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  1. I had an srx 700 triple triple
  2. Waste of time reading your post, nothing of no content
  3. And yours is a response😂😂😂 And this is what? A response or reaction
  4. Victim 😂😂, i just see your post and it shows how unintelligent you are
  5. Here is the answer. When POS like ^^ this poster comes over from HCS and don’t know enough to just STFU sometimes
  6. What part of that baffles you?
  7. Bitch call it as it is, a POS got caught with his hand in the cookie jar
  8. Even dumber is posting multiple times a day about how much you hate trump
  9. Trudy’s father would be proud of him
  10. Should they not go after Biden now knowing what they know the same thing way they are going after trump?
  11. Didn’t say that either How are you doing with Biden?
  12. Why do you always gotta get your 2cents in fucken annoying bitch you’ve become
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