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  1. Free ride home? I guess, but if we could get them to do some farm work first to pay for the ride home I’m better with that. if I crossed illegally into the states and you made me pick up trash on the side of I75 before you kicked my ass out I’m ok with that. I was on a saddlebagger in the gaspe, Needed to get back to the truck quick. Shortest route was slip into the states, back into Canada. Would have been 2 am, for maybe an hour. Hard no. Crossing an international border. Much as we are friends, don’t need the bullshit.
  2. They've all gone to meet Jesus! Blessed be! Too soon?
  3. Sure, I dislike much of what our governments do, however I draw a line well short killing innocent children. I'd need the government to up their game 10 fold. Religious nuts kill kiddies without thought.
  4. Don't discount hate. It is a powerful motivator, and religion breeds it like rabbits.
  5. We are going to try to take legal guns from law abiding people.
  6. Wish he'd just get to the nuking already. He's a bigger pussy than Trudeau.
  7. It’s not because they are radioactive, they are not really for all intents. They penetrate deeper. It’s just a Putin hissyfit.
  8. Upwards of 1,500 protesters from Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, and Hamilton marched on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday to protest the arrival of U.S. President George W. Bush. Bush will meet today with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon in Montebello, Quebec on the two-year-old Security and Prosperity Partnership. The agenda is to include emergency planning for an avian-flu pandemic, the recall of Chinese-made toys, and border security. Demonstrators denounced the summit as anti-democratic and warned the public that Canada’s sovereignty is at sta
  9. Why do you pick on the cripple kids of the Republican Party? There are so many quality candidates that have good ideas, yet the media focuses on the retards. Sad really…. We do it too, so do t feel left out.
  10. Hopefully this accomplishes something. If it's just a willy whip out FFS, get on with the nuking. We had such a piss poor sledding season, I eagerly await nuclear winter. Might shut that little Gretta cunt up as a plus.
  11. The last place to go for the truth is the CBC.
  12. Hey now, we like our cheap Chinese shit, not to mention kids need jobs too!
  13. All I care about is what's in it for me, like exactly how many chicken balls per vote do I get? Hasn't mattered who I voted for, for almost 20 years. I might as well put my vote on the auction block.
  14. You'd rather get in bed with the Chinese? If I hand all my future votes to the Chi coms, can I get extra chicken balls with the dinner for 2B? Doesn't seem to matter who you vote for in Ontario, y'er taking it up the hooper anyway, might as well get something of value.
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