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  1. Did you ride a riot off trail? Wondering if it gets up on top of the snow similar to an assault ?
  2. Cat45

    ZR3 SP 440

    Cool project! I bought a 96 1/2 580 zr from Dan when i was a kid back in 97 or 98. It was my 1st experience with efi and the black magic "chips". Thing was a pretty good runner on the lake xc races
  3. Thanks for the info guys, this property isn't what I'm looking for. Too many odd rules and regs, almost like living in a community with an hoa....
  4. Thanks, I'd appreciate that. From the resesrch im doing it's probly not a place I'd want to be. Looks good from the hunting fishing side but no motorized recreation is a no go for me
  5. Are utvs classified like atvs out there? I'm from wi so it's a totally different "culture" here where most of our hunting and riding is done on public lands
  6. Any of you northeast guys know anything about the north maine woods? Looking at a hunting camp thats for sale that offers guided hunting, fishing, and lodging. Looks to me like it's about 4mil acres of mostly private land but is managed for public recreation? Doesn't look like it's motorized recreation friendly though, no atv, motorcycle or horses allowed on the logging rds in the area. Anybody familiar with the area that can give some insight?
  7. It was too good not to steal lol
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