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  1. What type of smoker? They help for sure if your brand smoker is pretty thin.
  2. IMO what these clowns are slow to realize is in this new digital age everything is much more easily traceable. Everything is forever....not so much in the old days when you picked up a landline phone, had a meeting, and greased some palms..... the game is the same but these dinosaurs have to figure out a way to not be as exposed as they are...... wait until the new class of politician gets in (ones that halfway understand tech). Times are changing and again......D or R it doesn't matter. They are all corrupt swill.
  3. The sooner errrrry one gets back closer to center the sooner we fix this mess. Reps and Dems do not give a single fuck about their constituents.
  4. I seem to remember Trump interfering with an election....I think. Maybe I'm mis-remembering.
  5. So is the right dude....this is a systematic issue for the most part.
  6. Our government is just too big...too old.....and too corrupt. Something must change or the US as we know it will not be long for this world.
  7. Didn't know we were talking about Ukraine. LMFAO
  8. But did he have a punisher background as his home screen ?
  9. the mental gymnastics required..............In PA you can ignore No Gun signs on private property. But if they ask you to leave you must. I'm sure he will be sued in civil court.
  10. It would be delicious....I promise.
  11. I was talking about the inflation mess....
  12. Trump started this...................
  13. Our masters have fucked us sooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. All of them, every fucking one.
  14. What makes you so sure...... or are we just fishing?
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