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  1. I like that they put the harder tip on those. But the ones I broke, broke near the coil. Not sure what broke them - maybe it got caught on something - but it was the kind of day where it was warmed/rained for a day or two and then got really cold, so zero powder in the snow. Which is exactly what I bought them for. I haven't had a situation where I needed both down so I typically just run one.
  2. I use the brp style rail ones. I think they work well, although I've broken one. I think I'm going to try the tunnel ones next. You can find someone online who has had issues with any of them but I'm done riding without them for sure. Was caught a couple times in conditions that needed them.
  3. From the POV of someone that knows doos are good machines but will never get 'that ski doo feeling" I think the lynx look a lot better than doos.
  4. Maybe he meant not much time left for him.
  5. Agree they've come a long way in the past couple years. Snowtech said the textron let TRF have some marketing people back locally. It's got to make a difference compared to the temp lady from georgia.
  6. This is an odd site. Lots of knowledge but you need to sift through the village idiot and everyone who can't ignore him to learn anything. Snowtech might be different. They had a riot a couple years ago with all kinds of issues, and they've pointed out the quality issues on recent poo's.
  7. That's a good interview. Good to see that Cat focused on making a solid mountain chassis. They were kind of the hill prior to the procross and for then for whatever reason decided to make a trail chassis and sort of modify it to be a 2nd rate mountain sled and totally gave up that market share. One of several reasons they're where they are now. Side note - can you block posters on here? There's a lot of knowledge getting passed around on these threads but every discussion gets sidetracked by one guy spouting BS and then 5 people that take the bait every time.
  8. Other than the insurance it's nothing to do with that. Not saying canada isn't socialist especially quebec but the number of miles (km?) per rider is incredible up there. You just don't have the traffic and someone has to pay for all those trails. Now gas prices on the other hand - that's purely due to who they keep voting for.
  9. I think staying in office keeps them from being investigated. Goes for both sides. Plus the more seniority the more say you have over pork projects.
  10. That one new model intro he participated in was embarrassing. Talking about how a grown man like him couldn't handle an adult sled but he liked the blast. Having said that clowns in these positions typically have nothing to do with product development. I'm sure he made the decision that he would help by being in the presentation.
  11. Everyone knew this was coming before they ordered their 24.
  12. 18 cat and 84 Enticer. About 7000-7500 miles. Usually do about 1500 a year over 2 4 day riding trips. Live in IN so trailer to best snow we can get to based on time we have. Occasionally go west too and either drag them out or rent. Also take kids to relative's house in Eagle River WI but usually ride sleds they have there since we take the minivan to get there with the kids.
  13. Yeah I wonder the same thing. Haven't ridden either of them yet. Polaris quality seems iffy these days but the cat is brand new and who knows what textron is doing, so who knows what you'll get. By quality that's just my opinion from reading their forums, before someone jumps on that. The gauge doesn't make any difference than me other than I laugh that they call it "deluxe" now in the new chassis when the one on my 06 fusion was better...
  14. I watched his videos before and maybe I should watch them again. I think he said the catalyst riot is a lot better on trail than the procross riot.
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