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  1. Well considering my vaccinated and boosted wife got covid again, worse than the first time, and me who didn't get the shot was totally fine and even tested negative.... I believe it.
  2. Because they don't send old or sick scientists to Antarctica I'm sitting next to my fully vaccinated and boosted wife right now that has covid again and coughing her ass off and I'm 100%, even tested negative. After getting covid let year and it being less than a cold I said I'd never get the jab
  3. Me, my wife and a bunch of our friends all got covid last July. At Christmas, 2 of our friends were exposed, then we hung out with them the next couple days. Both of them and my wife are sick and tested positive. All 3 have the same symptoms and feel just as bad as the first time. All 3 are vaccinated and my wife got boosted 2 months ago. She has to for work. 3 jabs did nothing at all for her. She's been coughing like crazy, extremely tired and even lost her sense of taste again. Not even a sniffel for me. The crazy part is I never got got vaccinated and I'm the one totally
  4. I checked, I have 8 charging stations within a 5 mile radius of my house. 14 gas stations
  5. Not moving, a Tesla can run the heater or A/C for days. Being stuck in a traffic jam isn't a valid concern.
  6. No new sleds for me. Still on my 17' 1200 with Exit shocks.
  7. I like mine It's great to be able to change them on the fly throughout the day as trail conditions change.
  8. Fathers sticking around? Indians need added to that too. Dot, not feather. They average more income that whites as well
  9. Elderly dementia patients approving of each other I guess
  10. Not entirely true. I run a blend of 93 and E85 for the octane. E85 is great for tuned cars
  11. At this point I'm curious as to what the 36% say their reason for approving is
  12. Yet one dies in an EV fire and the cars are all dangerous
  13. Not me on my own, but my wife combined and I are at about $870k net worth. Housing market helps that since our house is worth about $240k more than we owe. I'm 38 and my wife is 36, so it's a good start.
  14. I kick myself everyday for selling my shares 2 years ago. Make 3x my money and thought I did good at the time. Iwas thinking it was going to drop and if just rebuy. Didn't work as planned. Was going to buy again a few months ago when it dropped to $500.... didn't
  15. Sounds identical to a 458 IMO
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