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  1. That's the capital I spent on those vehicles, i.e. what I paid for them. The photo is the value today, the difference being depreciation. Biggest maintenance expense we have is brakes and tires. Brakes on an EV might not wear out as quick but they will get rotted out just like any other vehicle. Are you paying cash for these solar panels and EVs?
  2. About $60k into all of these but they have depreciated over the years. I'd be lucky to trade all three of these in for a new Nissan Leaf.
  3. How much capital do you have in all the electric vehicles and solar panels?
  4. It's not just Walmart. $400 million. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, and all sorts of other retailers have the same problem. It's not some kid pocketing a few batteries either. It's organized crime that goes in, steals high value or easy to sell items, and sells them for a profit. The loss prevention teams at all these stores are talking with each other. The last time I was at the Fleetfarm in your hood the manager was running across the parking lot after a shoplifter.
  5. How much How much will you have spent between all the electric cars and solar panels?
  6. If only there were a way to look up commodity prices and trend them over time...
  7. Thanks for the non PayPal link. My PP was closed before they caught up with all the misinformation I was spreading.
  8. https://www.wsj.com/articles/couples-who-combine-finances-are-happier-so-why-dont-more-do-it-11670174525?st=b0zsmf6nimengug&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink We tried the separate finances with one joint account, it didn't work. Joint finances for married couples is the way to go. We plan and budget together to meet our goals.
  9. It's all good until consumers deplete their savings, run up their credit cards, and ultimately lose their jobs.
  10. 50 bps likely in December. The hikes are working but the fed came way too late to the party. Turns out holding rates at or near zero for long periods of time is bad monetary policy.
  11. Elon needs the cheap money to pump the Tesla stock. The fed was asleep at the wheel. The market seems to think the fed is going to pivot soon. We are a LONG ways away from their target of 2% inflation. A lot of people are going to need to lose their jobs to bring inflation down that far.
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