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  1. See if he can 3d print some decent secondary rollers for those junks next. Wouldn’t be bad replacing them every 250 miles if you didn’t have to use every tool in a machine shop to do them.
  2. I thought Taven was on a cat and their pro lite guy was on a Ski Doo? OTB I was just reporting the “Facebook facts” idk if that was even a half true quote 😂. I think Benham is decent enough in a best of the rest kind of way(like Logan) but Cat needs someone from a Viking country if they want to compete. Yurk showed a lot of potential in the beginning but clearly didn’t drink enough milk when he was younger as idk if he’s ever completed a season.
  3. Allegedly (once again) Benham is staying with Cat and going to Woodies, which is already a manufacturer divided team. It would suck to see Cat pull completely out of SnoX as racinfarmer said what’s really the point? What ROI comes from Snocross? Unless slight tweaks to the catalyst make it a great platform I don’t see cat dumping a ton of money into it for such a niche deal.
  4. Allegedly from what the kid who reported on it and another guy said (he’s got a wicked collection of factory sleds and is tight with a lot of the pros) Cat was trying to play ball and keep things rolling/developing but All Finish wanted to go elsewhere. With neither Poo or Doo picking them up could be more of a team issue but I also don’t know anything about SnoX
  5. Per a reputable cat racing source on Facebook All Finish said the Cat race sleds suck and Doo nor Poo would pick them up so they’re closing up shop. “They might’ve performed better without an extra 25lbs of white vinyl on them.” -Daniel Benham Will there be cats on the Snocross track next year? Maybe they’ll have more time and parts to build RXCs now so I have a chance of getting one through the race program.
  6. I have my girlfriends 19 limited with extras and 1600 miles on it up for 8500 and zero interest lol.
  7. I have those in my sled. I’m assuming that’s what’s on the catalyst unless they’re all new with the tweaked bottom end on the new 600s
  8. I believe the one that blew up was the one that was on fire last week as well. I wonder what the actual total miles for the trip was I don’t think they’ve posted that yet. I don’t care what brand of sled it was I’m impressed that they made it all but the last 100 miles or so without real critical failure. Think about the shit people break in 5000 miles over 4-5 years of actual trail riding and these guys beat the piss out of these things for 5000ish miles in 35 days.
  9. The procross and rush were realistically more “true rider forward” than anything ski Doo had before the G4.
  10. He was plenty helpful trying to help my issues with my sled figured out and gave me some small changes to make to my setup when the tracks got icy in the corners. I think he swept the AXC feature races (600 pro/semi/sport and 850 trail 60 mile races) for the season. He beat one of the maine ski Doo guys in the first one and that guy however was not calm at all.
  11. Facebook, one of their daughters updates it once a day. The post on there says driven clutches is what they’re having issues with.
  12. Well he ran it through a tree and the remnants on the pipe caught on fire. But I’m down for not telling Jim for entertainment sake. I think that was the 2nd or 3rd day too, melted a small hole in the intake they duct taped up. If Rick was there the sled would’ve burned to the ground before he could’ve had the hood off.
  13. A lot of cats and polaris at the AXC races this year. I think there was 2 ski Doos at one of the races out of the trail class. I know there’s a few other guys racing Doo in NEXC but definitely still cat and poo dominated.
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