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  1. Yes, I agree with his concern. And also, you and I are in agreement. What a glorious day.
  2. He’s so evil. You’re like FS very own version of ChatGPT, but version 1.0. Great at finding info, but super inaccurate.
  3. One of the reasons he’s stated they’re developing this is to level the playing field with AI, so that we might stand a chance.
  4. That was a honest question - any advanced civilization would have to deal with it at some point. I’m very much concerned about what AI could turn into someday if left unchecked.
  5. If there are advanced aliens out there, wonder how they navigated AI without letting it destroy them.
  6. Unlimited funding needs to be taken out of politics. Needs to be capped. Definitely rigged though. If your wish came true and you became a US citizen, I’d recommend you didn’t vote. Wouldn’t make a difference as they’d just deploy one more mule to counter your vote.
  7. Out of ammo and still holding Bakhmut. Entering into the 9th month of assaulting the city and still can’t take it.
  8. So it is on MSM, but in a standard AC move, it’s now “well….. tell me when they say this” which will then turn into something completely different. Of all things/events we should all be able to easily agree upon, you sure do a wonderful job of assigning asinine opinions for others.
  9. I did. He was talking about ice cream at a women’s summit. And it’s from twitter. IT’S REAL. Dummy.
  10. I bet the implant could directly interface with twitter, would require even less thinking! (if you could imagine such a thing)
  11. one good thing about twitter is usually someone has already done the homework and commented. Makes less work for the rest of us.
  12. South China Sea tension, freedom of navigation, support of Taiwan - sending diplomats there, Chips act, yet……. Mysteriously owned by the CCP. How are we getting away with all this while still being owned?
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