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  1. The degree to which Joe has failed to stop this virus is beyond the imagination. This is something the admin should have done 12 months ago.
  2. I flew to Oregon to buy my boat with $20k in cash. TSA looked at me like "WTF dude..."
  3. Hispanic chicks come out of adolescence with an absolutely smoking fastball, but tend to lose the heat by their late 20s. See it here in AZ all the time. Of course, that's because by then most of them have 4 kids and a record... but still...
  4. When you promote someone to the highest court based solely on the bases of gender, ethnicity, and ultra liberal rulings, what do you expect?
  5. Nothing he touches doesn't completely fail. Worst president in modern history. I kinda can't believe this tweet is still up.
  6. Friend and I were discussing this the other day. She admitted that Trump was actually pretty good on policy, but she couldn't square the whole "how do I explain 'grab them by the pussy' thing to my 8yo daughter?" Lots of voters like her who voted for Biden but regret it every time they go to the grocery store or gas station.
  7. Biden has killed more people with COVID than Trump did, and eviscerated the morale of the country, and the economy in the process. FDT never trended IIRC. FJB trends every single day... Dems are going to get destroyed in 22 and 24.
  8. I wonder how all the smarmy liberal fucks with their Teslas feel about Saint Elon being redpilled. And of course, he's African American, so if they sell their Telsas, it's racist.
  9. I actually liked his first response to her when he called her Senator Karen. lol
  10. Pretty sure MC was a failed abortion. They clearly vacuumed out the brain but somehow the body has survived to adulthood. That's the only way you can equate vacuuming the brain out of a baby with defending the second amendment.
  11. Sweet! I'd love to rebuild an old '89 Indy 650 and get the matching leathers, just because that was the most badass thing on snow when I was a kid just getting into sledding at 10 years old. Get me one of those Polaris Wedge helmets too. Think we still have 4 or 5 of those in the basement.
  12. This analysis is racist since it doesn't break down earners by ethnicity and status on the LGBQ+($%@* spectrum. Also, Democratic voters don't understand percentages. Someone making 100k per year and getting 11% back gets $11k back. Someone making 1M per year and getting 6% back gets $60k back. "Not paying their fair share" they'll all scream...
  13. There's an online retailer selling "not my president" shirts of both Trump and Biden, but he charges 11% more for the Trump shirt because of the Democrats' inflation.
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