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  1. So by my math, we have 43 days until July 4th, the US burns 9 million barrels a day, so 387 million between now and then. If you take the oil he's releasing from the reserve as a percentage of total and apply that to our current gas prices, it should go down just shy of $0.01 per gallon. This is definitely news worthy! Not sure how I'll spend all my savings. FJB
  2. My B58 is now 8 years old with just over 90k. Stage 2 93+ tuned currently, been tuned in some fashion since 40k miles. Brakes, tires and oil changes, that's it. This platform is rock solid. My BIL is running an E40 tune pushing 25psi on the stock turbo with zero issues. The only reason I'm not in E40 is if need to upgraded the fuel pump and I just don't feel I need that much more power (for now)
  3. I got the adapter to run my 20v dewalt batteries in mine. Works great and lasts a heck of a lot longer with a 6ah on it.
  4. Here in Indy, 100% was pretty cool
  5. Mine was 32k 5 years ago. You can find some for under 20k. $500 for a tune, $300 for a downpipe
  6. Spend just a bit more for a B58. More reliable and easy to make big power too. I have just a downpipe and tune for 420hp to the wheels. My BIL is running E40 on his and is much quicker than mine. 90k miles, 50k been tuned and have not done one single repair
  7. The bored a pipe through to them early on for food, water and medicine
  8. They should have video taped it and put it on the internet so it's not illegal. Fucked up laws where prostitution among consenting adults in private is illegal, but paying a woman to have sex with you for a porn shoot is ok
  9. Met my wife there in 2005 on spring break. It was sketchy then a far a safety and just kept going down hill. Back then they had some of the best clubs in the world and they were crazy for spring break!
  10. No, just a snorkeling excursion that circled the whole island and had 4 stops
  11. Just got back from a cruise that stopped in St. Martin. Tour guide showed us a house that Trump owns. Bought it for 11M, trying to sell it for 18M. Rents it out for 10k a night with a 10 night minimum
  12. He should get 30 years just for being a Scientologist, fucking moronic cult
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