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  1. I will be happy if that is all it is. just seems too good to be true. but I cannot figure out how it could be a scam or what the scam would be. wondered if anyone else had heard of anything.
  2. if they are doing that, I do not care. I just care if it is a scam. I get what I want for it, they make some more off it flipping it, good for them.
  3. 2010 F150 listed on kijiji. nice truck, but a few issues, reasonable price, getting a ton of calls/inquiries from Windsor area for lowest as is price. they want to come buy it sight unseen, as is. some of them are even pushy about it.. something doesn't seem right. is it a scam or are they just flipping them in the states for more money? cant figure out how it would be a scam and why they are all coming from Windsor area.
  4. that makes more sense I guess, not what I envisioned by your original post.
  5. pretty sad/stupid. barn boards, beams can be worth a few bucks.
  6. that's not so bad then. don't remember what fuel was at in '15 but I think it was higher. that include much towing? im scared to look/figure out how much I spent in fuel....thought 10k was outrageous but probably isnt
  7. are your numbers in L/100km or mpg? seems like first are in L/100km and then you switch to mpg at the end? and how are you spending $10K on gas a year at 30,000 km driving?
  8. so which way did you go and how did you make out?
  9. sounds like your good to go then. yellow because of a few washouts is a likely cause this year.. and the majority of the trail is probably fine.
  10. if you're set on leaving from parry sound, then that's the way to go. not rode those trails this year but have lots in years past. lots of yellow. not a good sign.
  11. that'll likely be a lot of subpar conditions until you hit the argyle riders trails. but best of luck! not sure where you're parking but they're pretty adamant about no overnight parking at the petrocan at seguin.
  12. if you go that way, take the lake trail. do not take the land trail. 600 all the way up. or at least to D102C as Reevster said. The lake trail up is only yellow, and lower half of land trail is still red but top half is green. those trails can be good but they can be very bad. you should be okay if you go 600 to D102C. even C is still showing as yellow...
  13. Bombardier Inc., who got the loan, has nothing to do with Bombardier Recreational Products - BRP, the makers of ski-doo etc. hasn't for years.......
  14. go the way you have shown to port loring. pop into port loring and get gas at buchanan's pro hardware if you need it. get back on the lake and take AR501 to AR500 to C105D
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