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  1. Yep, the tap and buckets are only used by the little guys. The big operations use plastic tubing and a vacuum system now.
  2. There was a good documentary on Netflix a while back called The Maple Syrup Heist. Its a good watch. It details the heist of $18.7 mil. of Syrup from the reserve but also shows the level of corruption in the Maple syrup industry.
  3. I could do this all night. They all seem crazy to me.
  4. Got some of my lights up today. Plugged in my 2 big deer and both were down to about 25% of the lights working. Buy LED they said, last for 10000 hours they said. Ya, bullshit. Ripped out all the old LED lights and replaced them with string LED’s from Home Depot. 200 in the doe, 250 in the buck. $50 and 6 hours later.
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