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  1. I use to listen to Stern about every morning but now his holier than tho shit is insufferable. Coming from a guy who has made millions exploiting The Whack Pack and Gary the Retard and the rest. I remember one segment where it was about songs that contained the word nigger in them. Robin Q laughed and laughed just like the bought slave that she is. Yeah, we should all listen to his advice.
  2. Buy some shiba while it's tanking and you can thank me later. Just wait a little longer.
  3. Exactly why I wonder how him and the Jimmy Kimmel's get a pass on their racist and misogynistic past's. The elite just turned a deaf ear to these guys since they've "come around".
  4. Lemieux and Patenaude, tough Vermont boys from tough families.
  5. So I've heard Lincoln is in very bad shape. Broken vertebrae's, ribs and collapsed lung. Apparently they're draining a fair amount of blood from the lungs. Definitely needs everyone's positive thoughts.
  6. Would love to find a 95.5 with the sandcast engine for reasonable money.
  7. My little state with around 650,000 residents has a state employee pension fund shortfall of over $2,000,000,000. with about 8000 employees that aren't eligible yet for bene's. Shit is going to hit the fan soon for taxpayers or the retirees are going to get a big surprise.
  8. Anyone else stash some money in a place that you wouldn't forget just before going on a little bender and couldn't remember after?
  9. That pic makes her look like she could use a little waxing on the upper lip.
  10. Karma is powerful. Learnt that many years ago.
  11. I believe that there are way more good people in this world than there are bad.
  12. They may be ugly but check out the resale on them. IQ's get my vote.
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