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  1. Whataboutism or whataboutery (as in "what about…?") denotes in a pejorative sense a procedure in which a critical question or argument is not answered or discussed, but retorted with a critical counter-question which expresses a counter-accusation seems to match up with the meaning i was getting across
  2. Whataboutisems don't count, not a real situation. The left always seem to bring their emotions into the debate
  3. They knew going in to be able to change the mind set they would have to be in the country 30yrs or more till the old regime dies out
  4. Sending someone off to war and they become a casualty, is totally fucken different from walking away and deliberately leaving someone on the the battlefield
  5. Why the fuck does every thread on this forum end up a negative trump thread? Other things are going on in the world, surely the fuck we can find something else to make threads about
  6. Found on sale for a couple days and Biden made it happen FFS smarten up
  7. I thought MC was bad, holy fuck this snowflake has got to be one of the most ignorant stupid SOB I’ve every encountered on any forum
  8. Foot of snow in Geraldton and fucken cold. see sleds running the lakes
  9. Let me get off rotation and I’ll get it done
  10. I really think some of you was molested as kids cause a lot of you fit the profile. its almost like you now have daddy issues
  11. Child porn, But i really hope it’s not what I’m thinking on the laptop
  12. I see the leftovers sure put a lot of effort and time into this
  13. You should be happier, they prop up the liberals
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