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  1. Breakfast! Over easy eggs, taters, bacon, Texas toast.... Burp..
  2. And to call a reporters mother a bitch, what a classless president we have to go after family members because you don't like the reporter..Classless POS
  3. Got out for a quick 70mi solo ride, crossing the lake sucked, rock hard frozen drifts..
  4. I did the same, GB seemed to be rolling so shut it off went to bed, wake up this morning to a 9'rs win..
  5. Ummmm, any of yours on the topic Mr 2nd post, 4th post, 7th post in this thread on the topic?? Nopeeeeeee... I guess you follow the typical Dems thought process,.. "Rules for thee but not for me"... SMH
  6. Ive posted things that were not insulting and have asked you a not insulting question and you have came back calling me a moron, idiot, dumb fuck..Not that I care, but it's pretty hypocritical of you to say that..
  7. Well when you start a thread, aren't you looking for response?. you know you're fishing expeditions you do for fun everyday of you're sweet retirement life.....................
  8. Trails look decent in your area too!! Was just over by Bibbens heading down 5&20, doing some sales calls in Auburn today
  9. https://globalcirculate.com/biden-called-con-artist-on-climate-plan-as-soaring-us-emissions-emerge-world-news/ https://scottlobaido.com/blog/portrait-of-a-scam-artist-hunter-biden-portrait-unveiled-in-front-of-george-berges-gallery-in-soho-nyc/ https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/local/tennessee/2019/08/02/tennessee-businessman-says-joe-biden-brother-conned-him-michael-frey/1865866001/ Seems being a con-artist runs deep in the Biden oligarchy
  10. So I showed my kids the picture of that lunch..they laughed, said their school lunches are actually pretty good. Their big problem with school lunches is they only get 20min to eat lunch and that's why they bring their own. After they wait in line for a school lunch they are lucky if they have 5 minutes to eat. My son said he's going to send me a pic of one of the school lunches today
  11. I've made my kids lunches every morning for well over a decade.. Sad thing is there are some real shitty parents out there who expect the school to take care of their kids.
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