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  1. thats's the problem, everyone looks the other way then we end up with this shit
  2. I started coughing while using my gas stove from the smoke.............................coming from the shit that damn gas stove burnt on me, I want compensation damnit
  3. good guesses, around 150 maybe only about 1/4 inch behind leading edge, little water to cool it down about 5 min. clean up time with skid loader
  4. Care to guess how much is on the ground? Not as much as you would think
  5. Liquid asphalt isn't going to be a problem after it cools, roll it up like a carpet, won't seep into the ground, wonder if it was on its way to our place, we get a lot of tankers from out there
  6. With this the '22-'23 season is a rap, put more mile on my Ranger on the trails doing trail work and zero miles on the sled
  7. prepubesantboyrider is clearly a product of "no child left behind"
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