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  1. Whiplash, Hacksaw ridge, Inglorious bastards, True romance, Secondhand Lions, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  2. Acurate lawn and garden on Pembina for Ariens.... don't go to HD.
  3. There are always a bunch at your local range on consignment to try.... you'll know the right one when you shoot it.
  4. I can be a cheapass, but I won't ride without it. Specifically for the backpack wearing, stand up, active off trail rider. https://tekrider.com/collections/tekvest/products/the-crossover
  5. only place atvs aren't allowed is where the trail crosses private land. ...it isn't cool to wreck what sledders pay to maintain, but there's no law against it.
  6. Arduino vs evil.... Eastern Canadians say the funniest shit. "Swedish nut lathe"
  7. Minus the Mohawk helmet, we have a big group of 40+ year olds.... we ride offtrail as hard as our bodies allow.... with go pro's...and backpacks , and we never sit down... it isn't trail riding punk wannabe ricky racers.... That isn't drinking... your liver kills off a shot an hour, so those two drinks are completely gone by the time you hit the parking lot. One drink at lunch is a waste of time. If guys were having one an hour, then WGAF. Its when they get into it a bit harder that its straight to no.
  8. Rib steak, Montreal steak spice. I don't need to eat again till Tuesday.
  9. Winnipeg and Steinbach have these kiosks since last year.... now you can walk in first, and if you're a bit slow on the ordering, you can be 15th in line if others are quick at the kiosk. Gladly I only go to McDonalds once or twice a year.
  10. Those statements contradict themselves.... and ORV's aren't allowed to travel on roads at all. They are only allowed to cross. In MB, you have coverage no matter how stupid you are, unless as stated, you ignore warning signs.
  11. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/2-trucks-plunge-through-ice-on-red-river-1.660852 Insurance will likely cover trucks Brian Smiley, spokesman for Manitoba Public Insurance, said over-eager ice fishermen are usually behind vehicles that fall through ice. Most of the incidents are covered by insurance, he said. "We don't often punish for stupidity, for lack of a better word," he said. "The vehicle owner certainly would be questioned, they would be spoken to, perhaps even a bit of a safety lecture, but at the end of the day, their truck would probably be covered." H
  12. In Manitoba, You have coverage no matter where you operate your vehicle. As far as on closed roads... : https://www.portageonline.com/local/mpi-closed-smiley-3pm A spokesperson for Manitoba Public Insurance says it is an urban myth that Autopac coverage is void if a motorist is involved in a collision on a closed highway. Some major highways in southern Manitoba have been closed on two separate occasions since Christmas as the result of stormy weather. But Brian Smiley says if someone chooses to venture out onto a highway that is closed, they will still have insurance
  13. I find the insurance thing to be strange... you have coverage for going through the ice on a lake ffs....
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