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  1. Damn that is some impressive employment numbers. https://electrek.co/2023/09/22/tesla-reveals-unbelievable-employment-numbers-giga-texas/
  2. Compression ignition engines all done at Volvo next year. https://www.motor1.com/news/687503/volvo-end-diesel-production-early-2024/
  3. Free ones are typically provided by business that provide them for their patrons. Heck even the credit Union down the street from my hotel, which has free chargers, has 2 free chargers out front of the credit Union for its customers.
  4. It just wouldn’t feel comfortable riding a bike with traffic. Would feel more comfortable to ride against it IMO
  5. Depends on the situation. Are you home sleeping? Are you shopping, at a meeting somewhere or etc…. If there is a free charger available where your desire or need is to be why not plug in if it’s for a half hour or 2 hours or 10 hours? Then hit a fast charger when you need a 15 minut juice up.
  6. $100 nearing….. https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Oil-Closes-In-On-95-Per-Barrel-Hitting-100-In-Some-Markets.html
  7. As real world data and use come out the Tesla Semi is proven to be a real big assets and work horse for Fritolay The Tesla Semi is proving to be a workhorse in the real world, as per data released by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) Run On Less program. It’s the first independent real-world test of the Semi, and the range and charging figures appear encouraging. We reported last week how the electric trucks covered over 300 miles on a single charge with an unspecified amount of payload. It now turns out that one of PepsiCo’s three Tesla Semis par
  8. Solar has gotten so cheap that it is a no brainer at this point if you want cheap electricity. Recent nuke adventures in the US make that source really costly.
  9. That is what free chargers out there are for or pay for fast chargers when needed.
  10. Just if there was a way to make your own….. You would be able to avoid 112% increase!!!!
  11. Reason behind pump prices. It almost to easy for these guys to control movement with the cost aid fuel. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/US-Gasoline-Prices-Rise-On-Refinery-Outages.amp.html
  12. Over the past decade, the global growth rate of renewable energy trounced every other energy source. During that period, modern renewables (excluding hydropower and geothermal) grew exponentially, at an average annual rate of 12.6%. Renewables were the only energy category that grew globally at double digits over the past decade. For perspective, in 2010 the world consumed 10.6 exajoules of renewable energy. In 2022, that reached 45.2 exajoules. The 5.2 exajoule increase in renewable consumption in 2022 was a record increase for one year, and it set a new all-time high for renewable energ
  13. Charge rate would be feasible to charge to 80 percent on current tech if the batter could take it. EA system will deliver close to 350 kw if the car will take it and the charger isn’t malfunctioning which is all to frequent with non tesla chargers. That is almost 6 kwh a minute. 10 minutes would be about 58 kwh…. 20 minutes would be double that with current tech. but Toyota is so far behind, as there current EV can only fast charge a couple times in its life before toyota throttles the charging down to save the battery. Toyota is all smoke and mirrors currently in the BEV realm
  14. Why only a picture of the front of car and not the whole car? When you try to paint a picture as you see fit it’s best to leave out the details if the entire picture doesn’t show what you are trying to sell. that extension cord could easily be plugged into some construction site stuff cause it no way shows any cars charging.
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