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  1. Not as busy as I would have thought. Still early though, second half of the week is usually more exciting.
  2. Please tell me this is satire. Not a real episode!
  3. This! “98.2467%” (see, I can make up statistics too) of the said people he’s talking about, that don’t get the “vaccine “ are not the type of people to run to the hospital for a case of the sniffles…
  4. Pedialite. 40 birthday bash last night. Great time, hurting unit today tho...
  5. Who has the link of how it actually breaks down? I was having a discussion the other night and went to google on my phone and only came up with bullshit blah blah blah.
  6. I don't think he's a piece of shit. Dumbass, yes, but not a total shit bag.
  7. Yes sir. I do the same with thanksgiving turkeys and Easter hams. Load up and always have some comfort food on tap! Steak tips were on sale the other week, marinated for 5.99/lb, I picked up (10) 3lb packages. I don’t know how anyone gets by without a deep freezer.
  8. Corn beef boiled dinner. Last one from the freezer before next month and load up on St. Patrick’s day sale prices.
  9. They still sell that shit?? I almost threw up just reading your post. Those were the days!
  10. Does the engine run? Warm er up to expand the whole block evenly, and soak with pb.
  11. CNN claims natural causes. TMZ says Covid. Goes to show ya...
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