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  1. I can't imagine the Peqwayann trail being anything but a rutted mess of icy garbage with low snow right now.
  2. I think this might work well. It's a small venue race with a smaller track for fan viewing plus, oval track racing is fun to watch. XC just isn't going to ever get any fan traction due to it's characteristics. Hell, I'll for sure head to the ovals for some fun...but I'm not standing out on some fucking windblown frozen lake to see a minute or two of sleds pass by every 15 or 20. Most won't. The fun there is racing or being on a team. If I ain't either of those....I'll pass.
  3. A good weekend for Doo and Poo. Cat needs to get ramped up. Green seems short on color representation in the pack. Shit canning it last year hurt...and Team Cat lost some good riders because of it. Still....another race weekend in the books!
  4. Dude, it's cool you are taking the reigns on these threads. Well done!
  5. Racers and their teams. Other than that and a couple of groups of drunks eating Johnsonvilles, nobody cares.
  6. Nope! But after today, I’m not expecting to marking to midnight.
  7. LOL. Are you serious? Nobody cares about this fucking race. Watch last years Iron Dog...or the year before.
  8. Well....I'm not sure my goal is to set a great example. I just others to get the fuck out of my way!
  9. Frankly, like most things in life, I don't care what others like or want to do as long as it doesn't affect me (or others around them). Blatant obliviousness of my fellow human beings make me realize that a "final solution" isn't such a bad idea. I honestly believe about 20% of our lowest hanging fruit could be wiped out and mankind would jump leaps and bounds in a short time. A good start: Those not looking behind them on the trails! I never needed much sleep. I'm kind of a borderline insomniac. 4-5 and I'm usually good. Every now and then I'll bag a 7....and it feels weird.
  10. Yep. Nothing is more fun than coming up on a pack of these shovel heads bobbing along the trails looking for some "deep pow" to jump off in and rip up. I guess they don't bother to find out if it's private land or not. The good think is, these types don't tend to stay in the sport very long.
  11. He’s not a smooth as Tucker but he can get there. Jesus he’s good.
  12. Fucking Logey had a “get off”. It’s over for him now. Can we do some type of “tucker rule” for anybody riding a doo?
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