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  1. Time of the season for the media to start pushing this silly shit, again. you'll blow up your engine!!!!
  2. This summer. He is taking it out on nice days to put miles on it. 3year warranty that will be voided if you rev it over 4k .
  3. He still has over a 1000mi to go before he can romp on it. Sounds awesome!
  4. I miss a real tree. Always got one when the kids were growing up, then we started spending Christmases in Florida. Grandkids are at the perfect age this year for Christmas. Having little kids around again, who believe in Santa, makes it fun again. Looking forward to being home.
  5. We haven’t had a decent tree in years. Bought a puny fake one to put up this year. Too sad to post up.
  6. Going to spend the holidays here this year, then we bolting on va-k . 🌴🍻
  7. Toes in the water……ass in the sand. Not a worry in the world, cold beer in my hand.
  8. Most worthless pos things ever invented! I finally threw the set I had out a couple of years ago. Why the hell am I hanging on to these damn things!!!!
  9. Best thing that has happened in American politics in awhile. Hilarious watching Libs bash the jews and then have to walk it back hours later. No one gets to play both sides on this one.
  10. Same here. I did get a replacement. Snapped blade and they sent me a new one.
  11. He’s OG . got respect in the black communities.
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