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  1. The weak minded fall for anything. Now, is it "falling" or is it just obeying orders now? Hard to say. One leads to the other.
  2. Covidians are the funniest people. I really miss them wearing masks though. I think identifying imbeciles as soon as possible is important these days. I've fucked around and wasted time and words with people who I didn't know were fully vaxxed until it was too late. I just smh and walk away...hoping none of the stupid stuck.
  3. Holy shit. What a left leaning slant if I've ever read one. It's the liberals who are afraid of their rotten work being reversed and those fucking gross fucks need to be. They are seeing the signs and it's my guess they are starting to feel a but weary of running their rotten little child mincing faces in their favorite hide outs now. Nice way to label it too. "Americans are afraid of political extremism". Americans aren't. Democrats are.
  4. I'm not concerned enough to care. I see who he has become and who he surrounds himself with now. He can stay on that filthy sinking raft until the end.
  5. Holy shit! It posted! I was expecting it to be censored and revamped into another word! AHAHHAHAHh So for those of you that were offended when you read it, allow me to take this second to say, I don't fucking care what child rapists and groomers think. WHOOOOPS!
  6. I mean, the man is chowder brained. But let's not act like we all don't know what is going on. Welcome to the horrid ghetto monster ticket and most assuredly, some child mincing Muslim in the side car. The Dem party of groomers and pedos are getting so excited they are running around the children's playgrounds unimpeded now. I can't wait to hear the media gush over her beauty and fantastic style. Ughhh...that is one ugly nigger. Inside and out.
  7. What happened to him? Are you to blame for this?
  8. Well, me not being here would sure make things easier for you and your droning band of absolute shameless retards. I stay away most of the time but sometimes, it's fun to throw rocks at the retard buss to distract them from the group masturbation in which they are concentrating. We all know who is your seat partner.
  9. Huh? What the fuck? This is a brainless post. You people must actually think the Ukraine has some high quality army over there. Rumor has it that 25% of their force was mixed in with the refugees when Putin first rolled across. I'd guess it's greater than half now...and the others aren't answering their pagers.
  10. Hit that rotten, shit breath bong again....then try to reply while staying in the context of my post.
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