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  1. So you don’t think Science and medical experts can give educated predictions/assumptions after studying the matter on the effects of pollution on human from vehicle transportation. This is American Lung Association and not the Democrats or Republicans trying to sell their bullshit to their voting bases.
  2. This wasnt about that stuff. It was just about vehicle exhaust emissions and all the premature deaths and and healthcare cost that will be avoided from the electrified transportation sector.
  3. I’m sure some will argue against the American Lung Associations study but her it is anyways. If gas guzzlers disappeared from U.S. car lots by 2035 and were replaced by zero-emissions vehicles – essentially, electric cars, trucks and SUVs – the nation would see 89,300 fewer premature deaths by 2050, according to a new report from the American Lung Association. The report, published Wednesday, says that people in the U.S. would have 2.2 million fewer asthma attacks and 10.7 million fewer lost workdays, and the country would net $978 billion in public health benefits wit
  4. guys are looking at some time and some stiff penalties on these Federal charges. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2023/04/11-michigan-men-charged-in-major-us-diesel-tampering-case.html?outputType=amp
  5. Battery and drive units are known for rock solid reliability but they have had panel gaps as about the only quality concern if you are being honest.
  6. Or just that solid of a product that you don’t manufactures don’t have to worry having to replace components under lengthy warranties terms.
  7. Many. It may be a deal or barrier for you but it’s not for most. Any EV sold by startups (which makes up most EV’s on road today) have 120k warranty all the way up to 180k. If the EV was sold new in California it has at minimum 10 year 150k mile warranty. It’s the law.
  8. The Alberta earthquake was caused by the forces of the injected fluid on the fault line according to seismologists. the toxic part influences ground drinking water contamination like it has all over the oil and gas country in the US.
  9. At 100k a tesla stills has a battery and power train warranty if it’s less than 8 years old. Would buy if price is right and in the market to buy. Wouldn’t buy and ICE vehicle with 100k or out of warranty I wouldn’t buy neither at 150k miles. also the data show the used EV’s that sold in quarter 1 of 23 was up by 32% so people don’t seem to be worried about buying Used EV’s Rapid Growth: Sales of Used Electric Vehicles Increase by 32% in Q1, According to Cox Automotive Estimates Retail used electric vehicle sales – EVs sold through a licensed dealership – increased sig
  10. At 60k miles they still likely have substantial warranty left. So they are less worrisome on major repair bills at 60k miles then say an ICE which is out of warranty that may need a major expense in repairs and just general maintenance.
  11. Lots of US earthquakes are from fracking and toxic waste water injected into the earth from oil and gas harvesting.
  12. The person that buys that one you get rid of on the used market still save carbon emissions probably up to 300,000 miles or more at which points it’s raw materials are recycled and turned into a new EV with less carbon input then harvesting the raw materials from the earth.
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