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  1. I believe we have 5 men imprisoned in Russia all over 60 years old all serving 15 plus year sentences..But we got Britt back..woohoo.. So much idiocy in this thread,..and not from you for a change..
  2. I have been this week.. So Merry Christmas fellas
  3. Damn, I saw 145mph.. Big ballz right there!
  4. Spinner most definitely does not like a black republican,
  5. Bro, you are definitely the very last person on this site who should be calling out any single member with claims of having an "obsession" with anything what so ever...
  6. Well if anyone here knows more about things going up the old poop chute it's definitely going to be you..
  7. Spinner will be here shortly to tell you she didn't pay her rent for a few months while in college..Cuz that never happened to anyone else ever!!
  8. Thank you, but it didn't work, I went back to the default settings for display, still everything is the same..But appreciate it, was a good idea worth a try.
  9. It's not the end of the earth, bont bust your ass trying to figure it out, just figured I'd ask and see if anyone had a simple solution I might have missed.
  10. I just tried that, didn't change anything
  11. More for work, need crisp clear pictures..Like a tiny nic in a turbo blade to show someone why I need 10k from them..
  12. Yeah, 108 megapixel camera, 144hz screen, batter lasts 2 days+.. Previous phone was a Motorola Z4, before that a Motorola z2
  13. Didn't change, everything is still the same
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