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  1. You are probably correct, but you can rule out Canada siding with Putin. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/stephen-harper-at-g20-tells-vladimir-putin-to-get-out-of-ukraine-1.2836382 Not our current pussy of a leader. I’d muster up if Russia invaded Canada, but honesty we”d be no match. Fight like hell on a doomed effort. NATO failed in Afghanistan, despite 20 years in. NATO collectively lost a few ten thousand. 150 years of trying to fix Afghanistan didn’t work. Russia invading Ukrainian land is a much bigger deal. To repel that invasion would cause casualties not
  2. I'm your huckleberry.. Unionized dog walkers, in a single source environment? Way too much. In a free market, where we can all become dog walkers? The market will go up and down based on the supply of dog walkers and the number of dogs wanting walks. Until the government gets involved, limiting the supplier and number of leashes available etc. Simple enough to understand I think.
  3. Failure? It's way too early in his mandate to call it a simple "failure". He's just getting warmed up! He's got 3 more years to fuck things up way worse, to possible catastrophic levels.
  4. That sums up a teachers attitude quite well. Entitled cunts.
  5. "Antiwork: Unemployment for all, not just the rich!" Most of the middle class people I know with a decent lifestyle, some would call rich, have never been unemployed. Most in fact have worked very hard for what they have. Zam is correct, it is the dog whistle for the welfare state and the great reset.
  6. %100 no. I don't see how this would stop someone from voting? Some of the rules, some states want to put in place, make this look like nothing.
  7. Where did you find that? It sounds like bullshit by omission. I'll wager $100 right now that vaccinations will absolutely NOT be required, no way, no how, to vote in Ontario. That's a serious bet, for someone to take me up on.
  8. Maybe I need to see some of his stand up stuff. I found AFHV virtually unwatchable, because of him.
  9. I'd agree, but one only need look at the "Carbon offset credit market:" Ontario got onboard with California and some other states and provinces. It's a complete scam, trading real money for something completely made up and of no real value. Something has value, IMO, if enough people agree that it does, and we were forced to agree, until Ontario bailed on it. Some of the scammers got rich off of it. If 10 people agree that dog shit is $1 a pound, then trade it amongst themselves.
  10. Not safe....for snowflakes or the uberwoke
  11. Is that real? WTF?
  12. Is that Bruce Jenner?
  13. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/owen-sound/93-phazer/1600437073 93 Phazer, for the low low price of $3500 firm.
  14. Fell over and killed the kid, WTF? Did it fall over because a bus was on top of it?
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