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  1. I can understand the unauthorized digital replicas, but if they want to use AI to write a storyline, create a character, etc, go for it.
  2. Not sure why else you'd get one unless you were concerned about the sickness itself. False, but we already went over that like 2-3 years ago, Mr Dementia.
  3. The severity of the latest variants are diminished, including cases and hospitalizations. As you can probably guess, that plays into people's decision making.
  4. Yeah and you misread what the Finnish head of public health said. Try again.
  5. Hello imagination. Or are you referring to those who might almost die from covid, such as yourself?
  6. That's not what the WHO quote said, that's why it won't get picked up by the boogeyman MSM.
  7. Wonderful. AC thinks it's literally the flu, not covid per your original question. Yet you were going to take it anyway. Hilarious admission.
  8. It's not covid, it's the flu. WTF The vaccine wasn't experimental, big pharma was looking out for you, covid wasn't just the flu, your immune system wasn't actually better, etc etc etc, until Trudeau went "full Nazi"?!?!? That's hilarious and destroys all of your BS narrative you spew.
  9. Which vaxxx, the one with a 50 year track record? How’s the shingles ‘mRNA’ vax that you didn’t need? Funny indeed.
  10. If we ever went to war with China, I wonder what kind of weird stuff would come out of the toolbox. Skunkworks/Area 51 type stuff….?
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