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  1. Take a drink every time someone says “phenomenon”.
  2. Does that have a flat cap with wires coming out from the sides?
  3. Fuel. Absolutely fuel. Or wires. Do you get zapped if you touch the distributor?
  4. Not as busy as I would have thought. Still early though, second half of the week is usually more exciting.
  5. Please tell me this is satire. Not a real episode!
  6. This! “98.2467%” (see, I can make up statistics too) of the said people he’s talking about, that don’t get the “vaccine “ are not the type of people to run to the hospital for a case of the sniffles…
  7. Pedialite. 40 birthday bash last night. Great time, hurting unit today tho...
  8. Who has the link of how it actually breaks down? I was having a discussion the other night and went to google on my phone and only came up with bullshit blah blah blah.
  9. I don't think he's a piece of shit. Dumbass, yes, but not a total shit bag.
  10. Yes sir. I do the same with thanksgiving turkeys and Easter hams. Load up and always have some comfort food on tap! Steak tips were on sale the other week, marinated for 5.99/lb, I picked up (10) 3lb packages. I don’t know how anyone gets by without a deep freezer.
  11. Corn beef boiled dinner. Last one from the freezer before next month and load up on St. Patrick’s day sale prices.
  12. They still sell that shit?? I almost threw up just reading your post. Those were the days!
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