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  1. Relax, I told him you were a smooth and gentle proctologist.
  2. My wife, speaking to me as I lay on my side wrenching on one of my sleds years ago: “Why can’t you just buy a snowmobile that doesn’t need anything done to it?” Me, without skipping a beat: “They don’t make those.”
  3. Hey @Tommcat you must have posted this 7-8 years ago on HCS. Made me laugh then too.
  4. See Tommy? Can you help him?
  5. ….shit, that mofo is up by you too!
  6. You need to speak to @Snake he’s got a Yammie turbo that he says is just fine being stock. Now, even those of us that aren’t turbo-tards know this is incorrect.
  7. I’m about to get busy with a remodel new construction so, I’m gonna go with a low mileage sled this year. Doubt I’ll even have time to convert a SX which is what I’d prefer to do but, the XC will most likely suffice better than any other. Just some clutching and gearing and should be good to giv’r.
  8. Yeah, think I found one just south west of you with low miles. Where’s the other? In your barn?
  9. If you’ll make up that dish of famous lasagna….I’ll start heading that way! I’ll bring some nice wine if you can ditch the kids.
  10. It’s been my experience that these highly discounted parts just come by the intergalactic division of the US mail. It’s not been worth the wait for sure. But, somebody else may have a different review of this particular one.
  11. "but...if you add up all the accessories......." I just can't. https://duluth.craigslist.org/snw/d/duluth-2020-ski-doo-renegade-850/7346268075.html
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