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  1. Jay, terribly sorry for the loss of your wife and mom to your son David. Life is a bastard, and no words can help right now. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. The first post in this thread answered my thoughts... You and I have similar car tastes I think. Viper has always been my #1 car I want to own. Old muscle does nothing for me. I do like old 40's/50's pickup trucks though.
  3. Seems to me that this is just a small sample of how easy it is to get elected, vote, etc. My guess is both sides don't want to start having media outlets show who doesn't live in their district, state, etc.
  4. Go to state parks in MN... They are already have 4 state parks with chargers, 3 of which are free (paid for by you, me, and millions of others).
  5. Buy a 1 ton, $120 annually for the first 6 years.
  6. That video made the rounds among us gas haulers back in 2019! I’ve seen many things in my years hauling gas, but not plastic bag/totes being filled!
  7. That one has been around awhile, not recent, actually a video.
  8. Fuel isn't were the money is, rates are crap. I haven't hauled fuel in over a year due to my neck fusion, doesn't pay enough to kill my body anymore doing it!
  9. Aren’t enough fuel haulers, rates are crap and most drivers left to haul freight. Company I work for has lost 20 drivers since January 2020 and haven’t hired one new driver.
  10. Combine the hackers with a shortage of drivers, sounds like a good day! Yet years ago things still moved without computers, bean counters win again!
  11. Feds are going after the other 3 officers as well.
  12. Word/letter- K Phrase- State of the art.
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