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  1. I think Biden is going to get a bunch of people killed and destabilize the world. The guy is in over his head and somebody need to quietly take the Nuclear Football from this idiot and replace it with a real football…. Doubt Biden could tell the difference. But his incompetence on Ukraine and Taiwan is going to get a bunch killed like his disaster out withdrawl from Afghanistan…. But on a much larger scale.
  2. Buying a gun is a right…. GW never had to produce an id to buy a gun back in the day.
  3. Buying a gun is a right…. GW never had to produce an id to buy a gun back in the day.
  4. Or some are just shit straight from the factory
  5. I guess the guy’s dad electrical company had to shut down its website.
  6. Looks like they a diving into this guys background for no reason…. https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2021/12/26/2071229/-Meet-Jared-from-Oregon-the-asshat-who-told-the-President-to-f-ck-himself-on-Christmas-Eve
  7. Can’t think why anybody would think the government doesn’t have a spending problem with these stats…. https://www.teslarati.com/elon-musk-1-million-per-day-us-taxes/ It’s pretty difficult to wrap one’s head around the idea of $11 billion dollars. That being said, Musk has spent over 29 years in the United States since he started his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. This equates to 10,957 days if one were to start counting from January 1, 1992, to December 31, 2021. If Musk were charged $1 million worth of taxes per day from January 1, 1992, until the end of this year, it wo
  8. California’s power problem happen a few days a year in the summer typically in the afternoons when the fire danger is high. For the most part other then those times instances they don’t have grid issues. Most off any outages they have had recently is utilities shutting off the grid due to fire danger. Most people with EV’s will charge off peak hours cause of cost differences.
  9. TBH it’s not like your cordless tools…. For it to be like your cordless tool first you would have to own 1 and second your best battery longevity comes if you don’t charge every night…. Best thing for an EV is to run it down to 25-30 percent before charging and charge up to 80 percent. I killed one of my 7.5 ah Ego batteries by having it sit on the charger for a long time without discharging. I own 2 plug in vehicles and they are filled mostly from my own generated renewable energy so I speak with a level of expertise on properly managing battery longevity. but if a stor
  10. You sound like a business owner…. Im guessing you have some substantial deductions. Every deduction and credit a business gets an individual should get. But those sweetheart tax treatments business get will never happen for individuals so these tiny deductions and credits that individuals get are the best a true conservative could hope for…. Even if they are sold as something else such as “green Energy” hand outs like this shit should be available to individuals! https://www.roberthalltaxes.com/blog/real-estate-tax-advice-tips/using-section-179-or-the-hummer-loophole-t
  11. The current Solar incentives was 2005 under Bush and extended under Trump https://news.energysage.com/solar-tax-credit-explained/ EV tax Credit was 2008 and signed into law by Bush in October and expanded by Obama. President George W. Bush first introduced the EV tax credit in 2008, with a cap of $3,400 per car, and limited the credit to the first 60,000 cars per manufacturer. In 2009, under President Barack Obama, the cap was raised to $7,500 per car and the credit was expanded to the first 200,000 cars per manufacturer. https://www.ntu.org/publications/detail/electri
  12. Bush signed it into law in October of his last year as president. There were a bunch of other nuggets in Bush law such as tax credit to individuals for solar…. Hell Trump extended the solar tax credit while he was president…. It’s the reason I jumped on solar was Trumps extension. They do a good job of letting the middle class keep more of their own money rather then just giving all tax benefits to business owners and those with a gaggle of sex trophies.
  13. Just picked up 2 briskets…. Fucking shit was about $5 a pound. That is like double what it was like a year ago.
  14. You sure EV tax credits started under Obama and not Bush???? Might want to google a bit to see where it started…..
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