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  1. i am sure glad that I have made my "greasy truckdriver, emotional wreck" 6 figure a year career known, can't wait for my 4 months off to reflect on my bad life choices
  2. to be honest NY/NYC has been underwater ever since we got a dumbacrat majority legislature
  3. you canookistan citizens are sure emotional
  4. And your beloved leader dress up as a slave
  5. elementary school level special needs student says what
  6. Time for another 1776 style house cleaning
  7. Some strip steaks, taking advantage of the nice temperatures due to climate change
  8. maybe this will wash all the illegals that have been showing up down the drains and out to sea, win win for NY
  9. expected response from the site dumb fuck, but by all means carry on
  10. Good fucking God will you ever think for yourself and not follow the dem narrative fucking dumbfuck
  11. Now if Schumer, mitch, Nancy and a large number of these dinosaurs start taking dirt naps maybe we can start to turn things around
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