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  1. Since I almost missed it, I'm guessing I'll do the same thing or worse next time? That's the first time I have been down the Blueberry trail so I had no idea that corner was coming. Our guide sure didn't warn us.
  2. It's getting very thin. Gonna be a short season if they don't get some more snow. We rode from Beaver Bay to the Skyport today. Tough all the way up to Lutsen then its pretty good yet north of there.
  3. Update isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Still some good riding out there it sounds like. Get out while you can. The brisker next weekend could get interesting!
  4. It will be bad. Corners down to rocks and snirt I bet. Last Sunday wasn't great, even by Silver Bay headed towards the Trestle. I've sure wrecked a lot carbides and studs this year.
  5. Maybe after the ride. They need all their senses about them if they are going to keep up.
  6. I use a Turtle Wax spray on wax. They have a couple different kinds I have used over the years. The plastics one works good but stays a bit greasy, like Armor All kind of. Pledge or Plexus would work fine too.
  7. Another 135 on today. Ran from Tofte to Hungry Jack. We stopped at Skyport around 10 am. They said the kitchen wasn't open but that was fine, I was there for coffee. They had just ran out of fuel. Went through 1000 gallons in 2.5 days. $4.50 a gallon. Took the G up to Hungry Jack from there. Good lunch and then back down the X. Cook County trailed are "groomed" but still rough. They started grooming so late it will be another couple weeks before they get things straightened out.
  8. Best trails of the entire season today. Woke up to low single digits and winds gusting over 40 mph. Ended up getting on 202 miles with @X2700. Rode from Tofte and took the state trail south. It was groomed last night and we got to make the first tracks. Splash of gas in Finland and then down the state trail towards Two Harbors. Snow it a little thinner down that way but still good. Went down to the Rustic Inn for some coffee, chili, and wild rice soup to warm up. After lunch we boogied up the state trail in record time. Got to the turnoff for the Tomahawk and Trestle but we t
  9. Going to try the trails around Silver Bay this weekend. Sounds like a shot of snow Thursday, just enough to keep the sleds cool. Saturday's high might not be above freezing. Gonna be a chilly one! @Fireball 440 How was the Yukon holding up?
  10. The 650 is a runner for sure. Thought it had real good power, a lot of additional low end compared to the 600 Polaris and Cat motors. Tough to tell how much without studs to really compare them to side by side. The new body work and riding position really changed a lot of the complaints I had with the AXYS. The gauges are worth the money for the trail maps alone. The rest of the functionality I don't think is really worth it. The windshield was fine. In the quality department, the condensation in the headlights wasn't acceptable. I'm sure Polaris will be warrantying a bunch of them
  11. Paging @f7ben, cleanup in the General Snowmobile Forum.
  12. Indy Dan will build you one for $3k. https://www.indyspecialty.com/product-page/short-rod-850-patriot
  13. Here is a quote from C-note on Arctic Chat. Sounds like even the new tanks from Cat aren't much good so you might as well just fix it yourself. Or find a used tank. Measure I.D. of filler neck, find some PVC that is slightly larger in O.D., using whatever method is easiest for a person to accomplish with, reduce PVC's O.D. to just the "slightest" of an "interference fit".. Enough that if you were to insert PVC into neck, it will remain in place ONLY do to slight contact... Then, make insert sleeve approx 1/8" LONGER than filler necks "top" to "bottoms" edge, 3M makes a two part c
  14. 2-4" expected it looks like. You are going to need alot more than that before trails are in good shape. Between the lack of snow and all the restaurants closed it's a bad start to the season. Snow will come but probably a couple more weeks at least.
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