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  1. So Bad, that it will sell out with in the hour when released . . . .
  2. PLease . . . .get your shots !!! Two, three, four, get your fill like the Buffet line.... It's good for my stock 401 retirement plan . .
  3. ICG


    Just can't fix STUPID. !!!!! Still remember a drunk driving by the Keep Out sign and riding up Mt. Sunapee Ski Resort. . . .
  4. Isn't their a reality show " Dating your daughters friends" . . . Her tips have to be killer
  5. This started about hitch weight..campers used to have weight distribution arms that leveled or lessened a heavy tongue weight. ???? Are they still in production? I opted for a simpler solution.... Doubled the springs on my dually...
  6. ICG

    When You Die?

    They'll probably register me as a Democrat + I'll vote for eternity. . .
  7. ICG

    When You Die?

    They'll probably register me as a Democrat + I'll vote for eternity. . .
  8. Any experiences snowmobiling in the Cody, Wyoming area? Was it a good spot to access Yellowstone? Any feedback welcome ... Considering a home / farm in the area
  9. Fortunately, a couple of dollars for an electric governor / speed control for the throttle would make it safer for less physically fit (or handi capped) person's who grab a little to much throttle . . . Already heard sister in laws complaining years back. Easy fix with fly by wire technology
  10. A friend took out a kidney hitting a pine tree or something years back riding on the farm...almost killed him. Stubborn person fought the ambulance crew. Wife prevailed, he went reluctantly.... I bought one 15 years back from a club selling them online. They /Tec Vest run huge...like a size or two smaller than your jacket. No way is mine as thin as a fleece jacket. Kinda warm 🥵 , and holds the body tight like a back brace. No idea how well the market embraced this safety gear. No regrets, wish I had it when I kissed a tree.
  11. 🙂. Nice. . did Santa deliver a club membership and trail work application ?
  12. Of course they have 0 - 100 mph in mere feet...riding on snow and ice.
  13. Comfortably, I could put TEN Yamaha's on my dually.... (possibly overweight on scales). Now for, that Ski Doo twin track racer, that's another matter.
  14. Yamahas aren't heavy ... Didn't you see the Yamaha DVD with Bunny weighing Yamaha against the competition.....
  15. I'm old fashioned..... I prefer a Snowbank to back up to load or unload.... drive up relatively slow into the back of the truck....gently back off onto the snowbank. Those hydraulic decks look pretty tempting....Unfortunately, I don't have my 1 ton truck any more.
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