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  1. Lots of issues on the yamaha side as well. No idea why yamacat can't make more units and figure out how to take orders for them.
  2. If cat is losing money it's on textron at this point. The demand is there (and has been the past few years), they just aren't making enough units.
  3. Who is going to riot in miami around spring break?
  4. Why would textron get out now, with something new actually to promote? Or does snowcross have nothing to do with the catalyst.
  5. The S4 engine must come with an anchor. 100 lb penalty +/- compared to the other Poo 2 strokes. Would have liked to see the Doo 900 and the procross but they only had the sleds in their fleet. Unfortunately textcat hasn't been supporting marketing for several years now. Sounds like it may change now that they are trying again
  6. That won't stop the dems from mandating it.
  7. Good to know. I can't swing one for this season. If I get a new one the year after that I might just keep it for kids to ride.
  8. Mine has 7200 on it. Probably worth little at this point. Probably ride it a couple more seasons.
  9. Maybe because he can freeze bank accounts on a whim?
  10. Shouldn't even have to say it but innovation should be consumer driven not decreed from the elites in charge.
  11. Trouble is they lose money on medicare and medicaid (over 50% of patients) so those with insurance or paying on their own get stuck paying for the whole system.
  12. It's already more than half government funded. Unless you are talking about having the government own and operate it, not just fund it.
  13. I always wondered if that was the nail in the coffin. They tried to make a ditch banger and it was a disaster.
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