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  1. 1004’ American Spirit currently anchored there.
  2. Not a sister ship. Fitzgerald’s sister ship was the Arthur B Homer. Fitzgerald was launched in 1958. Anderson was launched in 1952 as 1 of 8 AAA boats. I’m a bit of a boatnerd.
  3. Sure you can, didn't say how long the race needs to take.
  4. Created to provide better wastewater treatment in the late 60’s, and now planning trains to Duluth… Seems legit.
  5. Any iron that can be brought home today is going for big money. Nothing available!
  6. It’s all manufacturers. They are all using allocation now to try and ensure delivery for the various seasons. Only so many companies can make hydraulic fittings, bearings, tires, tracks, etc. So I don’t care if it’s green, red, blue, yellow, black, etc, they all use the same suppliers. Tracks are a big limiting factor for combine and tractor delivery currently.
  7. Personally no, but we have district sales managers who tell each district what our allocation is for combines, planters, tillage, etc. 7 and 9 series tractors were all delayed 2-6 weeks this week. I rarely see things arrive sooner than anticipated. I have a corn head originally slated for sept delivery. Currently has a delivery date of November 24. So that doesn’t do much good.
  8. I sell Deere Ag equipment, and things are continuing to get worse. Factory delivery dates for tractors and harvest goods continue to get pushed farther away. We still have planters and field cultivators that were ordered in 2021 for spring 2022, not here. Along with price increases multiple times a year, smaller discounts for early order programs and high interest rates, it’s been an interesting year.
  9. Treading water trying to stay afloat… headed to NY again next month for surgery to try and correct a Jugular vein being compressed backing up blood flow/increasing pressure on my brain!
  10. How many years at big brown?
  11. I would think that everything Chris Rock said/jokes had to be “approved” prior to his hosting?
  12. I read a story if he waits until after February 4, he collects 15 million owed to him.
  13. Trying to build a bit of "ramp" to lessen the angle when it was pulled out. Truck/trailer/boat are now in the parking lot.
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