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  1. I bought my VX from Brownells, fior about 250.... Some time back. Nice scope, only bought it , due to very limited scopes ,& budget. Black +;$500 should give you lots of choices.
  2. And the budget is,$350 max ..... Zeiss, Leica, Swavorski .... Aren't in the popular price budget. Looking through a scope will tell a lot t about the image, light , clarity . . .
  3. Being open minded.... We, are talking about an aluminum tube and ground glass lenses. St just what point are you paying for hype? Looked at Vortex scopes at Cabela's .. image looked good indoors .. Bought a Leupold VX, as there were few scopes in silver and prices were wild. Bought on sale + delivered. Look through it.... That was my test.
  4. ICG


    Kamala and AOC are on Target . . . It's time to let Americans have their rights as they had in 1776. . . Let them make an educated decision with their M.D. Make the FDA an administrative department with advisory capacity only . . . Let the consumer ( mandated) have access to any new experimental drugs for stage 3 or 4, medical condition or any condition their M.D. feels will help . . DEA . . . Strip their fangs . . . Been chewing coca leaves for 2000 years. . . . Caveat Emptor . . . Make your own choices. Lawyers . . . Cut their tongues short . . . Eleminate standing
  5. Magic words. . . Can you save the deductible? Of course they can cheat the car....
  6. Montana received it's share of Western transplants in Flat Head County.
  7. Montana, is nuts for prices in the last year... Idaho, makes Montana look affordable.
  8. Yes, we need.more bad people like him, that manufacture goods in the USA with American labor.
  9. If a Mountain view, scenic valley or nudist beach suddenly arrives , that's visible from any point on your property..... They will shake you more to pay for someone else's child's education.
  10. Yes, New Hampshire does have a view tax.....
  11. Vermont has been a magnet for liberals since the 1960's . . . . Writers, painters, and others moving bring in their bad 😞 social beliefs .
  12. Wild card.....do you believe insurance carriers will deny coverage for fire losses, while this Stop Ride Recall is being resolved?
  13. Yes, Putin could die laughing at them.
  14. Ok, can anyone introduce me to them? Very happy to donate a hefty finders fee. . . Offers Learjet to Breckenridge, food lodging. Month in Tortola - BVI - luxury townhouse. Hatteras Sports fisherman 61' -Caribbean fishing . Cabo - Bill fishing A Villa on Lake Como + a Riva my old Ferrari - needs a new home A lot of plastic surgery (upgrades for wife, mistress - I won't ask who) Insider trading tips . . . . . . .
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