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  1. Better beef up the servers to handle the traffic.
  2. 1.45% from both the employee and employer isn't going to cut it. Social security and Medicare took in $1.61 trillion and paid out $2.2 trillion. They are going to have to cut the benefits and increase the taxes to make it work long term.
  3. LOL! You need some examples? I'm no biologist but I can think of a few.
  4. Every once in awhile we will see a Wildcat. Beyond that, no AC dirt products. Never seen anyone on the new Alterra they released a couple years back.
  5. Yup, two massive egos at play here. Biden finally reaching the position he has wanted for decades, he isn't going to step aside. Even if he did, Kamala would think she is next in line and no one wants anything to do with her.
  6. @X2700 and I went to a Wisconsin fish fry on Friday night that wasn't all you can eat. Before covid it was all you can eat fish AND chicken for $16. They have stolen everything from us.
  7. Current democrat senator, Bob Menendez, was charged by Biden's democrat controlled justice department of taking bars of gold from Egypt. Save your breath about Clarence Thomas.
  8. A black coffee at the airport is $5 and they want to spin the tablet around for a tip? I have no problem going through the different screens to get to 0% and spin it back around for them. Is Culver's still solid or have we lost that too?
  9. This might help bring more people back into the hospitality industry? Restaurants, hotels, etc. are just awful now. Almost every meal I eat out is a disappointment these days. I rejected a hotel room for the first time the other day and I stay in a lot of different places. No daily room service either, have to go to the front desk to get anything. I end up staying in the cheaper places, taking the lowest cost flights, and eating at fast casual places. If I'm going to be disappointed, at least I won't feel cheated.
  10. You can't tell these executives to avoid doing the "current thing", it's all they want to do and talk about.
  11. That reminds me of @spin_dry's favorite child. Even Tesla is taking a major beating.
  12. Think of all the dealerships out there Ford pushed to spend around a $1 million to be able to sell their EVs and then 2 years later comes back and says nah, nevermind, your competitor that didn't invest that still gets to sell the EVs too. Ford is bleeding cash on their EV program and needs these vehicles on every dealership lot. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/06/13/ford-ends-ev-dealership-program.html
  13. Or when Biden vaporized the Afghanis who they claimed were terrorists getting ready to attack us but were actually just charity workers hauling around water?
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