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  1. Any details on the new Ski Doo XC sled?
  2. Apparently you don't watch snocross, Yurk was good last year and Benham was good on Cat before he switched to Doo last year.
  3. SE Wisconsin had a epic year last year, we got snow New Years weekend and I rode every weekend until March, I put on over 1000 miles without putting my sled on a trailer
  4. They have Benham and Yurk back on the new Snocross Team
  5. Benham is back on Cat with the All Finish Concrete Team
  6. My 2001 ZR440 was a timebomb, I took out a couple cylinders and pistons with that thing.
  7. Is that going to be the new Cat Team?
  8. In the Logan article on the ISOC website they mention the season not starting until January, Duluth must be off the schedule this year.
  9. Great info, any word where Yurk is going? He was a good rider last year.
  10. Now Logan Christian is going to Schuering this year
  11. I have a 2018 R-XC, those hoods are easy to take off, finally a Cat improvement!!
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