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  1. My guess is same 2003 underperforming front end geometry, 2008 bulkhead and tunnel with new plastics and some nice KYBs that make base polaris W/E and LXR Cat shocks seem valved ready for snocross.
  2. I mean big thanks to Textron for keeping cat on life support for the last 3-4 years, undoubtedly they’d be gone without them, but please do something or sell it at this point, preferably the latter.
  3. I’m guessing maybe because 139 designs and a few others already have them out there for the big sleds? I tried to get a few companies to do an 02 ZR CC style wrap for my RR last year and absolutely nobody could pull it off so maybe Thomas and AI should get on that one.
  4. Might want to check Wes’s Instagram. Going to polaris is my guess based off him having a polaris mountain sled for sale
  5. Went through the 19 600 a few days ago that’s ready to go for the season now. Have the 92 Jag special in for a top end now and a guy dropped off a ZRT 600 and Thundercat for me to go through. Zert needs a stator and the thundercat needs the stupid reverse pin that all early cats eat up once a season. Gonna go through the clutches on both of them and do preseasons too.
  6. I locked up the brakes and turned around in Pittsburg NH last winter for what I thought was a go pro in the trail last year. It was a square zip up sewing kit with waterproof matches in it. I did find a brand new leatt brace in the trail one time though.
  7. A friend of a friend out by me has built a few conversion tanks under the seat for the 19(?) and up SX. I can get his info for you if you’d like. I think they’re 9 or 10 gallons.
  8. New Cat dealer just popped up locally. Announced it will be Cat and Kawi added to a so far very successful Yamaha dealership.
  9. 99 440 fan (my neighbors), next and last was an 05 carb MXZX 600. Boot ripped on that one.
  10. 2001 all green TCat 77 el tigre triple pipe swapped formula 3 700 74 GPX 433 92 wildcat mountaincat. Weird one but dad had one of them when I was a kid with some work done to it and it ripped. Would go good with the 92 Jag and EXT specials I have too.
  11. Window for ashing your grits. Even though I’ve never smoked lol. 4wd on the floor not an electric switch that’s almost always fucked uP when you need it. Honestly the best thing about the 2 first gen Cummins I’ve had is the ball cooler vent just in front of the door, ram air right through the inner fender and up your shorts.
  12. The problem is that all the guys that had passion for the brand ran it into the ground. Guys like Troy Halvorson and Brian Dick should be making the important product affecting decisions at Cat (with minimal textron oversite just to stop them before they completely fuck up) I won’t buy another procross or at least this “generation” procross. I buy new every 2 years generally. It’s not that I don’t like the sleds and they don’t fit me but if I’m gonna spend another $15k in 2024 it better be different than my last 3 sleds.
  13. Well after checking prices on a couple different configurations of XCR I called my cat dealer and gave him my card number for a new RR
  14. Even into the 2000s. The 03(?) firecat “where’s the freakin green one” commercial is one of the only ads that o remember clearly from my childhood lol. Whoever they have doing their marketing now now is horrible, they need some serious advice in that department from their old friends up the road in Roseau.
  15. Sun and snow recreation right in Utica is where I go. There isn’t a better powersports dealer that I’ve ever been to.
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