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  1. Good buddy! Pacing for 25-30k more bottles, website is clicking away, and I'm catering every weekend since May 21 and will continue that until Mid/Late Nov (0 available weekends). Insane really.
  2. I'm more of a hot and fast dude (but I cater with packers). 2.5 hours with high heat high air (290ish top of my cooker) and then I pan and foil (fuck paper). About 4 more hours at 250ish and cook to an IT of 204-206. Rest for an Hr. I trim most of the fat out between the point and flat, but leave them connected (comp style). \
  3. There should be a fucking age limit on presidents...... no fucking reason to elect 78 or in 2 more years an 82 Y/O as the leader of the free world. 70 should be the absolute MAX. I said what I said.
  4. FWIW I have a P220 in 45 and 10.....the 10 is pretty spicy.
  5. Trump started this wild spending....people making over a grand a week on unemployment.....what??? Billions in forgivable loans for business to maintain payrolls...... Any problem the government has ever tried to fix, they have fucked up.....Covid is no exception.
  6. The current gas sitch is greed....crude was increasing way before Putin started his bullshit....now with inflation and a war it is going to be really interesting if the fed walks back from the rate increases..... IMO the real issue here is this is going to be a global. Inflation relative to other currencies will be interesting to watch....if we think China isn't pumping their markets up with government $.... you crazy fam....
  7. all that free money comes at a price....but the market has now priced in the free......and it is going to be incredibly hard to get companies and people off that tit.....fed really has it's hands tied. This isn't a D or R problem....what we have is a financial house of cards being propped up by a government corrupt to its core.
  8. Hello CKF....nice to see ya
  9. lol....its the restaurant owners.....that's the reason.....
  10. What do you think has changed? Kids don't have any consequences. I had access to guns growing up from about 10 on....started hunting at 8..... You're right its on the parents for not teaching kids gun safety number one, respect number two, and that actions have real world consequences. Kids are being set-up for failure and it is almost 100% parents fault but not because they have a glass fronted gun case.
  11. Kind of sad that you spend all your time posting stories about the vax. Do you not have anything more important to accomplish.....? I feel sorry for you.
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