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  1. Because it’s not real. People post what they want others to see and believe about them.
  2. I like the band, thought we might have some friendly banter. Guess that was a hard NO!!!!!!
  3. Never would of thought you to be a motorhead fan. Talk about a band that never got their dues. They blazed the trail.
  4. I don’t hear anything….you better go check on them.
  5. Oh for sure. We had the grandkids out on the boat all day. No tablets are coming with them. Just pointing out what a dramatic behavior effect these screens have on young minds.
  6. Most grown adults can not handle the internet. What do you think it does to children with developing minds and no impulse control?
  7. They certainly seem to be causing a lot of problems lately. What if gender confusion is an indicator of mental illness?? Nah, no, sorry, crazy talk!
  8. More Addictive than crack. Pretty interesting yesterday. Had the whole family over, the little ones were going crazy. Swinging, fighting, running, jumping on everyone. Daughter gets sick of yelling at them and out comes the tablets . Instant zombies! Oblivious to everyone and everything. More bad than good imo.
  9. Joe says angry voting for more people like this will keep you safe. 75% of Dems think the media is honest.
  10. The cozy coupe . We owned one.
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