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  1. Interesting, thanks for the info!
  2. Sounds like Andy Pake won't be back at Thene Motorsports next year.
  3. That's weird, what I read he was coming back down the hill when it happened.
  4. Herf wrapped up Pro Open points today with a win at Spirit Mountain.
  5. No, he is related to the Hibbert's
  6. Your right, Team Hibbert would have been great! Kirk is a great wrench, now he is wrenching on Garth's Ski Doo Hill Climb sleds
  7. Bester is another ex-Cat rider that Cat let go
  8. Herf won Pro Open and Pro Factory today
  9. Look like Whitecap should have a good course tomorrow.
  10. I was hoping Lebel would clinch it today and try Pro tomorrow
  11. Lorenz was pushing hard, good race, Anson did great from the back row
  12. I just tuned in, why didn't Yurk start the last race?
  13. Lebel is fast, he should go Pro next year
  14. I kept my 97 ZR for bombing around the KM Forest (the forest is always open) on those low snow days.
  15. Looks like there is plenty of snow at Geneva, should be a good track this year. https://www.grandgeneva.com/ski-snow-sports/ski-cam-feed
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