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  1. LOL you ordering me not to post. Fuck off idiot
  2. There you go again posting numbers and no facts or links
  3. Not angry at all, just calling you out on bullshit as usual. You post something then when asked for the link you don’t support what you just posted. makes you look dumb. So easy way for you to get past this is do some reading and gather facts before you post
  4. So lied and the number of deaths you posted wasn't true?, Look at the link you just posted
  5. Show me on the graph where it says the death you claim today?
  6. Can't get one over on trail, amazes me with his knowledge of nothing
  7. Why do you keep going back to the Harper yrs?
  8. Can’t debate with you, you have no clue as to what is going on, only what CBC feeds you Carry On
  9. Care to comment on the last part of my post. Ohh and by the way the vaccine companies have been short changing the amount every shipment and still are every week. Unless trudy is talking out his ass as usual. Which is more of a reality. Ohh look we are getting 2mill shots in reality we we get a couple hundred thousand not million. this is the real numbers. trudy is counting the six shot vile as an extra shot but they don’t have the six shot syringe to pull it. In real world it don’t count
  10. You just proved yourself wrong in the example you posted. 13mill total to date. How long have they been distributed they vaccine. i guess the feds must be bullshit when they say the province can’t distribute the amount of vaccine they are getting
  11. I guess that’s why they are closing most of the pop up clinics. the feds say they are getting more than the province can distribute on one hand. On the other hand they are closing clinics cause they are running out of shots. who do you believe?
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