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  1. jimtwits,l thought that was funnier than hell. Krom good one.
  2. ZR 6000 start acting like your close to 60. Dumb ass.
  3. ZR6000rr if you are close to 60 you should start acting like it,instead of an idiot!
  4. Zr6000RR you are a fucking idiot.
  5. ZR6000 once again you really are a fucking idiot!
  6. ZR6000 you are a fucking idiot. One dumb statement after another.
  7. ZR6000 you really are a idiot. One stupid ass statement after another. 🖕🏼
  8. ZR6000 l agree with Krom you are a fucking idiot.
  9. Bontz is buy a new cat everyone, don’t let him fool you.
  10. ZR6000rr you are a idiot. Go to bed.
  11. Zr6000rr you are an idiot go to bed!
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