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  1. God damn right you do!!!!!! Don’t troll me, bro!
  2. Well, to be fair, one normal man’s idea of “gross” is much different from a TDS’ers idea of 98 genders and child brides.
  3. Child’s urinal? The grooming is getting inventive!
  4. Sorry about that. You are normal though…well, in the TDS crowd.
  5. Just as bad. The internet is where they really sing tho! Look at ‘em go! Quiet as church mice out in public though. Soft skulls protecting bean brains.
  6. I know there is good ones. They are mostly looking to change professions though. Libtwat tardism is fully in their unions.
  7. I don’t think he calls himself that. He’s earned that name. Think @Momorider might have given it to him?
  8. Uncontrolled and unjustified hatred has always been a sign of low intellect. Normal.
  9. Along with your gross ideologies? Sounds good to me. The teachers we have need a cleaning. Gross imbeciles pushing us further out of the world’s education rankings because they are blatantly inept.
  10. Awesome! Go get them TDSers! Enjoy your bullet wounds. Maybe, hopefully, some will be “cured” and elevated from their pain.
  11. You are really embracing your disease!
  12. We were planning on a trip to Schering’s place but heat waves just turned us off. Mud and slop have a way of not making it much fun. What a wreck.
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