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  1. 73 year old woman with dementia vs cops, she is accused of walking out of Walmart without paying for a drink and laundry soap and this is how the cops handle this situation with this woman. Body cam footage and footage from inside the police station listen closely to what they say.......... -
  2. D-O-G Say it slow, say it fast, it messes with people especially after a few drinks or puffs What's you dogs name??? D-O-G, try it, some think it's a different language.............. nope it's just Dog spelled out - D-O-G......... D-O-G come here, D-O-G sit.......
  3. VS finds value in every site they purchase and own..........
  4. You can put my dividend payment towards next years membership payment......... Yea I know I'll still owe the fee $25.00........ Has VS made anymore offers to purchase this site??????? - - -
  5. You whiny little fucking CUNT they were chanting USA - USA - USA because it was a 911 celebration/remembrance Don't Like it here in the USA MOVE somewhere else like Afghanistan.............
  6. Someone can change or update this version if they want, I just copy and paste the same old one............
  7. How to prepare yourself for the 2021 - 2022 Snowmobile Season . . . . 1. Go to your local snowmobile shop, smile and give the first guy you see $300. This will get you used to spending money there on a regular basis. 2. Fill a 50-gallon barrel with sand. Lower it into a hole. Now lift it out. If you can, add water to the sand and try it again. Do this 5 times per day. This will get your back in shape for lifting your sled out of the deep snow, four stroke owners repeat 20 times per day 3. Tie a rope to a heavy-duty spring. Pull the rope repeatedly with each arm until the pain in your
  8. I did not write this, This was NOT me or any of my friends, This has been posted several times over the years and I usually repost this every year.......... Just like you and me: "I am not a writer. In fact, this is the first time I've written anything since college. I am, however, a snowmobiler. My friends and I are probably just like you. We are all in our late twenties to early thirties, and single white males. We have pretty good jobs; some own their house, others rent. We hunt and fish, watch football and NASCAR, go to bars and church festivals. We have problem
  9. Reading the title to the thread I thought you got your riding mower fixed and started cleaning the dog shit up around your yard......
  10. Old video and I still disagree with what he says the average snowmobiler spends per day per person, video from around 2007, $230 per person per day.
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