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  1. of course you win polls when all you poll is democrats
  2. Damn I feel lame this weekend, only hots and burgers
  3. the old guy probably killed some japs in combat, MCsniffles should be praising him
  4. Dem majority in NY has destroyed the state hope Zeldin pulls this off, its our only chance now
  5. 4 more back ups going to Binghamton didn't get down there until almost 2 a lot of road work in our area this year
  6. After having to wait to load every load and getting stuck in 5 back ups on the highway some Little steaks, shish kabobs and sliced portobello shrooms and beer to relax....Rigid will know where I am stuck by the flag
  7. Good they need to stick with oil production and leave farming to the Midwest and northeast
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