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  1. This is by far the stupidest poll I've ever seen.... Compete OP fail.
  2. Watched that live and couldn't believe the fact checkers weren't all over it. Sad state of affairs.
  3. Up here in Canukastan we are allowed to grow 4 plants.....since it was legalized, absolutely nothing changed in society.....legalizing recreational pot should be a no brainer...focus resources on the scum that are peddling opioids.. Shit....since it's been legalized up here, even Momorider has mellowed..
  4. It happens....our packaging department had about 70 females.....it was unbelievable..
  5. received_332642448954324.mp4
  6. Can't wait for when the Republicans retake control.....should make for some awesome TV....they have lots of material to work with
  7. You sit when you pee, don't ya.....
  8. While I'm happy baby formula will be available.... I'm quite surprised that the "Leaders of the free world"(or so I'm told) are unable to produce enough food to feed their babies.. Sad..
  9. https://www.facebook.com/100003027241816/posts/4334202840023915/?
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