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  1. Be careful using that slogan I had a local dealer owner reach out to my girlfriend (who was tagged in my profile picture) to tell on me for using it in a derogatory sense. Someone asked why ski doos are so expensive in a Facebook group and I simply stated no reason for it but you have to “bend over to get #ThatSkiDooFeeling”
  2. Looks like Poo is Gina win this one too. Bunkes got an 8 second faster lap than herf and 2 laps faster than Herfs fastest
  3. Interesting, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a ski Doo guy that rides hard, he’s got an 1.5 ice slipper though so he undoubtedly feels like he’s going fast everywhere and the speedo will agree with him. The 100 miles in a day comment made me chuckle for a 2 year old sled with 3 good rides on it.
  4. These guys are hill drag guys. It’s a 14 or 15 xf 800. Sleds in great shape clutches are brand new I’m guessing because they ran different ones to race. Anything that is fuck upable by hands of man is fucked up though. Luckily he didn’t pay too much for it. He told me it was a hill drag sled and only trail ridden a handful of times, when I pulled the hood off and saw their name on the ecu I knew things weren’t gonna get better from my original once over. We had a lot of issues with these guys when I used to race my buddies mod stock turbo sled so I have a different opinion of them than most. A
  5. Something with where we are in earths magnetic field or something scientific like that I think.😂 the “race team” made a picture of this sled their cover photo for their Facebook page last night. Almost posted a couple of transformation pics for them but I refrained.
  6. I just started my own business working on boats and powersports this year so I think I’m gonna lay low on this one. Normally it would’ve been out for the world to see. One or two things looked over is one thing but this $1000 probably in parts is a little ridiculous.
  7. Not only are the prices insane but the level of junk being sold is through the roof as well. This sled was just bought with 1400 miles on it from a “well respected” (to people that don’t know them) “race team” that races in and puts on hill drags here in New York. Not pictured are the set screws missing from the clutch weights, incorrect sheave adjuster for the secondary, secondary bolt almost falling out after parking lot time, half of the exhaust springs missing and only the 2 top hood screws holding the hood on. Only 4 of the 10 chaincase tabs were snapped off from being over tightened thou
  8. G4 ski doos are absolutely hideous. Barney cats are up there but not as bad, the 10s and 11s with a tunnel behind the seat are semi decent looking imo. The matryx isn’t awful but they could gain a lot from making the Cruella De Vil shoulder pads a little shorter.
  9. Fuck that’s probably it…. He drilled all the holes except the most important one
  10. It shows him as a dnf in qualifying on the cor Facebook page. Might’ve drilled to many holes in that mod sled
  11. Herf didn’t even make it through qualifying? Anyone know what happened
  12. I’d say it’s 5 model years old. Because, well that’s how old it is.
  13. I like him and he’s definitely fast but it seems like he’s hurt for a majority of every season.
  14. That’s at least a decent price (right now) for that sled, well depending on the price of factree graphics.
  15. Let me guess….. Yurk was a crash and will be out for the season?
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