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  1. The ads are generated from the browser/search history of your device(s) Install adblocker plus and the ads are gone, you can turn the ad blocker on and off if you want to see ads or a site will not allow you to view their site because you have and ad blocker installed on your device(s). Click the link below, IT'S FREE https://adblockplus.org/
  2. NO, that Operating System was outdated a long long time ago.... ummm, ahh, here's the deal, no here's the thing...... is it nap time yet???? Jilllllllllllllllllllllll
  3. Find someone who makes RC snowmobiles and buy one of them, I bet you could get a custom made to order rc snowmobile fast than a "Real Snowmobile"
  4. That should be in the MEME thread in the C.E............
  5. Paint and save it as a JPEG file.......
  6. Steaks on a George Foreman with Montreal Steak seasoning and mushrooms and onions with butter, salt, pepper and garlic.........
  7. Something happened in the admin forum, spilled over into the covid sub-forum and into this thread, some back and forth and a request in part seems to have been given to "Z" - It looks like he's still a member just not a Mod/Admin anymore??? Shit happens and written words and be very easily misunderstood vs's talking to someone face to face or over the phone so you can see or hear the tone of their voice and comments..... Saying Fuck You on these boards can be taken many different ways when being written vs's being spoken to each other............ Just my take on what I've seen poste
  8. Rumor has it Aaron will be a Pittsburgh Steeler next year............
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