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  1. Kivalo

    Hey man I got a friend request on FB from Tony Lesko. He is a mutual friend between us. Is he a member at FSCE?

    1. ckf


      Yes, Rigid :bc:

    2. Kivalo


      ahh ok,  cool man thanks  

  2. Both clubs are closing Monday at dusk. The fat lady has sung on the NEK
  3. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    Next week should be the icing on the cake with temps in the 50s and 60s.
  4. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    Saw a flock of geese in a v headed north a few days ago.
  5. No idea, but chances are pretty good that there's still snow up high.. Brighton, Norton and Cannan are still grooming.
  6. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    Nope, not yet. Getting to it will soon be the issue. Mostly suy and 57° currently here in IP. Feel like summer, lol
  7. Maybe that's why the trails are less crowded than northern NH?
  8. Try it on the free wknd. Just trailer in a way to get away from the heavy crossover traffic near the border. Pittsburg should be good on the east side of Rte 3 for a few more weeks, at least
  9. We still have 18" on the ground just over the border on the wrong side of the CT river
  10. A few from yesterdays drone flights..
  11. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    Nope. What we have will probably go fast too.
  12. We currently have the deepest snow pack that we have had all year. Of course the snow cover in sunny wind blown spots will bare up fast in the sun.
  13. @$poorsledder$ Looks like more up-slopes coming before the wknd
  14. We've picked up about 3" of new snow today and it is still lightly falling.
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