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  1. Hell no. You did everything to keep your parents from knowing you got roughed up by a teacher or principal.
  2. Have some family up there and they were saying the same. Things are getting real bad here, but you probably don’t hear about it on your news.
  3. Saddest part is how these kids are squandering their youth. Riddled with anxiety. Remember jumping in the car with your buddies and going on trips? Not a care in the world.
  4. Yup! Walked out of it at 17. My son did the same.
  5. They are all filthy whores!!!!!
  6. Like I said….never been. What’s to do in Wisconsin?
  7. Never been, but isn’t Wisconsin basically Ohio …. Minus the amusement parks. Sounds like there may be a lot of cheese ? Can’t say I have ever heard anyone say they are taking the family to Wisconsin for a fun week of vacation.
  8. Yeah, I kind of think a lot of it was our parents beat the living shit out of us. So we went too far in the other direction and it has continued. Shit , back in my day it would be nothing for a neighbor, teacher, or family member to start teeing off on you if you were getting out of line. Now! Holy fuck are you using negative words with my child????!!! We only do positive reinforcement.
  9. Yup! Abusing animals is usually a good sign you have a psychopath. Completely convinced my nephew is a psycho. Caught him several times when he was young being mean to dogs. My father in law confronted him about some minor thing. He stared him right in the eyes and told him “don’t worry, you will be dead soon anyway “. In HS now, just had an incident where he put his hands on a girl’s throat. Sister-in-law is in complete denial. Kid ain’t right, never has been.
  10. OmG! I couldn’t make it through. If that was my kid, I would punch his mama in the face for birthing him.
  11. He is pouring coffee!!! Crying at work? My God we are in trouble. This faggot doesn’t even know what hard work is.
  12. Mom nailed it . No conscience whatsoever. Do you think twice about killing a fly? Feel bad after? This exactly how it is to kill a human being for what seems like a lot nowadays. No laws or politicians can fix this. Stop looking at them for answers.
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