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  1. Stop doing this! l'm nextdoor if you want to converse. And we did! Did here too! Huh? This place is run by a couple of emotional, lying pot heads. Retards.
  2. LOL! No, this wasn’t it. Quality thread.
  3. Hey chuckles, one was a real life statement. It stands. Speaking of somebody that can’t remember what he posts though.. Good lord. SMH. Let me make this easy for you then, please remove my existence from this site. I hope you can make this place what you want.
  4. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    2x4(s) work also. I just use the 2x6 and have to stack them because I have deep keels (XTs). You raise the sled and put the blocks under one side of the ski then lower the sled and insert bolt, then remove and do the same on the other side of the ski. It’s a bit of a wrestling match with a new mounting kit. Much easier the second season. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a video on it. YouTube?
  5. What? I haven’t changed a bit since I’ve been here. This last week here has gotten beyond creepy and weird with grown men clearly having some weird type of emotional forum breakdowns and trying to cover it by blaming somebody else for their lady like drama. Now, the last thing I want is for FS v.2 to have the plug pulled because of feelings running amok again. It’s your site. It’s your show.
  6. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    It’ll take a bit of intestinal fortitude to get them on for sure. A couple of 2x6 boards cut to about two feet works as a nice trick. Follow the instructions on the rubber and toe out which runs a bit wider than normal skis. Giv’r then adjust ski pressure from there.
  7. Respect? No. But I’ll try to ask him to explain his viewpoint or, answer basic questions about his threads and posts to enter into an intellectual debate though. I expect no difference in the returns. He comes here to troll, admittedly so, and then cries when he is trolled. Why are we all of a sudden deciding that’s not the case and the at he’s actually here for discussion?
  8. Hell, I grew up on the lake and even when it was clear there was a sled trail/track running in a few places. Somebody always plowed a fucking road through it. It’s hard to believe but lake running has proven to be more dangerous than the trails.
  9. I’m going the other way. but still, much more mellow than I used to be. Eeeesh. I was a train wreck!
  10. Yours! You can’t feel that? Hold on a minute. It’s cold…
  11. This is an utter lie. And I expect nothing else from you…well, other than silence when asked to extrapolate on your posts. Dummy.
  12. It’s on my forehead!!!!!
  13. No, I guess I’m not “getting it”. I literally don’t know what you are talking about. When have I ever disrespected you? I’ve always enjoyed our conversations and love to debate with anybody cordially. It seems you don’t really appreciate that either when the opinion isn’t the same as yours. I’m also sure that you have entered threads without knowing the dynamic, “guns blazing” calling me an asshole, tough guy or other little shitty remark then, expect me to just be quiet? Is that what you mean by respect? It’s like you don’t know what this place is or, don’t like what it’s become and now
  14. I came in here being exactly what I’ve always been on every other site…just more freedom. Who is calling you names and attacking you? Whatever. Some just aren’t cut out for tough banter. No biggie. But to keep stepping in to defend members that have earned what they are getting puts you in a tough spot. Do you want special treatment free from feedback when you step in? Isn’t that what the last owner wanted too, before he closed up shop? But, meh. Going to gym then riding.
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