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  1. I didn't as the question, you did.. while you're at it get the long term effects also..
  2. I remember he said that it was plagiarism.. Oh wait, maybe it was spinner I was having that Convo with.. hahaha My fault @akvanden..
  3. Thanks for posting that, It's a great story I had forgotten about
  4. Come on now, you called me out for the American journal of Therapeutics publishing a group of doctors research and not actually being involved in the study. When that's what a Journal does, is publish others work. You pretty much said it was BS since they weren't involved just publish there research.. Trust me, you don't want to go down the "hypocritical road" on here
  5. I'm an American here legally, born and raised. You see if you come by air legally you have to have proof of vax but come here illegally by foot you don't?? Explain that fuck up??
  6. No, but a shit ton of unvaccinated people can and last time I checked you can't get covid from an object but you can from a person.. SMH
  7. But yet you're all good with the southern border being wide open...smh
  8. I have not, saw some vids yesterday, a disaster of epic proportions to say the least
  9. Here's something else that will really fuck you up. The Biden admin says none have to be vaccinated before they are released into your city and mine.. SMH
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