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  1. We love war. We think we need to rule the world. Putin can’t really go anywhere else than the satellites around it. They don’t have the money to support a long leg’s logistics enterprise. They are tied to rail. Just look at how badly they flubbed up the start of this recent skirmish. Neal
  2. Tell that to Putin. Nothing is stopping him from rolling his forces back into Russia. Neal
  3. We can go back to the Camp David Accords… Russia is and was well aware of sanctions, as was the rest of the world. Ask Australia, Canada, Norway, and Japan about Russian sanctions. This administration hasn’t screwed the pooch any more than previous administrations. We are on our par course. Neal
  4. It has over the last 2 decades for fucks sake, trying to pin this on Biden is a horseshit take and you know it. Neal
  5. Just stating it when it’s observed brah! Neal
  6. Sup pedo #1? You sure are a sick kid diddler. Neal
  7. But correct. It’s a partisan power move. Trickle along with Russian and Chinese propaganda. Suckers fall for it constantly. Neal
  8. I know that’s what I commented on, the dick sucking reality. Neal
  9. Same thing that goes on as we are, corruption, cronyism, malice. If you think this is a Biden leadership issue I pity you. This is far more reaching than any single person’s leadership. Neal
  10. Sure seems like some Russian and Chinese dick sucking going on there tho… you sure? Neal
  11. Is that the Russian propaganda network? Holy shit. Neal
  12. There aren’t many sedans that look better a Model S Neal
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