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  1. Birth rates are up in the US. Try again.
  2. It’s only $1 for one month unlimited access. Want to split it 50/50?
  3. It asks for payment, won't let me watch. But....... we're talking about someone who promotes ivermectin when large well-known clinical studies show no effect, posted on a website owned by a far right Chinese religious group. So, not sure what to think. Kind of like a circular argument. There's like 10 of these doctors on rotation making these claims and then they're used as a reference to backup their claims.
  4. The real report you alluded to will suffice.
  5. I would like to see these 'real' reports.
  6. Still waiting for you to post it. Anytime now.
  7. This is close to jerkoff-level material. The background music is so sooooothing.
  8. Completely, yes. The severity of the latest covid variants have decreased so much so that people completely stopped. Yup. Now you can stop asking your retarded deflection questions on "how many boosters have you had." It will be a win-win for everyone on FS. It's better for you to make that attempt so we can all laugh and pick it apart. If you're feeling ambitious enough, you could even start a new thread on the topic.
  9. Good god, if you’re really want to pursue what’s ailing his wife and make it into a spectacle then go find what he said and quote it. Or, just take it word on it and drop it like a normal person.
  10. I just don’t get it. What possibly could have changed in people’s decision making.
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