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  1. Was born 4 days and 45 years ago in 1979.
  2. How old are the fuel lines and filter? Do you have access to a fuel pressure gauge? I'd start there, then pull and inspect the disty and rotor. They go to hell and cause weird issues.
  3. I put a L2 charger in myself for $200 in romex and conduit. I put $400 of gas in the truck on my recent camping trip. And the L2 charge circuit is a bonus at resale time since about 1/4 of families in my city have at least one EV in the house. Silverado looks interesting but I hate the GM decision to remove phone projection from their EVs. I won't consider a vehicle if it doesn't support Android Auto.
  4. Find one that's been on the lot for a while and they'll blow out the price. $7500 tax credit on leases with no income limit plus $5500 discount for fleet pricing through amex helps a lot too.
  5. GM made absolutely excellent hybrid SUVs in the last decade. Nobody bought them. But if I could have a half ton sized truck with a baby DMax paired with an electric powertrain for additional performance, with the Ford Powerboost generator capability, 35 gallon fuel capacity, and 1900 lbs of payload...
  6. dumb time to buy a new EV of any brand right now with depreciation unless you plan on driving the wheels off of it. That said, there are some screaming deals on second-hand Teslas right now with the used EV tax credit. If I had a need for another run-around-town car, I'd consider adding one of those to the fleet.
  7. $200 in Romex and conduit. Charger was free with the vehicle.
  8. 2. First EV. Didn't want a huge cash outlay or long commitment.
  9. LOL not dumb enough to buy one. Leasing it for $399 per month. No brainer at that price.
  10. that's my point. There's a right tool for the job. For the vast majority of Americans, especially those who own homes and can charge at home, an EV is the better tool for the 95% of the time you're not road tripping. I'm as red-blooded, internal-combustion-loving, two-stroke-exhaust-whiffing, throttle-addicted as anyone on this site but after trying this EV as an experiment of sorts, I can confidently say I'll always have at least one EV and one ICE vehicle in my garage. So, back on topic... FRACK THAT SHIT!
  11. You miss the part where I said I drive a Silverado HD half the time? lol
  12. It's faster, quieter, nicer to drive, less tiring to drive, and costs me about 1/10th of what it'd cost me to drive a comparable gasser from an energy cost perspective. It is better, for the majority of drivers and how they use their cars the majority of the time. Living where power is cheap definitely helps.
  13. Well I live in Arizona now so I don't have any experience with it under 40f, but I imagine it's similar to our summer heat. The ability to pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle without burning gas is nice. I can cool it down to a nice 72f in my enclosed garage without the fumes. But it's the behind the wheel experience that's just great. It's so refined compared to even the nicest gassers I've driven. If you see a gap in traffic and want to be in it, no problem. It's up to speed instantly. No downshifting, no building into the powerband, etc. It simply goes, completely quietly. No shift shock, no lurching, just smooth thrust, and this isn't even a blazing fast vehicle by EV standards. Steering, braking, etc is all just smooth as can be also. It just feels good. After spending a few hours in the EV, then jumping in my truck, which is about as refined as an HD truck gets, it feels like going 30 years back in time. For me, so far, charging has been only mildly annoying. In 2 months, there's been one time I had to wait on a public fast charger. After installing a Level 2 charger at home, which was free with the vehicle, I don't really use the public chargers. Our use case for the EV is one where it never really goes more than 100 miles from home. My truck is the road trip vehicle since we're usually hauling our camper. I might try a road trip to Vegas and back in the EV later this year and see how annoying it actually is. But I can charge from 10% up to 80%, which gives me about 250 miles of range, in about 30 mins. If the charger is somewhere interesting I can walk around for a bit, that may not be bad. With our recent temps in the upper 90s, I get about 330 miles on a full charge, using the AC and seat cooling constantly. That's not bad. Imagine it'd drop to something like 280 miles in winter.
  14. I have an EV in my garage. Mercedes EQE SUV. I'm pro-fracking, pro-drilling, pro-energy and as capitalist as a person can get. I also have a 6.6L gas Heavy Duty which I use to tow my 9000 lb camper through the mountains getting 5 MPG or worse in the climbs. Not every EV driver is an enviro-whacko. Most, actually, are not. EVs are simply a far far better driving experience than 95% of gas vehicles on the road. I'd pay double what I paid last year for my loaded 2024 Silverado LTZ in the height of HD truck pricing if the thing had the driving experience of an EV but could charge with a trailer attached in under 30 mins.
  15. Caleb cracks me up. I'm mostly through the most recent season.
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