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  1. He should get 30 years just for being a Scientologist, fucking moronic cult
  2. Changing the starter on the 2.9 is a 5 hour book job! Fucking morons.
  3. Yeah, they are hard to find though. The 3.7 is a good motor. My Colorado has the 2.9 and it's the most gutless POS and gets 7 mpg worse mileage than my car that has 4x the hp
  4. Done a year ago before I bought it. Had a 07 Canyon before it, but never did the brakes. I don't keep them long enough to do brakes. For me, they are consumables My dad is a dealer and I get trucks like this at wholesale. Drive them for a year or so, then sell them for a profit and move on to the next one. Started about 6 years ago with a $900 ranger, 5 trucks later in at the 2012 Colorado. Looking at a Frontier next
  5. This is why I have a 2012 Colorado. I have a side business doing exterior cleaning and I need to lift stuff in and out of the bed. These newer small trucks are even way too tall. Colorado is a piece of shit, but I'll deal with that over having to lift my stuff another foot higher
  6. My daily drive is 50 miles of highway everyday, that keeps my numbers high. Around town and playing I'm probably in the teens You're averaging almost exactly what our X7 is
  7. My car does under 4 seconds and I average 27 mpg. Last long road trip I averages 36 mpg with the cruise set at 80. I also only paid 32k for it 5 years ago. 340 BMW for the win
  8. 420ish to the wheels and awd. Best car I've ever owned. 85,000 miles and only tires, brakes and oil changes. Been turned up since about 45k miles
  9. Yes they have many downsides still, but what dumb fuck pays $115k for an electric truck if they take 1400 mile road trips, go off-grid camping and have a lake house with no charger???
  10. You realize that's 7.9% each year right? $50k untouched for 30 years gets you almost $500k
  11. I trade some individual stocks and have some like Apple, Disney, Ford, Boeing that I'm holding for the long run. Others I've bought and sold for quick profits (sometimes gamble and lose). The majority of my investments are in these 3 funds. 1/2 my money is in VTI, then a good amount in the other two.
  12. I'd ust stick it in a 18 month CD at 5% and see what happens after that time. That will make you a guaranteed $3800, then decide what to do with your $53800. If you're playing the long game, an index fund like VTI or VOO isn't a bad idea. If you want to dabble in real estate, you could buy into a REIT. I bought up some VNQ a couple months ago when it was just below $80 a share. It follows real estate markets and pays a strong dividend.
  13. Blue gills will bite! Scares the crap out of you when you're just peacefully floating having a cocktail. A couple years ago one bit my nipple and didn't let go for the longest 2 seconds ever!
  14. Almost 2 hours decending then just lost come. No distress of any kind.. yeah that thing imploded
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