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  1. 11 second quarter mile though. That's pretty impressive.
  2. Right after you take a hit off the bong. The drop in stocks comes as no surprise. They just announced a new 1000sdi Mach Z.
  3. US and NATO defensive weapons, emphasis on defensive, have nullified Russian air superiority. Ukraine is a massive land area. Ground game war is a meat grinder in today’s reality. So what if the Ukrainians have older soldiers? I was late 30’s and was top dog in my platoons. Experience and drive can overcome youth. No one has ever said there will be an invasion of the Russian territory. Putin just uses that as propaganda.
  4. Steel prices have plummeted since the Covid stupidity. Don’t read too much into this.
  5. Well said... Ottawa and the Dope are just a cunt hair shy of communist and socialists. I suggest a preemptive strike!! Remember, we lost to a bunch of very determined towel headed goat fuckers.
  6. Yes brother, praise the lord! That would save me a whack of cash because I'd never buy a new vehicle or toy again.
  7. Huh? That particular craziness is rooted in Canada. Don't offshore the blame.
  8. Been a while since I was called a kid. When in doubt, get the chicken fingers
  9. Sure...if you put them in a transparent freezer here in August. February may be cold, but the amount and strength of the light makes them far less productive.
  10. Tempus Fugit it appears.. Must be a Texas problem, because our natural gas generators stay running in zub zero temperatures, where our solar panels become in effect useless,
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Texas_power_crisis Quite a shit show.
  12. It’s just spin. Wind and solar simply can not produce enough during peak demand. Storage systems, such as batteries and pumped water to higher elevation is a great idea. The heating load required for our cold climate does not follow a stream where unreliable inputs can match unreliable loads that electricity can supply. Natural gas heating, and natural gas electricity generation is going to be here for a long time. Natural gas electricity plants can ramp up and down based on demand. Nuclear can do similar, albeit much slower. Anyone who says we can do without them i
  13. Shouldn't they be at work? Ignore all of it. Don't let them panic you. It's how you allow them control and into your head.
  14. Yep. It is telling that even the lefty cunts think Trudeau is a piece of shit.
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