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  1. Shit, i wasn't even born yet. You guys are all a bunch of senior citizens
  2. Holy fuck, I've been on these forums forever and just learned about this now?
  3. This needs to end. They should be held responsible just like any other citizen. Most cops i deal with act scared of their own shadow, like a traffic stop is a high risk drug bust and they're about to get in a gun battle. Had a mn state trooper do a simple logbook check the other day in rural mn, he had his hand on his gun the whole time talking to me
  4. My numbers came from a quick Google search, i was surprised to see it that high. I found a few others that say 4 to 8k also. It really shouldn't be any higher than what you're saying they paid.
  5. I hate defending any politician, but wasn't there less illegal immigration under trump than biden? What ever he did seemed to slow the flow a little bit. I'm all for building the wall, don't care who pays as long as it gets built
  6. They don't want to fix it. It's no different than guns and abortion. They need to keep us divided so we don't turn on them. Neither side gives a shit about the people It's all about money and controll
  7. Absolutely, I'm not bitching, I've been in this for almost 20yrs. It's definitely a roller coaster but the independence sure is better than punching a clock everyday
  8. What's the problem with closing the border? Seems to me we need to close it as best we can and open the front door a bit wider and make the legal immigration process cheaper and easier. the average cost to legally come here is $4000-$12000, why? Make it cheaper and bring in the people we need not the criminals and users
  9. The problem with my business is about 20% of my work is direct customers where i set the rate, the rest is from brokers and they set the rates. There's room for a bit of negotiation but not much. Yes i do raise my rates when expenses are high, and if i don't lower them when costs go down, the direct customers just go back to the cheap brokers. Too many illegals running trucks driving the rates down
  10. I average about 400 gal of diesel. This situation we're in sucks right now. Before you go full blown retard tds i do know the pres doesn't control gas prices.
  11. I think you need to be like 65 for a reverse mortgage. Thought about a heloc but my place is paid for and I like not having payments
  12. The people are disgusted but i don't think our leaders care. We're just pawns in their bigger picture. The terror attacks, gaza, Ukraine, all are pointless. The Civilized nations should get together and eradicate the terrorists then start doing business instead of fighting. Imagine how we'd all prosper if our governments weren't such cunts to each other.
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