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  1. The northern border is "under attack" as well. Not near the Mexican border situation but getting pretty serious. Well done Fidel Trudeau!
  2. Does chaincase oil break down in 2000 miles? How high of a temp does oil in a case get?
  3. Well maybe it's a bit soon to shit on the dumbass. I'd like to think maybe because they have a bit of compassion for the victims and relatives who died and those who were there and witnessed it. Maybe not but we can only hope....
  4. Wasn't 2018 the year Cat went with a 137 track while everyone else ran a 129?
  5. Thank God that we can now save our huge natural gas fields from ever being raped and pillaged.
  6. What gets me is those that preach acceptance of another person's thoughts and actions have closed minds for those that don't agree with their beliefs. Funny isn't it.
  7. And you should just fuck off and go wave your rainbow flag. Clueless huh? I watched a beautiful young girl destroy her body basically because of a failed relationship with a young man. Yeah he fucked with her mind but teens will do that. You are really a fucking douchebag who thinks his spoken word is gospel. You're the fucked up one, seek help.
  8. Never said it did. Just going by first hand knowledge. How about you?
  9. You have no idea if I understand or not. For your info, I have a trans "nephew" who went full Monty. "He" now has lots of regrets along with a group of transgenders who feel the same. There is a reason that they have a high rate of suicide. Buyers remorse.
  10. Anyone who says that these guys, especially Baldilocks, aren't seriously fucked up in the head are nuts.
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