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  1. He cut the zip ties on the bars to put Rox on it is my bet. The bars and wiring come done from the factory this year (just had to put them up) makes pdi way faster and the Guatemalans in TRF actually did a clean job on them I’ve only been adding one zip tie to the back of the riser for the throttle and brake lines.
  2. Jesus is quite literally a real person from history you dolt.
  3. I don’t know if I’d buy one but the ones at the dealer do look pretty fuckin sharp in person.
  4. Didn’t one of them come back to the pits in a wheelbarrow? I do remember that only like 4 sleds finished that race.
  5. What about the first race where catalyst went 2 for 2 on DNFs
  6. Remember the years when Herf kept “blowing belts” in the open class that resulted in DNFs? I wonder if that was a result of testing the unblowable, nuke proof catalyst belt drive belt
  7. Didn’t someone on here say they saw them building non ES sleds on a factory tour Monday? My 2017/2023 better sell for half of what I have into it before the new one shows up or I’ll be riding that again this year 😂
  8. I feel like Jesse is one of the only snowmobile YouTubers that’s not an idiot
  9. According to the Doo dealer out here for a while if you ordered something online from the ski Doo website it would ship from the closest participating Doo dealer with it in stock. Dealers were crushing sales numbers with this system and buying parts at cost so Doo changed it and now you have to pay retail straight to ski Doo and wait for it to come from them.
  10. Everyone knows Cats are hand built like Ferrari’s, the tunnels are all “bent” on a world war 2 era metal break by Jesse James himself.
  11. Some liquidation company had a ton of mid teens cat driveshafts on eBay last winter. I got the one for my RXC (older pn) for $55 and they were backordered from cat.
  12. I’m surprised it doesn’t have some attempt at a liability cover on it but my understanding is the bolt holes are for the reverse mechanism when the 900 turbo comes, but you’ll have to ask Jim to ask his contacts for confirmation on that.
  13. First catalyst came in, fit and finish is very good, (thank god after what the prototypes looked like).
  14. You’re better off not having studs than one of those fuckin gimmicks. I piss pounded my 19 600 limited for a season with one of those and thought I was gonna die every time a corner came up
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