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  1. Tax fraud must be wrapped up with the incoming indictment.
  2. Mines all FDIC insured anyways until I get into retirement accounts at Fidelity. Don't keep more than $250k in one account.
  3. Did you buy in Utah? We have been out there the last 2 years. Incredible state. I've considered southern Utah, St George area.
  4. Something like around 5% of their deposit accounts were under the $250k FDIC insurance amount. Bunch of people getting IOUs today.
  5. 50 bps increase at the next fed meeting unless the CPI is way down next week.
  6. Yikes. The stock trading was halted yesterday pending news. Now the FDIC took it over. Bank stocks are getting hammered.
  7. The Suburban is like a modern day ark, 2 of everything in preparation for a good snow storm!
  8. Thought you would wear a set out before that long with how many trips you make. Saw a 2 place flipped over on top of a 4 place with an Arctic Cat on the way home yesterday. I hate trailers. Throw it in the back of my truck and go.
  9. Saturday hopefully. Trails here still had some base left. Got another few inches today that will slow down the melting. Flying out first thing Sunday morning.
  10. Storm brewing for later this week. They haven't said much about it other than there is a possibility. John Dee saying 8-12 which is actually less than the models are showing right now.
  11. Wellstone International High in downtown Minneapolis spends $28,199 per student and 0 of the 130 students were proficient at grade level in math. More money isn't the answer to our problems in education. https://www.americanexperiment.org/0-not-a-single-student-proficient-in-math-at-19-minnesota-schools/
  12. I love drilling holes on a brand new $20k snowmobile just so I can ride it! Those are a real PITA to install. The two rivets by the tail light can't be installed without removing the tail light. So what's that, 8 rivets drilled and replaced to install a snowflap? My flap ended up like yours with the holes almost pulled through. I replaced the rivets with stainless steel screws. I used to run my Procross with the Duraflex scratchers down a lot. This year on my Lynx I've only run the Doo spring style scratchers down for a few miles. The sled design and setup (sag) makes a huge
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