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  1. Doing this drive with my RV in-tow starting on Friday. When I can do this with an EV without needing to stop to charge for an hour every 90 miles, I'm 100% in.
  2. Good thing I suppose is that if BLM trashes Ohio, nobody will really be able to tell they were there.
  3. Louis CK and Bill Burr are top shelf. I never thought Clay or Kinnison were that great. Best old comedy that's stood the test of time for me is Pryor.
  4. There were already tons of poorer families here taking advantage of this. I love to see it expanded. Currently, it's used about 50/50 by poorer and well-heeled families. It's a program that's truly benefitting all. Test scores from kids in the charter schools are several points above public education levels when compared across class and demographic lines. Fuck the teacher's union.
  5. Would be a heck of a project. There's quite an elevation gain to deal with though. Powell's above 3k'.
  6. I mean, all that water does just end up flowing out to the gulf. Makes more sense to tap that than the harebrained scheme of sticking a big straw into Lake Michigan.
  7. I know. The dems want it this way. That's why they teach children about rainbow anal beads instead of civics these days.
  8. Matt

    The Boys

    Started it this week based on this thread. I'm a few episodes in and it's starting to get better. I LMAO last night at the scene in "Good for the Soul" with Butcher picked up the super baby and used him as a weapon.
  9. Matt


    We have black widows and scorpions here in AZ and I'll take those any day over deer ticks. My uncle just spent a week in the hospital with a 104 fever and such lethargy he slept for 37 hours straight. When he'd wake, he was super delirious. He had anaplasmosis from a deer tick bite. It took the docs several rounds of testing to work out what was wrong with him. We thought he was a goner at 67 years old. He's not exactly the picture of health so the disease progressed pretty far with him. https://www.cdc.gov/anaplasmosis/symptoms/index.html
  10. I know. This is the pee tapes all over again.
  11. There's a titty bar not far from us known for their humorous signs. Right now it reads "Nobody wants to twerk anymore. Now hiring."
  12. Nah man. Trump was the master at calling "shotgun." He was up front. Lol
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