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  1. I started 5,800 Trump threads on a quasi snowmobile site.
  2. Anything about destroying peoples businesses and stripping rights away, faggot.
  3. For sure. unless you’re a safe looking older white woman , best you’re going to get is a beady eyed stare from behind a mask.
  4. It is better they keep it to the internet. Sucks when you get behind one of these guys when you’re waiting in line, and they have the poor person working the counter as a captive audience. I got shit to do you lonely old fuck…move it along!!!! Go get a Facebook.🙄
  5. Loneliness is sad, especially in old men.
  6. The entire country is in upheaval and some how this isn’t even news.
  7. It is absolutely crazy! A local county banned on YouTube for having discussion on Covid and letting people with different opinions speak. It truly is unreal what is happening.
  8. Watching this on news…. What a fucked up country we have become. City has already issued apology and is initiating sensitive training, she will get the $250,000, no doubt.
  9. Not hard to understand if you possess a shred of empathy.
  10. Let me be clear. I don’t give a fuck about the R/D game. I want this cunts foot off my throat. Your whole premise is to deflect away from your glaring hypocrisy. You won’t even address what happened to Craig because it would mean admitting racism and fascism is fine when you disagree, or dislike a person. For someone who constantly whines about the topic being turned around to attack him personally, you certainly have no problem doing the same. You excuse your behavior by saying you have no choice but to work within the system, but yet , you criticize me for doing the same. D
  11. And you're no different. How fast you go from the U S is a racist shit hole to deflecting and defending racism when it is someone you don't agree with. exactly why I posted it. Propaganda? It is a clear civil rights violation and ethnic intimidation. If someone paid them to do it, they should be charged accordingly. As far as Whitmer, she is an authoritative, fascist, cunt. I will proudly cast a vote against her. Because just like a communist with a I phone, this is the system I currently find myself in.
  12. Ill just wait for the comments about how these people should be shot or jailed for disrupting democracy. Couldn’t help noticing Whitmer wasn’t asked to condemn or blamed for the violence. Really big issue for her , when it is directed at her.
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