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  1. Wow got your 36 IQ firing on dead cylinders, Good for you And you wonder why people call you stupid.
  2. Segregation or discrimination both fit the bill. How can you argue otherwise?
  3. from the same general that fucked up the entire withdraw? That guy? Sounds legit
  4. Why are you calling yourself the orange shit gibbon? It fits but just wondering.................
  5. So why did they abolish the draft if it was so great?
  6. Funny but you would never ever see me deflecting off of what that moron does but you just cant help being a contrarian twat it's what you do. But at some point along the way it just looks like you are too dumb to even realize thats what you do. got tired of the tickle so you graduated to the full fist? impressive I guess but I'm sure you have given yourself the full fist before so.............. LOUD NOISES
  7. you just never really engage the brain at all do you?
  8. He has the chief biden butthole tickler thing down pat.
  9. What? are you retarded ? seriously you are fucking dumb as fuck. Enjoy your day
  10. Well you missed the point there completely like 100% back wards to what I wrote So I stand by my assertation that you critical thinking skills are indeed lacking. oxygen helps the brain try some deep breathing exercises and maybe only then you might get a clue.
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