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  1. You must be in canukistan? I used to bring a few soresto collars to a customer in Ontario every year because he said he couldn't get them up there
  2. My vet told me there's been fake soresto collars for sale on ebay and amazon that don't have any pesticide in them. I'll ask her if she knows how to tell them apart
  3. I'm sure alot did but i have no doubt the dnr is planting a few. They did that with wolves here years ago. I saw them releasing them from culvert traps in the middle of nowhere when i was hunting 1 morning. I think the big cats are pretty cool and don't mind them being around. The wolves can fuck off though
  4. Are you looking for a different retirement home?
  5. If the founding fathers of our country were caught they would've been charged with the same for what they did
  6. Pricing on used is still crazy though. Mine is a 15 xlt crew dually thats got almost 400k on it and lots of small dents and scratches from being a work truck and carvana still offered a little over 15k for it
  7. That's good because I'll be needing to upgrade my f350 after the 1st of the year. Hopefully prices tank
  8. Absolutely! Should've burned it down and permanently removed a bunch of politicians from office. Not because of a "stolen" election but because they've been fucking the people of this country over for decades.
  9. That's a good question! The government has to come up with new laws just to justify their existence. Maybe we should shut it down and reopen every 5 years for a 1 year term in office. Take care of business then get out and shut it down. Would probably save lots of money
  10. Yep! I had 1 just like this back in tbe 90s. Way to tall for me to climb into now lol
  11. Freight is definitely good. I run a hotshot setup and I'm as busy as i want to be
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