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  1. This one was literally a shack in the middle of the Adirondacks. Under the arctic cat sign was a daisy BB guns song and a cardboard sign for blue tick coon hound puppies. There’s one 3 minutes from my house and 6 more within 2-2.5 hours. Problem is I’m in the middle of the state and only one of those is west of me.
  2. I picked up an NOS temp sender kit and some 020’s for my tcat and a NOS kitty cat wheel kit for 300 bucks from another cat dealer that went out of business this weekend. I thought he had some skis for it too but they ended up being the goofy looking firecat skis
  3. There’s a lot of people “in the know” talking about what’s going on too…
  4. Maybe its strategic because silage is worth more than the actual grain
  5. Gunner pushing the rumor on the podcast this week after giving some solid confirming info last week with the textron CEO in TRF
  6. Well Honda (somehow) made absolute shit piles for jet skis. Speaking of jet skis I think they’re useless but I want an all red Daytona 1000 bad
  7. @racinfarmer Kind of a weird thing for country cat to share… but this comment was on there corroborating the higher ups being there this week.
  8. Probably just gonna have to bring the el tigre and liquifire names back to have both brands
  9. They must be ready to do something Kloety just ran my card for parts from this last season and it’s only May
  10. Their post is all just screenshots of us idiots talking about it though 😂
  11. According to Gunners podcast Derek Kloety (mikes son) told him that the CEO of textron as a whole was going to be at the plant Tuesday as well and nobody knew why.
  12. Just seeing this obviously late to the party but didn’t only the prowlers come with the resis? I thought I remember hearing it was a big deal the ext specials were “supposed” to have them but when they showed up only the prowlers did.
  13. You don’t have the kind of power in your legs that the newly redesigned 600 ctec does and you sure as hell don’t have factory vforce reeds!
  14. Textron sold off huffy a few years back or they’d make it happen
  15. Can’t do that with these hoopty ass belts ready to blow at any minute
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