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  1. I ride mn alot, they have 55 for a limit but i haven't seen it enforced ever. I've heard the usual stories about it but that's it
  2. I'd be ok with steeper fines as long as there's reasonable decibel testing. Impounding sleds is a hard no from me, i don't want to see my tax money going to pay for that
  3. That's the whole problem imo, the development of farmland and large tracts of timber co lands brings people out of the cities that don't like motorized recreation. I believe they will complain about loud sleds but most couldn't tell the difference between stock and modified. It seems lately that if they can hear it they're pissed no matter what
  4. Dozens of them. I've been helping sign trails do trail cleanup, and help with landowner relations since the 1990's
  5. I'm pretty sure that's been the law up there before the pandemic. I'm sure it'll happen down here because we don't have enough laws already😠
  6. I agree that's why I said times have changed. I'll bet in the not so distant future we're not allowed to ride at night either
  7. Not too many years ago everybody thought tripple pipes and stingers were cool. Never heard landowners complain about noise back then. Times have changed though and some people still haven't figured it out.
  8. I help with alot of trail work and deal with the landowners where i ride. I get the Loud can problems but some of them aren't actually that loud. They should do more decibel testing not just " its modified, here's your ticket " type enforcement. The majority of the landowners i see complaining are transplants from the city that are going to complain about even the noise of a stock sled going by. They're pissed if they can even hear 1. The trespassing issue should be zero tolerance, and big fines
  9. Emerson can be pretty miserable in the winter. Not sure wth they were thinking
  10. What's not to like? I get paid more to go up there, less DOT bs to worry about. No traffic to deal with, nice scenery, hardly ever see cops
  11. Cmon man! That wasn't even close to insulting. Only a karen would think it was.
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