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  1. No it means happiness is a state of mind and has nothing to do with material goods.
  2. It is hard to keep up with. Is he the master troller or the poor victim the whole board gangs up on?
  3. Seth Rogan, Eddie Murphy, etc. all threw themselves to the mercy of the left, begging for forgiveness from what made them rich and famous. Give that money away if it was so wrong and hurtful.
  4. It is a cult like religion. As long as you repent and attack people on the right, all is forgiven. They have been showing man show clips on tik tock . The ones with the fat kid making comments to women are hilarious. Completely ignored by the left. Black face Kimmel?
  5. What do you expect. He has a long history of racist and demoralizing actions towards blacks and women. His dwindling career would end tomorrow if didn’t cower to the left.
  6. No not always. Believe me people are not shy when it comes to explaining to you why they have a car and why they need their car. Normal people will explain the situation and you will do your best to make it happen. Getting your car repaired safely and quickly benefits the shop as well. No one is dragging their feet just to inconvenience a customer. Post Covid, there is no promising anything. Completely different world.
  7. Under da socialism…..no one will have dirty hands from working. It is all floating and partying.
  8. Damn, that pisses me off!!! People are assholes.
  9. They thought they were the shit! wife’s hair was actually tame in that picture. She was famous for the highest hair in HS . Her hair is still talked about to this day, when we run into people we went to school with. Win!
  10. How funny! Looked cool with the tongue hanging out of your high top shoes .
  11. Going through some old pictures the other night. Wife and her friend going to see Def leppard in the 80’s
  12. I had a sweet designer style mullet in the 80’s . Good old aqua net! Like spraying 3m trim adhesive on your head.
  13. What’s to discuss? 100% spot on. we have a bullshit problem in this country. Some think lazy little kiddies posting memes have it all figured out.
  14. Our shop teacher was cool with it, until the guys who used to dip were spitting their shit in trash can. Janitor told the principal kids were using tobacco in class, teacher got bitched out and it all came to an end.
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