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  1. I have been using Royal Oak 100% charcoal pellets with good results, while not as flavorful as using charcoal it's a nice compromise and are not affected by moisture. Get mine at Tractor Supply
  2. difference is they built a Redline and they were awesome too bad they petered out
  3. only time I have tipped them over is from operator error not due to sled, been riding doos for years and never had issues, but carry on
  4. none of them do so what's your point, doo has a fairly good set up from the factory so minor adjustments and good to go, been riding since 1975 so have a few trick up my sleeve
  5. mine corners on rails as I take the time to dial them in as with all my sleds
  6. should have booted him before he dragged snotty into no mans land IMO....NOone too
  7. I am doing fine watching you and your butt buddy badger fighting like you're a married couple fills the void
  8. there's a cc rule concerning sled crashing? or is that a Canookistan thing, 'cause here in the states there is no size restrictions on what you feel like wrecking, if you bought it you can break it
  9. hard to tell who has the most corrupt screw the citizen liberal government, the US or Canada, it's like a competition
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