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  1. So they copied the matryx chassis and IQ racer bodywork. Flattering
  2. The fact TCU didn't get beaten badly should be enough to keep them in it. SEC fanbois are already crying that Bama or Tenn should be in. They still believe they're the toughest conference even though they don't play a full schedule of conference opponents.
  3. Dynotech Jim is like the John Dee of horsepowerz
  4. Watched it on my flight to Taiwan. Probably watch it again on the way home in a couple weeks. Good enough to repeat.
  5. No equivalency between Musk's comments and Apple helping the CCP suppress protests.
  6. Apple has rolled out an update for Iphones in China that limits air-drop capabilities. Protestors were using Air Drop to share files and information without going through the Great Firewall. Apple also threatening to pull Twitter from the App Store over "free speech" concerns. Jobs would be turning in his grave if he knew his tech was being used to silence speech, especially dissent against dictatorial regimes. FUCK Apple...
  7. Conventional wisdom here in Taiwan is that zero covid policy is a test to see just how far the CCP can push the public until they crack. Plausible IMO.
  8. Xi has a closing window. His economy is being crippled by the Zero Covid policy and aging population. He really has 3-5 years to attempt to reunify or lose his chance.
  9. I'm in Taiwan now. The Taiwanese are kinda pissed about TSMC and other companies moving their most bleeding edge tech off the island. The thinking is that that tech being made here gives them some assurances that the West will help keep China at bay. Once that leverage disappears, the West is far less likely to help repel an invasion. It sucks. The Taiwanese are great people.
  10. Nowhere near the toxicity in AZ there is in WI. After living though the Walker era, AZ is a cakewalk.
  11. The guy went on TV 3 days a week and spoke openly of classified information. He was the front man for the Steele Dossier hoax that cost the American people hundreds of millions in tax dollars and untold productivity/prosperity that could have come from letting the Trump team work. He committed perjury on several occasions. If I could pick 3 politicians to face a military tribunal and firing squad, he'd be at the top of the list. This has to happen to scare the others straight. If there aren't consequences for these people, it's time for revolution. Seriously. Both sides
  12. Imagine quitting your job because you were asked to work...
  13. Starlink and vanlife will ruin the backcountry if it keeps being such a fad. I'm surprised there haven't been more stories about millenial van dorks getting stranded in the mountain snows and having to abandon van until spring.
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