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  1. must be an echo in here. someone tell the deepfaggot he's supposed to ride the white horse not be ridden by it. fucking guy is triggered by his reflection in the mirror
  2. Weird that it would be you imagining what color my butt hole looks like but not overly surprised. The fact you posted it here is truly what makes you the deepfaggot
  3. so efficacy rates dont factor in to weather a vaccine is working or not especially when the results dont match what was advertised. Got it. Good thing they lied or we wouldnt have got to 90% vax rate. So what advantage is it to have a population 90% vaxed with a product that dosent do as advertised? how about passports? restrictions? mandates? dont these all factor into an effective vax? So the majority of vaxed who thought they had the fix are still compromised for infection and death? and now make up the largest pool of hospitalized? how can that be? they are vaxed? It's
  4. Well he is just regurgitating what the tv people said and they never lie. ever wonder why if you flip through the channels on the tv all of the various news programs are a mirror image of each other. same stories same order just different talking heads. How can that be?
  5. so you dont know how effective it is for the original strain or the variants. zero clue. Thanks for making that clear. you just type out mouth gurgling propaganda you learned on tv or just made up out of thin air 94% of what you say 9 out of 10 times is 100% bullshit the rest is just luck. I'm sure a qualified statistician such as yourself can appreciate those numbers bigly
  6. so just lie . Got it too bad the supply chain is affecting you this much but really didnt expect anything else from the mis/dis information spewer such as yourself.
  7. dude looks like you are having supply chain issues with intelligence. I dont think that shipment is ever going to arrive. You made a direct claim as to efficacy vs variants. So what is that rate since you know enough to make the claim lets see that data you claimed to know. Plus get that original efficacy data so we can compare the 2 This isnt difficult for a stats expert such as yourself, is it?
  8. get me the efficacy rates before we move the goal posts to subsects of vax vs unvax
  9. so did they stop using it or just soldered on with something completely ineffectve? And promoted it heavily too So what was the original efficacy rate and the efficacy rate to the variants ? Since you made the claim as you know the real facts lets see it. Or are you just repeating something from a point of ignorance that you heard on TV by a paid propagandist?
  10. So you were never able to quantify how effective the vax actually is/was? Try and nail that down so the audience can see for themselves if it lived up to what was promoted. The timeline we can use is from when it was introduced to when it was removed from service as ineffective to current strains.
  11. Didnt realize he was shot immediately upon being identified. Were the group of cops behind babbit fighting for their lives too? I dont recall them dropping everyone with their pew pew's anyway you got pillows to bite sorry for taking up that precious time
  12. So far that's all it's been proven to do. But not at a high enough rate to reduce levels of serious infection that require hospitalization. IMO All without knowing if the therapeutic is dangerous to take
  13. Hell I could be convinced that the c-19 therapeutic is good as a device to reduce symptoms but it needs the requisite testing and actual efficacy results and any issues with side effects to be fully made prior to treatment. So far we do not have that so no bueno.
  14. Who is opposed to vaccines? Well, tested and proven safe and effective ones that actually apply to the definition of vaccine. Not just called vaccine to entice retards to take and then still get covid anyway because they never got what was promised. Have you been brain washed to believe the c-19 therapeutic is an actual vaccine? HaHaHa
  15. nice side step. I knew this was too complicated for you to comprehend anyway.................. now define the groups I just gave you some criteria . see if can put it to good use
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