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  1. Extremely well to do north shore suburban community with a high concentration of Jewish people...Avg single family home price is $765k...I will go out on a limb and predict the shooter is either Black or Arab...
  2. Larry P. from vintagesleds.com spent a weekend there several years ago with his metal detector searching for those "PROTOTYPES"...NOPE no luck...He was actually looking for the oval race sleds...
  3. I would check the run out on the crank with a dial gauge...I would also check the crank seal by spraying starting fluid on it when you get it back running. If the rpm's increase the seal needs to be replaced...
  4. Saw them live before their first album was ever released...Their original label was based at the time in Chicago...They brought them here for a promo concert in Oak Brook,il...Very Very Raw sounding band then...John Rutsey swingin the sticks...
  5. 1989/90 SEASON...1st Pass @ 660'...4.66/129.7mph...On Spray
  6. She's stalking you here and posting messages to you at HCS...
  7. My new 600 has 1984 V-Max 540 power...Wanna Race...
  8. 2022 PolarisĀ® 850 Rmk Khaos Matryx 155 For Sale in Madison, WI - Snowmobile Trader
  9. Shootout has been moved to Sunday...POLARIS pulled out, will not be there...
  10. They run 2000' in North Bay (Canada) 200+ mph
  11. She recently made a political post, the thread got closed...Then Smurpy71 bitchslapped her...(yes the pun was intended) She now is on a self imposed exile from posting or starting stupid threads...
  12. 2003...When you were LaBonteF7...
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