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  1. Its so bad ass, pumped to see how they do, they have a fast car.
  2. LeMans is this weekend on motortrend TV from start to finish.. https://jalopnik.com/watch-nascar-garage-56-crew-win-le-mans-pit-stop-challe-1850514348
  3. Got a couple nice ones in today..1966 E-Type and 2012 Cayman R
  4. Dog went to the vet today. All is good
  5. I was going to say the same thing. He definitely sounds like a broken record..
  6. Geez, I get a 12mo/12k warranty with my motor from BMW.. Tesla is so reliable the are giving 60 days of warranty on a battery.. What a piece of shit..
  7. More like 9k with shipping, then the labor, and that's the price for a used pack not refurbished..lol
  8. Nope, BMW dealerships don't sell used motors. Mitchell says 22.4 hours of labor to remove & replace, we are $152/hr
  9. Really? I don't think I'd let someone put something in my body so I could go somewhere, but that's me. I didn't get the vax because I dont think I need it.
  10. Again just got a motor from BMW for a 2010 750Lxi twin turbo 4.4 V8 for $3900
  11. How much is a battery replacement in a Tesla model S? Thinking about it, wrong comparison with comparing that to a motor replacement since the battery is actually the fuel powering electric motors..I guess we would need to compare the battery pack replacement to putting a new fuel tank in a Camry if we want to compare apples to apples
  12. Well then we would have to factor in the electric motors on the Tesla also if we are going to get into drive train assembly failures too..
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