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  1. You missed the guy who wanted to know what the warranty was gonna be like the other day.
  2. It is still the least watered down of all of them but allegedly the XCR this year was beefed back up to reasonable specs, I’d like to try one out. Skid is obviously different and track length but has most of the bracing and I BELIEVE the exact same valving as the RXC. I hope it is just an RXC 6/860 no e-start base gauge unit too I just don’t want it to end up being “consumerized” instead of a consumerized version of it in the RR.
  3. It’s ZR6000R-XC already, just like the ZR6000R-SX. I’d rather see them keep the RR moniker than monkey up the RXC for the people who have to have them but don’t need them. Also the XCR is quite a bit different from the Cross Country and the XRS and competition package are quite a bit different. Cats RR is the closest thing to a cross country racer out of the box that’s why everyone bitches about them.
  4. Like the 3rd person I’ve seen say this and I’m very confused. Gen 2 procross all had the 2 dzus and a bolt now they just replaced the bolt with a latch, which polaris doesn’t have because they don’t have an airbox to seal. Surprised to see the Lester’s that wound up about something built outside of Quebec.
  5. It was an exclusive deal. Looks like cat won’t be the only one with a lopsided headlight
  6. Trails actually close at barneveld they got less snow than we did in Utica this last event. Yes although I’m not sure what came out of it was the correct PN based on the ones we found to go back in
  7. The pic is of Utica. They got about 5” Friday and 8-10 Sunday into Monday so finally opened the trails so I could ride right out of my garage.
  8. The worlds most expensive 17 RXC went 40 miles tonight. Gonna pull the y pipe off tomorrow and double check everything but it seems to be all good to go.
  9. This was when I sold my 18. I had a guy on the way with $8500 to buy it and this guy went on and on about how it wasn’t worth any more than 6 lol.
  10. The mid 2000s GAS gms are the only good vehicles you can buy relatively decent priced. I got my Tahoe from a fire department auction for $1000 and put 100k on it. Sold it in the spring right at 200. Bought an LBZ duramax from texas and that truck was the biggest pile of shit vehicle I’ve ever owned I pretty much gave it away when the headgaskets went right after I replaced the front diff and every other part that could possibly go bad, even the almighty Allison transmission sucked in that thing. Shoulda kept the Tahoe
  11. You guys gotta get yourselves a 4.8/4l60e. 35k oil change intervals with the cheapest fram conventional you can find and never even look at the trans dipstick. 9000lbs on a well balanced boat trailer and in 4wd you could even move it around the driveway
  12. Put the link in here when you get it and I’ll throw it up in a bunch of the Facebook groups!
  13. Curious with not much changing in the skid is the front end still super planted like the procross or is it lighter like the axys/matryx
  14. He can only run it in the class he’s already won both races in
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