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  1. who would have though hot weather, and thunder storms in the summer
  2. Alaskan Karen predicts the future again, look at the heatwave here in the lower 48...
  3. still no clue what you're talking about plenty of mexicans working in trf, and roseau..
  4. XC, or SX? Did it happen to a sx guy in the midwest too? Or do we both know the same racer from my part of the country? Two production years, around a decade apart, I've had race sleds come out of the crate with large hunks of polishing media (from ceramic coating the pipe), stuck in the pipe. They get wedged in-between the tail cone, and internal section of the stinger then come free in shipping, and when you start the sled. Makes a mess of the engine when they get back into the combustion chamber. The most recent time I caught before starting the sled, its amazing how many times you can hit the pipe with a hammer, and rattle more of them free.
  5. The guys I've spoken to are saying no, but I doubt anyone at cat would know anyway. The whole division would be TSV: Arctic Cat Cushman (golf carts for industrial use) https://cushman.txtsv.com/ Ezgo (golf carts) https://ezgo.txtsv.com/ Textron GSE (tug, airport equipment) https://textrongse.txtsv.com/ Jacobson (turf equipment) https://www.jacobsen.com/ Kautex (fuel systems, diesel emissions stuff, clear vision for automous driving) https://www.kautex.com/en
  6. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/maa7SbEG8W5NpqQ7/?mibextid=oFDknk
  7. First wrenching I ever got paid for was on those things.. Starters/bendixes/carbs part time in the summer. I needed beer money, no one else was willing to work on them
  8. Textron is just getting rid of employees in MN, BRP is moving their jobs to Mexico. Neither is good, but I'd say moving jobs out of the country is more bad, or more worser
  9. last Sept 68 jobs cut at Alumacraft taking the number of workers down to 207, while anouncing the building of a new boat factory in Mexico https://www.ien.com/video/video/22874148/77yearold-boat-maker-announces-layoffs This March 129 jobs cut at Manitou: https://www.crainsdetroit.com/manufacturing/manitou-pontoon-boat-manufacturer-cuts-129-jobs just before labor day weekend, another 106 at Alumacraft (cutting its workforce in half??) https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/another-106-workers-laid-off-at-alumacraft-in-st-peter-second-round-of-job-cuts-within-a-year/ar-BB1n0rHn and 300 from Sturtevant https://www.wisn.com/article/nearly-300-works-laid-off-from-brp-incorporateds-sturtevant-facility/60908657?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot Sturtevant was the Evinrude facility that they now build the Rotax underboard, and pos sea doo switch "pontoon" boats at. The Mexico factory was originally scheduled to come on line in 2025 https://www.designdevelopmenttoday.com/industries/manufacturing/news/22658033/brp-building-new-boat-manufacturing-facility
  10. Lost track of all the time you've been in this thread, but here is another one, my employee pass from working as a snowmaker at Killington:
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