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  1. They've already turned down argo, and yamaha more than once, and at least 1 other offer The chinese wouldn't buy them, or any other US based company. They just copy the machines and IP with lower quality and cheaper prices.
  2. I don't know how many they built in 82, but I wouldn't be at all surprised.
  3. I'm saying don't be shocked if you see a new sled this year. As far as a success I venture to say that this is the smallest number of sleds they've built since coming back in the early 80s. But they sold more units than they can or want to build, so someone will think its a great year.
  4. I'm not a fan of Hygear. Never had any luck at all trying to deal with them. I'm an hour or so from them, and do everything through Carver (I do rebuilds in house, get all my parts and valving from Carver) Anything they have in stock ships same day, and Mike is awesome to work with.
  5. I wouldn't bet the house on it
  6. Pre-Order Program Our Pre-Order Program was a great success with an unprecedented level of interest in our sleds. This was despite launching later than previous years. We experienced the largest single day of web-traffic ever received with Arctic Cat’s Pre-Order Program. Thank you for all your hard work in promoting the Program. Since the Program closed, we have been busy reviewing qualifications to ensure that all orders placed adhered to the rules of the Program. This may have led to requests for additional information from your dealership through your Arctic Cat District Manager. T
  7. Others probably know more of the details, and can correct some of the mistakes below.. But just to show how old I am, and my memory of what was going on... At the beginning Robs website didn't have a forum (iirc) it did have tips and tricks for working on poo sleds, including jetting tips, and how to build a tps tool (20+ years later and poo riders are still struggling with having the tps set properly from the factory???) I think it was just a sub page of his photo business website. At the time amsnow was the dominate forum for trail riders, and snowest for the mountain guys. C
  8. Back on topic.. With 2023 sleds already on the line, do you think they are planning something big for this fall?
  9. Every body they knew and liked from AC works for argo, the machines are the same kymco that they are familiar with (just different decals), and prob have better margins. FWIW I don't recall seeing them in the top 5 recently
  10. Appears you can predict the future... Even after bragging about how easy it would be to service.... But he's not smart enough to figure out the tranny fluid.... Wonder if he's found the metal belt guard yet, or made that video of how easy the air filter is to change?? @zr6000rr
  11. $4.61 a gal here... you canucks can convert that to litre, and loonies Was $4.85 for memorial day weekend. Diesel is 6.39, there is talk it will hit $10 here on the east coast. Has been a shortage for over a month
  12. You aren't supposed to say its being released for 23.... Whats next, are you going to say the name, tell us about the new driveline, engines......
  13. Most the Argo ATV are made by Kymco, the only ones I'm not positive on are the 1000, and 570, which may be leftover from their prior supplier. They used to use the same Chinese company that Textron used before buying AC. Website makes the AC marketing team look very professional though .. The 1000 page says its a V Twin, but pic of the engine is a single. The fairlead in the winch pic is so crooked, looks like @ZR6000RR installed it.
  14. He hasn't been at AC for a while.... Argo has most of the AC team that designed the 23.... They convince Spaulding, or get an engine supplier...... (Yami dumping AC rumor is still pretty stout)
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