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  1. I had a 97 ZRT 600 because I never could justify the price of any of the big bores around. Now I’ll have that much money into this tcat but at least it’ll be all new and a fully restored 98 thundercat with a “brand new” motor should be worth more than I’ll have into it.
  2. Picked up a 98 Thundercat with some serious issues on the PTO side for $500 with paperwork Monday morning. Figured some of you would be interested in seeing it come back to life and more importantly give me some guidance along the way. The marketplace ad, only one picture and when I called the guy I knew he was older and I wasn’t gonna get much more of a preview out of him. He told me the motor needed to be completely gone through and he thought it was worth under $500. He wouldn’t be around until Monday at 9am so I told him I’d give him 500 if I could get the first shot at it. I rea
  3. Machete? Looks like he’s got a sheath in his other hand and there’s a fuck ton of blood on the ground when he steps ok it’s neck.
  4. I never smoked weed once in my life last week I decided it would be a good idea to try a gummy that was apparently 16mg thc and 50mg delta 8. It was great for the first 5 minutes after it kicked in and then I was fucked up bad 😂. Asked one of my stoner friends how he does that shit all the time and he informed me I should’ve done like 5-10mg at most.
  5. Is that what that’s supposed to be? Looks like a procross headlight someone notched the bezel on. I hope the rest of the sled doesn’t follow that design them.
  6. I think my one buddy finished the season out at 7 sets, the only set that lasted was some EYA’s I gave him (Cat plugs, another fix it kit?). The other one that you’re referring to had a cracked head and 11 sets of plugs 500 miles.
  7. I thought the 4 wheel, LED and front arm came out in 17 as part of the next Gen hype. Not the first time I’ve been wrong lol
  8. 17* RXC came out with the ctec and next Gen plastics in 17 with the RS
  9. Anyone else notice Herf stopped riding the “joker” mod the second half of the season?
  10. A grienf of mine was a close friend of his and built and raced sleds with that crew. I met him a few times when I used to race my buddies mod stock turbo. Really nice guy and they built some badass sleds. Sad situation and definitely some sort of crazy freak accident.
  11. Kinda wanted the RXC more this year (wanted to order one last year but couldn’t) in case they pull the old haydays switcheroo on preorder RXCs again.
  12. Unless you’re riding hard you’re never getting into the stroke of the QS3R’s and therefor they are not compliant. They’re not progressive at all and only get “great” the harder you ride. Just for shits and giggles I put my sled on full soft compression on my last ride, kept my sag set the same (2/3) with the springs and was doing 75-85 down a blown out rail bed with a rock hard ice base and bottomed the front arm out one time. My 18 limited all adjustable shocks on 3 and spring blocks set to 3/3 I would’ve bottomed out the skid on probably 40-50% of the holes. If you’re just putting around and
  13. I used the heaviest degreaser I have found and acetone on mine that I only got to put 300 miles on this winter and the backs of the side panels still aren’t clean. They look good but boy do they suck to keep looking good. The black panels on the new RXC will remedy that issue though.
  14. You couldn’t get the shocks you need with the handlebar adjust option on the sled you wanted so you got a different sled with completely different shocks, that are way too stiff for your riding style? No that does not make sense.
  15. Yep they’re cool too, moved in with my girlfriend about a year ago and noticed one of the neighbors had a safari wagon in the driveway. Stopped one day when I saw him outside and he showed me the wagon then kind of snuck away while I was checking it out and opened 2 garage doors which revealed a 400/4 gear GTO and a 400/4 firebird. The gto he has owned since 70 or 72 and all 3 cars were 67s. But back on topic, Arctic cat sucks and Jimmy still needs a lobotomy.
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