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  1. Sorry, last ICE only M series car
  2. The latest M2 is said to be their last fully ICE car
  3. You can own 30 teslas for what that costs. Comparing apples to apples, the Rimac Nevera can do the 1/4 mile almost a full second faster than the Chiron for slightly less money
  4. It was a 2 day experiment to see what I could do. Got bored real fast and back to driving it like it was meant to be driven
  5. 340xi tuned running an extra 4psi of boost. Cruise set at 78 on flat ground, eco mode. 43 mpg and averaged 34 for the whole drive. Fuel efficiency doesn't have to mean slow and boring
  6. 99% of trucks I see on the road everyday are not pulling anything. If you need to, don't buy it. They offer both
  7. No oil, coolant, tranny fluid, diff fluid,, power steering fluid, belts, spark plugs, coils, injectors, thermostats, water pumps, radiators, fans, exhaust systems, fuel pumps, fuel filters, air filters, O2 sensors, MAP sensors, and the list goes on. Yes, ICE vehicles need tires changed. Brakes? well not very often since you have regen braking. Depending on how you drive you may never need to do brakes. The only scheduled maintenance on them is tire rotations and cabin air filters.
  8. My boss rents out cars on turo and most of the time he says they come back smelling like weed really bad. He bought one and swears by it, gets all the smell out
  9. Probably why this is going on right now by my work. Walmart distribution center
  10. If you watch the video he acted like he pulled at gun and aimed it. Now I will say it never should have gotten to that point. His ass should have been tazed or a cold bean bags to the nuts.
  11. This! The general population is stupid. Best to hide your top secret technology and let people believe its aliens if they see something. No government will ever come out and say that weird looking aircraft with crazy capabilities is theirs and let the enemy find out.
  12. Well considering my vaccinated and boosted wife got covid again, worse than the first time, and me who didn't get the shot was totally fine and even tested negative.... I believe it.
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