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  1. Legit, Zero wit.. reminds me of someone..
  2. Ohh, you were full on dick to ass, broke down sled 2up style...And if I did Hitch a wagon to a horse it would be a fighter not a quitter...
  3. I've never hitched my wagon to a horse?? Weird
  4. Well you did Hitch your wagon to a lame horse..Just say'n..
  5. Quick smoke on a tri-tip and some oven roasted red taters
  6. It no different than here, actually it's worse here, city council, county boards, state council making sure every one of their rules and requirements are followed to the "T".
  7. I thought their trials and tribulations of starting the business went fairly easy compared to this side of the pond
  8. Yep, been watching it, good show
  9. Beautiful day here, sunny and 77*.. some rain in the forecast though
  10. So you bought a set of snow tires, had them mounted and balanced for free, old tires disposed of for free, and get 40k+ for miles out of them driving snow specific tires year round 605 miles a week... Do you actually expect anyone here to believe this?? At least have some morals
  11. Damn, that's insane, almost unbelievable, 605mi/week...don't you have a company truck to drive back and forth to work too?? Fuck, when I was a sales rep and traveled the entire state of NY seeing customers 50hrs a week I was only a bit over that..And that was my job.....................
  12. Yup, we have a rivian that comes in. Also on 3rd set but in 30k..He is a car enthusiast and drives it..Thing is fast, I'll give it that, but it chews thru tires..
  13. I took the catalytic converters off my car today..
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