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  1. She back on the market. Not quite what it was back then.
  2. Or he was just leaping to the ground for a quick 50 rep of push ups.
  3. Free WI-FI in the park!!!!! In broad daylight, crowd of people. Police need your help identifying suspects. 🙄
  4. A lot would love to go back to those days. ^^^^^^
  5. yah, what a shame. Used to like to go couple times a year. Never go back now.
  6. yup. When that woman judge from Florida finally said enough with the air travel bullshit someone went after her like she stole his purse. Remember how the left was going to destroy her to keep people wearing masks? Fucking cunts!!!!
  7. What a surprise….. Ugly, friendless, shut ins, had no problem with lockdowns. 🙄
  8. SIL ride. Said it feels way faster than his HellCat, but lame it makes no noise.
  9. Ron flipakowski tells me what to think..not you!!!!!!!!!
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