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  1. And here we are millions spent and right back where we started. what a fuck-up trudy is
  2. You do know the votes are still being counted. The numbers you are looking at will change
  3. I would think the cons in Alberta won’t bring in the army,Never went so well when the reports was issued on Ontario from the army
  4. Imagine the cartoon they could make out of something like that. the Dems will never let the leash free on Biden
  5. You can think your government and media for this, they’re the ones pushing for devision between people and groups.
  6. You somehow think these investigations are closed. They are not. If the cons get in then trudy will not be steering the bus and be able to block the procedure. This is why I think they have not closed the files on the crimes he was involved in. the vise will tighten quickly on Trudy if this is the case. yes i think he will step down to as a condition to the charges to save his ass and not fowl up the liberals
  7. It’ll be put to bed one way or another on the 20th
  8. Pressure on trail? Your demeanour is changing in your post. I guess you’re starting to feel the strain
  9. No it isn’t, The RCMP is still considering charges
  10. the fucker can;t shut down parliament this time to protect his ass
  11. Probably wanted the media to focus more on the day than on him. i guess it worked somewhat
  12. This guy cracks me up no matter how many memes i see or footage of him
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