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  1. How is the land being worked??? You can't plow it, run a tractor over it... Zero capability to cut hay, or raise any commercial crops.
  2. It's not fraud, or wrong if you're a Dumbocrat. . . . Buying drinks near the poll, the dead voting...it's been a way of life since The Tweed Administration
  3. Is it just too simplistic to do it by eye???? that's what I've seen my local Arctic Cat do for ever....
  4. I have been looking for a new home for over a year... 1). Inventory is thin too none existent. 2). Owners seem apprehensive to list homes, as they too don't know what they can buy 3). Seeing caveats on sales contracts, that void contract if seller can't find replacement property. 4). You only have a month or so after selling to purchase or be under contract, to avoid paying capital gains taxes on the sale. 5). Seeing + hearing the same lines....people asking three times more since COVID. With 4 parcels to sell. + close on, it's almost impossible to reinvest eve
  5. Then Chateau Dust will bring a premium price for it's aged patina . . . . . Aged to perfection, with the perfect amount of dust
  6. Must be a tough neighborhood, when the barn dust has rocks in it.
  7. Six digits is cheap money for cars that go Seven digits at Auction..... Trouble is you can spend seven digits restoring them
  8. It's a Chinese Corporation harvesting information......
  9. Sadly, i remember the sleds parked on snowbanks around the bars in Western Massachusetts, back in the 90's.... Kind of like biker bars..... Ride from bar to bar for another drink.....
  10. A grass roots fight..... Yes, let's see more states be pro American
  11. Try that in NYC.... the kid would be facing weapons charges , attempted man slaughter, hate crimes . . . . . Sorry Bart, you should have let them take Lisa.... and waited for the police .
  12. It's not dead.... It just needs reinventing itself.... Bring back the trans / gay / & lesbian commercials & cater 100% to them..... The products image is degraded to an embarrassing level for a mass market....
  13. ICG

    Bearing grease

    Mobil 1 Red Synthetic grease...hasn't failed me yet....use it in all wheel bearings, fittings etc.... Have some outdated Valvoline Synthetic Aviation bearing grease..... probably never run out of grease for the bearings....
  14. . A Samurai Sword is lethal in the right.hands... Face reality, every invention has been altered to be a weapon of war.
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