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  1. Since I'm self employed, I now have to write a letter for my self saying I am an essential worker so fuck off. Hmmm, I think I just wrote the letter.
  2. So proud to be Canadian right now.
  3. Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Who wants to bet this goes until after 2-4 weekend?
  4. microwave and fridge in the garage, BBQ on the deck and using the laundry-room sink. Paper plates, plastic utensils.
  5. So no kitchen since mid October. The wife made it work until Christmas then couldn’t take it any more.
  6. This is my new kitchen. It was started at the end of September. Just got the ceilings sprayed yesterday. My gerenal contractor hasn’t been here once since Dec 8. I gave up waiting on him and started hiring my own people. His framers f’ed up the ceiling so I had to reframe it myself. it’s been a struggle to get anyone to show up. Flooring will go down shortly then we are stuck. No windows. Guess who was taking care of that?
  7. I feel your pain. I will post pictures of my situation and why the wife is still in Florida.
  8. That sign is F'ing awesome. I need that for my shop. Over all it was an OK season which was better than I had hoped. I rode 1300 kms or so in 5 rides in Districts 5 and 9 on mostly good to great trails. I'm back plowing snow this winter since I didn't hire an employee to do it (figuring I wouldn't be able to travel anyways). Rode with the wife once and then she split for Florida. We are doing a kitchen Reno/addition to the house and she couldn't take the dust or the lack of a kitchen. I sold her sled at the end of January with Covid pricing when she said she wasn't coming home
  9. Yes, but its Covid, they don't hold anybody.
  10. I don't know what to make of this whole Pandemic any more. Some have been preaching Governmental Control since the beginning and its looking more and more like they are right. I haven't been inside a church since the last wedding I attended but I'm thinking of heading to Trinity Bible Chapel tomorrow.
  11. Blackstar

    Well that sucks

    At least the OPP officers who are riding them can have smooth trails.
  12. Good to know. I started that thread a year ago though. We ended up cancelling that trip due to poor conditions. The 78 yrs old gentleman I planned that trip with and I ended up riding New Liskeard to Cochrane to Shining Tree and back to New Liskeard. He sold his sled last month. I think he is done with sledding. Glad I got to do that ride with him.
  13. Blackstar

    Well that sucks

    Join the protest boys and get a ride in. Details Event by Matt Oreilly North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Saturday at 10 AM EST -20–-14°C Mostly Sunny Price: Free Public · Anyone on or off Facebook As every
  14. Blackstar

    Well that sucks

    District 9 got snow today and are supposed to get a fair bit more over the balance of the week. I really should stop looking at TWN and just convince myself that the entire province is lacking in snow but I probably will torture myself for the next month. 100 km season. Yeah.
  15. I don't pay too much attention. But I think the CERB was extended and there is another $20000 available through CERA. There is more coming. Don't worry, there doesn't seem to be any end to the handouts.
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