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  1. @SnowRider got 1 of the 2 tesla wall connectors installed today. It’s charging the wife’s PHEV right now…. It’s nice to the portable charger in the wife car. Will get the other tesla charger installed for my car this weekend…. So I’m going to have a 40 amp Lectron that plugs into a 6-50 outlet. You will be able to Walk the Walk once in your live instead of just being all talk. Never mind all the warning stickers on that panel.. it’s just the Combiner panel for all my rooftop solar. you can buy the charger from me for $300
  2. You think the permitting and lawsuits are going to stop on those moron? Building new nukes is extremely expensive for what you get out of it. then you get into the maintenance and operation and those things are over the top expensive. All of Georgia got there rates raised already for a non producing plant.
  3. You are not going to get rid of regulations when it comes to nuclear power dumbass. Those regulations will alway be there
  4. Nuke is to expensive. Look at Georgia. A few 100,000 homes worth of electricity generation potential is all, 15 years of construction time, and over 30 billion spent. Still has yet to produce any electricity
  5. Gas is lower then it was this time last year.
  6. biggest expense of gas or diesel vehicles was gas or diesel when I had them.doesn’t take long in a pickup to get to $30-40k in just fuel expenses. Yes. They are paid off. So the pickup isn’t going to cost much capital when we get the new vehicle as the old stuff will be sold or traded.
  7. Is that what you paid for them when you got them? Capital spent to buy and value are different. how much expense into operations of those over a year?
  8. $13k into solar and around $15k into 2 vehicles. But ultimate cost will zero out. how much capital do you have in vehicles?
  9. I would have vehicles regardless so ultimately a moot point. The tesla replaced a mustang 5.0. The Rivian will replace a Volvo. Will offload the old farm truck at that point as well. solar after tax credit around $18,000. Eliminated around 5-6k in electric bills thus far in 21 months. So 13k or less till i break even. if I include eliminating gas for what ever vehicles I have it’s substantially more savings. I fill the EV’s for free. My Mustang and pickup were 12-16 mpg vehicles so the savings is substantial. I can’t make gas at home. So filling for free at home
  10. It’s called epic ownage. He had no idea what conservatives and republicans like me have for “green” energy. True republicans are green energy advocates like Desantis and Trump are. I’ve slapped him around before and situations like this he get a little yellow/chicken to respond.
  11. Yep. To be expected on a startup. Bring up the manufacturing of any new model is pretty cost intensive process even for a legacy. they need to get through all there price locked customers so that they can sell there vehicles for cost and start recouping
  12. @SnowRider you are all blow and no go aren’t you?
  13. @SnowRider takes about 1 lbs of coal to make 1 kwh of electricity…. My Trump/MAGA panels have eliminated the need to burn around 32,600 lbs of coal. Not to mention the fuels burned to mine and transport that coal on zero emission equipped trains. Have you done anything to forward the liberal agenda concerning climate change? Anything at all?
  14. My vehicle is plugged in right now. Wife drove to work this morning on electricity and will make it most of the way home on it. But we should be changing her commute to 100% electric next summer to early fall and be able to get rid of her plug in hybrid. Trump extended the tax credit and I put its 48 panel roof top solar system. pretty good enviromental protection benefit in the 18 months or so of generating my own electricity. I’m pretty much carbon neutral on a personal life household life. which begs to question?
  15. Governor Newsome is about to gut California’s roof top Solar. Last year Governor Desantis veto’d a bill that would have done the same that the democrats of California is preparing to do to roof top solar.
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