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  1. well if you get the chance to witness a total eclipse do not miss it as it is something spectacular to see. Something you will never forget
  2. Try pressing that soft spot on your head and voice to text what blurts out of your mouth. It might be the most intelligent thing you post in this thread. seriously
  3. you can't comprehend the link so I need to read it?
  4. fill me in as to how you understand it with your own words
  5. What geometry of the piston is changed?
  6. How to say the internet is your entire life without actually saying the internet is your entire life.
  7. That's chump change compared to the 20 million plus biden has sold his access to
  8. Well he was a sanitation engineer so it's his profession.
  9. I'm not so sure on that. Apathy for politics and just following along to fit in with the narrative drives many. Mix that in with a strong outspoken leftist media and propaganda reigns supreme.
  10. Aww now you're all worked up. You should cover your entire body with Vaseline and offer 10% off to wrestle the pig. That should take care of all that fury.
  11. Aww that comment obviously hit a bit too close to home. Sorry I didnt include the truck stop parking lot that's your big money maker. So you invested in a truck stop glory hole sign. Good for you. That was a wise investment and prudent spend. I'm sure you've made back 10X the $$$ on it.
  12. LoL do you make more money pulling tricks down by the river or uptown under the bridge? Anyway it dosent matter but as long as you enjoy it $$$ is $$$
  13. hey dont be so hard on yourself but you do you. Hell this site is your life
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