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  1. Toxic? Haha those things are about the most inert lumps of material you can get. What a sheep. Neal
  2. Good! Carry my vaccine card in my wallet next to my condom! Sold any cars or boats with a loose flywheel lately? Neal
  3. I have been heating 100% with wood pellets and shelled corn since 2017. About $8000 all in with house heat. Put in $2500 or so into upgrades for garage and dog kennel heat. Burns about 7 tons a year or so. Neal
  4. It's the best quick, short time to engage, option we have. Fucking stupid not to do it. Neal
  5. Ahh no. Rifles topped hammers and blunt objects. Neal
  6. Indeed according to me, I didn't see the ask. I have a couple in my possession (in/near the home) but I don't have quick access to them. I haven't fired most in several years. If the did go away I wouldn't miss them terribly. Last shots I took were one mag of .308 that n2O Dave built for me a decade? ago. Neal
  7. Compared to being afraid of 14 year olds with guns? Evidence seems to show we should be more afraid of the gun side. Not sure why you are trying to go down this bat hammer hole, it isn't anywhere near the problem we have with handguns and ARs being used in mass homicides. Neal
  8. Indeed, building security is one of the quicker ways to reduce these instances. The disturbed will use the easily accessible and capable guns that we as society offer. At present the AR platform offers the ability to do large amounts of destruction with very easy access. Coupled with a handgun, well we have many results to look at. Neal
  9. It's in the right spot, but is unlikely to happen. Those are all reasonable, as are the list further down in my post you didn't highlight. Neal
  10. That's s laughably idiotic blather though. There isn't any contemporary, or day to day examples of how we use guns against the government to make our society function. Guns are a touchstone that stirs emotional response. Neal
  11. Perhaps they did, I'm not sure what else you are trying to communicate in the rest of that paragraph though... The way things are are not the way things used to be. There are other nations that have far less God beliefs with far less school, and overall mass killings. The God bullshit is delusional nonsense. Many 18 year olds are not mature enough. Neal
  12. That's incorrect actually, even with hammers being lumped in with other blunt objects like bats. I didn't, and haven't suggested anything be banned. I'm just pointing out the glaringly obvious problems at present. Neal
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