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  1. They is Zams. I’m not to worried about that little guy. Neal
  2. And what time are you referring to exactly for the way it was? Neal
  3. Is that from the US Marshall's office? Do you not understand the difference? Neal
  4. They don't, they are not released as SOP from the US Marshall's office. Neal
  5. That didn't answer either question though. You are in support of a change of policy, correct? Neal
  6. The cost is what it is. Can you provide any information on which of these small companies is under the gun to change? Neal
  7. Does the US Marshall’s service usually release mug shots? Should an exception be made because it’s Hunter Biden? Neal
  8. How should we handle illegal immigrants is what it boils down to. The peaceful ones seemingly always are granted amnesty and are given a pathway to citizenship. Neal
  9. I disagree, our manufacturing processes can change and adapt better than any in the world. Technology has advanced massively since that mantra of the 1970s. So emissions standards don’t apply to imported shit? That seems unreasonable, doesn’t it? Neal
  10. I did chalk it up, and you yet again lied. Shocker! Neal
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