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  1. This seems like a more practical solution than to try to separate all the raw materials and make new blades. Recycling the mixture of resin with glass and carbon would be extremely difficult and expensive I would think.
  2. I know, but every once in awhile I take the time to sink his battleship.
  3. Truck drivers aren't in any danger of being replaced by tech any time soon. I have sat in on the meetings, it isn't even close to being able to happen.
  4. Call it a month, 3 weeks, whatever. This is from August 16th to today. @Polaris 550 if you haven't put in your order for your new boat yet you probably aren't getting one.
  5. Hey @Polaris 550, you got any money left? What a beating the market has taken over the last month.
  6. Well, when he explains the life cycle of the average six oh he is pretty much spot on. If you are going to run a diesel nowadays, you better have 10K+ pounds behind it, permanently. Anything else, get the 7.3 L gasser. The gasser brings the level of complexity (and cost) back 30 years. Just a cast iron block, push rod, V8, with some modern day refinements to increase efficiency. Not real complicated. The diesel has all the emissions system, plus EGR, plus the high pressure common rail fuel system.
  7. They already are, it's called cities, like Duluf.
  8. To go boxes? You have some work to do if it takes that long. My dad had my SIL crying in her car and on the way home during a week long vacation before the first meal was done. Obesity is up even high among children.
  9. You might want to send something that fragile with the Polaris boys. If their motors hold up that long they will be by, I'm sure, eventually.
  10. Can you make it at far as the Rustic Inn or is that a saddle bagger for you?
  11. There are 40+ candidates for CA governor. The winner doesn't even need to come close to getting the majority of the votes. If the D vote is spread around and Rs rally behind Elder, he can definitely win. RCP average has Elder up 27 points. Nothing is over until the votes are counted and results certified. See below. Sure thing.
  12. Can't have any exposed skin between the pit coat and Crocs. Don't want his cankles to get cold.
  13. They already spent $100M on defending Newsom and flew in all the top socialists from DC to defend him. In one of the deepest blue states in the country that is a win. Good thing for Newsom is that the polls have never been wrong before!
  14. It will be closer than the polls are showing but likely that Newsom does not get recalled. Probably less than a 5 point margin. Interestingly, the last time California had a Republican Governor was during a recall election when Arnold won.
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