation dependant with this one. The north country should pick up some tomorrow on the backside.
  10. Don't believe everything you see. Radar shows it snowing here in Island Pond, it's 34 and rain at 1250'
  11. ckf


    Saw an aerial view a few days ago. Moultonboro Bay is about the only area iced over. Not good for the Derby.
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