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  1. Another company enters the snow bike market https://electrek.co/2022/12/09/daymak-combat-electric-motorcycle-snowmobile/
  2. I've heard 10 stops, split between US and Canada
  3. If you look at the "360" image you'll see the steel "bulkhead" outlined. Think I posted it a long time ago in this thread, but the chassis is a tube steel space frame with castings/forgings at the nodes/pickup points. most of what is considered the "bulkhead" on other machines is just plastic bodywork on the new cat. If you feel like doing a patent search it should turn up the belt tensioning setup they are going to use, IDK if its granted or still just pending though
  4. We are excited to announce that we will be releasing more information on the CATALYST platform tomorrow, December 6! This launch, which is part of our phased release strategy, will include an interactive 360-degree 3D model that will feature up-close information on the CATALYST platform. It will highlight ergonomics, the innovative lay down engine and more! https://arcticcat.txtsv.com/snow/catalyst
  5. last I knew it should come in a fair bit below that.. Wont know what full production will bring, for almost a year though
  6. 10% per marketing 40-50 lbs depending on model per engineering guys they sent to the shows
  7. Great guy, but he's nuttier than squirrel shit, you should meet him in person. The videos aren't an act, he's like that 24-7. Bought a ton of sleds from us over the years. Tracks usa makes a track clip tool from a modified set of bolt cutters. After using it, I would never attempt to do it any other way. https://shop.tracksusa.com/Track-Clip-Tool--Track-Clips-detail.htm?productId=-441526&shopBy=-13276&catalogId=-3743 We can take a deposit on a Catalyst in January, but I'm not sure our rep will even have one by then... Th
  8. The laws vary state by state, but even in states with strong dealer protection laws the company can cancel a dealer if they want to. Same way they got all the old guard in TRF to "retire" NY has some of the strongest laws in the country, and they got rid of a lot of dealers (all 5 in the Rochester area alone). It may cost the factory some money but they have enough lawyers on staff to prove that the dealer was "under performing"
  9. Textron has not released anything under their ownership, so far it was all developed before their take over. They also shelved countless projects, including the snowbike. 1 easy example, they stood on the stage at the dealer meeting during the takover process and promised exciting new products every 6 months, including the XX in 2 and 4 seat, turbo and NA versions. Only 1 of those 4 machines ever made it to production, the rest where scrapped, along with the majority of their dirt line. They pushed hot and heavy on the havox/stampeede, did 0 marketing, then scrapped them just a
  10. its because they don't corner for shit. Even after god only knows how many front end re-designs, and attempts to go with taller spindles, there is no predictability. Sometimes they turn, sometimes they don't, but they never have any consistency. If they pushed the same all the time you can ride knowing that, if they didn't push you can deal with that, but you never know when one wants to go straight into the woods, or turn. The only sled I've been on that I didn't put the flipper to the bar coming out of corners, and into fields was a big turbo 998t. Even on the lake you had to
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