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  1. Matt

    Meme thread

    That's a midwest thing. Arizona is absolutely crawling with 40 year old women who are hotter than the sun. But nothing tops Asia for that. My god...
  2. From the two guys on this site who probably cheer for Drago when they watch Rocky IV...
  3. You guys up there really should find a way to hang Trudeau. Like actually kill him until he dies from it, in public. I can't think of a leader in modern history that's more thoroughly destroyed the culture of a western republic than he has. Trump isn't even close. At least Trump gets A's and B's for economy, foreign/domestic policies, border policy, etc.
  4. Matt

    Meme thread

    Looks like ol creepy Joe is doing a bang-up job with the Black union voter.
  5. Matt

    Meme thread

    prototypical Dem voter
  6. Sorry Muslims. You are lower on the hierarchy of oppression than the alphabet people, specifically, the T's, who've successfully inserted themselves at the top. You can get fucked with the rest of the religious types. -JT
  7. Matt

    Meme thread

    I just think it's hilarious that AI figured out how to make perfect hogans before it figured out fingers.
  8. Let's hope so. That squad they fielded yesterday would get blown off the field by Detroit. With the production from the young WRs so far this year, Watson coming back to stretch the field, and Aaron Jones ready to go, GB is a much more formidable team.
  9. I have SiriusXM with the new truck. I was able to hear Wayne's "Dagger" call on the missed FG, then flip over in time to hear sad sack Paul Allen with the call on yet another Vikings collapse. Badgers won Fri, Sat was amazing day of CFB, then yesterday... gloriouse weekend of foosball.
  10. I still hear from Barb on occasion. She liked my Instagram story this morning lol
  11. It's crazy. All the dem "thought leaders" on Twitter posted two things this morning. All within an hour of each other. First is "where are the dems crying about the DoJ." Second is "if Menendez resigns, so should Clarence Thomas." This gets parroted by mindless NPC types. Hilarious, but also scary how tightly the dem machine controls simple minds.
  12. Of course the Dems are all in favor of this. It's basically modern day slave labor done by brown people. Dems LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE them some brown slaves, amirite? So what if it's resulting in thousands of fentanyl deaths? So what if it's resulting in rape, murder, etc of American citizens? So what if it's taking job opportunities from the lower class, limiting their upward mobility and ensuring they remain dependent on the state?
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