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  1. If MC would only use the word "allegedly" now and then he wouldn't look so imbecilic.
  2. No but extreme heat is probably almost as bad.
  3. I imagine that lots do below the Mason-Dixon Line plus in the Southwest states. My brother lived in Oceanside, Ca and they'd go out to the desert to camp and ride the dunes year round.
  4. He's not man enough to admit he's fucked up. Just comes back with another non vetted story from the usual outlets and looks like a fool again and again. I know that this is the interweb but goddamn he's got thick skin. Remarkable really.
  5. My ex and I had just separated and she had gone home a couple of hundred miles away. A girl she worked with wasn't to pretty but she had a great set of tits and was starving to fuck. Woke up to a knock on the door at about 2 and there she is all drunk and full of confidence. Well pussy is pussy and I let her have her way with me. Nothing like a drunk and hadn't been laid in a while chic.
  6. True enough but it's also about ego. When they start to lose their power that's when the shit hits the fan.
  7. That's what those in power do.
  8. Ok fine but why should the DNC be so worried about him getting elected again? He lost to shit for brains by 10 million votes! A landslide! What's to worry about? Seems like there are more pressing issues that need attention don't you think?
  9. I'd bet that most LGBTQ people would just as soon go about their lives in a reasonably discreet way without all this fanfare. The real douchebags are the people in power pushing the narrative for votes. Doesn't matter to them if they create ill will.
  10. I don't know how much some have evolved. Man shoots 2 Subway employees because he's pissed about the amount of mayo on his sandwich. 1 lady dies and her kid witnessed it. Happened in a black neighborhood. Getting old reading stories like this about every day of the lack of value a person can have for a human life. Fucking mayo? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/canada/the-audacity-restaurant-worker-killed-another-injured-in-argument-over-mayo/ar-AAYVBiy?cvid=84340955030e4c708f3810a941229c8b
  11. Communicating is everything. My oldest lives 200 miles from us and he calls me everyday and my youngest works with me.
  12. 2 rules that we went by raising our 31 and 33 yr old sons. One was that we weren't buddies and that we were parents. That's a tough one as there are so many parents that hurt and get hurt because they make unpopular decisions that buddies don't make. Second was that their welfare and health were paramount. Never hesitate to call when they felt that they were in a bad situation. More than once I got out of bed to go get them. We'd talk about it and learn. They also learned a good work ethic at a young age. Picked up trade skills that showed how to be pretty self sufficient.
  13. Vt Yankee was shut down a number of years ago and power costs have steadily risen here since. 600 good paying jobs lost from what was an older but safe plant. The greenies caused this to happen and now of course it's all about renewables. Pitiful really.
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