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  1. Chainsaw is baby steps. Everybody has to start somewhere.
  2. You will like them. If it’s a milwaukee…. Don’t have experience with other ones.
  3. Wild fire smoke took some production away starting in July. But have made 12.8 MWh of electricity since I fired up the last few days in April. If Rivian comes through all vehicles in my household will be all electric by mid next year and I can see if I need to add more solar as I have roof space. Our Tesla should arrive in December. I will have a total 3 internal combustion cylinders in my life at that point…. Still Sidewalk edger, Stihl blower and a Chinese 4500 watt inverter generator.
  4. Good use of stand your ground. Get a gun pointed at you and you have to protect yourself
  5. This winter is going to be interesting to see what happens and response times to electric grid outages.
  6. Here is my electric bill since I started making my own electricity a few months ago. Feels so good not to have to pay for the man for something I can make myself.
  7. Unvaxxed workers walk leaving hospitals to shutdown pediatric units and no longer accept trauma victims. https://www.wmtw.com/article/maine-hospital-suspends-certain-admissions/37933208
  8. That story should be good for what???? 20-25 cents per gallon at the pump.
  9. Some members here won’t be able to get a result cause they don’t fit into one of the only 2 genders categories that they list.
  10. They are working on that…. Couple years ships dropping loads in Cali will need to be cleaned up significantly https://calmatters.org/environment/2020/08/california-ships-trucks-pollution-ports/
  11. What about one oil tanker from the Middle East, or a cargo ship full single cylinder engines from over seas
  12. The price of oil. Plus oil companies getting paid by purchasers of their product.
  13. Actually a fair amount have followed cali. 36% of the US vehicle market to be exact. https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/sites/default/files/2021-08/177_states_080521.pdf
  14. CDC says 80 percent of the covid deaths are boomers. https://www.wellmark.com/blue-at-work/healthy-employees/generational-impacts-from-covid-19 According to the CDCExternal Site, 80 percent of COVID deaths are among boomers.
  15. With the way gas prices are the less put into lawn equipment means more that is available to be bitched about on cost when put into teen mpg fuel economy pickups!
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