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  1. A few months ago I was told by Tmobile that I had to switch my autopay from my credit card to my bank account otherwise they would start charging an additional $20/month. That still irritates me and if there was a better option I would switch providers just because of it. I despise how companies try to automatically pull money out of my account
  2. So what’s preventing all the dealerships in neighboring states from selling them and registering ICE vehicles in NY? makes you think the used car market is just going to send 1 yr old cars across the state line into NY.
  3. When I was a kid my dad emptied the holding tank on the RV into one of those portable blue containers. Found the nearby chuck hole and dumped the tank. Didn’t kill Um but sure was fun to see them comin out of the hole
  4. Can’t wait until the south park episode comes out about this election. It’s going to be lit!
  5. It’s worth every penny and then some. After riding Quebec, I dont even want to ride anywhere near me
  6. I've been there. Yes you can spend a day just in the museum. The entire town of Cody is great. Make sure to take in the rodeo.
  7. Play both sides of the fence. Take 75k and apply it to the mortgage and invest the other 75k. Then stop worrying about what if scenarios
  8. Do what you got to do for your dog. I just had to put mine down. 16 yrs old and couldn't even stand up any longer. It was by far the worst thing I ever did. It was time, but it still is absolutely horrible.
  9. That looks like it belongs in dumb and dumber. Right next to the shaggin wagon. WTF
  10. Looking for recommendations on what GPS to get for the sled but also riding the ATV in the summer
  11. Trying to register in New York for the first time (Pennsylvania resident) i went onto nysnowmobiler.com and bought a $40 club membership. When trying to register as a nonresident on the dmv page it looks like I have 2 options. 1. Complete the dmv application and take it to a dmv office. I live to far away and this isn't going to happen. 2. Buy a 15 day temp registration for $45. Then when that expires I will get a renewal application sent to me in the mail and I have to pay $100 for a yearly registration and apply again. Repeat this step again for the second sled. Does this sound correct, or am I missing something. Process seems like it could be set up a lot more efficiently.
  12. Looking into buying the second one after all this nonsense. Have a dpms already. What should I get next. Lots of cabelas gift cards saved up
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