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  1. That where you keep your lotion?
  2. Saw some yesterday morning. Southesat Michigan.
  3. So can she sue for false advertisement?
  4. I see it. It is at 12 0'clock on the first eye on the pole.
  5. It's good to see the 6 car back in victory lane again. Somebody respectable in it too.
  6. What the hell happened to him last week? That last caution he pitted in 4th place and they said he was the fastest car on the track at that time. Came out in... I think 17th?
  7. They never even polled you as to what you want?
  8. Don't know if this has been posted yet. https://thedispatch.com/article/does-minnesotas-new-state-flag-resemble-that-of-an-autonomous-somali-state/
  9. They have one of these up there. A 1971 Big Boss. Only 20 were made, and 8 were sold. My uncle bought one of the two that had the Tohatsu engines. He later gave it to me and it was not in very good shape so I got rid of it. 1971 Big Boss manufactured in Ovid, MI, for the 1970-71 season, however 20 were built but only 8 sold, and the rest destroyed as part of bankruptcy proceedings
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