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  1. There is way to many people out there that think their food just grows from nowhere in the wild in those little cans and wrappers.
  2. What's up with Kes this year? Buescher has been showing him up all year. Even without the penalty.
  3. I remember that one. People were wondering what they did to it.
  4. Most people are sleeping at that time. Not washing clothes.
  5. Lot's of Dem's going to vote in the Wyoming Republican primary for Cheney. That's how bad she is polling.
  6. Hey, didn't you get the memo? You can't start another thread until that 8th one in a row is locked. Now the chain is broken. https://www.hardcoresledder.com/threads/big-day-for-babies.1886663/#post-20675360
  7. You need to put the printside of this card towards you.
  8. King Dickhead? or maybe King Dong...
  9. The 200,000 is just people very interested in the Lightning. When their time comes, they will be notified that they can put their order in. They did this for the Bronco and not all that put in for it were serious customers.
  10. So yesterday one got locked because of a like button discussion. Somebody wanted a dislike button. https://www.hardcoresledder.com/threads/dis-like.1886657/#post-20675272
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