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  1. Please, even a Poly Anna could find optimism in Bidenomics or being on the Titanic as it's sinking
  2. MC That's a loaded question.... Did you mean both decks? Single or double stack racks? ICG doesn't ask alot of questions...very soundproof, structural fortress.... Building is on the market, you would have to check the math for the size of your bodies It comfortably fits 10 Ferrari's or Aston Martin's, in a storm you might squeeze an extra one in. ( first floor only) I can accommodate three more in my attached garage.
  3. Big trucks with 50' boxes are the worst.... Me, store everything I doors, no ice, rain, less fading... Every guy should have a 10 car 🚗 garage
  4. Wow....it's great, but 16 participant's is too limited to celebrate the end of cancer.... đŸ˜ĸ Sadly, why limit it to 600 cancer victims...it may be a wonder drug ....so, we take it away and the hope of remission to the rest of people suffering from cancer. God, this county is F up with beauracricy and the FDA. Maybe a good political enema to clean out the FDA, and let us have access to anything invented quickly
  5. Wow . . . a judge with some common sense... I'm a super liberal socially - bean counter that wants to turn a profit and do the right thing. Incarceration doesn't give anything back to society.... This judge turned a negative into a positive... Hopefully, it's a lesson that will make Ms. Hayne a better person in this world. We, OVSC ( Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club) had a convicted criminal, doing community service for our club. Myself, I feel he was unjustly persecuted for his business enterprises . .. . But, he was a better person helping, learning and giving ba
  6. My 1980 Scout II Turbo Diesel met it's Waterloo hitting the wall in front of the Black Blazer...salt does wonders for a steel body.. driving in the barn, standing on the clutch + brakes, the body moves up.....stopped the Scout hitting the wall & killing the engine...in retrospect I wish I saved the chassis... Crude, but so simple. Now, the Blazer sits taking up valuable real estate space.
  7. But that's what I saw in a Texas Wal-Mart ten years ago.....
  8. John If they don't lose it, UPS should be delivering a đŸ“Ļ box with change falling through the cracks, after they dropped it a few times tomanny. . . 😂
  9. Nice tease..... Wish there were more images.... can't have it all Years back, one snow check order (raffle winner) was invited to spend the day at the factory while their sled was being built. Nice once in s lifetime VIP treatment....
  10. Maybe Arctic Cat will make a full production run of Catalyst before " gone fishing" again. . . This was the only 🐈 Cat I could find this season . . . . But, atleast the climate control & 🕹ī¸ joysticks are great . . .
  11. When your world has been attacked for eons, you grow thick skin and learn to defend and protect it, as your life depends on it
  12. The Jewish & Israeli community would see it more of a preservation defense
  13. Plain old price gouging đŸ˜ĸ.... Give it time, their will big discounts when AC goes out. . . .
  14. It's the holiday season , we should be charitable.... Serve them a buffet of artillery fire, rpgs, flame throwers, biological weapons, chemical weapons, germ warfare, billions of cheap bullets. . . . Let's not be cheap for Holliday giving .... May God bless Israel
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