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  1. Well, to be fair, an ice cream truck drove by right then with its music playing...
  2. It's awesome except for the hurricanes and what Biden is doing to it.
  3. The "accusations" against Kavanaugh were an obvious smear campaign completely devoid of any detail or corroboration. Biden OTOH can be seen sniffing and groping young girls on the regular. What happened to these girls is terrible, and corroborated by HUNDREDS of accusers and witnesses. Comparing this to Kavanaugh... Jesus MC is fucked in the head. Sickening how anyone's response to the abuse of underage girls can be "yah but..." True signs of lack of any morals at all.
  4. For large male dogs, human names crack me up. I have a buddy with a boxer mix named Chad. For some reason, that makes me laugh.
  5. Nice! Grew up with Labs and Golden Retrievers. It was down to those two when we were picking, but we ended up going Golden just because I've had more of them and just love their demeanor. She's 12 weeks old.
  6. His ability to destroy an interview on late night shows was epic. Funny mfer! I always loved this clip.
  7. Too many Californians afraid of losing their free shit, and the rich white liberals on the coasts think their white guilt means they need to keep the black man down.
  8. He was visiting our heroes rather than seeking the cameras with shit head Biden
  9. They also label it as "horse dewormer." Well yeah, it works for horses, but also dogs, humans, etc. So many dumbfucks in this country, and the media helps absolutely zero with their "we're the sole arbiters of truth" high and mighty bullshit mentality.
  10. Matt

    Google Fi ??

    Think that would incur roaming rates but TBH I'd need to check. I don't pay that close of attention to my bill to remember how it handles my trips to Canada.
  11. Matt

    Google Fi ??

    I've used Fi for years. Biggest selling point for me is the international roaming. Whereas other carriers rape you with a splintered baseball bat as soon as you try to use international data, Fi gives you data in any country at LTE speeds (or better) at the same rate you pay domestically. This includes tethering. In the northwoods of WI, it mostly uses Sprint (now TMo) and USCellular towers. I switched from Verizon to Fi 5 years ago and haven't missed a beat.
  12. If ISIS could be taken out by air alone, we would have been done there by 2005.
  13. Chinese by far. Terrible hygiene, no manners. They show up in a bus, shove everyone else out of the way, and leave a mess. Most of them are farm or rural folks with new money and no sense of how to get along in a modern society. Guess that's expected when you lived in a third world country all your life until 15 years ago.
  14. SMDH Vaccines absolutely, unequivocally, without question reduce your chances of getting sick, and dramatically reduce your chances of death from 'rona. We have all the data we need to say this with 100% certainty. It's not a magic shield, but the vaccinated are not dying in any large numbers.
  15. It could definitely have gone better with some decent planning and strategy. However. If 2500 troops as a security force was keeping the whole damn country from collapsing, maybe staying wasn't the worst idea ever. We have more than 10x that in Japan, Korea, Qatar, Germany...
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