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  1. Although no one will admit it, if it was Biden supporters that went into the capital and not Trump's, just about everyone here, both sides , would do a 180 and change their positions on what happened.
  2. Burgers and fries with some sliced cucumber.
  3. Nicole picked up Chinese on her way home.
  4. ckf

    Meme thread

    My friend is 6'5" and has always worked a physical job that kept him in pretty good shape. Ask Ginger to tell you some stories about Barry sometime. I'm sure that he has a few good ones. He' has always been quite the character
  5. Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and some peas.
  6. A friend of mine refuses to get a smart phone. He lost his flip phone while out riding his dual sport last summer and made his wife get him another one. The new one doesn't even have a shitty camera
  7. ckf

    Meme thread

    You're welcome to tell him that..... just saying. Although he has calmed down over the years. I've seen him make a grown man cry just by raising his voice and getting in their face.
  8. I love breakfast, but have never been a morning eater. We have it for dinner quite often.
  9. What's in the gravy? Sausage?
  10. ckf

    Meme thread

    My buddy used to joke and and say if I had a snatch in my armpit he'd never have to leave camp to go home and bang his wife.
  11. They work fine on my android phone
  12. That's the best combo for grilled cheese. Gotta use butter for that crispy outside. We've tried mayo and it works, but doesn't have the flavor of real butter. Get well soon, Jerry!
  13. All in good fun. I'd be happy to assist @Kivalo or anyone that wants to learn to take better photos. I'm far from the best, but I did have a pretty good teacher. rob was always willing to help anyone that wanted to learn. He also wanted me to pass it on to anyone willing to learn.
  14. My hometown. Tamworth, NH. This is an hour or so after the image above. Mt Chocorua is to the far right.
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