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  1. First deer to trip my backyard camera this year. Shes got a good limp going. She didn’t eat. Hope she didn’t get clipped by an arrow. She walked past again 2 hours later. Maybe hiding in the yard. Coyotes have been around the house the last couples weeks. RingVideo_20231130_082700.mp4
  2. Ya, my dad again, similar stuff. "Do your best and hire a good painter to hide the rest".
  3. Working construction for my dad in the 80's. One of his employees would always say "close enough for the girls we go with." I can still hear him saying it with a chuckle. My dad would send people to the truck for tools and he'd say "Quick like a bunny"....lol. My lead guy who worked with him still says it 20 years later. And all my employees laugh when I say "Fuck it, it is what it is".
  4. Love that Black/gold combo. I hope to own one at some point.
  5. Definitely an interesting guy. According to Wiki, he has a telecommunications degree from Georgia State. Raising Cane was the name of his dog at the time. I've never heard of Raising Cane's, but here in Canada, we just got Chik-Fil-A a couple years ago. 5 Guys and Chipotle are just crossing the border as well. We had a Carl's Jr open and close inside of 6 months not far from me. Shawarma and Burrito shops seem to be the fastest growing segment here.
  6. Bobby Rahal in the Miller car. Or Robbie Gordon in the Coors Light car. The Pennzoil cars in their bright yellow were always standouts.
  7. Thanks. Its not the best way to do it but when a customer waits until October to tell you the pool is leaking it doesn't leave many options. We were lucky to get the day we did.
  8. They've been doing that here for years but we stake first. They used to use a tractor, now they use the groomer. Most modern farmers don't plow the fields any more but the old order Mennonites still like to cut deep.
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