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  1. Trying to build a bit of "ramp" to lessen the angle when it was pulled out. Truck/trailer/boat are now in the parking lot.
  2. Blue Lagoon certainly doesn’t have much space!
  3. Where is it going for the winter? I know it is headed west on 15, just not sure where.
  4. I needed to see the gong show in person.
  5. I know the guy in the blue jacket/hat. I don’t understand what took 4 hours, and that was one rickety ass trailer for a “50” ton vessel. Hopefully the sheriffs deputy’s got a good laugh watching this disaster in Spring Park!
  6. I spent 8 years hauling fuel, and enough was enough for me. I still have a CDL, but don't plan on using it anymore.
  7. Sterling closed/quit in 2009. May see a 2010 model around, but certainly not a 2019.
  8. Where are you finding a 2019 Sterling? 2009 maybe? Volvo/Mack is my preferred fuel hauling rig. 3 compartment trailers is what I prefer.
  9. I'm 39, and in the last 5 years I'm close to 3 million in insurance costs due to surgeries. I haven't calculated my actual costs, don't want to know!
  10. Jay, terribly sorry for the loss of your wife and mom to your son David. Life is a bastard, and no words can help right now. My condolences to you and your family.
  11. The first post in this thread answered my thoughts... You and I have similar car tastes I think. Viper has always been my #1 car I want to own. Old muscle does nothing for me. I do like old 40's/50's pickup trucks though.
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