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  1. Blackstar

    Well that sucks

    Join the protest boys and get a ride in. Details Event by Matt Oreilly North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Saturday at 10 AM EST -20–-14°C Mostly Sunny Price: Free Public · Anyone on or off Facebook As every
  2. Blackstar

    Well that sucks

    District 9 got snow today and are supposed to get a fair bit more over the balance of the week. I really should stop looking at TWN and just convince myself that the entire province is lacking in snow but I probably will torture myself for the next month. 100 km season. Yeah.
  3. I don't pay too much attention. But I think the CERB was extended and there is another $20000 available through CERA. There is more coming. Don't worry, there doesn't seem to be any end to the handouts.
  4. The smarter small businesses who have decided to stay open are keeping their mouth shut.
  5. On a sled, 118 mph in 2000' on my totally stock 2001 TCat, on a gun on ice track. Did it once and sold the sled. I've probably gone similar on my '15 Turbo Cat as I've seen 200 kph on the speedo a few times on long lake runs. In high school, I was passenger in my buddy's Z28, 125 mph on the street. 240kph on my '83 Katana 1100 on the street. That was 25 years ago, It was 1am and my son was 3 yrs old. I sold the bike shortly after. I bought another 10 years later and I still have it though the best I've done since is 200 kph. Probably going up for sale shortly since I'm now old a
  6. Thanks Sean, always appreciate your responses. Actually, I believe the OFSC has closed a section of trail. This section of Railbed on the B110 at Dundalk is closed as it is at the border of 2 different PHU’s. I don’t believe there is any enforcement. Riders say there are no closed signs in place. A strange year for sledding. Be safe.
  7. Well Sean, what's the official opinion of traveling to sled during the "Lockdown"? I read stories about OPP pulling trailers over headed north and telling them to go back home. What's the deal?
  8. Yep, Doonut (Sean) passed away in 2012. His daughter was Sarah. Denver is still in BC and he owns a helicopter company now. Still riding sleds too.
  9. Maybe he is referring to Trudeau going to his cottage in Quebec on the Easter weekend?
  10. He played it all wrong. He shouldn't have made himself look so guilty. He should have Manned up. Said this trip was booked a long time ago. This is a special time for my wife and I as we are celebrating our ............. (fill in the blank with some bullshit anniversary that no one can dispute) and I apologize if this offends anyone but we can discuss further upon my return. But the dumbshit probably got a phone call from Big Doug saying "You dumbfuck, this trip is going come back to bite us both and I;m not going down with you. Fix it" And his fix was to post fake pics on
  11. Yep, they're going to be working on it 7 days a week now that they got called out for shutting down over Christmas weekend. Ontario, the only province where Covid took a holiday....lol The vaccine has been here in Kitchener since last Wednesday and according to local news they have shot up just over 200 health care workers so far. They better get a move on.
  12. The rail line from Shelburne to Owen Sound is open too. I threw out my back on Saturday or I would have been up there today. Remember, there is nothing illegal about traveling to sled. JUst don't post your pics on Facebook or you'll have all the Karens on your ass.
  13. The OFSC changed their mind on that "No grooming during lockdown" idea since the province released their statement says snowmobiling could continue. So, there will be grooming in the south over the 28 days if there is snow and cold. Currently raining and +7 here with very little snow in the forecast.
  14. Not working much these days. I'm in the swimming pool business and I plow snow.Not much of either happening right now...lol
  15. The ski hill thing I just don't get. Its outdoors and lifts (and lift lines) can be set to allow social distance. I have a friend who sits on the executive of a local ski hill. If they have skiing for Christmas break and March break, then they make a profit. Without either, they lose money. A crushing blow shutting them down at Christmas. Maybe Doug can write the cheques to make it alright.
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