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  1. Yesterday morning at Chocorua Lake.
  2. ckf

    Opening day countdown

    We still haven't even had a frost yet here in IP.
  3. A photographer friend of mine was in Franconia notch today and the clouds were just above the snow line. I think he estimated it at about 3000 ft and above had snow.
  4. Colors look good. I'm surprised to see everything look so flat. No mountains around you?
  5. I tried to watch it yesterday, but couldn't get it to load. Our servers don't compress it like YT does to make it easier to view.
  6. Foggy morning in Peacham, VT.
  7. Foggy fall morning in Peacham.
  8. I bet the mall cops in Chicago are getting excited. This could be their best chance.....
  9. Haha, could happen I guess. I need to get some images of the ice climbers on the side of that mountain this winter.
  10. Thanks Steve. I went back after a friend of the homeowner told me that they were looking to buy one of my photos of their home. I wasn't happy with what I had. I wonder home many photos of Lake Willoughby their house is in?
  11. Lake Willoughby, Vermont
  12. Yes, I saw it to. Thanks for snapping a pic :thumb: I was kind of caught off guard as that video is about 10 days old. I cut a deal with Storyful a few weeks ago giving them rights to videos posted on my Facebook page. Storyful is one of the names that you see in the top corner of weather and virtual videos that TV stations pick up.
  13. My backyard as a kid in South Tamworth, NH. If you look closely in the 1st photo you can see a white church steeple, I lived across the street from the church. I spent a lot of my youth playing in the barns and fields at my friends house to the right in the 1st photo. The house just to it's left was the field that we played baseball and whiffle ball in. The second photo also shows other fields higher up on the hill accessed from a different road, or a trip across the river that divided them. It was a great place to grow up.
  14. Thanks Steve. It's a great spot for sunsets overlooking Lake Willoughby. We were just passing through when the sky started to turn. I raced up the hill and got there just in time.
  15. Last night's sunset from Hinton Hill.
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