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  1. Don’t think you can find any Solar equipment these days with less then 15 year manufacture defect warranty or 25 year production warranty. You would be hard pressed to find any equipment that wouldn’t be paying dividends well before the warranty is even up. And just like a vehicle just cause the warranty is gone it doesn’t mean the stuff quits working. Stuff last many years out of warranty these days
  2. Got till the 28th of the month and it will be 3 years of making my own power. Should easily hit 55 mwhs by then well exceeding my expectations on a $17000 system. These things definetly pay for themselves quick as I’m just another 2.5-3 years away from having free power vs paying the utility every year. Averaging close to 50 kwhs a day since the switch was thrown.
  3. No. Just enjoy the comical comments…. Like the op. Post a mini excavator and look at the first page comments even. 😂. It’s awesome to even see it carry over into multiple threads. I will start another thread soon that will get some riled up and some good comments.
  4. I would get an h15, diggit 15, or any with pilot control as they are a bit smoother. I went back and forth on getting like a h12 but I didn’t like the fact that they had a single stage hydraulic pump.
  5. I didn’t even post this on the other site and couple people are talking about it. It makes me giggle as the validation is the comedic value the retards bring to responses to my post.
  6. Government policy and regulation…. Currently, for GM and Stellantis, they’ve gotten away with disinvesting in efficiency improvements under EPA’s program because they can obtain credits from manufacturers like Honda and Tesla that are well-exceeding the standards (see graph below). https://blog.ucsusa.org/dave-cooke/automakers-opt-out-of-cleaning-up-their-vehiclesbut-at-what-cost/ The proposal by U.S. President Joe Biden's administration to hike fuel economy standards through 2032 would cost General Motors (GM.N), opens new tab $6.5 billion in fines and Chrysler parent Stellantis (STLAM.MI), opens new tab $3 billion, according to a letter seen by Reuters. Automakers buy credits or pay fines if they cannot meet CAFE requirements. In June, Reuters first reported Stellantis and GM paid a total of $363 million in CAFE fines for failing to meet U.S. fuel economy requirements for prior model years. https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/gm-stellantis-face-95-billion-fuel-economy-fines-letter-2023-10-02/
  7. 2024 model years are $14 per tenth mpg under the CAFE requirements. Up from $5.50 per tenth it was since 1990 adjustment. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/05/02/2022-07200/corporate-average-fuel-economy-standards-for-model-years-2024-2026-passenger-cars-and-light-trucks courts decisions enforcing CAFE fines and increasing it. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2022-04-01/pdf/2022-06648.pdf George bush is the one that sign CAFE credits that can be bought and sold between manufactures into law instead of paying the fine to government for not meeting the standard. 3. CAFE Credits Should Be Tradable. Manufacturers should be able to trade fuel economy credits to ensure fuel savings are achieved at the lowest possible cost to consumers and automakers. If a manufacturer surpasses its CAFE standard, that company should receive credits they can sell to other manufacturers that find it more expensive to meet the standards. A similar market-based system works effectively for power plants and many other regulated industries. https://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2006/04/20060428-9.html https://www.ecfr.gov/current/title-49/subtitle-B/chapter-V/part-536 I think 2032 standards are close to being finalized which GM’s get like the worst and are set up for the largest fines…. They can buy credits cheaper from the likes of Tesla though then pay fines. EPA changed the rating recently on the economy of an EV so they net less credit value to CAFE for selling an EV. So every Bolt, Lyriq, E pickup GM sells they get less credit towards CAFE. CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) FYI
  8. Nobody pays Tesla for emission credits. You can not violate emission regulations as you would be stopped from selling vehicles that violate emissions…. See VW diesels. Now Fuel Economy (CAFE) credits is what manufactures are buying from Tesla. That won’t change as the replacement for the Hemi is like 1 mpg better in fuel economy but also the CAFE requirements as well as the fines for missing those targets are going up bigly over the next few years which will bring up the value of the fuel economy credits. Rivian even sold $39 million of them in the 4th quarter of 2023. GM even pays Tesla for CAFE credits and will continue to pay them for every vehicle they sell.
  9. The H15 they call a 1.5 ton…. But it’s in the 2300-2400 lb range. It has dual stage hydraulic pump or what ever you call it, has hydraulic filter and also pilot controls. Typically $4-5k on auction. Most I think go for on Facebook for $6500-7500. The 12 series models have single stage hydraulic pumps, no hydraulic filters and also the controls are mechanical to the valve body and are around 500 lbs lighter. around $3-4k on auction and $5-6k on Facebook. they are great for a home owner and beats the shit out of a shovel or rental equipment which mini’s in my area are $200-250 a day on Facebook in my area.
  10. Chinese. You can order them off Alibaba…. Europe has them coming in at a good clip and you can find YouTube vids on them. Seem like pretty nice units for the price if you want to tackle the import fees and hassle and such and wait months. Otherwise monthly auctions you can find gas with Briggs and Stratton clones on the cheap.
  11. Ya responses to what I post are pure entertainment on the both.. the retardation of some commentators are strong on both forums. The value is in comments is pure awesome.
  12. They sell tons in the US on all these auctions as well. Nothing from Mexico here as it’s all Chinese. the little Chinese skid steers are a great value for a home owner as well and the auctions are selling gobs of those. Attachments for these and bigger unit attachments, garage work benches, decorative fence panels and a host of other stuff including the multidoor 40ft container vans make the importers huge money.
  13. On Facebook marketplace about $1k more then I paid.
  14. Ya. They haven’t really made there way over here from China and they are a bit more expensive which will reduce the importers market and audiences bit. Doubt the importers of these would make as much moneys they do on the gas ones they are selling.
  15. Ya. I need validation from an Internet forum. 😂. Responses are what is comical and pure entertainment.
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