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  1. I remember that guy. HDen. He was definitely a Frenchie.
  2. A sweet 3 into 1 triple might be enough to get me to move back to the snowbelt.
  3. Polaris 600 and 700 cc class engines were always excellent. I expect this 650 will be fine. Poo just can't build a twin over 700. They should take their 600 and slap a third cylinder on it with a sweet 3 into 1 and call it the XLT 900. That'd be a blast.
  4. worked for me, was just really slow to load. VR1 SOTY makes sense. Can't imagine Cat or Yamaha ever legitimately having a contender again, so it leaves it to Poo or Doo and whoever has the newest whiz-bang rider experience feature or new chassis/engine combo. Polaris has both this year.
  5. Matt

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    If that's trademarked, I wouldn't use it
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