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  1. Very good man. Last year was a challenge with re-schedules....had a bride get cold feet a day before the wedding....just general shit. We did sell 32,025 bottles of product just last year to go along with the catering....so its was good....and the website was up 70% year over year so that is growing too. Just keep grinding....and still working a 9-5......going to go as hard as I can for as long as I can...... Hope all is well with you to John...we need to catch up!
  2. OT can you move this to the Covid Forum.
  3. What do you think has changed? Kids don't have any consequences. I had access to guns growing up from about 10 on....started hunting at 8..... You're right its on the parents for not teaching kids gun safety number one, respect number two, and that actions have real world consequences. Kids are being set-up for failure and it is almost 100% parents fault but not because they have a glass fronted gun case.
  4. Kind of sad that you spend all your time posting stories about the vax. Do you not have anything more important to accomplish.....? I feel sorry for you.
  5. Using a pretty low benchmark......but you do you......
  6. Gulity (must be Malt or Apple Cider vinegar).....with old bay and ketchup.....
  7. You post those every....single.....fucking....day......
  8. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/vaccine/maryland-covid-19-door-to-door-vaccination-efforts/65-8e06c63d-4e44-4659-bb98-3cd0e2786aef ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has launched the Community COVID-19 Vaccination Project. It's a community-based, door-to-door canvassing effort to directly engage Marylanders living in areas with low vaccination rates. Beginning in mid-September, canvassing will continue through June 2022, health officials said.
  9. Wait until they end up firing on a plane....god forbid.
  10. We reap what we sow......extreme right and left are all that we are allowed to choose from. Give me a fucking moderate R or D and Ill vote for them as many times as allowed....
  11. I was just looking at this.....1 term presidents are going to be the new norm.....I'm cool with that....
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