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  1. Like i said, you keep proving me right.
  2. You’re just pretending right? No one can be as stupid as you just made yourself out to be
  3. Look what's coming down the pipe. I know it;s already in other places but what else are going to be down. Funny how they paint the picture like its going to be to help you https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/border-airports-technology-biometric-1.6323855 https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2021/07/27/reports-find-that-pearson-airport-is-once-again-using-surveillance-this-time-through-facial-recognition-this-threatens-our-human-rights.html?rf
  4. Anyone who thinks what is happening in the world today has anything to do with a virus, is fucked in the head. this has everything to do with the government trying to make people weak and be compliant under their command. Wake the fuck up people and think for yourself. Stop being lead around like you have a bull ring
  5. I guess that so-called fake convoy has left out west and on its way to Ottawa. So the news reported. not likely make it, like fail says it’s not really true
  6. Don’t matter what is said or posted on here, Trudy’s taint licker will never agree with it i think fail is rosemary Barton in disguise
  7. Don’t worry I’ve always been awake, it’s your kind that is the sheep prove me wrong
  8. The world is starting to finally wake up to this political bullshit the government’s have been feeding people. and that is good news and great to see
  9. Hey dumbass the money or most of it is going to veterans. please do some research, you make yourself look stupid when you come on here and spout off about things you’re not educated in
  10. 😂 that’s all you got. The left is starting to eat itself, bunch of parasites
  11. Jim was a lyrical genius.
  12. Meatloaf won’t be down for breakfast was a big part of the music in my younger yrs sad to hear news of his passing
  13. Doug is doing what most of the world is doing, don’t see why it’s a ford problem in your eyes only?
  14. Yep and he’ll get it. Hopefully he can count on your vote as well
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