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  1. Sure you can, they were trying but failed miserably, incompetently and deserve their faces being kicked in. It’s not hard. Neal
  2. Im more of an end over end guy! Neal
  3. It’s almost as bad as dudes talking about snowmobiles for fucks sake! Neal
  4. As long as you don’t know their kinks it’s ok! Neal
  5. I went from a Pixel to iPhone 13 Pro this summer. I give a slight edge to the Android OS and a slight edge to the iPhone hardware. I will probably go back to Android after this one. Neal
  6. Incorrect. You continue to promote this lie. It ain’t true. Neal
  7. I agree with this, a bit anyhow. We can have immune systems built up with natural and synthesized conditions however, and that is what the vaccine and boosters are part of. The vaccine is far less risky than the disease. We do also need to keep hygiene up, and perhaps not engage in over sanitation. Neal
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