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  1. We won't know the actual mileage, they changed the gearing on the sleds
  2. Benham had a concussion last weekend, they said he will be back this weekend
  3. It's a short track also, looks like they used all the snow to put this event on
  4. What circuit did you race at?
  5. The only reason they raced at Eagle River is because of COVID, they haven't gone back there since
  6. What ever, you are clueless! Have you ever raced a snowmobile? Drag racing doesn't count
  7. ISOC, who do you think?
  8. They did a big mistake not going to Lake Geneva this year, my favorite track to race on and the best spectator viewing by far
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'll still watch every race, not new, I raced in MRP days and the early days of ISOC, if you haven't raced in a snocross race, those holes out there are brutal
  10. Yeah, they are down to 10 pros racing? You think that's good?
  11. Benham must be hurt, great no Cats in the Pro class, boring
  12. Another win in pro open on the the Catalyst sled!
  13. That's cool, I have been following them since they left
  14. Herf was on the dirty sno podcast last week, he said they still plan on running the Catalyst in the Pro Open yet this year in Cor, only 3 races left, next one on a unplowed lake
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