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  1. Funny. C2C seems like a nice guy. I kinda see him as the Cliff Claven, Cheers actor for some of you young guys, of the FS sitcom.
  2. It's nice when you're able to buy bulk meat for discount prices. 10-15 lb packages of occasionally good beef. Sometimes you hit it good sometimes not so much. Done it many times. Now I buy a half of a beef, about 200 lbs hanging, and get it cut and wrapped for about 5.00/lb.
  3. Redline's made an Apex seem svelte. They were not a very good machine. A friend had a Revolt that was a pile.
  4. So what you're saying is that you can ride the slower sled at 10/10ths of your ability but probably 7/10ths on the faster sled.
  5. I don't like to bloviate about myself as some do on this site but I have owned many big bore and 600 class sleds and know very well what the performance capabilities of them are and completely understand that it's all about rider skill level on similar sleds. Back in the Open Mod sno-x days, were the racers turning faster laps on the 440's or Open Mod 800 sleds? Doesn't get much tighter or twistier than a snocross track.
  6. You're one badass mofo! Do you sport a backpack as well?
  7. Proof? I know everybody has one right? Anywho, what if a competent 600 rider goes up against a competent 850 rider? What's your opinion about that scenario Carnac?
  8. I'm sure many can't wait to grab a handful of 600cc power. With the lighter weight it'll feel like a 620!
  9. The new America coming to your home town .
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