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  1. Kurt Busch is one quality driver. He's been passed around from team to team but he always finds a way to be competitive.
  2. Cindric was my last hope. He was running 5th when he hit the wall. Now he's outside the top 10.....lol
  3. Reddick 2 laps down in 29th, right in front of Amirola in 30th....
  4. Reddick, Cindric, Amirola They can't all shit on me in one race can they? Let's find out...... I'm in 97th out of 101. I haven't got much to lose.
  5. Should be a record breaking crowd. I've never been. I'll check the news for clips tonight.
  6. Blackstar

    Gas Prices

    Well, this was a big underestimation. I seen $1.99 on the way home tonight and cars were lined up to the street.
  7. One of the Greats. 86 is a good run. RIP.
  8. Never heard of Spoon until recent. I like this tune.
  9. Bowman, Larson, Suarez Sorry Jimmy, Probably jinxed us with that Suarez pick.
  10. He's dead? I thought he was just an asshole. I know he left Journey so they replaced him with some Karaoke singer fron Brazil.
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