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  1. Guy died out here in AZ a few years ago when a loose wheel hopped the divider and went through his windshield. It's scary how much energy is in something that heavy rotating at highway RPM. In the case of this video, it wasn't lug nuts. You can see the brake disc still in place at the end when it comes back and hits him again. This was a hub failure. It looked like it may have taken out the truck's brakes. To his credit, he did a decent job getting his rig off the road.
  2. What is it about Wisconsin and Minnesota that creates so many lefty freaks who think they belong anywhere near a position of power?
  3. Would be cool if it could draft up legal documents. Could save a bundle on useless lawyers writing legal-ese in their self-sustaining business model.
  4. Man they're going way north before turning west
  5. That whole agency is corrupt. I knew Chad a little. He was widely regarded as the best waterski tournament boat driver in history before he went down for this. https://apnews.com/article/louisiana-new-orleans-sentencing-us-drug-enforcement-administration-83cdfbdc94ef01a4c4f312f237f22e74
  6. OK. Simple really. TL,DR: Inflation and countermeasures have downstream impacts... __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Biden kept the free money tap wide open during COVID. Started under Trump and continued and expanded under Biden. He should have shut off the tap way earlier but he didn't want to do something unpopular. Sooooo, inflation. Money was already cheap as hell before COVID, then we added a bunch more of it artificially to the economy. Combine that with idiotic lockdown-induced supply shortages and sc
  7. I got approval on Thursday to open up 4 new headcount on my team with a starting base salary of $150-175k. I had two veterans as candidates for these roles. That's off the table now. This is how stupid monetary policy fucks people out of opportunities.
  8. The ramifications of this are far-reaching. All the VCs running on SVB bent Powell right over a barrel and said "Get the gimp" It's his interest rate hikes that fucked over SVB and the tech sector... but it's largely Biden's fault for flushing the market with $$$
  9. Over 80% of venture-backed startups bank with SVB, and the vast majority have millions with them. This is potentially devastating. Tens of thousands of tech workers might not get paid on the 15th.
  10. I'm sure the left has cast out Dr. Wolf for this op-ed...
  11. Let's boot all these old fuckwits... I won't vote for anyone over the age of 60 for the rest of my life.
  12. Kinda, but not really. The U2 is slow and a sitting duck for SAMs, and any enemy worth a damn knows exactly when the satellites pass over head. The SR71 has the advantage of that unpredictable speed, and with an operational ceiling higher than that of the U2, can cover more territory in a side-scanning action just outside of enemy airspace than the U2 can.
  13. Wish they'd bring back the SR-71... That thing was so fucking cool... Back when this country built cool, impossible things.
  14. Glad to see you're still alive and kicking man! Even though you're as fucked as a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest politically speaking.
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