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  1. I hope this shit doesn't start with the ISOC races this year also, let's move on with this COVID bullshit!
  2. Pine Lake Postponed This announcement does not come easy but after many discussions with ISR, manufacturers, and reviewing COVID protocols we are having to postpone this weekends event scheduled for Pine Lake, a number key crew have been in close contact with someone that has tested
  3. If you guys want to enter the race, I might concerned coming out of retirement and doing another cross country race in the Masters 50+. The last racing I did was MRP and then the Northwoods Challenge.
  4. A black guy runs down a bunch of white people and their is no riots or no mention of racism. If a white guy did that in a black parade, they would have burned down the city.
  5. Does yours have front ski shocks? A buddy of mine pick up his at the dealer yesterday, uncrated last night. No top chain gear and no front shocks.
  6. The XC's are getting built this week
  7. ISOC got rid of the inverted start on the Pro Final The inverted start in the Pro final has been eliminated and those qualifying for the Pro main event will now be seeded straight up according their finishes in the two rounds of preliminary heat races.
  8. Scheuring started making snow
  9. Cool, did you put in a larger fuel tank?
  10. New Years Eve Day last year in SE WI
  11. Any details on the new Ski Doo XC sled?
  12. Apparently you don't watch snocross, Yurk was good last year and Benham was good on Cat before he switched to Doo last year.
  13. SE Wisconsin had a epic year last year, we got snow New Years weekend and I rode every weekend until March, I put on over 1000 miles without putting my sled on a trailer
  14. They have Benham and Yurk back on the new Snocross Team
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