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  1. Somebody in your wife’s family die and leave her some stuff? You have done ZERO in your life.
  2. SUPER IMMORTALITY….and a hundred bucks are waiting for you at our vax tents!!!!
  3. These are all fictitious stories designed to persuade people against getting vaxxed.
  4. Or their “LOOK AT ME!! LOVE ME!” Vax cards they carry around with such pride. I guess we all need to be proud of something we’ve done. Fortunately, the bar is set very low for these retards.
  5. Go somewhere else and spread these lies. Mmmm….K?
  6. In the article: “For those of you wondering, alcohol was a factor”. LOL…who was wondering? Trump brought into every thread by people that ABSOLUTLEY DO NOT have TDS. Smh. Poor empty souls.
  7. Haters are a cancer. The best thing to do is make sure they are the only ones that die. Sadly, hating, blaming and complaining is easier than taking some personal responsibility for ones own happiness. Misery loves company. Liberals demand it.
  8. A Hollywood anti-gunner is proven to be a more accurate shooter than thousands of crack-headed, aspiring rappers and thugs in Chicago……with a prop gun.
  9. I guess I wonder….would this have happened to poor Alec if he would have done as he proudly proclaimed and promised over and over again and moved to Canada when Bush was re-elected? We’ll never know.
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