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  1. bottom pic, looks like bolts in wrong position,, witness marks on other hole,,, get some more pics of the upper and lower FTS mounts
  2. yep fer sure something is not right there, dose the FTS have a pivot shaft or a bell crank on the bottom mount , could be flipped the wrong way
  3. Quaker state shit n show 2.0
  4. hoe vp and poopy pants pres and still going on WTF is right , the fukin guy shits himself , and that hoe can keep a dick in her mouth because I don't want to hear that fukin noise
  5. another winner , this shit makes me sick to my stomach, i cant believe congress is letting this shit happen , its going to be civil war sooner then we all think
  6. read up on that shit , its a poision, yeah right it kills covid , but it kills your white blood cells
  7. if this covid shit don't do us in , hes gonna do it , this is a crime hes in that office , did you ever watch him walk to the white house , he walks alone , no snipers
  8. the pres is a ticking time bomb for us were not going to know it happened till we see the flash
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