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  1. Ahh, but a liberal is even more generous with your money and your time.
  2. Trick question. They are both liberals. A conservative wouldn't have turned around and offered help.
  3. Voodoo


    I'd be first in line, no subsidy needed. I'd even take the first one off the line without fear. It's a Honda, not a Harley.
  4. Granted, the arrest was mostly political but so is this. What a joke.
  5. If Walker and Warnock are the top two Georgians, they're fucked. Either way the state was going to lose.
  6. A trial first maybe? Many need to be held to account for years of scullduggery, the Fauch included.
  7. The best you have to offer. We fare no better.
  8. It's a race to see who can burn through money faster, Musky or Yeezy? Wish I had Fuck you money though
  9. How will that work out? Our leader passed a law that said a union couldn't strike....but they did anyway. Our supreme leader is getting ready to pass a law you can't own certain firearms. People can make their own minds up.
  10. Corrupt politicians? I have spent many hours watching yours. I've now got to focus on our Dope. He and his ilk think banning legal gun owners from owning firearms will protect the country from hand guns in the hands of gang bangers. Lunacy.
  11. I can see that point. I'd think many of us are well insulated from that. Others not so much. I could survive for months, if not years without outside intervention. We had rail blockades by natives recently. A few of the biggest factors in the rail line shut downs were a lack of propane to heat homes, liquid chlorine to sanitize municipal water. Those are real world problems. The Union knows that. They have at least an off suit trump card. Joe will cave. This won't be a missed Amazon shipment People could freeze, or get sick from bad wat
  12. My wife and sister in law went to Mexico in the 90's. Wife called me. The charge was in the neighborhood of $200. Those were the international rules back then, the carriers agreed to charge whatever. I blew a gasket on Bell Canada. They reversed it. See that sometimes even today with data. Know before you go I suppose, but there is a point it's just not a reasonable charge.
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