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  1. Pool renovation for my cousin. To appreciate what you see here you need to under stand that this was a normal liner pool I built over 20 years ago. I ordered parts from a company in Ontario to build the stairs and bench from, measured all dimensions and send those to a company in Ohio who made the liner. I’m amazed when this shit works out…..lol This was the original when we started.
  2. Look out the left the captain said, the lights down there that's where we'll land. Sorry, carry on.
  3. On sale here in Ontario too. Save $4 on a 30 pack. Now only $53.95 No Kid Rock types here to fake outrage I guess.
  4. Opening this man’s pool today. My father built the pool in the late 70’s. But here in the little detached garage is a 56 Vette. He says it hasn’t run in 3 years but I think it’s been sitting longer. He’s 84 and will die with it. He restored it in the early 80’s. Hood is open to run the battery charger. He says he’s working on it. oh, and the Challenger on the street is his. He says it came out the back door of Dodge’s offices in Texas and 40 extra hp over a stock one. He hopes to turn high 13’s in the 1/4 this summer. Cool old dude.
  5. This dude took his Corvette apart in 1986 or '87. Never got it put back together.
  6. When I got the shaft out I put it in my truck to take to my buddy's place. I had sent him a text and he had a ujoint on the self. Today is a holiday here in Canada. When I got to his place and we looked it over, Who ever had done the work had replaced both front and rear ujoints and the hanger bearing but left this u-joint in place. This is the middle one behind the hanger bearing.It had to be removed to change the hanger bearing so how did they not notice? Why not just change it for good measure since they were already replacing the other 2 and had the shaft out? We've only put 200 miles
  7. Hmmm, thought this was an ArcticCrusher thread.
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