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  1. Pretty neat set up, I'm sure this guy has a lot of time into this, Start the 2nd video at the 3:58 mark, you can watch the whole thing but the tow rig starts at 3:58, I wonder what he charges for his services.
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  3. Hi Judy you're allowed to write Hardcoresledder on here but you're not allowed to write Freedomsledder on Hardcoresledder the New VS Admins will give you a warning about posting Spam on HCS and if you do not listen to the New VS Admins or follow the site rules and Terms Of Use agreement for the site they will ban you. If you try posting Freedomsledder on HCS they set the software so it automatically changes Freedomsledder to Hardcoresledder...... Judy are you the one who posts some really nice pics on HCS in the Vt forum????
  4. Captain Storms sled....... R.I.P. Cappy
  5. If Ski-doo made a sled like this I would think about buying one, Just trying to get a little something going in the doo forum
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