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  1. You sit when you pee, don't ya.....
  2. While I'm happy baby formula will be available.... I'm quite surprised that the "Leaders of the free world"(or so I'm told) are unable to produce enough food to feed their babies.. Sad..
  3. https://www.facebook.com/100003027241816/posts/4334202840023915/?
  4. Well....Rogan is on a podcast, and Whoopi is on a major TV network....so ya, same thing... Dumbass.
  5. Forget about best for the job....he's already said it'll be an African American Woman
  6. Hamilton is a whiny bitch....if Mercedes had pitted him for new tires during the safety car, Verspatten would have stayed out and Hamilton would have won. They rolled the dice and lost.. great season. Mercedes deserved the constructors award and Verspatten deserves the driver title.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnn-producer-former-chris-cuomo-staffer-arrested-for-allegedly-inducing-minors-for-sex
  8. As they should be, exactly the same as Rittenhouse being found not guilty of all charges....despite all the outside noise, the jury system worked... I watched both trials, and there were no other reasonable outcomes.
  9. You have now officially jumped the shark.... Time to step away from the internet for a while..
  10. Good lord....watching this press conference is sad. He was given a list of who to call on for questions.....he looks brutally weak.
  11. Biden was supposed to have a press conference at 5pm to discuss the issue....Whitehouse feed was cut and press conference postponed with no explanation.. If this was Trump, the left would be losing their shit. The double standard is unbelievable.
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