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  1. That would have to be quite a generator. I'd also worry about the battery. I'd want to see factory testing of say jamming 50 kw/h in while pulling 50 kw/h out. My guess is it would not like it one bit.
  2. They said in the article "standing on the sidewalk", looking, not at or on. You are free to hack away with them I suppose. Police up here used to be able to "card" (ask questions only, kinda like stop and frisk in New York) of peeps in the Toronto hood. Lefties cut that off and the increase in crime is noticeable. More bad guys with illegal guns. Cuts both ways
  3. Plenty of evil in the world. One can bury one's head deep in the sand and avoid it. I can't seem to do that, although I think it would be better from a mental health standpoint.
  4. I too find it difficult to believe a 10 year old is pregnant, but the story does name the doctor involved so I at least give it merit.
  5. I saw that part. It's abuse at any level IMO. Even if it was another 10 year old, and not a crime as is the case here, anyway. Charging someone, unfortunately does not solve the problem the kid has now.
  6. Where did you read that? If true, convicting a rapist still does not solve the issue at hand. There is lots of blame to go around.
  7. Very, and it’s contagious. It’s infected the.Potus and the Scotus… Better call the Fauch!
  8. Cool. Buddy and his dad built a wood boat from a magazine in the early 70's. He still has it and uses it often.
  9. Ida let him shoot the 00. Wouldn’t hit nothin
  10. If one is counting on this in retirement, I suggest acquiring a taste for cat food. Not the fancy feast either. The bulk TSC shit.
  11. I read the article, as you obviously did not. There is to be no rejoicing. Even with that increase, actual buying power is still less and less...and will eat up the surplus in around 10 years. This should make no one happy, but remember..Orange man bad.
  12. I can see your point. Bunch of twat's used to tie all their boats together, like a dozen or so and "camp out" in the middle of the bay ( hundreds of yards from shore) we paid to camp on. It was an island, boat access only They pretty much were right in the way of getting to the dock, which they'd use as well as the washrooms and garbage containers we campers paid for. One day I don't exactly remember what happened but war was silently declared. I spent the rest of the summer creating as much wake and noise as I could coming and going. It was fucking hilarious watching fat
  13. Same place you go to buy those tower mounted speakers for usually ski boats. Who the fuck thinks the rest of the lake and boaters want to listen to your fucking music. Nothing screams "I'm an asshole on the water" like those do IMO.
  14. The can't all be ugly? I listen to a fair bit of right wing US talk radio. Rush, his replacements, Hannity etc. Tell you what, when the females call in and get on the air, 9 times out of 10 I cringe at the thought of even being around the cunts, let alone marrying them. Between the smarmy soccer mom church lady bullshit, and the banshee shrill voices, I'd have a hard time springing a boner if Gal Gadot walked in naked. No joke.
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