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  1. Football, we sit in our seats and watch game. Baseball, maybe a couple innings. Rest of the time it is just a big party. I don’t think I have ever sat and watched 9 innings of baseball.
  2. Im done with this worthless winter! Bring on the warm weather. Going to be a chilly opener.
  3. I thought it was interesting and have always said. We are kind of local socialites and hang with like minded people. Definitely, been my experience. At weddings, I see couples who rarely drink together. Having drinks and next thing you know they are dancing together, pawing all over each other like teenagers. Everyone should hang with their spouse at least once a month. Take her out, wine and dine her, bang the hell out of her! My marriage advice. Been together 33 years also.
  4. Stay together, are happier, and have the best marriages. I agree!
  5. Political rallies are Meaningless to everyone who doesn’t live in a bubble. Going to the “rally” tomorrow! 60 thousand people freezing their asses off, drinking in the streets.
  6. Yeah, its kind of funny. You go to the shows with all these beautiful high dollar cars and every one is flocking around the rat rods. You can only look at so many Camaros, chevelles , corvettes.
  7. The days of a shiny paint job and a set of wheels are pretty much over. You really have to push the envelope to get your car noticed now. My dads mustang. Never driven, other than to put it on and off trailer. Not for me. I wouldn’t own a car, I wouldn’t drive.
  8. Yeah, some of those guys are nuts. we have done a couple, where they came in with nice shiny paint jobs and we sanded em down and repainted with lacquer. kind of weird, making a car look worse than when it came in. probably done more corvettes than anything. i had a guy bought a new frame, every bolt, screw, fastener. completely disassembled his car and rebuilt it from a bare frame. motor, trans, rear end, interior. all new. it was a pretty fun project.
  9. Right! the new metal destroys the bits. shitty job, having to cut anything apart like that.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. Most people don’t know what all original is anyway. The cars you are driving today are perfect. Nothing like older cars. The paint and fit on them were awful. I like my car, but am I owning a hot rod with a 175 hp. Motor? Hell no! Let my wife worry about resale, when I die.
  11. Damn. Lot of work. I hate drilling spot welds. Couldn’t pull the floor? Rails look pretty straight.
  12. Yup. Paint jobs like that don’t come out of a gun.
  13. It is worse than I thought. How sad and pathetic some peoples lives are.
  14. Always loved these. I remember when they first came out. Guy had one down at Woodward. Pulled into the gas station and had a huge crowd around it. He let all the kids sit in it have their pictures taken. Pretty cool of him.
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