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  1. Probly trying to knit a noose with the black assault yarn, No wonder AOC was so scared!
  2. Why didn't they bring any of these weapons along on their insurrection?
  3. I used to do all my own plus rebuild for other people and got all my stuff from carver. Ran out of time to do it after starting a new business years ago. Still have alot of the tools and nitrogen setup but I'm sure it's pretty out dated now. I just send my stuff to them for revalves and service now. Been pretty happy, not sure the higher price of hygear would equal better shocks for me these days. Getting older and slower now....
  4. Every single dem voter i know voted for biden because of their feelings. Trump was an immoral asshole and biden was a nice old man with an all american family. They didn't know shit about his platform.
  5. I think it should be available to teachers if wanted with a high level of training. Lot's of teachers have been in the military and would be good candidates. Securing the schools is a better approach imo though, maybe a combination of better security, and select armed teachers. Private security could work, but I'd be worried about getting some wanna be that will run at the 1st sign of trouble.
  6. I agree, but i think there needs to be some nut job extremists to shake things up. Problem is you have to get the right kind and right now what I'm seeing aren't it. It's going to take something extreme to change the direction we're heading in
  7. I'm hoping he was in over his head and learned alot and can help change the system by supporting candidates that aren't inline with the elites. Only time will tell i guess.....
  8. Agree with you on both parties, not sure what to think about trump though. He either was an outsider sincerely trying to better the country and got in way over his head battling the establishment or he was the perfect person to divide the country even more and distract us from what the elites are doing. I'm leaning toward the later....
  9. He'd be the perfect person to make an example of. Imagine the shit he'll start talking about to keep his ass out of jail
  10. We're starting to act like Canadians
  11. 333million people and 450 were killed with rifles in mass shootings since columbine. Quit being a fearfull sheep. You should know better
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