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  1. It's possible to be both disgusted with biden and the whole modern dem party, AND with trump's hand-picked loser senate candidates. He already lost the Repubs the georgia run-off, now he's going to cost them the 2022 senate too.
  2. Seems strange for either side to want out. Textron is now making doos so why cut off yamaha. And yamaha clearly doesn't have any interest in doing anything other than picking out stickers, and whatever it is jared does.
  3. I don't know who should "win" this but it's going to be whoever pays the most in advertising.
  4. I wonder if the people who were already in FL appreciate their new neighbors. I like what Ron is doing down here but I'd hate to have all the new people from CA, IL and NY showing up and crowding the streets and driving up property values. FL is a crowded swamp as it is. That said he's best governor in the union, but I'm not sure how it would work from DC
  5. Don't disagree with that. Trump tried to buy more when oil was really low but couldn't/wouldn't do the work to get support to do it. But I'm not sure it's wise to be depleting it right now.
  6. Strategic reserves at 40 year low. Might want to stop draining that
  7. That one doesn't even look that bad, for a doo. Their consumer G5 is hideous.
  8. Jim has about 600 comments on about 4 different threads on hcs saying the exact same thing. People having reasonable pro/con conversations and he's gotta do his self-appointed textron-supporting moderator thing.
  9. I was thinking of sending some shocks to carver - are they really backed up a month? I don't need them back anytime soon but that seems like a strange delay. I had DLS do some shocks years ago and he seemed to do good work too with a revalve. C27 shock doc is another guy I've seen recommended. Hard to know who to work with on this and I'll need to ship them no matter where I send them.
  10. Did the toyotas hold up better? Wondering if anything has a chance in the states that overuse salt.
  11. More government is the answer. It's worked so well so far, just need more.
  12. Forgot the vax mandate. Biden (or whoever is actually President) has been a dream for the authoritarian government in charge of all left. It's 2030 - you will own nothing and be happy.
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