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  1. A cured patient is no longer a customer.
  2. Herf won pro open on Saturday but he was not on a catalyst
  3. The catatyst sleds had a hard time finding speed. Gunner was not on a catalyst.
  4. Pro Factory Final from this last weekend at Naytahwaush Nightrider 200
  5. 1964 Polaris Sno-Traveler 1970 TX 600 2021 VR1 650 2022 VR1 650
  6. And they jail people for years for standing outside the capital grounds on January 6th.
  7. I believe he had a republican controlled house and Senate.
  8. It was only hearsay on my end. Those are expensive vehicles.
  9. I believe the Lambo he had was a kit car. Go figure.
  10. I did take the ppp loan but I gave half to my employees.
  11. MEDIA ADVISORY: 96% of U.S. Climate Data Is Corrupted https://www.heartland.org/news-opinion/news/media-advisory-96-of-us-climate-data-is-corrupted
  12. Do you know if anything will happen regarding this in the US
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