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  1. What in the sweet fuck?!?! Looks like this place has another “needle mover”! Pot headed retard. And how has nobody ground MC into pet food yet? I’m not interested in any more free rental space. Thanks.
  2. I've never known you to be a quitter. Maybe you are taking some bad advice? I don't need to spend any time here in helping yourself look like the ultimate fool.
  3. We're still friends. That's why I left...so you could have the site you wanted. It's a sad side effect for many...that never see it as they lash out at any and all that confront them on it. From some quick back reads and "word on the street", you seem to be the center of the problems here stemming from what is apparently a large hypocritical bone lodged in your skull cap preventing blood flowing to your brain.
  4. Well, thank you....I think. But you can see why I find this statement perplexing. I'm out of practice. They have a mental disorder and that's a fact. It's a large issue now and stems from Dunning Kruger within low intellect individuals. Also, I'm doing a "Thunder Dragon" tribute here with the multi-quote....for those of us that apreciate it. Neither have those. Staying busy as hell. How about you? I hope all is well! I am a people pleaser first and foremost! Starting to get the fever! What happened to you?
  5. My goodness, ladies! Some "struggle bussing" going on in here. Isn't this place supposed to be fun?
  6. Wow! A little birdie told me that some here have reignited their creepy man crush on me. It's true!!! ...but still creepy. I almost felt like multi-quoting the lies and deflections but...nah. Better to let some change history as their fragile mental state needs protection.
  7. It does look vaguely familiar. I bet those skis aren't in your garage with it though.
  8. Stop doing this! l'm nextdoor if you want to converse. And we did! Did here too! Huh? This place is run by a couple of emotional, lying pot heads. Retards.
  9. LOL! No, this wasn’t it. Quality thread.
  10. Hey chuckles, one was a real life statement. It stands. Speaking of somebody that can’t remember what he posts though.. Good lord. SMH. Let me make this easy for you then, please remove my existence from this site. I hope you can make this place what you want.
  11. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    2x4(s) work also. I just use the 2x6 and have to stack them because I have deep keels (XTs). You raise the sled and put the blocks under one side of the ski then lower the sled and insert bolt, then remove and do the same on the other side of the ski. It’s a bit of a wrestling match with a new mounting kit. Much easier the second season. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a video on it. YouTube?
  12. What? I haven’t changed a bit since I’ve been here. This last week here has gotten beyond creepy and weird with grown men clearly having some weird type of emotional forum breakdowns and trying to cover it by blaming somebody else for their lady like drama. Now, the last thing I want is for FS v.2 to have the plug pulled because of feelings running amok again. It’s your site. It’s your show.
  13. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    It’ll take a bit of intestinal fortitude to get them on for sure. A couple of 2x6 boards cut to about two feet works as a nice trick. Follow the instructions on the rubber and toe out which runs a bit wider than normal skis. Giv’r then adjust ski pressure from there.
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