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  1. That's because it's a Billiards table, not a pool table. Even Badger knew that.
  2. Factory ready for the saddlebag trip.
  3. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a43417856/nascar-truck-series-winner-starts-massive-fire-during-victory-burnout/ At 55sec mark.
  4. Nothing could go wrong there.
  5. They were mostly Government Jobs that were created.
  6. Daym! Ford's got the first 4 rows covered for tomorrow.
  7. Hamlin is appealing his penalty. Kyle Busch had a simple soloution: “Keep your mouth shut,” Busch said. “Simple as that.”
  8. Thank's for reminding me. I need to pull some steaks out of the freezer tonight.
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