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  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  2. barbeque deer ,, ribs ,,barbeque beans, ,scallop potatoes
  3. hey all . I have a 17 xcr , I'm try to locate the DW plug,, on the pto side I have three plugs hanging above the secondary . going nowhere,, is it one of those
  4. well after reading a few post on sleds completed, AND DAMAGED, glad I picked it up ,, I seriously would have to put the hert on some one if it happened to me,, this whole fuel thing really seems like bs ,, sleds way back to 13 are to have this issue and now they just found this out , really don't think its a static charge issue either . I think something is causing a spark, from the fuel sender, sleds without electric gauges are not affected
  5. had my sled at the dealer for 10 days ,, was told 3 days ,,went in today and still not done ,, took it home,, not happy how Polaris handled this dealer said I cant take it,, told him my lawyer could be there in 5 min,, wants me to sign some wavier ,, didn't sign shit, like wt f8888k been riding it 5 years ,now Polaris is saying there's a issue come on man
  6. I have a 17 xcr 800,, I m trying to find out if I can pull the fuel pump out without pulling the tank
  7. yeah ,, like wtf boarder Afghanistan inflation green f----kin bs why,, fer sure he left grinny or what ever it is in Russia,, gas oil ,,, this is un real... I DONT LIKE WHERE I M AT ,,
  8. hose collapsed or the out put fitting
  9. its just another political coin to keep the real issues out of the media,, she isn't coming back,,
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