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  1. Getting back to Cat - they achieved 100% market share for sales in the month of April, although they did up the 10% they usually get in March.
  2. Industry-leading April ordering period almost done for Cat. Still about 40 versions of the mountain sleds available.
  3. I think they were hoping to use cat dirt tech to get a fat govt contract out of it like Polaris and get on the government's tit, but when that didn't happen they went for tracker instead.
  4. It makes sense that the next chassis would just get into the ballpark. This was the chassis that should have come out a few years ago. It's been rumored to be in development for so long, and so many of the engineers were sent packing since textron so graciously "saved" the brand, that it may be like the new 800 when it came out - a step up for Cat but late to the game and behind. But given who is calling the shots I'm not expecting too much. Good that there are now reports of people seeing this chassis and riding it instead of just rumors. Still no one is really talking - it's all I
  5. IN IL WI MI MN WY QC ON Want to get back to QC and WY and also try Maine and Montana.
  6. I think it's not publicly traded. Can't find any info on it. Still hoping the cat guys that ended up there want to something with sleds.
  7. Pretty much everything on this thread is someone's assumption.
  8. Do you just try to pick fights with everyone on here?
  9. Just looked at the cat site. Although the 600s sold out very quickly it seems the 800s are not selling out. They must have had very low availability of 600s for some reason, or just guessed wrong - I assume this is all tied to what parts they ordered months ago and can't easily change that - i.e., order more 600 parts at this point. Strange too the 800s without atac are sold out but those with atac are still available. Since that's an option you'd think they wouldn't stop selling the 800s without atac as long as 800s are still available. I'd assume most who want to order a sled have
  10. Definitely noticed that on cats - 600s and 800s in our group are all nearly the same on gas.
  11. Kind of figured that. I had seen that Poo at least cut their spring orders way down and they are still engineering new products and trying, so i figured textron would be cutting too.
  12. With all these sleds selling out - do you have any idea on the volumes for this year? Without any info I'd guess they're not making many, at least for pre-order. Surprised the 600s are sold out at that price point, but maybe they are only making 10 of them.
  13. What's weird is they are selling the kids sleds out in hours while making them for doo. If parts are limited why not just make green ones?
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