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  1. Yeah they're definitely making better dangerous game ammo today. I'd still prefer the 10mm if i was in grizz country though.
  2. I shot a wounded black bear with a 357 180gr hard cast bullet and it didn't even go through the fat on the back of it's neck. Ended up shooting it behind the ear, that worked but i don't carry that for backup anymore. I'd say it's the absolute minimum to carry for bear protection put west, if nothing else you could put yourself out of misery as the bear is eating you lol
  3. If he gets elected I'm sure covid or something similar will make a come back. Already have sheep wearing masks and buying covid test kits like crazy around here
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/graphics/2022/08/18/mass-killings-database-us-events-since-2006/9705311002/ I ran into this reading a story about todays shooting, it's a bit different math than the op's sources.
  5. Naw, none of that affects me. But hey if you have nothing else to do, let us know what you find
  6. Maybe, if they don't die in a car crash with the 113 other people that do daily or the 700 that die from medical negligence daily
  7. Did you forget about your mass shooting thread?
  8. I do believe that. I think the majority of our leaders are in it for power and money and we are nothing but slaves to be used to further their agenda. They are self serving and no longer work for the people.
  9. But they would be in the system atleast and their employers paying payroll taxes. They'd be contributing to society instead of a drain on it.
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