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  1. Meanwhile Deere continues to lay off workers, and will move some construction equipment production to Mexico. https://www.kwqc.com/2024/06/05/deere-120-workers-laid-off-moline-plant/
  2. There is good money is solar/wind energy!
  3. Has he officially released a statement that he retired? Or just some speculation from teammates after the game?
  4. When footers are hiding at the Apostle Islands, it’s rough out there! I count 3 boats moving on all of the Great Lakes, rest are hiding.
  5. Schumacher tops the list for me. Senna, Prost make the list. A guy who only won one title, but I greatly enjoyed watching was Nigel Mansell. I don’t watch as much F1 since Schumacher retired, so can’t comment on Hamilton.
  6. My Honda Snowblower is a fantastic tool as well! I wouldn’t be surprised to see them exit that market as well. Honda makes fantastic engines.
  7. Fed gets 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline. 24.4 cents per gallon diesel. 31.67 cents average State tax per gallon of gasoline. 33.45 cents for diesel. 50.07 total tax average gasoline. 57.85 total tax average diesel
  8. He lived next door to my grandparents when I was a kid!
  9. What tractor did this blower come off of? Guessing a 4wd machine if it’s18 inches short.
  10. So is the driveshaft incorrect? Is the blower from a 4wd machine? You can piece together parts if needed, but often cheaper to buy the whole kit. I can help find the part #’s for the brackets, bolts, etc, but need to know exactly what isn’t correct. Looking for the yellow bracket in the picture?
  11. So you just want the driveshaft without the attaching hardware? If so, part # AM145723 is what you need. But it’s $868.64. You can buy the whole kit for $456.89. So I’d buy the kit!
  12. #8 or #10? I sell Deere equipment, so let me know if I can help.
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