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  1. Good lord....watching this press conference is sad. He was given a list of who to call on for questions.....he looks brutally weak.
  2. Biden was supposed to have a press conference at 5pm to discuss the issue....Whitehouse feed was cut and press conference postponed with no explanation.. If this was Trump, the left would be losing their shit. The double standard is unbelievable.
  3. anything we call an alien is something not of our planet, flat, round or otherwise... As for the bolded. As opposed to the desire of the whole human race to explore beyond a "round" earth? You must be be trolling, no way you are serious with this weak of an "explanation"
  4. Again......assuming you are 100% correct and the world is actually flat, what is the benefit of world Governments "tricking" everyone into thinking it's round....what is the endgame..
  5. Not going to waste my time trying convince anyone to get or not get a vaccine.....I'm simply pointing out real data. How you choose to interpret is completely up to you....and for the record, the wife and I have both gotten 2 doses of astrazeneca, and neither of us have died..
  6. Not sure if this has been asked or not.....but if the earth is in fact "flat", what it purpose of all the effort to fool us into thinking it's a sphere?
  7. Wow, you really have lost it... Very sad when the elderly succumb to dementia... I'll pray for you.
  8. Leaking classified info is a crime.....are you saying Democrats are immune from being investigated? You don't seem to have an issue when Republicans are be investigated, spied on, etc..... Curious...
  9. Again, from your link.... 74 people died, out of approximately 77,000,000 people vaccinated. Compare those stats with unvaccinated people.
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