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  1. FOUR 600hp outboards on a 40' - 50' center console or offshore racer, will be a 🔥 hot seller for boaters with deep pockets + big egos . . . Mercury will sell every one they can build for years to come.
  2. Excellent defense/ screen from neighborhood rats
  3. . $6.49 last Fuel up... Thanks.
  4. Roe v. Wade may not have the same implications it had in the 1960's + early 1970's, . . . Back then there were botched up back room abortions, . . Coat hangers . . .and the well too do. Leaving the area. Hell, with UTube instructions and a home procedure kit from an online vendor, almost anyone could do a home abortion in the comforts of their home. Probably be quicker and cheaper! Maybe people are missing the silver lining.
  5. It certainly would be at our interests to Federalize the nuclear reactors, and let The Department of the NAVY, run them in the same manor as they operate their boats... Atomic boats are used with out incident. Next, time to start designing the next generation of power plants. France has a very interesting nuclear power program . . . We're going to need more electricity to charge the yuppies Porsche and Range Rovers . . .
  6. Maybe over kill.... But I followed Polaris's recommendations. since my first new Indy 400 . . 1. Treat fuel. 2. Run to get treated fuel in carbs. 3. Fog engine .. 4. Pull spark plugs + 1 Oz oil per cylinder. Slowly turn over by hand to distribute oil. Reinstall spark plugs. 5. Drain carburetors 6. Drain fuel tank / seal inlets. 7. Steel wool in exhaust tail pipe. Cover exhaust discharge with small can. Cover / seal Airbox to keep mice out. 8. Silicone spray engine compartment. 9. Silicone spray undercarriage. 10. W
  7. Leak or not, it's intent is to sway the court with public outcry and pressure. Bernie Sanders is right on, wanting immediate federal laws passed to protect abortion rights. The Constitution was written to protect citizens from big government, not to have it infringe on personal liberty. Reality Check . . . Put the issue to ballot! Let the women vote 🗳 on the policies affecting them.
  8. Sure would be encouraging too see some dash cam / helmet cam images. Was hoping to see some WOW Prototype on the 19th... but that materialize after the big wait.
  9. Forgot to add food + beer for garage night repairs
  10. A little Dura Glass... grinding discs . ... Bedliner to the roof .... And off to mudding, it goes! Worste case scenario, cut off a used panel ... attach it .
  11. People are too lazy to bend over + wash the underside of a vehicle . . Salt , Silt get into every crack + crazy holding moisture accelerating the decay of metal. . .
  12. What a sack of Tyranny + Sensorship, just what the Crown delivered before 1776. . . the Brits and their human rights abuses
  13. A Marathon is a great unit to buy used. Excellent quality, great chassis. Prevost chassis is a great start... custom built to your likings.
  14. That Must be the reason the hospital stopped using.the drug. Ugly Ugly Ugly side affects....
  15. Nasty stuff.... . MD used it for anesthesia during colonoscopy . . NASTY side effects... saw monsters for several nights . . . What kind of Idiot would use Fentanyl for recreation.
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