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  1. I said a few big players and then you list them. Well if Cuba can do it then anyone can, So how many billions of doses has Cuba provided to the word? So show us there studies showing if it works or not. So where does the money come from for these universities to study something? A grant from big pharma?
  2. Do they even have the vast infrastructure to study and produce there own medical supplies? That answer that you already know is no they dont. The world relies on a few big players and rides the coat tails accordingly. Figured with your self proclaimed knowledge base you would have known this simple fact. Bold: that are funded by big pharma. Why would they fund a trial that might obsolete a product that they will make billions of $$$ on?
  3. Well the official gov stance is they still want you to get it even if you already had c-19
  4. If anyone is wondering how dumb MC is the court was liberal dominated for 40 fucking years. No talk of stacking until the libs lost that majority. low functioning retard Garland is not fit to sit on that bench and has shown as much in his year in charge.
  5. All the offshoring did was increase profit margins while maintaining the made here pricing. The only winners here are the owners/stock holders raking in the windfall profits. Workers lose a job, citys lose tax base, in the end offshoring is an economic loser for the host country. And in hindsight since about 1995 to present the proof is quite easy to see across the board.
  6. So trumpy was responsible for 400,000 covid deaths what is biden up to now? 700,000-800,000 ? Let me know when you get that data K?
  7. sorry. you are a disinformation spreader. not worth my effort or anyone else's for that matter.
  8. What I find funny is wouldn't any reasonable person want the "violence to stop"? What this does not confirm as the headline attempts to imply is that trump instigated it. What it does confirm is some people close to trump figured people might listen to trump if he came out and asked for everyone to calm down. That is it, no more to read into. Only a real simple would think otherwise. Someone who carries there own piece of glass to lick so they stay calm.
  9. Are you sure on this? He didnt do it in front of a camera but I'm pretty sure he talked about getting it.
  10. Can you carry a gallon of gas to the middle of nowhere and be on your way in a matter of minutes? Now describe the same process for electric......................................................
  11. You thought that up and actually typed it out. Did you actually read it to see if it made sense to anyone with an actual though process? Talk about kindergarten level reasoning ......................
  12. Roosting


    Saw that as well but I can sort of see that he didnt want that attention immediately after and needed some time to compose himself. He did make an appearance once he sorted himself out. But Lewis is a drama queen so it was expected. Toto absolutely lost it and was a clown until he disappeared. Guaranteed someone told him to go hide as his actions were detrimental to the team.
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