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  1. The ads are all over the place.
  2. Does the site know I'm drinking when I'm usually on, or does it just know the audience of the site in general?
  3. There are a lot of big players, many outside of the US, many much larger than pfizer and Moderna. India is the largest vaccine producer in the world - was it their coattails you were referring too? Here's one from the University of Minnesota and it's subsequent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine. Funding is listed and shockingly no large big pharma grants. Although, you'd think Merck would want to fund one, since they have rights to ivermectin here in the US. They could really make a killing. https://med.umn.edu/news-events/university-minnesota-trial-shows-hydroxychl
  4. So your saying that foreign countries, like those of Europe, can't produce ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine (assuming they actually worked) and that's why they're buying American pharma vaccines? Roche, Novartis, and Sanofi are all foreign pharmaceuticals that are larger than Pfizer - your saying they don't have the infrastructure? Moderna wasn't even on the map pre-covid, yet they were somehow able to figure it out. India/China/Russia and even Cuba are making their own COVID vaccines. No, there are plenty of medical universities and independent hospital systems here in the US not fun
  5. When are they planning to approve Pfizer then? I assume they must still be working on it? Any idea why the FDA is being sued to release all the documentation as it relates to their licensing approval of the Pfizer vaccine if in fact it wasn’t actually approved?
  6. Same as always, not proven in high quality clinical trials. So foreign countries destroyed their economies and let people die so they could help out US pharma? Very nice of them.
  7. Why not? mRNA covid vaccines, as well as traditional such as the J&J, were rushed because there were no alternatives. I think whomever wants it should get it.
  8. I agree, under non-warpspeed circumstances, it would have taken longer for the vaccines to be FDA approved. No one would dispute that. And given that we already have flu vaccines, they never would have needed EUA approval for a mRNA equivalent. We never had that option with COVID though. What's the reasoning why mRNA was pushed so hard?
  9. The clinical studies done a year and a half ago proved this.
  10. Where do you come up with these creative thread titles that don’t represent the article at all? Doesn’t say anything any about the CDC admitting cloth masks are for political theater. Says the opposite, that “any mask is better than no mask.”
  11. Am I? Haven’t you been part of those FOIA lawsuit discussions on the FDA proposing to release 500 pages per month taking 55 years?
  12. When do they expect it to be approved then? Does the FDA know they didn’t actually approve it even though they said they did? What about the FOIA lawsuit requesting the FDA release all documents related to is FDA approval for licensing on the Pfizer vaccine? No FDA approval, no lawsuit, right?
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