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  1. I had the same thing happen to me by a different member for not hating on Badger..PM's, unfriended me on FB, the whole teenage girl flip out.. Was pretty funny seeing a grown ass man act like that
  2. There was a conversation earlier about some meat of this thread. Was like 3 hours ago, I'm surprised you missed it. Anyway, this has nothing do with SR or did I bring it up to de a dick to him...
  3. He still has the stang I think..I don't FB much anymore
  4. Yeah, miss those guys, remember Andrew, xcr700? Man he was a great guy from Canada, he passed too..He was a just great guy/friend
  5. Yup, name was Jason, I think his wife passed from COVID, he is re-married and doing well,.. I'm friends with him on FB.. Didn't we all call him angry all the time?? Haha..Good times back in the day!
  6. If you guys want to back read, have at it.. old school FS...
  7. Cool man, maybe I'm wrong, I just thought I remembered that
  8. I just remember it being posted about way back when 2.0 became
  9. Man I can't remember his name, @SnowRider did this actually happen? Remember the guys name if it did..
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