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  1. trump held a bible that was the issue. You cant rile up the religious they might pray for you.
  2. Are they? or is it they have learned the lesson to keep there mouth shut and let the morons be the loud ones.
  3. I thought disney was for kids? What does a kids theme park have to do with gay/queer/trans grown adults? Seems a bit off as to the demographic they are promoting to. Hey snofaggot does this news give you a reason to go cruze the magic kingdom so you can pet micky the mouse?
  4. and yet you are incapable of doing it yourself
  5. yet you are completely oblivious of yours and it negatively affects everyone here. Lights are on time to hide
  6. You dont thats another fact And you cant because it makes you look the fool you are. I'll leave the light on............................. I'll stop now cuz I just dont live the idiot life and you have way more experience in that arena.
  7. Again you deflect away from your inability to answer a simple question. You have zero mental capacity. Those are facts
  8. Awww now you are lashing out because you scared. yes or no freak
  9. Yes you are how long have you been living without a head?
  10. lol aint he and so is that other guy DF. I think they would disagree if the question was does the sun shine during the day. AC would say it always shines, DF wouldn't be able to give an actual answer but would mock AC for his.
  11. hey you slithering cockroach yes or no read what you just posted and then answer the question
  12. Speaking of contradictions yes or no?
  13. Oh I forgot to add HaHaHaHaHahaHa you made a funny. It's not particularly funny but you are the joke that keeps on giving
  14. Dude you are way over your head here. You cant even honestly answer a simple yes no question because you know it makes you the look the fool. Keep playing your little semantic word game here you are the only one being fooled by it. answer the question then we can move to the next one that you will not be able to honestly answer. Dont make me use the roach spray.
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