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  1. Workforce prices themselves out of a job. Quebecer's used to have pride in their work. They were fiercely independent and didn't look for handouts.
  2. F1 is a showcase for tech. The best usually win. There really isn't a lot of "racing".
  3. Hated to see Larson fuck up but I don't think he would have been ready for the last 10 laps competing against those guys. They were mixing it up pretty good.
  4. Don't know about that but I feel more confident that he'll make a better effort than the current leader of the free world.
  5. 70's free air engines lent themselves to become some of the best looking sleds ever. Snowmobile art imo.
  6. I put him on ignore but may change that over if Trump wins.
  7. Imagine had there been a shootout, FBI vs SS. Would have been epic!
  8. Who the fuck wrote that speech?
  9. C'mon Steve, let it go. I think that your/you're probably a pretty good dude but just let MC be the FS all things Trump dunce.
  10. Well she is pretty hot. Caused by her younger years maybe?
  11. Local H.S. principal handled a student who identified as a cat who wanted a kitty litter box in the bathroom by asking if she had her vaccination shots paperwork from the vets. She said no and asked why would she need those? He said state law required any animal on the school grounds needed to show proof in ordered to be there. Problem solved, even the parents and admin couldn't do a thing about it.
  12. In our area ins co's are paying $65/hr for labor and minimal markup on parts. How can you hire good techs?
  13. Thunderbird show from this past weekend in Panama City Beach. First vid from our condo balcony. IMG_0072.mov IMG_0080.MOV
  14. Cunty bitches come in all political affiliations.
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