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  1. Obama is certainly superior to Trump, Biden, or RFK. Good god it’s like we pick the three biggest dipshits imaginable. Sweet Jesus. Neal
  2. Depends on the size and location of the trees. Big trees ain’t cheap. Neal
  3. That’s what we use too. Been really good. Got NFL Sunday Ticket for $299 on sale too. Run it on various Firesticks and web browsers. Neal
  4. Just leave it blank and move on to the other races. Neal
  5. That sucks it didn't work out for you and your kids. I would go back to that in a minute if given the choice. Neal
  6. Not really, we had a decent run out of coursework, distributed weekly at the same time as food pickup for the week. Many teachers adopted google classrooms for work submission or assignments, parents could constantly sit in on class zoom meetings to keep tabs of work progress/expectations. My kids were fairly tech advanced as well so that was a big help. The removal of social interactions was a big downside however. I’m pretty introverted so it didn’t bother me as much as other more social butterfly parents I’m sure. Neal
  7. We had the exact opposite for e-learning in our school system. All three of our kids had bumps up in grades when we went to it. It was good to monitor all their work directly. Neal
  8. With any luck that’s the case! Neal
  9. A couple could live off grid a long while with a decent solar setup and well/cistern. Neal
  10. I started my retirement backing down already! Taking less freelance jobs this year and working on the estate more. I am in a lot better shape than many mortgage holders though, so that helps tremendously. Neal
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