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  1. that's why the f77777ker threw it thru , last minute , no one could read it ,, cant see how this is still going on, bass turd is so corrupt he invented the word, him and his whole family should be in jail ,, venting
  2. starting to bite my tonge lately, saying anything , worried about the red flag stuff ,, look I didn't want this like most here , but it sure looks like this f6666ker is getting away with it , for the life of me , i cant believe it happening
  3. 2000 xcr 800 , has hot to go 180 kit , need the base gaskets that is a shim, shim in the middle gasket bonded to top n bottom
  4. did spray mixed fuel , no change sprayed motor with wd 40 no change filled the crank case with trans fluid been sitting 4 days no leaks
  5. 2 at the same time whats the odds of that
  6. i have both edge and m10 m10 hard to set up , edge is better on the whoopties the m 10 sucks
  7. looking out the window ,and ducking cause s555t flying around in here ,, now that I have your attention ,, think out side the box ,, so biden crashes the banking system , and the gubarment hoards in all our cash , then we ALL find we have to rely on what blow hole joe says we get ,, its all about control, its what hes doing with a smile on his face , and to top it off hes backing the bank , he needs to go
  8. biden is the best president , china , Mexico , Ukraine ever had , America last joe is who we have , cant stand to say the f 6666666 name
  9. biden is the best president china , Mexico and the Ukraine ever had , America is last joe
  10. as I said in the past joe biden is the best president , china , Mexico , and Ukraine could ever have
  11. hope im wrong years past my thoughts of the uk war with Russia was to deplete are arms so china could attack us ,, frankly if they wacked us today from what I hear we don't have any armament stock piled anymore ,and a minimum of five years in development to put it all back , this is not good
  12. joe biden is the best president china ever had
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