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  1. nwo is the reason things are so fucked up today. globalism is an abject failure in every respect all it does is shift issues to other areas at the cost of everyone for the benifit of the few. a global monopoly of power controlled by the few who gain the most while offshoring the pain to everybody who believes the big lie of a global economy is good.
  2. you appear to be ignorant on many issues and directly parrot the media version of things. like a simple
  3. well actually you are dismissing what actually happened vs what you were fed what happened. So by you metric why is there a media silence on bidens dealings in Ukraine, China and here? Why are you crying about sombody out of office when there is someone 100X more corrupt in office and by every measure is failing measurably and it's directly affecting everyone. But like the true cultist you are you run with the heard and complain about what you are told to complain about. like a simple I'm sure J6 was the worst day of your life like you were trained to think.
  4. well get out there and put china, india and pakistan in there rightful place as the worlds polluters. The big 3 do more damage than everyone else and they have zero plans to clean up there messes. So now what? remember it a global thing just like the weather Can you explain how taxes payed here will cleanse the air in the big 3? Is there a relationship with the global supply chain and climate change? can you see how this is the primary cause of global pollution? Would we be better off manufacturing goods here with the highest environmental standards in the world or lett
  5. just look at the news at least 1/2 the storys are weather related. Why? well if you want to perpetuate an issue real or not you report on it relentlessly and make it a bigger issue than it is. Make every event unprecedented, record breaking, never seen before and tie it up nicely with a climate change virtue signal. After the propaganda c-19 brought about you would think more would open there eyes and realize the "news" is method to train the people to view things in the way the "leaders" who ever they are want you to see it. Is climate change real/happening? of course it is it alwa
  6. LoL trump had a media presence for 30 fucking years before running. Did you ever hear any of the BS before that? hell he was a prime time guest and got tons of media glow. then he put his name in the hat, same guy, and then the knives came out. I think the media went total asshole first, and then doubled down. trumps reaction was to push back with a like attitude. but hey it looks like you read the paper and watch the nightly news and they got you clapping like a trained seal. bravo
  7. Biden is an even bigger asshole than trump. Look at how he reacts to any pointed questions. He goes off the rails and then runs away. biden never gets called out repeatedly for things he says and does. trump is an asshole as well but when the media asked questions it got framed like this: Your openly racist comments calling all mexicans rapists and murderers, how do you think the racist wall will stop people from crossing putting them in cages when we know that walls dont work? Where as biden gets: why are border guards whipping migrants and chasing them on horses? tru
  8. So by that metric you should be pretty loud about the abject silence from the MSM on bidens inability to accomplish a single fucking thing without directly contradicting himself 2 months later when everyone already knew the shit had hit the fan. Hold biden to trumps MSM microscope and see who comes out ahead.
  9. although it has 340 tunnel decals there was a 440 rotax under the hood
  10. Ran a 79 SRX 440 in Super Stock, An F500 and got asked to ride the 78 440 ski-doo. Won the USSA title in 2016-17 on the F500 and the combo F500/sportsman600 classes. Pretty much ran the table in those 2 classes. got a couple of 2nd places and won the rest. LoL The dream is still alive but I cant due to some physical limitations that came about from surgery. Still have the SRX and almost got it on the ice this spring before reality came back and I realized it might not be the best idea.
  11. Well that's the popular theory being relayed by every source but to be fair there is zero way to tell how significant/insignificant that contribution is. Is it the primary driver or is it a minor contributor? Nobody knows. You know what the biggest contributor of global warming is? The factor with the highest contribution? Your answer is as good as the top scientists today as it is all speculation and best guess assumptions from them.
  12. I had a lot of fun and it's cool going fast but those things can bite you so fast. If you drive it half assed you will probably end up in the bails and the same goes if you drive the shit out of it. LoL There is that fine line of controlled uncertainty where everything all comes together and then they drive like magic and you feel invincible until the next corner. Once you get the feel it all comes together. With all of the carbide up front and the bed of nails spinning under your ass you need to be skating/sliding it into the corners and that's where the danger lies. Learning as y
  13. Never drove the 78 polaris but I did throw a leg over a 78 Doo 440 and drove the shit out of it a few times. Lets just say they are a slot car and being so light with such an efficient drive line and depending on how good the motor is you have anywhere from 105-130 hp. These things move. If you arnt locked in and hit the gas you might be left behind. LoL
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