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  1. You do realize that there is more than 1 season right? Ice turns into to just plain water which opens up more possibilities of entertainment.
  2. Surprised that the V-rod hung in so long. What an abortion of a sport bike.
  3. Doesn't help when the CDN $ is at 1.35.
  4. Have a spare 24 Doo 850 Turbo that we're being offered 26k for so the high priced sled fallacy is out the window.
  5. First back to the dealer as well. A 24 Boost owner made it 78 miles before seizing it up on the first ride up in Quebec. Not a rookie who justs gas's and goes either.Asked my son if he'd sell him his 24 850 Turbo Comp and take his in trade.
  6. Feeds their egos to be on a successful show.
  7. Whether it deserves it or not Cat needs all the positive news it can get.
  8. True. Was a shame that it took until 1996 to put that fantastic engine in a decent chassis.
  9. Had a 90 Mach1 that was a pooch until Lanny Benoit got a hold of it. That was an ass dragger extrordinaire with the bell crank front end and the useless skid.
  10. Sportin' the Chuck Schumer look.....
  11. I would assemble it but not run it. Really wouldn't be that exciting to ride a 440 fanner and tank the value.
  12. Just heard that he boinked a upper level member of the organization, not mummy.
  13. So she agreed with him 93% of the time which is probably more than the average married couple do.
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