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  1. Merged the two and moved to the “General Sled Forum”.
  2. This all makes perfect sense. Also, maybe a heads up display? Now, why did you post this in an AC forum? Clearly, this belongs in a Poo forum.
  3. I’ve run with some X-racers that would be missing half the fucking lugs and say, “still good!!!”
  4. AHHHH...the original "Terrrain Dominator"!!!! YAhoooOOOOoooaaeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!!! What a fucking pile. I'm always with you in spirit. You prolly just think it's gas though.
  5. Even though I'm not gay....I can admit those are nice lookin' sleds. Congrats! Maybe I am gay? CELEBRATE ME!
  6. Yep. "The governor hopes this serves as an important reminder for Minnesotans that, while we are close to the end of the pandemic, we must continue to take COVID-19 seriously. Wear a mask, social distance, get tested, and sign up to get vaccinated," Tschann's statement said.
  7. Eating them like they were emmaMs!
  8. Something like that....and Yada, Yada, Yada...I feel like shit today.
  9. LOL...I don't even remember posting that.
  10. HESuE fucking chirst@!!!! @ckf If I ask if we can ban somenody for long posts...I mean...wtf.....give SSFB a strong Bartles and James and let fly!! LOL OP fuck off. butm pul the CA's stick some shit on there and wave goodbye; IT's a good good time for resale and for those that know what that SP os all about...it should move.
  11. I posted to one guy about converting a SX sled that I am no longer offering open advice via forum but, he could email me. That was the last post I had there....doubt it survived.
  12. He's a good egg! I thought he was on here at one point. Almost positive. I know he wasn't doing much over on HCS.
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