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  1. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/vaccine/maryland-covid-19-door-to-door-vaccination-efforts/65-8e06c63d-4e44-4659-bb98-3cd0e2786aef ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has launched the Community COVID-19 Vaccination Project. It's a community-based, door-to-door canvassing effort to directly engage Marylanders living in areas with low vaccination rates. Beginning in mid-September, canvassing will continue through June 2022, health officials said.
  2. Wait until they end up firing on a plane....god forbid.
  3. this is where shit goes sour......really sour.
  4. We reap what we sow......extreme right and left are all that we are allowed to choose from. Give me a fucking moderate R or D and Ill vote for them as many times as allowed....
  5. I was just looking at this.....1 term presidents are going to be the new norm.....I'm cool with that....
  6. Ill be honest. I got the shots in April and May. The ONLY reasons I did was to prevent me from screwing over 2 or 3 brides that we would be catering for and to lose the mask. I'm not playing along with the mask game again. I did my part and that is it. I highly doubt I'm going to have my almost 3 YO daughter jabbed for a virus that has killed what less then 100 toddlers nationwide (I don't know the real number).
  7. Last night. Tomahawk pork chops. The Works and Honey rubs, and Honey Q to end it. T
  8. @ckfMine is set to renew on July 19th so I should be good.
  9. Prime is all I use on brisket....you can lightly sauce it if you want....
  10. Ill be honest.....I don't inject my briskets, but I also cook full size packers though. I inject my pork butts though.....but that injection won't work for beef.
  11. We've been overlaying since the start of March. Hell we keep one plant on line all year because no one really stops for winter anymore.
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