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  1. I have been fucking with these since I was 10 years old, this is the eighth one I have started and changed scales with this one, and no matter what anybody says they are never done LOL
  2. Still a work in progress plenty of time for "mishaps "
  3. the only things I crash when stoned is my model trains, when I am not paying attention, and they only fall 4' to the carpet
  4. or a drone flown by a stoner photographer crashes through your windshield
  5. why bother, CE is the one where the most feelings get hurt therefore the most entertaining
  6. that's the least of your problems, just sayin'
  7. Is using your wife's name going to get me a vacation?
  8. I am not your average dumb fuck boomer
  9. jenny, jenny who can I turn to
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