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  1. sure as fuck not the trash crossing the border
  2. Ain't skeered, married with 3 daughters you can't scare me
  3. After picking on Zambonie HSR is worse than a faggot he's Canadian
  4. Just close the fucking border and put a stop to this bullshit you stupid fuck
  5. Some baby backs on the Boss today
  6. more than likely feeding insects in the Grand Teton National Park
  7. I agree but non the less we have to close this border until they get a handle on it, the only thing the current admin. deserves is to be led out to the rose garden and shot....publicly
  8. that fucking idiot would be picking himself of the floor needing some items from the pharmacy
  9. As stupid as it is in NYC show you papers or get the fuck out, doesn't matter what flavor you skin is
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