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  1. Not unexpected. Thankfully, it's a snowmobile, not a dialysis machine. We'll survive, many will cry and stomp their feet like children, but we will not die from it.
  2. Cages? Huh.. I thought he was just letting everyone in? Good to know he’s detaining illegals.
  3. Yup, you can You are building back better right now…or at least once the vote goes through.
  4. Then you get Camela Be careful what you wish for. if our Dope croaks, we get the white equivalent. Just as vacuous a twat as your 2ic.
  5. He’s building back better. Why be upset about that?
  6. From energy independent to begging OPEC to open the taps.
  7. Humans are a virus on the planet. We continue to breed and spread. Covid is a heard thinner, and we're fighting it tooth and nail. We've already begun screwing ourselves prescribing antibiotics way too much. There are now bacteria that are almost untreatable. I fear if we try this with the china virus, it will get stronger and stronger.
  8. They happen to be a decent country and one of our allies.
  9. She might be a bit of a loon too. Tread carefully, wear protection.
  10. They cheer on the leafs during the off season?
  11. You’re fucked, either way. Welcme to the club.
  12. That appears to be the case, unless you get your info from CNN. CNN would have you believe every one was bull whipped and flown back home. Reality is 2000 we’re flown to Haiti, the rest of the 30,000 are now enjoying living in the US of A. God bless America.
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