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  1. mines a '15 if I could find a leftover or low mileage 1 I might get a second for the wife, great sled for sure, the current 1 is FI and not all the etec/ptech shit
  2. Same sled, love the carbed 600 and a 600 efi cat for the wife 20201220_120817.mp4
  3. these un-predictable winters is why I will hang onto a sled for a few years, not worth buying new every couple years, my '15 has just shy of 2k on the clock due to shit winters, but is paid for
  4. I prefer the twin tracks over the Tucker, I liked the NH but it was cumbersum for the area I take care of and no one else liked it, I am pushing for a tractor set up like what your describing or another twin track Prinroth/Bombi or Piston Bully, I am not a fan of the Tucker
  5. mine which is why I can get away with the FUCK CUOMO sticker in the upper left back window
  6. oh and I can leave CE, I just choose not to often
  7. I know there is some minor difference between 340 singles and 335 but not sure what it is
  8. this is my $100 "72 340 fieabay find, cost me more to go to Pa. to get it than I paid for it. cleaned carb, fresh gas and plugs and fired on 3rd pull 1200 original miles with factory slide, only needs repro. seat to make it a unrestored classic. got to get reg for my state then can run on trails
  9. Pennzoil Plus semi-synthetic in my Doos for last 15 years no issues or fouled plugs and $20 a gal at autozone
  10. hills are the problem but some of our operators like to partake while grooming which is why we are looking more towards limited slip over the full lockers, they might forget to disengage them and fuck something up
  11. yup NH tractor conversion, LMC and Bell units here just sold NH and bought a tucker, we are discussing whether or not to put air lockers or limited slip units in tucker
  12. I got a set of pnumatic dolly wheels for the 1st gen('03-'07) revs, they slip into the open spindles work great will add pics later $30+ shipping. no longer have that model rev so cant use any more
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