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  1. I was just talking snow tires with my son today. I bought him a used set when he bought his car 5 years ago. I paid $450 for 4 X-Ice tires on rims. They were around 80%. He was driving an hour to school 4 days a week at the time. With Covid he hasn’t driven much the last couple years but he was thinking about getting another set. what’s the opinion on age for winters? The treads don’t look bad. I’ll check them for depth on the weekend.
  2. Facebook is blowing up with this shit.
  3. My buddy and I fish a local tournament here on the river 25 years ago. We were fishing from a canoe and floated past this guy who had cages sunk in the river. We heard through some buddies later that he had been prefishing for a couple weeks at that spot. Other people had reportedly been fishing different lakes and rivers and lying as to where they caught it. Cheating bastards everywhere.
  4. Just getting started here but I imagine by mid week we will be in full colour mode.
  5. Fuck me. If I hear the words "work/life balance" one more time I'm going to lose my shit.
  6. Wife is in Florida bitching she has no internet. I had my mom over for dinner. Same conversation with Mom every time I invite her. Mom " thanks for the invite. You guys are busy so I'll drive myself and not drink." Me "Mom, you love to have a glass of wine with dinner. We'll pick you up." Mom "Well, Ok, what time are you coming?" Striploins, Baked Potatoes, Caesar salad and Cali Cab Sav. 50 pack of Halloween candy for dessert.
  7. I seen a picture on Facebook of these 2 cars in the garage. The guy had 4 of them. 2 on the floor and these 2 were over top on hoists. They moved the 2 that were on the floor to another location. The flood waters came in, picked them off the hoists and they floated away.
  8. Guys who think they can get every penny back from a 1 off custom build. 🤪
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