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  1. Guess I'll be one of those weirdos I normally make fun of driving by themselves with a mask and gloves on
  2. No mention of the all electric grand touring?
  3. I'd bet none of those trucks could do that.
  4. I was hoping for more electric 3 row suv options for the wife by now. 95% of the driving in her car is less than 10 miles. Electric would be perfect. For me, electric is just too boring. I went opposite and I'm no longer EPA friendly
  5. Just traded off our tahoe with the 5.3. Gutless gas hog, happy its gone. Got the wife an X7 40i. Way nicer in every way, more options, quicker, and averaging 23 mpg. Got a pair of B58s in the garage now. 10x better engine than a 5.3.
  6. Cologne and Duesseldorf, cool cities, gorgeous women everywhere, great beer and food.
  7. That was the first concept. I believe he destroyed 1 of 2 that existed at the time 😆
  8. Find this out last week. I tried to sell my JB4 tuner, got all the way through making my ad, then right at the end when I went to post it, it gave me a message saying it violates policy! So stupid
  9. Polar bears can get that large. Largest shot was 12' tall and over 2200 lbs!
  10. Boy do I have news for him if he's ever eaten a Mars bar or moon pie
  11. As much as I'd love this to be true, if you watch the actual original footage that isn't all blurry, you'll see they are not on backwards. It's just a poor quality video and angle makes it seem that way
  12. An extra 8oz - 1 lb each fish and they might get away with it. 4 lb fish weighing 7 lbs, no way an experienced fisherman wouldn't know something is up. I bet they were doing this for years and got too cocky
  13. I never buy new and keep most close to 200k miles. In the part few years I've had and sold my 328 BMW with 190k, 07 Canyon with 197k, 09 Ram with 140k. Current vehicles have 93k, 76k, and 117k
  14. In my 23 years of owning cars, trucks and suvs I've never changed a stater or alternator. Not sure why it's being talked about like it's a normal wear item
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