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  1. Do the dems have derogatory party splitting names they call each other when they’re not hardcore enough?
  2. I wasn't on the site during his presidency. Yeah, I think that's nice.
  3. Anything you can post on the positive things he's doing?
  4. Kind of like you on your oil/election comment the other night.
  5. Better than had they not. But then again oil only makes up a fraction of overall CPI. Thought you originally alluded to the release from the SPR for election purposes? Are they now buying oil to refill it for election purposes too?
  6. In 2021, when demand increased more quickly supply could handle when the country was coming out of Covid. It was an attempt to stabilize oil prices and help keep inflation down.
  7. If we nationalized the oil wells and didn't have OPEC that would work. The issue is oil producers here in the US haven't been too keen on investing heavy and fast when OPEC can just flood the market with cheap oil and degrade their margin.
  8. The dept of energy is actually buying low oil prices to refill the SPR as we speak.
  9. Well...... since we have to say something condescending..... I guess it could be more?!?
  10. No that's rigging plan B, because rigging plan A never panned out. And unfortunately the laptop still hasn't been released so it looks like rigging plan B is still in effect for 2024. Plus all the mules from plan A. Did you know that the 1984 election was rigged? The Regan admin hid the Iran Contra affair and therefore rigged the election. For sure - Biden was such a mystery in 2020 after being in politics for 50 years.
  11. Because trumps even more hardcore war and would have pushed us way past the nuclear threshold. Russia be like; Trump so tough we can’t even use nukes against him!
  12. It’s all rigged but they have no idea how it’s rigged so they’re all voting again in the next rigged election. That’s the logic we’re dealing with.
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