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  1. The RR has been watered down over the years, not as bad as the XRS, but it doesn't have the longer A-arms, or 129 skid with beefed up components. RR, and RXC use the same part number mid shocks....
  2. you are still higher than giraffe pussy ... The poo 840 is the least reliable engine on snow, and has been since it was released.. This fall they where blowing up on the warm up stand while the dealer was trying to aligning the track...
  3. You must be higher than giraffe pussy.... The CFI 900, CFI 755 where such steaming piles of garbage, even the morons on poo killed them after 2 years. how many revisions and injector changes to the 600? cfi2 cfi4 cfi2+2..... How many revisions to the 800?? hell the first year didn't hit the snow till late Jan, poo had 3 or 4 top end redesigns, and recalls, till they got to the point that the "new and improved" top ends wouldn't bolt on the older cases, but that didn't stop them from blowing up, or making more changes every year.. There are guys, and companies who have gotten
  4. Since you have no idea, and aren't smart enough to figure out what is actually happening, you've mis read what some marketing jack off wrote.. DSI injector is mounted above the boost port, in the cylinder wall. Fuel is injected on top of the piston into the combustion chamber, at all times. As demand for fuel increases the injector sprays for a longer time, the piston goes up, the fuel goes through the slot into the crank case. fuel/air mixture in the crankcase is pushed up through the transfer ports into the combustion chamber, when the piston travels down, just like any o
  5. You still have a hard time reading?? The early release 2020 sleds where built late in 2018 or Jan 2019, and delivered to dealers in Feb of 2019 didn't get the regular production 2020 engines. I assume you are confusing poo and cat..... Cat never had a 4 injector setup.. Cats system never changed from the case to transfer ports Cat never fired injectors into the transfer ports, only the boost port The switch was made for emissions.
  6. Solid work bending that solid steel cross shaft.. make sure the front arm is hitting the bottom out rubbers before the spring is coil binding solid. Looks like you've got the preload wound up pretty good on that mid shock
  7. It was Ed. I think part of him died when AC won a few years back
  8. Cat has only ever had 1 injector per cylinder on their production 2 stroke engines. The prototype 1000 and 800 they unveiled in the spring of 06 had case injectors and cylinder injectors, but that got scrapped before production, and they went to throttle body injection. all consumer ctec 600s have 1 injector in each cylinder and slotted pistons Snow X race sleds are pre mix to save weight, and run TBI 18, 19, and a few early build 20 ctec 800s have 1 injector in each cylinder and slotted pistons Most 20 an all 21-22 ctec 800s have 1 injector in each cylinder, no slot in th
  9. krom


    Not much riding to be had on the east coast. Some trails on Tug Hill opened yesterday, and a few guys are riding on dirt in Old forge, but the vast majority of trails are closed. So, no complaints yet.
  10. Thanks for the link. Figured I'd let jimmy know he isn't going to see his sled this week, but it still will beat @Bontz new rocket to the dealer.
  11. Must be pretty common if they have that hose in stock
  12. Lucky there was ice under that slush hole, that fucker could've drown you...
  13. That way when I get someone asking a stupid question I can say that the answer is in the directions, and be right Just checking.... You can't imagine the amount of stupid shit I've seen
  14. krom


    Another late update lol Quite a few small changes between the one I tore apart in the spring and full production. Pics of the weights and shims
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