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  1. This is nothing new for brp, or poo. They will come out with a program offering extended flooring*, and rebates* *(see terms and conditions for details) The big question: What is textron going to do? They have been adamant that there will be no rebates, and no extended flooring. (there really shoudn't be that many units in the field anyway, @ZR6000RR knows for a fact they sold out). But when 25's don't sell on the pre-season (btw they went from doing an extra order period because of worried about selling out too fast, to extending the order period a couple of more weeks) are they going to push dealers for big orders without extending flooring? Threaten to cancel those who don't place a big enough order, or ??
  2. I use red scotchbrite from the autobody supply, and follow it up with acetone
  3. Jimwit thinks they are supposed to look like that, it has to be perfect.
  4. You're having trouble keeping your lies straight. You said it was a factory test rider that told you. Huge dealers selling 20 sleds..
  5. Depending on when he gave up ac, it wouldn't have been hard to cover unit sales with a couple compact tractors... Lots of years you started out trying to make $300 on a sled, as long as you didn't have any leftovers to pay the juice on you where good.
  6. Seems like quite a few dealers, and one or 2 manufactures misjudged demand falling off at the end of the pandemic, or over estimated pent up demand. Then high inflation and interest rates, followed up by the worst season most anyone has ever seen. AC has extended their pre-season order period
  7. Looks like the ski doo's are doing ski doo things too, with 50% of them broken down
  8. This will really blow your brain cell: Blue is the least snowiest decade on record. If the bullshit you are spreading was true, and man made climate change was actually happening, all the records would be in the last 2 or 3 columns. But there are more records for low snow fall from 1920 to 1950, than there are for 1990 to 2020. https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/US-Snowfall-1900-2019-Decade-Decade-Look
  9. AC had a recall for it a little before my time, late 90's maybe 2000?
  10. Speaking of fucking moron who doesn't know how to read a list.... Your village get a fresh shipment of cough syrup????? This is your list, from your post. Top 6 "snowiest" include NH, NY, and CA and 3 from AK If you go by snowfall the top 6 include NH, NY, CA, and AZ with only 2 from AK here is your list arranged by snow fall showing the top 20: And here is the tally of how many times each state appears in the top 20 AK is having a record snow fall year, and the lower 48 is having record low snowfall. Still out of 29 "counties" (or census areas, or boroughs, or who gives a fucks) only 1/6th of them are in the top 20 for the country. with most of the state getting less snow than NY, CA, and AZ
  11. I've had talks about. Have you ever seen a sad retard?? I haven't. There are 2 angry ones in here though. The Simpsons did an episode about it. They found a crayon up homers nose, into his brain from when he was a little kid. After removing it he was one of the smartest in town. By the end of the episode he jammed a crayon back in, so he could be dumb and happy.
  12. My GF at the time had an 03 f5, it would beat a catalyst in a drag race, and top speed. I want to say it would roll just over 100 mph, but that was a long time ago, and "the older you get, the faster you were"
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