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  1. Thats a given no matter if its a first year machine, or one that's been in production for 10
  2. you sure about that... Last time I looked you had to run the trail class at least once first
  3. fixed!! but the almost entirely aftermarket triples still dominate a couple of drag race classes that don't allow 4stroke turbos
  4. the guy who doesn't know shit, and rides like old people fuck, for 600 miles a year, is still arguing with people who actually ride, and know what they are talking about.. exactly
  5. 2 for the entire US last winter.. They have added a few, but its going to be their fall/winter in tech, and its a new model release. You do the math
  6. Most of the folks who did mapping when cat had had the best, and most reliable engines go shit canned, some of them got picked up by poo. "Rumor" has it that textron recently fired one of the few remaining from that era.
  7. no shit, I have a garden cart full of the uncircumcised ones from sweeping the deck, not counting all the ones on the lawn. when the wind blows it sounds like someone is knocking on the door. Anyone looking for some?? free, just pay shipping
  8. for $20 or so you can make a run or 2 on your own sled. no matter what year it is
  9. * Gap.... Gape is what jimwits boyfriend does to jimwit Plan to go this year, now that all the rona bs is done with
  10. Getting your excuse handbook warmed up?? lol Usually only the losers bring that up Conditions are the same for everyone. Studded sleds usually leave harder from frozen dirt than snow.
  11. I'm at the point that the sled I trail ride is stock. during the season It gets gas, oil, and the occasional grease job
  12. you might be able to sell them on TY, those guys will buy anything
  13. I'm sure jimwit will jump in and correct me, but despite him saying they will all be built in oct and nov... of the sleds we have on order, the earliest production date (subject to change) is an M on 10-30. all of our 129's are showing second week of December. trucking can add a few days to a couple of weeks (no rhyme or reason to how long it takes) They told the folks at haydays that about 80 sleds a day get built now (assuming parts are available)
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