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  1. Yes, the cables will have a memory. The sharper the bend the more they will stay that way. When they are bent it reduces the downforce and how they will contact the snow. For the offseason I store mine in the down position. During the season I will leave them up though.
  2. That should work. If it were me (and its not) I would have moved it back behind the bogey wheels, right where your brackets are now. There was a spec on how far they should be mounted above the bottom of the hyfax. That would help with the tight bend the cable is at. The good thing is your rails aren't painted so you can always move them later if it doesn't work as planned. Just chalk the extra holes up to weight savings.
  3. Think we will ever see proper open mod sleds like this again in pro?
  4. Based on the penalty I thought it may have been jumping on the yellow. Wouldn't be racing without some controversies!
  5. Apparently Norum was bumped from 3rd to 6th for a "post-race infraction". No one has said what this was. So Lincoln got 3rd last night.
  6. For anyone wondering what happened with the pileup in the final. Pelletier blew a belt and Kamm lawn darted into him. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3823468794387678&id=246489852085608&sfnsn=mo
  7. Next round is in Deadwood, SD in two weeks. It's a super small and tight track. The holeshot will be key. What will make it even more challenging for the tuners is the short starting line. I'll take Lincoln Lemieux as the overall weekend winner. I think Ishoel gets a bad hole shot and can't get through the pack. Hopefully there is two viable lines so the faster sleds can get through without getting caught in the roost. Schedule: https://snocross.com/wp-content/uploads/2020-2021_Event_Schedule_03_DEADWOOD_96PPI.pdf Livestream: https://snocross.com/livestream/
  8. Good weekend of racing considering the limited snow and an oval course. I liked the track design Friday night better than Saturday. The doubles just turn into a massive whoops section instead of a rhythm section like they are supposed to be. Deadwood is in two weeks which is by far my least favorite track. Always thought it would be fun to drive out for the races but the track just doesn't seem worth it.
  9. Saturday has the jr classes in the morning so they usually cut down on the big jumps and make it a little more friendly to those classes.
  10. Staying here. This thread is for round 3 and 4. I'll start a new one tomorrow for round 5/6 that is in Deadwood in two weeks. They are on dinner break now. Racing starts in about 20 minutes.
  11. Stream starts at 11. Did you guys catch this last night? And your number one qualifier, riding an Arctic Cat, racing for Crocs, Culver's, Build-a-Bear, and the Democratic National Committee. He's racing out of College Park, Georgia. His name..... Zam Broski!!!
  12. Ishoel is crazy fast but looks out of control all the time. Tucker was smooth and fast, made it look easy. Benham is really struggling this season. Thought he would be mixing it up with the top three. Christian and Lemmiux are the surprise standouts to me this year.
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