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  1. Black on whatever color violence is back page news. Don't fuck up the movement.
  2. I'm sure he wears LL Bean vests with flannel lined jeans. They hide the pamper line better than regular jeans.
  3. Just the way he looks and dresses should be a tipoff. His wife is a doctor and he probably stays home and does the housework after yoga class.
  4. Look, the only reason that the Dems were throwing any kind of shit on the wall and hoping that something stuck was because Kavanaugh endangers RvW. Nothing more. They couldn't have given 2 fucks if he banged a chic at a frat party.
  5. I wasn't really directing it at you per se it was mostly towards all his former fans. Went from hero to zero.
  6. Just think, he was your hero mere days ago and now you're shitting on him. Pitiful really.
  7. She makes this huge point about the chances of dying after the jab but she forgets about the year+ when the jab wasn't available. Let's look at the numbers from when the vac's first became available. What are the numbers of jabbed and not jabbed of those infected and deaths.
  8. If he doesn't keep the governorship I can hear it now. The left will claim election fraud!
  9. Does anyone know if this is legit? Priceless if it is.
  10. What it proves is that you're just a troll. So HE knows of three, I'm sure he's not alone.
  11. I was driving from Vermont to Valcourt, Quebec with my FIL to pick up a sled for my son's birthday. We got to the shop and the boys there told us to come watch what was happening on their tv. At the time people thought that it was an accident but how things changed. It was just a little over an hour to get home but felt like an eternity while listening to the radio and finding out that it was a terrorist attacks. We wondered about how were we going to be treated at Customs. Will they let us thru as everything was getting shut down. We got to the border around noon and there was no traffic and
  12. The dif is that the media was trying to bury Trump from the second he let it out that he'd run whereas they've tried to protect Biden with no regard for the public.
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