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  1. grilled stuffed pork loin, shrimp fried rice , wine
  2. sounds like stator , if it was the pump it wouldn't jump start , you might want to try a fresh battery first have seen bad battery's prevent charging
  3. its a good thing axx ho;rs are not exempt
  4. had a hospital visit wifes awol had the Italian meat balls with bbq sauce on a bun and wine
  5. Italian meatballs antipasto salad sweet corn WINE
  6. how come hes not in jail
  7. thats gotta cost 80 to 90 grand yikes
  8. venison pepper greens stir fry over rice,, blue cheese salad WINE
  9. heat can be your friend or enemy , pends how hot you get it , seen gaskets else wear damaged , seals , stuff get warped,, and when your really happy with the torch melt stuff, hell not knowing how much magnesium is in a alloy POOF good luck moral of this WISH I DIDNT DO THAT
  10. imo cut the bolt head off , get a die, make it a stud, might have to fab a die , if someone stopped there , its welded for sure
  11. you aint kiddin that looks awsome
  12. just seen there sayin its either hunter or harris ,, this is getting better by the minute
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