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  1. Yesterdays Ride...Central Wi SwampRats... download.webp
  2. Two law enforcement officers arrested for OWI on snowmobiles in Vilas County | Crime & Courts | waow.com
  3. Same station is outright fucking sledders on premium gas...$4.60 a gallon
  4. Shell gas station next to the Great Northern Motel in downtown Mercer,Wi has a Starbucks machine there...$3.49/12oz
  5. Another sledder died on Sunday @ 1:30 am on trail#2 in Wakefield...Another rider in the same group broke his leg...
  6. $14.00 per gallon for basic coffee cream...$21.00 per gallon for the fancy shit at the local festival store...lol
  7. I remember I was watching the game when he got his face sliced open...Gruesome sight...
  8. 12 months ago installed 4 BFG All Terrain TA's...275-70-18...A hair over a G$ complete @ Farm n Fleet...Today $ 328.00 ea plus...
  9. Mi state law...NO state funded trail can cross a body of water....BUT...I saw this problem happen in Dickinson county around 15-20 years ago...A local high roller built a big house adjacent to the trail#2 rr grade northeast of Iron Mt...He got a lawyer to get an injunction to close the trail due to noise...So in order to keep trail2 open they re-routed it across Lk Antoine...Only time I have ever seen a mi funded trail go across water...It was STUPID and a tragedy waiting to happen because that lake is spring fed and can develop soft spots overnight in certain weather conditions...The homeowne
  10. I would rather have the 807 hp...717 ft/lbs tq... 6.2 litre supercharged Hellcat Redeye crate motor for $22K...
  11. Yep...Been following all 20 different threads on the subject...lol...Black eye on the sport and how seedy the insiders can get...Next guy who wants to claim a bike needs to have it done by someone with NO ties to the sport, so they cant be blackballed...Amateur's racing $50k factory bikes @ Loretta Lynns, just to pad their championship numbers...lol...
  12. Extremely well to do north shore suburban community with a high concentration of Jewish people...Avg single family home price is $765k...I will go out on a limb and predict the shooter is either Black or Arab...
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